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  1. OK so I've been having this Phantom of the Opera idea. Where Raoul and Christine have a daughter who goes to the same opera house and then meets he son of the phantom, whom he had with another woman, and they fall in love. I need someone to play the son of the phantom. After it is filled, I will post my CS
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  2. Someone Please reply and be apart of this roleplay. I think it would be cool and fun to see How it goes
  3. Oh, my gosh! I am so in. Reserve my spot please?
  4. OK so you will be good to play the son of the Phantom?
  5. Yes, I will.
  6. Awesome! Now let me just post my CS and during that you can put yours?
  7. Sounds good! Do you have any specifics you'd like me to follow while making the son?
  8. Umm... I still want him to be mysterious like his father and for half of his face to be disfigured on on half if that will be okay so he will still have the mask. That's it.
  9. [​IMG]
    Name: Shade Chagney
    Age: 19
    Personality: Very curious but doesn't like to ask questions. Usually shy unless the person gets to know her then she is very talkative and outgoing. Funny. An excellent Singer, takes after her mother with just a bit of her father.

    Oh and can you Please make him the same Age as my character?
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  10. The Son

    Name: "Peter Whilf. I've inherited it from my mother."
    Age: "I'm 19 years old."
    Height: "Ahh, I'm pretty tall if I must say. Roughly 6'3?"
    Body Build: "I'm skinny, but not lanky, and I've got some muscle. I'm
    pale like my father, and my face is scarred on the left side. Let's just say..
    mother doesn't like me much."
    More Appearance: "Ah, well, I look much more like my mother then I do my
    father. Light brown hair and bright green eyes."
    Personality: "Well, I've always been known as a mysterious fellow, but I take after that
    from my father who used to haunt the opera house. I like things to go my way,
    and I am very blunt. I don't take kindly to people who tell me no."
    Strengths: "Manipulation is one of my greatest abilities, and getting what I want
    when I want it. I'm also skilled in disappearing in the blink of an eye."
    Weaknesses: "Brightly lit rooms; It makes escaping much more difficult. Being told no.
    A beautiful singing voice is what makes me weak, vulnerable, and calm."
    Likes: "I am fond of macaroons, and obviously, music & singing. I also like to listen to the plays
    and operas that happen on the stages while I hide behind my hidden door."
    Dislikes: "I hate when stories of my dad are told around me. Yes, he was a legend, but
    that doesn't mean I like to hear about him 24/7."

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  11. I like it. And okay. Finish it whenever you can It's fine :)
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  12. Alrighty, I've edited the post!
  13. Okay awesome! I love How you did that in first person of your character.
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  14. OK so who should start the roleplay??
  15. Sorry! I've been at a funeral and stuff...

    Anyway, if you didn't mind, could you please start? I'm a bit busy right now.
  16. I'm busy too and I suck at starting. Can you when you aren't so busy or tomorrow? Please? Sorry to put so much on you..
  17. Don't worry about it haha. So you want me to post the thread?
  18. Please? I'm sorry I'm terrible at it. And I might reply to it a couple of times before I go to sleep.
  19. Alrighty! It should be up soon then.
  20. Thank you so much! I'm so sorry to do this to you!
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