MAIN GAME Murder XIX: Trouble in Paradise

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  1. Talon
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    Talon was expecting criticism, but instead received thanks, which confused him a little.

    "I was only returning the favor," He said, straight faced.

    When he was asked what his destination was, he thought for a moment and recalled Alesha's decision.​
    She seemed like one worthy of his respect, so he decided to follow her.

    "As am I," He responded plainly before joining the others.​
  2. All Might's brows furrowed slightly. "That wind's gonna be a problem. And being quirkless isn't helping me at all. Gotta be careful."
    He decided to traverse the obstacle, trying to go up a level.
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  3. Hina caught up to the group as they got attacked by weird squid creatures. It was rather unfortunate timing given squid ink was being sprayed at them, but she decided to take a quick step behind some of the others in the group to prevent any of it hitting her. Better them than her, as they said. Or she said. Either way.

    "Guess I better spray them before they spray me."

    Stepping out for a moment, she let loose with her FLUDD for a moment. She'd probably get hit sooner than later if she didn't do anything, so it was probably about time to actually do something.

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  4. Gelato Beach
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    As the group arrived, they would find a bright and beautiful beach. What might gather their attention the most was a large tower in the center. Atop the tower sat a large, glowing sphere. Furthermore, a large caterpillar-esque creature sat on top of the sphere. It appeared to be harmful to the sphere, rather than some sort of nurturing parent.

    To the west, there appeared to be some sort of dock, with plenty of people, both Pianta, and some strange sort of seashell-looking people. They seemed available to talk.

    Speaking of them, one particular seashell-person, known as a Noki, seemed particularly distressed.


    "Oh my! The sand bird! The poor Sand Bird egg! Those darn Red Cataquacks are blocking the mirrors, and we can't chase off the Wiggler! If we don't get Wiggler off soon, then the poor Sand Bird... Oh, I can't bear the thought! If only we had learned from last time."


    Mission: Cataquacks Strike Back

    It appeared that this man needed help. There wasn't much goop in the area to clean up, as these "Red Cataquacks" and the large green "Wiggler" seemed to be the biggest sort of trouble.​
  5. Solar panels? Egg? Was the Sand Bird like one of those Zoids or Transformers, where despite being intricate machinery, were at the same time living beings with reproductive cycles?

    What was described as the Sand Bird Egg sat on top of a tower, guarded by - or rather, being assaulted by a caterpillar-like beast.

    Ernesti Echevalier set his sights on the Sand Bird's safety, so no matter what, nothing would change his mind!

    As much as he wanted to rush in, he started by approaching Noki. A strategy was required, but what good is a strategy when your enemy was unknown?

    "Excuse me mister. My name is Ernesti Echevalier, Commander of the Order of the Silver Phoenix, but today, that is not my duty, and today, I am a member of the... uh... cleanup crew, I suppose. These are my allies. You seem familiar with these Wiggler and Cataquacks. Could you tell us the best way to rid of them, or at least get them as far from the Sand Bird Egg as possible?"

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  6. Getting drenched by the water the bipedal bloom had upchucked, Risky Boots grit her teeth and fumed with annoyed rage - so much so, one could practically hear the water sizzling on her hot head.

    "Alright you overgrown weed, it's about time you got whacked!" Risky shouted, and broke into a sprint around the conjured tornado in order to close the distance between herself and her foe!

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  7. Yamashiro would manage to pull the man away, thanks in part to Ritsuka blocking the goop spray. It ended up getting on Ritsuka, meaning she would be slipping all over the place until it got cleaned off.

    The water only stunned the creatures, and when you stunned one, it appeared that two more would arrive in its place.

    "There's no stopping these things!" Yumeko cried, getting sprayed in goop from behind.

    "Some cleanup crew you are!" The man yelled, despite having only moments ago been at the mercy of the group. "Listen. You use small shocks if electricity to stun motherfuckers, big shocks to kill. If your water guns only stun..."

    "...we need more water!"

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    A gust of wind would blow at All Might, attempting to knock him down, but it would fail. All Might was free to move up.

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  8. "I've found that things usually stop squirming when you squash them." The Doctor responded helpfully. "Does anyone have a huge hammer?"

  9. Unfortunately for Risky, she had just activated Petey Piranha's trap card!

    Having used the group being distracted by the mini-tornado to his advantage, the monster had taken this time to preemptively inhale. When the pirate attempted to close the distance between the monster and herself, Petey suddenly spat out another ball of goop, which was heading straight towards Risky!

