"Murder they Wrote" (Any takers?)

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  1. Things to expect from this rp:
    • Content Rating Guide: Character Death, Gore, Graphic Violence, Language: Mild, Mindfuck
    • Posting Expectations: Intermediate to Advanced
    • Genre: Murder/Mystery
    • GMs: Hipster Rin, Reveries in Red (why is this important? Keep reading!)

    This roleplay is a murder/mystery roleplay that centers in London in the year 1817. Starting with one murder, and escalating to many, the roleplayers must roleplay as a member of the police force, a coroner, a solo detective, a member of the Scotland Yard, or any realistic occupation for this time period and follow clues, hints, and riddles given by the GMs to find the suspects and narrow them down to solve this crime spree.

    That's right. The GMs, Reveries in Red and I (plus another friend or two who helped us make this if I can get them to join Iwaku) already know the culprit(s) and whodunit. You, as the rper, won't have a clue until you figure it out. The GMs will still roleplay, of course, but we're not allowed to solve the mystery (as we already know the ending, duh, that would be pointless). To spice things up a bit, we might even include other members into the suspect pool through IM. The culprits aren't always limited to our characters.

    After this mystery is solved, a new cast of characters may be put into use and another mystery formed. After all, London is a large city full of intrigue!

    Rules and Expected Behavior
    • Don't be a tool: Yes, I'm serious. "Being a tool" in my terms basically means don't godmod, powerplay, or be a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu.
    • Stick with the Content Labels: This will be a mature roleplay, that is true. But anything not warned about in the title is not allowed, or only allowed in PM. This will not be an 18+ roleplay, so keep that in mind.
    • Being a jerk is not allowed: Or, you're specifically not allowed to be a jerk. Your character can be the AntiChrist for all I care. But if I catch you bullying another member, harassing, insulting, or otherwise going against any of Iwaku's rules, you'll be issued a warning or kicked and reported, depending on the severity.
    • Be Realistic: This was an issue back in the original version of this roleplay, on another forum. If it didn't primarily exist in this time period, don't use it. I'll be a little loose about the language used, but not overly. The biggest issue was a bunch of women having roles that wouldn't be common at the time. It's okay for a few women detectives and so on, but please don't flood this post with them. Please? (PS: Making women is not discouraged. Just don't make them all detectives, because most of the men will probably ridicule them or ignore them.)

    Character Forms

    Username || Character Name || Gender || Age || Profession

    (Description of your character. Include physical appearance, habits, likes and dislikes, and anything else you find worth mentioning. I won't require you to add a personality, since most people don't stick to the personalities they post in their original form anyway.)

    I think I covered about everything. I'll get started on my forms, and if you have a question about anything, Red and I will try our hardest to answer them.
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  2. SlimShadeh || Eamon Elwyn || Male || 26 || Banker

    He stands at 1.88M. (6Ft. 2In.) He weighs 79.4Kg. (175lb.) His hair is a darker gray showing that it has not been gray for an extended period of time but is no longer the dark brown almost black shade it once had. He keeps it at collar length due to the standard of men keeping their on the shorter side he would often have it slightly parted on the left side of his head. It is often found to be brushed slightly from the part but it soon turns into a wavy mess that some comes forward towards his face but it is mostly pushed towards the back. He has enough of a beard that it can be labeled as such but in length it is rather short. He has a nice taste in style of clothing he is often found to be dressed in a plain white collared shirt then he makes a selection from his ties, his vests and lastly he wears a black plain tailcoat. He is often found to be wearing a pair of dressier but comfortable trousers. His choice of color for both the tie and vest is blue whether it's pure blue or subtle amounts. One thing he is rarely seen without is a pen in his left breast pocket so that he is always prepared for when he might need one. He has a bad habit of walking down the streets with coin purse in hand tossing it in the air just to feel the familiar weight of it. He has found himself yo respond to both Eamon and Elwyn. From a young age he has had a love of money and has been skilled at counting money at a quick rate. For the most part he is fairly relaxed but when money is involved he doesn't miss a detail. Very little of his habits have changed since the murder but he has noticed himself trying to avoid that area of town more than he used to. He does have a major hate for those who get in his way be it going down the street or in terms of the business world.
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  3. Character Forms

    JACOB Orlyn || Jacob Orlyn || male || 34 || Wine/Marijuana farmer and dealer

    Jacob is a blonde wine/marijuana farmer and dealer. He is also a registered gun owner. With an extensive muai thai and jui jitzu background he is ready to defend himself, his friends and his crop.
  4. I've got a sample rp in a rp forum I created if your interested. I figure I could cross over the cha racer and I've got a storyline if I die or something.
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