INTEREST CHECK Muse/Greek Mythology RP Idea


Duke Ferret

Original poster
Here is an idea I have been playing with for a week or two. The inspiration for it arose from two places.
1) Penumbra
2) Our free use of Muses throughout the Iwaku community.

Heres the story. The Muse of mischief is appealing to the gods to become a recognized Muse. However her talents are questionable and easily destructive. It is the job of the three recognized muses to stop this Muse from accomplishing her goals.

CHaracters that will be needed:

3 Muses (I will be playing Miss Mischief)
4 Inspired: The inspired are mortals that are essentially chosen by the Muses as their helpers. I will need one for each of the three main muses, and one for my Muse of Mischief.

Myself and Cammy will be Co-GMing this rp if we get it started. Just wanted to see how interest would be for it. If extra positions are needed, I can easily increase the number of Muse/Inpired Pairs.