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    Roxie had wanted to get into the concert of her favorite band, however once she got enough money to get the tickets they had sold out. Instead of missing the show she had got the bright idea to try and sneak in. Although after a couple of times failing she had almost run out of fancy ideas. The only thing she could think of was going around to a back door. Though the concert seemed almost over she ran to the back alley and tried the door, not to her surprise it was locked. She made a sigh and turned away leaning on the door. What was she suppose to do now, none of her ideas worked.
  2. Nicolas was taking a break from the show and was silently lagging a breath on a cigarette he was smoking as watched her every move, read and observed her desperate needs to get into the concert. As he watched Roxie trying to get in, he didn't want to spook her. When she turned around he was standing right there. He smiled this warm, loving, smile at her. "Hey there. Trying to sneak in are we?" he said lightly teasing her. His eyes were hazel and a muscular akin to him.
  3. Roxie jumped a bit when she noticed someone in front of her. It was dark and hard to tell who exactly it was. First thinking it was a guard she began with an excuse. "No..haha...of course not." She gave the guy a smile. "I'll just be going now." She lifted herself off of the door and went to walk away. She turned back for a moment thinking she recognized the guy. She tried to get a better look.
  4. He stepped into the light showing who he truly was after she turned back around. "Are you sure, seemed like you were?" He said smiling. "I know the tickets are sold out but I can grant you access. I'm Nicolas de Lenfent, lead guitarist and back up vocals." Offering his hand out to shake hers. "We don't get many people to come back stage or to the after party with us. You can join us if you want, miss?" He looked at watch. "Crap! I need to get going, last set's about to begin." he said as he stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame to let her in.
  5. Once Roxie could see him in the light she gasped. A huge smile on her face appeared, "You''re..Nicolas."She said finally. She couldn't believe it, her favorite guitarist ever was standing in front of her, talking to her. She stared at his hand for a moment, shocked but was able to grab it and shake back. "I..I would love to come with you." She slowly walked through the door. "Ummm, I'm Roxie by the way."
  6. He nodded, "Indeed I am." He smiled and escorted her inside.

    "I'll let the stage managers, security and crew know that your with me. I'm going to let you watch from backstage. It's a pleasure to meet you Roxie." Once they reached backstage he wrote her name down on the VIP list, there was only a select few of their fans and closest friends.

    He grabbed his guitar and went out on to stage to finish the set, every now again he would look at Roxie. For a guy like him and how he was so different, she was really attractive to him, even though she was human. Nicolas kept his secret from the world, even though there were rumors circling that he was a vampire along with other members of the band. None of them wished for the word to get out and didn't want the same thing to happen again in regards to the Lestat incident a few years prior.
  7. She lit up when he spoke to her. She couldn't believe her luck, usually she had the worst luck but this time everything worked out. She gave him a nod and waved as he walked away. Roxie turned away for a moment and jumped a little for joy. She was actually watching them and even was able to talk to her favorite member of the band. She took a deep breath and turned back around to see them again. She stood there watching the concert with amazement and a large smile.
  8. After the concert was over, Nicolas handed his guitar over to one of the crew members and walked out with the rest of the band to go to the after party. On the way there he introduced her to the rest of the band. "Craven vocals; Emmett, bass; Chaz, drums; Draven, keyboard; and Talon, cello." Each of them either said hello or a nod. "This is Roxie, one of my biggest fans." reading her aura and thoughts. "I hope you are having fun so far."
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  9. She gave them all a smile, happy yet lost for words. She never would have expected she would end up actually meeting them. It was one of the greatest moments for her, she couldn't even think of any time that was better. "Yes, of course. I'm having a great time." She said to him. How could she not, first she couldn't get in because the tickets were sold out and now she was meeting them. Perhaps she didn't have bad luck after all.
  10. He smiled again. "I'm pleased." He placed his arm over her shoulders, showing a sign of protectiveness to the others as well as to those at the after party. "I hope you don't mind if I'm this protective, you are my guest and I prefer to keep it that way for the rest of the night." He was really taking a liking to her and hoped he wasn't being a bother to her.
