Murderer x Detective [Open and Looking for Partners]

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Murderer x Detective story line. Basically its about a world murderer who kills family with a single child, and the worlds greatest detective at the time. They battled for years, and their wits were too good for one another. It came to the point where she was able to kidnap him. She took him across country by car, and to her hide out in the middle of no where. There, she had it planned that he would kill her. It would be her twenty first birthday. On the way there, it seemed that they got to know each other on more personal levels. They got to know that both of them were really childish, based on the childhood they never got. They started getting a connection, putting away their differences, but they still tried acting as if nothing meant anything. When it comes down to the moment when his team comes to her hideout, will he kill her, or keep her alive and send her to a mental hospital so they can still be together when she gets the helps she needs?

I am looking for someone to play the male detective. Anyone interested?
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