Murphy's Law: A Post Apocalyptic RP

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Which Bastion should we try to make it to?

  1. Beijing

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  2. St Louis

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  3. Denver

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  4. Berlin

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  5. Paris

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  6. Seoul

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  1. Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.


    Day 1: The Internet goes down for unknown reasons.
    Day 3: Total Worldwide Economic Collapse.
    Day 7: A massive outbreak of disease goes through the population.
    Day 12: Several Nuclear weapons detonate in their silos around the world. Chaos ensues
    Day 15: The European Union is forced to separate into several bickering Nation-States.
    Day 23: Massive Tectonic Shift. Saudi Arabia becomes an Island, The Himalayas split apart, Japan either splits into the sea, or crashes into China, Europe and Asia split into two separate continents, and Massive Volcanic Activity among other things.
    Day 28: The International Space Station crashes into Taiwan.
    Day 30: A massive snowstorm rolls in and blankets most of the northern areas of the world.
    Day 34: Present Day. The Fragmented United Nations takes control of resources.

    We are the survivors of the Month incident. An incident that took a Month long to transpire. Our world was reduced to what it is now in an instant. There are still bastions. Beijing, St Louis, Denver, Berlin, Paris, and Seoul. Those are the largest. This world follows Murphy's Law. What can go wrong, will go wrong. The bastions will eventually fall. No matter how much you prepare, something will go wrong. You may think you're prepared, but your food will expire. You may think you have found an escape vehicle, but it will be out of gas. The best we can do is work together, and make it to one of the bastions. Only there, we will be safe. At least until Murphy's Law applies. Good day, good luck, and may God have mercy on your souls.


    So, this is a Post-Apocalyptic RP focused on survival. Every action your character does has a chance of going wrong. If it does, it has a chance of a horrifying result. Sort of like in D&D with botches and stuff. The point is to band with the other characters, and make it to the end goal of a bastion. We can decide on which bastion together, and from there, a starting location.

    The disease was not zombies, as this is not a zombie RP. It's pure survival, and based around Murphy's Law.

    If required, I can elaborate on anything. Just ask me to elaborate! I don't bite!
  2. I'm cool with this, and for some reason, I want to do Berlin or St. Louis.
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  3. I also have a question about how we'll figure out if something is a failure or not. Will we be rolling dice, and if we do, will it be something like percentile dice where we roll a hundred sided die or two ten sided dice with one serving as the tens place and the other as the ones place?
  4. The two ten sided die.
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  5. So say we have 80% of success. Will it be that we have to roll over or equal to 21, or will it be that we have to roll under or equal to 80?
  6. You have to roll 21 or over, since that's easier.
  7. Got it.
  8. You guys really want to do Berlin, huh?
  9. Ja, ve vish to be Berliners!
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  10. One of the people that voted for Berlin, I have some interest in this, will likely if it goes ahead, make a Spetznas or VDV infantryman that was part of an attack from Kalingrad, to make things somewhat intersting from an OPFOR point of view, if allowed at least.
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  11. I have an interest too. I love RP's in which my characters will likely get maimed somehow; maybe lose an eye. Regardless, no idea who I'll make, but I'll figure it out if this goes ahead.
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  12. Yeah, you'll have that risk.

    Alright then! Let's see if we can get one more person...
  13. I'll give it some time see if others show up, if not is a couple people I can ask if you would like.
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  14. That'd be cool.
  15. Well passed it on to three others, up to them if they are interested or not.
  16. I would be interested. I enjoy rps where there is a high chance of death and or maiming.
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  17. It sounds interesting, I'm most curious as to why Murphy's Law has taken hold of the world. It will be fun unraveling or creating that mystery. Question, what all will the survival element include? I assume gathering supplies and exploring ruined cities, but will there be wild animals and natural disasters as well?
  18. Any idea on a timeframe for this to be operational?
  19. Saturday, probably. At the Earliest.

    You'll find out.

    And yeah, they will.
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