Music Challenge #4

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  1. Music Challenge #4
    Where music becomes people.
    Song: Welcome to the Freakshow
    Band: Skillet
    Lyrics are provided in the video.
    Helpful Character sheet:
    Ultimate Goals:
    Intelligence Level:
    You can use this CS or edit it or make your own.
    Thank you!
    If you have any helpful tips for future challenges, I am open for advice! Just PM me.
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  2. Name: Merlon the Merryman
    Age: 567
    Gender: Male
    Species: Currently Human
    Appearance: Standing at an impressive 6'5, Merlon wears a large top hat, a red vest and dark pants with black boots. Much like the stereotypical lion tamer one would find inside the circus. His human body looks no older than 34 years. He has beautiful black hair with medium length sprouting from the top of his head, but no other hair anywhere else on his body. In his mouth aren't human teeth, but a set of sharp fangs.

    History: Merlon used to be part of a species who literally cracked nature's code. They had reached the peak of evolution, the peak of technology and advancement, they had reached the ultimate goal of life. His species could do whatever they wanted, change appearance, create matter, move faster than light and travel to different dimensions.
    A conscious living being always has a goal. Be it eat, drink, create or murder, but these things had won the game of life. They had no more needs, and their desires were instantly fulfilled, much to their own discontent. It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. Sadly, these things didn't have to go anywhere to get what they wanted.

    After a long discussion with the entire species, an idea came forth. The idea to interact with lesser species from another dimension. Everyone took on a different form, then they traveled to a random dimension, a random galaxy, a random planet, Earth. They observed the species and their habits, before actually landing and interacting with them. Merlon, being the only one that sort of resembled the inhabitants of the planet, was chosen to be the only one to interact with them.
    Months of observation boiled down to one option for them to live amongst the humans. A freak show, with Merlon as host.

    Family: Merlon was the last new one of his species to be born. They decided not to procreate anymore. Yet his species hasn't procreated naturally for millions of years, believing it a waste of time to be in labour and thus creating special birth-chambers. Therefore, none of them are really family, or one could consider them all to be family.
    Personality: Forced by his new job, Merlon is very sociable, charming and manipulative. He can make you change your opinion back and forth in the blink of an eye using only words humans themselves have invented.
    Ultimate Goals: Entertainment. In this case, by being watched by humans, while they watch humans. Much like a tv-show.
    Location: On an open field in the middle of nowhere, yet many people come and go, setting up tents for longer stays. Many businessmen saw a golden opportunity and are providing food and shelter. They are currently building hotels close-by. A new city is soon to be born.
    Occupation: Host of the freakshow.
    Intelligence Level: Beyond measurement.

    By the way, I really like this song. Thanks for sharing it.
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  3. Well, Majem, I love your character XD
    And no problem! I love skillet!
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  4. Haha, thank you for the kind words :P
    There were really several variations on him, but I think this one was the best. The line "This is the place that they can never take away." was making me think of the freakshow being imaginary beings, everyone saw what they believed the creatures looked like, while the whole freakshow didn't really exist, but I think that would be silly.
    There's several more where that came from, but Merlon's always been who he is, and this is just about him. And I like him how he is now.
  5. Sorry in advance. Came up with another host, which I quite liked. Perhaps I'll make one about one of the freaks, too.

    Name: Sor
    Age: 156
    Gender: Interchangeable
    Species: Iychorgh
    Appearance: As one of the Iychorgh, or plant people, Sor's appearance can vary to an extend. For example, he can grow extra limbs within a week's time, or change the texture and hue of his skin and leaves/hair. Though the general appearnce is like a tree with a head and legs.
    As for now, his skin is a smooth, brown hardwood, much like a regular human's tanned skin. He only has four finger on each hand, the maximum amount he can sprout from one spot. His head is a smooth, round ball with no sign of hair. The hair is located on his back, arms and legs.
    His fingers also contain needles, much like a christmas tree's, but much sharper. He can shoot these needles at enemies, or use them to disable an opponent through acupuncture.
    Of course, due to his alien body, he hides most of his skin under his black suit, top hat and gloves. His excuse for missing a finger on each hand: the freaks bit them off.

    History: Renowed thief/mercenary/bounty hunter. Sor has made quite the name throughout the universe in his 156 years of life. Killing dictators, kidnapping politicians, stealing irreplaceable artifacts and the likes. He's a master of disguise, partly thanks to his nature, and an excellent fighter, both armed and unarmed. Due to his lightning quick movements, you may have him at gunpoint, but he'll still be able disarm and overpower you.
    Connections throughout the entire universe usually help him understand new technologies specifically designed to capture him and thus far he's only been captured once. Instead of imprisoning or sentencing him to death, the authorities had a mission for him, one they believed only him capable of accomplishing. After a complete annihilation of said base, Sor was free to go, with a ten minute headstart.

    Sor's latest job was the kidnapping of several unique, endangered and highly protected species. With the authorities on his tail, Sor decided to lay low on planet Earth by starting a freak show with the species he's stolen. They've passed and checked Earth, but Sor is stuck on this planet until they leave this Galaxy.
    The local authorities have questioned him once, but after a quick brainwash, they left him be.

    Family: To prove his ruthlessness, Sor has murdered his entire family.
    Personality: Cold, short-tempered, partially insane, indifferent, seducer.
    Ultimate Goals: Do what he's been doing for years. Prove his genius by living above the law.
    Location: Earth, North America, Texas.
    Occupation: Host of the freak show.
    Intelligence Level: Is fluent in 1251 intergalactic languages, master of any kind of combat and has photographic memory.
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  6. That's really cool!

    And Sor seems very interesting..evil and interesting. lol