Music Inspired Roleplays

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  1. Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon: she's an heiress and was raised in a rich home her attitude doesn't match her upbringing though, she's a bit rough and a little pushy honestly. The thing most important to her is dance though, so how do you meet? (We can talk about it.) Are you actually after her heart? Do you just want her money? Is there some other reason, good or dark? What will you do if she falls in love with you though?

    I'll Be Good by Jaymes Young: he's had a long history with her, they've been together since they were small, and have always been polar opposites, she was raised in a smiling home filled with light, he wasn't, yet she was always by his side and cared for him even during the times he hurt her, lashed out at her, will he keep being this way or can she maybe help him recover...of course she'll try and use every tool at her disposal to help him.

    You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring: she's a pathological liar and a disguiser; she can take on various identifies and travels all around the world, then she crosses paths with them and decides to use them for her own ends, will she be caught in her web of lies? Or Will they fall for this identity, but if the happens what goes down when all the lies catch up to her? Oh and she is kind of insane.

    Forever or Never by Cinema Bizzare: she's a cynical girl who doesn't believe in legends or myths, logical and intelligent, she tends to have a few secrets though. She tends to take interest in new people who cross her path, when she introduces herself to you it's a bit surprising, do you take interest in her and try and learn who this mysterious woman is?

    Lost Paradise by Hollywood Undead: (warning more of an angsty idea) she was dying when you found her and saved her life, when she awakens she's furious with you for saving her life and tells you that she's been abandoned by God, only sort of metioning the way her life has been for a few years now. If you want to save her life how do you do it, or are you just going to leave her alone? She's wild and a little crazy, she'll definitely be hard to handle.

    Okay first off, most of these can be done FxF or FxM; I can't say MxM because unfortunately I can't play a male to save my sorry.

    Second, I would appreciate it if you make an attempt to listen to the above songs, not only is it good music (in my taste) they're fun to listen to, and lyrics from them I'll probably use occasionally.

    Third...yes I know the ideas are fairly basic but it leaves us plenty of room to customize the story, you know? Also these can go on in any kind of setting you would like, so don't feel restricted, I didn't say because I want it to be as customizable as we want.

    Fourth and finally, thanks for reading this~ if you're interested just PM me or post on the thread and I'll PM you. Hopefully I'll see you later for a wonderful role play!
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