  11. She was startled a first but still very happy. Roxie began to blush. "No, it's fine." She looked up at him and smiled. He just said the most amazing thing to him, being his guest. This was a dream come true. She got lost in these thoughts, it started to make her giggle a bit. He wanted her to be his guest and for the whole time, this was something Roxie was never going to forget.
  12. "Good." Once they reached their destination. He hoped out and offered his hand to escort her in, just like any gentleman would during the victorian era. He led her inside, "Welcome to our humble abode." as he walked her inside this gauche-gothic looking place. "care to mingle or just relax for a bit?" He was letting her choose what she wanted to do and didn't want to make the choices for her. "Are you hungry or thirsty for anything?" as they passed a refreshment table.
  13. She took his hand, it was sweet of him. Most people didn't do that anymore. "Thank you." She said as they walked into the place. She looked around. "Wow, I've never seen a place like this before. It's wonderful." There wasn't many interesting places like this take she had been to before. "You're so kind. Do you kind if we just talk some more." She then confessed. "That's what I would really like to do."
  14. "Most welcome, my dear." he said being really old fashioned, since that was one of his many natures. "This is where we live, practice, relax, party, do whatever. It's very under the radar since we don't want many people finding us. That's why our after parties are very small and private. "It's in my nature to be kind. If that is what you would then yes we could do that. There are many private locations/rooms to do that. Which would you prefer?" smiling at her again. He was hoping he and her would just talk without having others around to ruin the moment.
  15. "Really. That would be great." She said with another smile. She looked around for a moment. "I nice quiet place would be lovely." She was surprised how nice he was, usually in bands you would think they wouldn't be but the way he talked, acted, he was such a gentlemen. All of it made Roxie happy, she was so glad she finally meant her favorite member. It had always been a goal for her to meant him, all the times she tried to get into the concerts but something happened. Finally even after she still didn't get a ticket she got something even better than just a performance.
  16. Nodding, "We can go up to my room." he said with a smile. Not many fans had seen his room, but she was an exception. He escorted to his suite that was decked out in victorian and mesopotamian era decor, his guitar and music on one side, a balcony, a bed with dark red silk curtains surrounding it, lots of furniture. Gold, dark red, blue, engulfed the room. "Please make your self at home." he said pulling out his fine crystal goblet and filling it with blood. "Not many people know this but I have to drink blood since i have very low iron and it's so much better than meat or supplement pills." He didn't want to scare her away by admitting that he was a vampire.
  17. "Wow, you're room is so cool." She said, her mouth open wide. "You guys really like this type of architecture huh. It is pretty cool, I have to admit." She glanced at everything in the room, stopping a the guitar. She smiled, "As expected." She whispered then turned back over to him. She watched him drink something, at first she didn't even know what it was, just look liked some juice. When he told her she was obviously surprised but not in a bad way. "Really? I never heard of that before. You must have a really good doctor than."
  18. "Thanks. Each of our rooms are different, it matches our personalities. Yes, we do. You can say we're different from most. I'm glad you like it and well thank you." He noticed her admiring his guitar, "Would you like me to play something for you. It's rare i have a solo audience." He nodded, "Indeed we do, out of country in fact. We see our doctors once every few years when we go on tour to Europe.
  19. "I doctor in another country, that must be hard. What if you get sick all of a sudden. I wouldn't want you to be without someone to help you get better." She began to say. "Oh, would be amazing if you played but I couldn't ask you for that. Right after you already played a concert you must be tired." She turned in front of him to face him. She had her bag in her fingers dangling that it hit her.
  20. "Not really. If anything happens to us we have things to help us immediately and temporarily until we're able to get there. The band is a family and we have each other's support and help." he said sitting down on day bed next to music instruments, inviting her over to join him. "I'm not that tired, it helps me to relax actually if i play a little something more on the mellow side. What would you prefer, harp, guitar, acoustic guitar, piano or violin? You can place that anywhere you like. No one rarely comes in here. Please don't be so nervous around me." he said smiling as he took another sip from his goblet and leaning against the arm rest. "I hope you don't mind if I undress, I prefer to be shirtless or have a shirt one that's entirely unbuttoned."
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