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  1. Hi there,

    I've been forum role-playing on and off for about thirteen years now. I see myself as an intermediate writer. I have a writing sample in my profile now. If you want more writing samples, ask me, and I will PM you some more of my previous works. I expect quality over quantity, but if you give me a one liner it better be a piece of literary genius. I can come off as being awkward, but trust me when I say, I'm about as normal as the rest of you :)

    Here are my current plot ideas.

    Don't Fall Asleep (open)

    -The sleep paralysis phenomenon spawned this idea. It's of the Horror Genre.

    -Whenever the individual sleeps, his mind leaves his body and enter another world where he is hunted by strange creatures

    -Dieing in the dream world means dying in the real world. Any injuries in the dream world, be they maimed or lost limbs, do not carry over to the the real world. As long as he wakes up before he dies in the dream world, he is fine. There will be a lingering 'phantom pain' from any injuries received in the dream world

    -The dream world, often referred to as the shadow-world, is a dark, wet, slimy, and cold place that is inhabited by slick, slender and tall, and dark-skinned bipedal creatures that have clawed hands and oversized toothy maws designed to tear flesh to shreds. These are the most common variations that are called ghouls. There are other, more deadly, variations as well.

    -This idea still needs some work.

    The Little Fang (open)

    -My character, is a Half-elf prince. In this high-fantasy world, Elves live in great cities that float above the clouds. They have airships that carry destructive magitech cannons that fire blasts of explosive energy. The Elves force the non-elf inhabitants of the land to fight in gladiatorial combat for their amusement.

    -The non-elf races are viewed as savages/sub-humans by the elves. Elves are also known for their holier than though attitude and their disgust for that's not a pure elf, including half-elves which are extremely rare. Since my character is a half-elf, he has no claim to the throne notwithstanding his father being King.

    -I've always been keen on the idea of evil/misguided magic wielding elves that enslave the other races with their power rather than being the reclusive good guys that they usually are in most fantasy settings.

    -If you're interested in this idea, PM me, and I will give you more details.

    The Secret War (open)

    -Lycanthropes and all manner of Fey creatures hail from an extra-dimensional world where magic is more readily accessible. Their dimension was overrun by vampires. A few lycanthropes and fey managed to open a portal to escape to our dimension, Earth, when man was still in the stone age, trapping the vampires in their ruined world and leaving them to their doom, but unfortunately, several powerful vampires were able to escape through the portal.

    -While the Lycanthropes and Fey sought to integrate into human society or live in seclusion, the vampires sought to control humanity to meet their own ends.

    -Now in present times, the Vampires are invariably in control of humanty's fate. For the Lycanthropes it's a struggle for survival.

    -Vampires also have transformations. They are kind of like the chevaliers from Blood Plus.

    -This idea also needs some work.

    Sleeper Agent (open)
    -My character is an unwitting, young and dangerous sleeper agent that has connections with a powerful terrorist group. He doesn't know it, so he thinks he's being chased after for something he didn't do or hasn't done yet. Your character is the FBI, CIA, NSA, or US Marshal that is trying to apprehend him, dead or alive, before he does some serious harm.

    This is a modern action suspense thriller.

    If you have any ideas, feel free to PM me. I am currently looking for role-plays.

    Pairings I would like to try. Whatever is in bold is my role of choice:

    Run Away Princess x Rogue (Medieval Fantasy)
    Cross-Dressing Female Mage/Warrior x Unwitting Slightly Chauvinistic Warrior (Medieval Fantasy)
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