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  1. Belle had never been one for siblings. She had to many of them and though she loved them at the same time they drove her insane. Her younger ones and her older ones. It sucked being right in the middle, she was the one that her parents just forgot was there. So when she ends up meeting a new kid at school and she finds that she is started to fall for him, while her parents might not approve at the same time. It's not like they would notice, that is until it comes out that they are half siblings! Not that either of them knew that. So what happens when it comes to light? Do they break up, or do they work through it?

    I am willing to tweak some things with this. It's not suppsoe to be a "Dark" themed but that does not mean we can not make it that. It's more a mushy type of romance for once. :3

    I will only play the female in this. While I love playing a male, that is really all I been playing. So I am willing to do Female/Female or Female/Male.
  2. I'd love to do this with you. I'm slightly new to playing the male role, but I've found it intriguing. If your willing to work with a nooby I would love this role.
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  3. I am more than willing :3
  4. Great whenever you're ready I am!
  5. Would you like me to Start or you?
  6. Well it's your roleplay so I figure you should start.
  7. Ok let me know when you get it written
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