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  1. do you have any songs which bring up really vivid memories whenever you hear them? Memories of hearing the song or ones associated with the song in some other way?

    I have a bunch. Most of them just weirdly vivid memories of driving down a particular road or other in the summer, with the song on CD or radio, just feelin' good, y'know?
  2. For the most part, I'm with you, Minibits. Just driving to songs on the radio, picturing various landscapes to certain songs.

    Good times, man.
  3. The song Lit Up by Buckcherry brings up the memory of my brother and his friend sitting in the back of the van singing 'I love the cookies'.

  4. This song (and Cascada in general) basically bring back really awesome, carefree summer memories for me ^_^
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  5. This Love by Maroon 5, the first song I heard after I got married. The irony.
  6. I used to listen to 3 Doors Down a bunch in high school.
  7. I used to listen to punk, emo, & rock back in high school and even before that. Papa Roach, P!ATD, Paramore, System of a Down, Escape the Fate and A Day to Remember to name a few. I don't listen to them anymore, but whenever I accidentally do I get sudden waves of nostalgia. Those were the days~ So much angst XD
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  8. things from soundtracks

    always make me think of things from the appropriate movie
  9. My memories with regards to certain songs are of people. Most often it's a person I remember dancing with to the song...
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