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  10. All Might moved up when the wind didn't blow him away. He would try his luck once again and try to go up one more.
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  11. [​IMG]

    Yamashiro followed what she was advised and pulled herself and the man behind the lady firing away at the creatures. The biggest concern for her was getting away from the oiliness as well as taking care of the distressed man to get him away from the trouble as well. She then spoke to both of them as they got behind her successfully.

    "Thank you, I hope it can be controlled now. And sir I hope you are okay."

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  12. Eww. That was a bit gross. But, I guess it was sort of like a character in a film jumping in front of a bullet, but with less risk of death. Ritsuka nodded at Yamashiro. "You're very welcome." she said, smiling and giving a nod. Ritsuka now slipped a little bit and was covered in ink or some ink-like glue. She sort of wished she had a Tide Stain Stick, since this would probably stain like hell.

    But no matter. Ritsuka turned to Yumeko now. "What's your plan?" she asked.
  13. Gelato Beach
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    The old Noki looked at Ernesti and squinted. "Ah, yes, of course, Ernest. I see you have one of those FLUDD things that this Mario guy used to have. I heard that when he was here at Gelato Beach, then he would spray the Cataquacks to keep them from launching people into the air. But those red ones are a bit stronger. It might take more than just water to beat them."

  14. Starlow - Afterlife
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    "Um... I remember being in a net. The net flew up... Into some spikes. Did I get KO'd? Or... Is my game over?"
  15. "A hammer? I don't think so-oh!!!" Thanks to the goop, Yumeko slipped and fell on top of a squid. The unfortunate creature let out a wheeze and vanished into thin air.

    "Well, that's one way to do it. But ain't no fuckin' way you'll see me throwin' myself on the ground a billion times." The man walked to one of the stunned creatures and jumped. With a grunt, he landed on the little squid, crushing it flat just as Yumeko did. "Ain't that somethin'!"

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    The gust of wind would do nothing. All Might was able to safely stay on the second level. Now to just get onto the third...

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    "Yeah, it's pretty much game over for you. And now that I've established that you're the correct Starlow, I'm going to go ahead and disable your simulation."

    The room suddenly underwent a shift in design. What was once a Japanese styled room became a cube of blue code and formulas.


    "Come on out through that door," the voice said, as a door opened up on one wall.

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  16. Rita Hanson

    Rita turned to the monster and saw it was doing. She didn't have time to both protect Maria and help Risky. She looked over at Shantae. " I'm going to make sure Maria is safe, I think you should help with your friend," she said. She eyed the monster, seeing if there was an opening while making sure to avoid the tornado. If there was one, she would spray it in the mouth.

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  17. "A hero doesn't stop until the job is done." All Might said to himself as he tried to get up to the third level.
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  18. Another gust of wind flew at All Might, but would do nothing.

    Congrats! You successfully climbed up to the top of the walkway. And sure enough, there's something sparkling nearby. Looking closer, it would reveal itself to be a blue coin.

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  19. "Launch people into the air, you say? If that's their natural instinct, then I think I've got one fraction of my plan down," Ernesti smiled, "maybe two!"

    Ernesti tests a possible theory out - he starts off by spraying a single red Cataquack with the FLUDD, before jumping on it.

    "Under normal circustances, these Cataquacks are too aggresive to attack with physical strikes, so we need to surprise them first. The constant reccommended usage of the FLUDD implies that most native enemies here can, one way or another, be dealt with water, even if they're not made of ink."

    Ernesti Echevalier then proposes an idea to his allies.

    "The Solar Panels seem to be providing power to the incubator, thus speeding up the process which will take for the egg to hatch. The more Cataquacks we deal with, the better the Solar Panels will perform their job. Long story short, we'll need at least one person ridding of that Wiggler while all else wipes the field of Cataquacks. If the Solar Panels complete their job before the Wiggler is gone... then..."

    Ernesti Echevalier ponders.

    "The basis of my plan involves using the Cataquacks to toss me up to that solar panel platform," Ernesti points to the platform beside the tower where the Wiggler stood atop, "then the Cataquacks on that panel to toss me to the top of the tower with the Wiggler. Once I'm up there, you can all go ahead and rid of the Cataquacks, since I will no longer require them for propulsion. My other alternative would be two on the ground dealing with the Cataquacks and two up there dealing with the Wiggler."

    Turning back to Noki, he asks, "what do you think, gramps? You've seen these Cataquacks before. Can the jump be made?"

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  20. "To deal with the giant beast, you'll most likely have to have a pair of warriors," Alesha spoke up as Ernesti rambled on about his plan and provided his alternative solution, "It's no dragon for certain, but it would be foolish to face it alone. A pair of hunters could strike it down much easier than one acting in isolation. Either way, if that is your plan, I ask that I be one of the two sent to face it."

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