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  1. For the last four years, the small town of Shorehallow had been having strange occurrences, most commonly the unnaturally low libido of most men and women in the town. The actual causes of this phenomena is said to be a vast variety of things; Low testosterone, depression, Erectile Dysfunction, or even certain over-the-counter medications being prescribed to certain patients. For four years straight, doctors have been getting frequent visits from rather flustered patients to talk about their sudden decrease in their sex drive, but have come up mostly empty-handed other than prescribing a few medications… most of which never worked. Scientists of Murdock Research & Development have been working on a certain medication that would increase the sex drive of those suffering from these unnatural occurrences. After a little over three months, they tested their newest development on a vast number of volunteers. The serum was injected into the bloodstream of over fifty subjects, and the scientists watched and waited patiently to see if it would take any effect.

    It worked… but it worked a little too well.

    After the first three days, the patients began showing signs of discomfort. Most of them would stare awkwardly at the nurses that would pass by, eyeing them in a rather lewd fashion. On the fourth day, a few of the test subjects began to grow rather bold, often groping passing doctors or nurses, be it male or female. The persisted their lewd behavior, despite the constant and harsh scolding they would receive.
    The fifth day was when things took a turn for the worse. A young male doctor was doing a regular checkup on one of the patients, who happened to be a muscular fox morph at the time. Upon sight of the doctor, the fox growled and began foaming out the mouth, almost seeming completely rabid. Before the young doctor had time to react, the fox morph pounced onto him and proceeded to rip his clothes off, before aggressively raping him. By the time security arrived, the fox morph had escaped and was now running freely throughout the massive building. To make matters even more unnerving, the doctor who was raped began to experience the exact same symptoms as the test subjects after they were exposed.
    It did not take long at all for the fox morph to reach the chambers of the rest of the subjects, and he quickly freed them all one by one. They poured through the hallways, tackling and raping anything that so much as moved aside from those who were already infected. The entire building was put on lockdown, and the remaining researchers, doctors, security guards etcetera all either holed themselves up somewhere in the building, or are venturing out to find a way to escape…

    Playable Characters

    Doctors, Nurses, Researchers, Infected Test Subjects, Non-Infected Test Subjects

    Playable Races

    Furries, Humans, Hybrids, Ferals, Scalies, Dragons, Insects, Arachnids....


    1. All forum rules apply.
    2. I am the GM. I have the last say.
    3. Please reply often. Those who don't reply for too long will have their character become inactive, and the roleplay will move on without them.
    4. Don't be a dick. Which also means no kink shaming or trolling (Of course).
    5. The only other member of the Murdock family is taken by me. There are no other characters in the Murdock family unless given special permission.
    6. Keep your posts as long and as descriptive as you can make them. One or two-liners will not be tolerated.
    7. Grammar is crucial. You don't have to be perfect, but please make it readable.
    8. So help me god if I find a power-player, bad things are going to happen.
    9. I'm always open to ideas. If you have any, then feel free to share them with me.
    10. No character dies or becomes Infected unless you absolutely want it.
    11. Everyone should have a chance to have their characters get a little "action". Don't single anyone out.
    12. It IS possible to have explicit intimate contact with an Infected character, and NOT become infected yourself. It's basically a roll of the dice.
    13. Rules can change at any time. I will give an update, but always check every now and then.
    14. Have fun raping or getting raped, ya sickos. :3

    Character Sheet

    Kinks (Your character doesn't have to have these, just name what you personally like):
    Infected? (Yes or No):

    My Character Sheet

    Name: Chris Murdock
    Age: 23
    Species: Human
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Occupation: Son of Rufus Murdock, the owner of Murdock Research & Development
    Kinks: Non-Consent, Larger partners, Female Domination, Bondage, Gang-Bang, Bestiality and Tentacles... 'Cause why not?
    Infected?: No

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  2. How often are you wanting replies?
  3. They don't have to be extremely often. If you have things going on, then it's fine as long as you let me know. But I'd say at least once every 2-4 days.
  4. I can do that. I'm easily able to do about once a week, and most likely able to do twice a week; maybe more as the days get to hot to do anything.

    Okay, I shall join if you let me ^.^
  5. All right, go ahead!
    Please don't feel offended or anything if we end up moving a bit without you, though. ;)
  6. Nah, I wont mind. I try to post as much as I can so you wont have to drag me. Plus, the idea of being left behind is interesting for this one.
  7. Heheh, most definitely~.

  8. Name:
    Alene Quickley




    Bi curious, prefers males

    Nurse, she just graduated from Community College and scored this job because she WAS dating one of the doctors.

    Kinks (Your character doesn't have to have these, just name what you personally like):
    Light bondage
    Dominance struggle
    Spanking (both receiving and giving)
    Light hair tugging

    Infected? (Yes or No):
  9. Accepted. :)
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  10. Name: Junko Masamura
    Age: 23
    Species: Human
    Orientation: Heterosexual
    Occupation: Nurse
    Kinks (Your character doesn't have to have these, just name what you personally like): Non-con, Large partners (literally and euphamistically)
    Infected? (Yes or No): Nope
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  11. Accepted!

    Just need a few more characters, and then the IC thread can be put up.
  12. Name: Dr. Aiden Cristal
    Age: 20

    Species: BioNan Human - A Transhumanized hybrid composed of human and iguana genes.

    Has a very fine layer of scales down back, back of arms and legs, back of neck. To anyone else, they look like body markings. Also has short spikes down his back, but tends to cut them down to look nicer in his clothes. Forked tongue that separates and attaches at will.

    (Scale Concept)


    Orientation: Closet Gay

    Occupation: Intern ER Doctor / Psychologist

    Kinks: Bondage, Punishment, Teasing, Shock Therapy, Gang-Bang, Non-Concent, Furries (He truly doesn't know any of his kinks as of now. He's devoted to his career. He knows who his is comfortable with, but as to why or in what way is still a mystery to him.)

    Infected? No
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  13. Accepted!

    All right, I'll try to have the IC up tonight.
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  14. The IC thread is up. Link has been edited in the original post.
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  15. Name: Kellius Kegar
    Age: 46
    Species: Dragon
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Orientation: Heterosexual
    Occupation: Test Subject
    Kinks (Your character doesn't have to have these, just name what you personally like): Is quite open to different scenarios. Prefers to be dominant.
    Infected? (Yes or No): No
  16. Accepted. Jump in whenever you want.
  17. Waiting for a response from Emi before I move on. Also thinking about creating another charrie... perhaps a janitor or a receptionist anthro who has been exposed with a mild case of the disease... Not saying anymore than that.
  18. I will respond after my nap.
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  19. Also, the Infected don't communicate through telepathic means. If there were an infected female, she would try to join in on the fun. Remember: These people are like zombies. They will do everything in their power to state their lusts.
    For example: If, say, an uninfected female were to be caught in a swarm of them, then they would first savagely rip off her clothes. Once she's exposed, then all three of her holes (Vagina, mouth, and tail hole) would be pounded hard and fast without any regard for the woman's safety and well-being. Even if they were connected telepathically, then no one would listen if one told the other to fuck off.

    I'll let this one slide.
  20. I don't think I have much to post on besides my character vandalizing the camera in the room. I'll hold off on posting for the time being.
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