Music and What it Means

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So, we all listen to music at some point. What does it mean to you? What do you like about it?
For me, it's about the emotion behind it, how it makes you feel, and what it does to the atmosphere.

Like how jazz can make anything festive. ANYTHING.
The feeling of the music is important to me, as are the lyrics.
These things combined often serve a basis for my inspiration in writing.
When I need to write something, I will often turn on mood music to get me in the right mindset.
Music is more or less my life support at this point. =P I have playlist almost 100-strong, constantly playing in the background. I can't have silence when I post or do anything, really. I think it's amazing how a song can convey a message you couldn't normally tell someone, or that you might not have the courage or patience to say. It's even more amazing when a song can invoke emotions like crying or peace.
I always hear people say you can tell a lot about a person from the music they listen to. I think that's true, but it's also important to remember how they're perceiving said music. I know I listen to some music for the atmosphere, some music for the beautifully written lyrics, and some music because it's hilarious.

I find music can help with introspection as because, like most art, it's all about perception of the meaning. In art there is the creator's intended meaning and the audience's interpreted meaning. Both are important, but what is most important is the individual's perception of the piece. Listening to music we draw meaning from things based on our own experiences and feeling. Certain lyrics, certain sounds, certain waves are met with sensations, thoughts, and feelings. If one is looking to explore themselves all they need to do is listen to a little bit of music and express their opinion of it. All art is just symbols and symbols are structures given meaning by individuals. Therefore, individuals show a bit of their interpretation of the world through their interpretations of the symbols (sounds, lyrics, etc.) in music.

When people find their interpretations to be similar to the interpretations of others, they usually mesh well which is why people say you can learn a lot about a person from their music. You know if you mesh well with someone because you have the same thought process, you sync well together.

Now, keep in mind there is music for art and music for entertainment. Both are good, neither are bad, they just have a different purpose (and can sometimes bleed into each other). Art tries to express something, with symbols, entertainment does this but usually at the most basic level. I can't quite express the difference but you know it. What you're listening to there is meant to preoccupy your time not necessarily with deep feelings but feelings that are meant to keep your attention. It's a little bit like hypnotism, you already wanted to feel this way, it says, okay I can help you feel this way, and you accept. Most music does this but the emphasis is different depending on whether one is focusing more on art or entertainment. Great music can do both, but music that does one or the other isn't necessarily bad.

I love music, and I will always try to understand the art of symbolism, the interpretation of symbols, within music. Personally, for me, the purpose of music is introspection, and sharing that introspection with other people. It also serves as a way of altering one's emotions, or aiding one in understanding the emotions of others (in some instances). Either way most people seem to enjoy music. I've honestly only met one or two people who don't (some are just being contrary but there are people who legit just don't care for music). What matters most is why it matters anything at all to you.

Music helps me filter out the noise of everyday life. Or when I want to put myself into a specific mood.
I look at music as a way of life, it can either bring your mood to happiness or sadness in a matter of seconds. It can sum up memories, for example: I moved away from home the first out my family to do it. My best friend and I use to listen to this one song repeatedly and would run around saying tweet tweet ballin. When I moved away I would hear that song it would make me smile at all the wonderful memories I had. Eventually it caused me to move back. I guess it helps you remember things that matter, and what doesn't. Music brings out things in people you wouldn't normally see. That's how I see it, and I can't say music can sum up anyone. Though it can alter their lives in a drastic way even if they realize it or not.