Murders in Guten

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  1. I have this all planned out, but I'm terrible at describing.

    The setting will be in a small, Victorian Steampunk styled town. It will be horror based, but here is the basics.

    An Occultist in the Town of Guten has summoned a demon from the depths of hell, but no one knows this, they just think the string of murders popping up at night are about some deranged human. In the RP you will mainly be the Civilians, Business Owners, and some Police Officers living your everyday life. Worrying who might be next.

    @ZsafineGypsy should anything else be added? I feel like I'm forgetting something. Oh yeah, Gypsy is my Co-GM.
  2. For the basics you have everything covered unless you want to add the introduction. An interest check will allow people to ask questions about the RolePlay so if you feel like you are forgetting something, it will be covered through interested players I am sure.

    -Waves- Yes, Hello. I will be partaking in this Interesting RP as the Co-GM and as your death. <3
  3. Oh Yes. The Chief of Police is already filled, along with the Occultist and Demon.

    The town of Guten, a friendly, run of the mill kind of town where murders are rare and the police force is always doing their job. Civilians living every day to the fullest, business men getting fatter and fatter from the excellent profits they rake in from the Theater and other forms of entertainment. Unfortunately there have been a string of murders lately that been going around town. The crime scenes are so brutal and grotesque, that even the police force hates to find the next blood covered body with shredded organs. With throats torn from the body, the victims bowels missing, or eyes. The murder victims don't make sense, they go from rich businessman to poor stragglers, even the bums around the corner. They believe it's an deranged human committing these frequent crimes, but how do they react when it isn't?

    Welcome to the town of Guten. Creepy stuff are beginning to happen all thanks to an neighborhood occultist. They have summoned a demon from the pits of Hell taking control of it and giving it their very commands to do their bidding. This RP will be based more on the everyday lives of the Civilians, Businessmen and some Police Officers. Not everyone will be a Police Officer trying to fight off some demons.
  4. I might join dinosaurrr <3
    Idk yet. Cause I joined hella lot of rps too.
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  5. Well we hope you do~ :)
  6. Well, this certainly sounds interesting.

    I'm just curious though; is this going to be an open-ended sandbox roleplay where characters die every so often, or is there a genuine plot running through it that will be worked towards?
  7. Ummm. I believe me and Gypsy are going to make some plot that runs through the RP. Other than that, it is more of a sandbox that just has people dying, but the people that die will help progress the story into finding the Occultist and Demon <---(Has no idea if he answered what you wanted to know @.@)
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  8. Each Death will be like Clue leading to the Occultist summoning the horrifying Demon.
  9. Yeah, you guys answered my question.

    I was interested anyway, but thanks for answering me. How many people are you looking for before you get started on this?
  10. Well. I was hoping for...hmm. I don't know. Too many players and the RP will go too slowly, so maybe I should allow a player to either make. So, maybe 5-7 players? Maybe more? What do you think @ZsafineGypsy

    2 Civilians, nothing else.


    1 Businessman, 1 Civilian


    1 Police Officer (limited) and 1 Civilian if people are up for it. Just not going to allow someone to be an Officer and a Businessman, not unless we are really hurting for players.
  11. So you're saying you want at least five players before we start?
  12. Ummm. I don't know...I don't know how many this should have before I start o.o
  13. We have decided to have three other people before we start (Not including Urdnot and I). Then others will be able to join later on if they wish. Since characters will be dying time to time some people may no longer wish to stay that is why more will be allowed to join after we start. For characters to start we are looking for the following:

    1 Officer
    2 Civilians
    1 Officer
    1 Business Affiliated Person
  14. Yes. We have agreed on that, but not everyone will become an Officer, so first come first serve :c. As some Officers may die, their positions will open up to make a new one.
  15. May I join? I would like to be a business owner.
  16. -waves- Hi Vernyx!
  17. Yes you can join as a businessman.
  18. Cool, thank you. Is the IC up?
  19. No, the OOC and Sign Ups aren't up yet. This is just the Interest Check. Didn't want to get everything up and ready and have no one join :c
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