Muse Personified

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  1. If your muse could take a physical form, what would it be?

  2. Hmmm...

    A flower that never dies, but not a fake flower, but a real flower, real petals and all, but it never withers, and it's always bright and alive and colorful?

    ...that's the first thing that came to mind xD
  3. An earring of mine~ It would be concealed behind my ear for the most part, but if I needed some inspiration, I could just rub it *or so I imagine*! *(*´∀`*)☆
  4. Is it conceited that I'm almost happier when I become the embodiment of someone else's muse?
  5. Oh, Zen.
    You were in the chat for this!

    My muse is the reliable, if sometimes moody and capricious girlfriend. I don't know why my muse is a woman, but...
    Well, there you have it. Sometimes, she gets mad at me for drinking or trying to force her...
    But the rest of the time, she's a peach.
  6. Yes, yes I was. ^^ I got curious as to what everyone else thought of their muse, thus the idea of this thread!

    As for mine, mine tends to change forms. Right now, I can only see it as a pane of glass, and parts of it are cracked and shattered. (I'm in the middle of moving so I'm under a bit of stress.) But when I'm feeling normal, I guess my muse is this huge dam, take the Hoover Dam for example. When it's overflowing, the dam is under a lot of pressure and it wants the pressure to be taken away. So, when I'm posting, there's either this massive hole in the wall, or some sort of drought that's taking away the pressure/water.

    I could also be disgusting and say that my muse works like a bladder. When the bladder is full, I need to get creative. When I'm urinating, I'm posting. XDD
  7. Ocha is my muse.

    ...No seriously. c____c She IS my muse.
  8. That sounds cool! What kind of earring would it be? Gemstone? Crystal? Diamond? Did you imagine a color? A shape?

    Does that make your muse ever-changing? :o Do you decide whose muse it's going to be? :D

    What does she look like? :o
    Doe she resemble someone you know?

    xD Hehe, I like your description. Your muse is always changing, but is there one thing that's the same?
    Like your muse depending on your emotions, is that the constancy?

    Explain :O How does one person give you all your inspiration?
  9. She looks like no one I know, Sakii.
    I imagine her to be rosy cheeked, with expressive golden eyes.
    Her hair is brown, darker than my own and most often in a braid though sometimes hanging loose.
    She wears a light dress, with gauzy champagne-colored fabric. Something like this but not quite....
  10. Sakura: It would be the earrings my boyfriend bought me last Christmas ^.^
  11. My muse does take a lot of forms based on my emotions. There isn't really much consistencies with it, which is kinda cool. I'm pretty sure it's gonna change once I finish moving so we'll see what form it takes then.
  12. The Colour out of Space

    Hm, maybe not the right way to describe it. I was never able to nail down being able to describe my muse, exactly.
  13. A face that looks so familiar and yet I cannot place it, hovering just out of my reach no matter how far I trudge.

    Or more simply.
  14. Why, just talking to her is an inspiration! I can throw a random phrase or word at her and she'll pop out ideas. Or she'll say something random herself and suddenly I have a billion different plot bunnies ready to go. XD
  15. A Koala - cute, cuddly and vicious. =) Also come from the land down under.
  16. the personification of my muse is an intangibility.