Murder Tales: Tales Of The Past

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  1. Murder Tales: Tales of the Past!

    There will be your three chacters, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin (For the sake of the Roleplay, no other canon characters will appear so to give the game some roles). Their missions were simple: Rob the Union Depository, get the money, and go away. Hide forever. But some people just never learn...

    Michael comes back again wanting to do another heist. But this time, the federal governments on the tail, and it know that the trio killed countless FIB and NOOSE agents and it won't go away until Michael and his compadres are dead. Michael proposes setting up a new crew again, wanting to go to bigger leads: Stealing the federal governments depositories all over the US. They did it in Los Santos. Why not try Liberty City? Why not Vice City? The problem was simple: The Crossed were back, albeit the worlds shown that it had purged the disease for all and forever. This proved that the purge was failed, and Michael finds this more as a help for him, as the governments of the world are now better prepared to fight this, and is doing so much better than the first outbreak. Michael finds this problem of the Crossed more of a nuisance and a benefit, as he will steal the government's money, and everyone will be sent off toward different countries, toward safe zones where they won't be recognized.But alas, four undercover agents are in the crime circle of De Santa, and there objective? Kill his accomplices and Michael. What makes it harder? His crew has to steal three different cities, in order to get all the money for each other! In a flurry of action packed awesomeness, romance, comedy, deppresion and quirks, and maybe some unexpected... complications, along the way, this won't be your usual Murder game! This will be a whole new tale!

    A Tale of the Past!

    Rules on the Tale

    Rule 1: All Iwaku Rules apply
    Rule 2: So no one will be bored, partnering up with each other would be much appreciated so no one is alone.
    Rule 3: No God Modding, and any found will be kicked out.
    Rule 4: Game Masters word is law. No one will ignored the Game Master or Co-Game Master. It's understandable if your roleplaying and both characters are having an argument and fighting each other.
    Rule 5: Respect others and most notably to the Game Master and his accomplices.
    Rule 6: Have fun!

    OCs will be allowed but will be subject to be only human characters (Otherwise known in the Murder community as Tier I). Positions will be given based on expertise in each heist which will be starting after the events of the Big Score. The cities will be Vice City, Toronta, and Liberty City.

    OC Character Sheet:
    Picture: (If you have one)


    Age: (No less than 18)


    Area of Expertise:

    Bio: (A paragraph is fine)

    Canon Character Sheets:



    Age: (No less than 18)

    Area of Expertise:

    Bio: (A paragraph is fine)

    Extra Extra!: You must be a part of the Murder Game Community in order to participate.
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  2. You say OCs are accepted but limited to human - does that mean that canon characters can be otherwise? :P
  3. Picture:


    Name: Naoya Kizuna

    Canon: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

    Age: 24

    Area of Expertise: Expert Hacker

    Bio: Originally a resident of the Aoyama section of the city of Tokyo, Naoya spent his childhood living with his extended family. Within school, he was proven to be a quick-witted and manipulative child, on par with geniuses and masterful public speakers respectively. However, his greatest skills lied within computer code, discovering weaknesses in his school's computer system and exploiting them to cause havoc. Eventually, Naoya made his way to the west, having grown to find the regimented and orderly life within Japanese society to be, as he put it, "dull and unimportant to the world outside of Japan."

    However, this move has not been cheap and Naoya considers work at ordinary tech companies to be useless. With few options outside of crime, Naoya simply smirked and began using previously established connections to find a syndicate in need of a computer hacker with no qualms with tearing down established laws to reach the top.

    Extra Extra!: Guess what, I'm a part of the community. Also, since you haven't said one way or another if characters will have powers and Naoya would be overpowered with them, I'm not going to use his demons unless told otherwise.
  4. Uh reserving a spot, I guess. XD Will give more info on my character and etc when it's actually close to the time this game starts... >.> *busy working on stuff for my own Roleplay and don't have time to make a character sheet yet*

    Edit: I'll be coming in as Agent Carter for this game. :) Will make character sheet sometime later. XD
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  5. Picture:


    Cannon: Mirrors Edge

    Name: Faith Connors

    Age: 22 (rough estimate)

    Area of Expertise: Parkour, disarmament, strategizing, freerunning, hand to hand combat, utilizing various weapons

    Bio: Once part of a close family of 4, things quickly changed during the november riots, a large group of protests trying to fight against the totalitarian governments, she and her sister Kate Connors were brought to protest alongside the rest of the movement. Though unfortunately one day, her mother was trampled by fleeing protestants when the police forces started to take on a more hostile approach to dealing with these protests, and not always for a justifiable reason. Her father fell into depression and alcoholism while the protests eventually ceased due to the extreme amounts of violent force used against them, unable to continue much longer, and finally, at the age of 16, Faith fled her home to live on the streets, resorting to stealing for her own survival. That was until she broke into the hideout of an ex-runner named Mercury who caught her in the act, though since he had no interest in turning her in, he trained her to become a runner. From there, she underwent various missions and crazy scenarios, eventually resulting in the death of Mercury himself and the uncovering of a whole entire plot to take out the runners themselves, even now, she's still at large in her city.
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  6. Yep
  7. I said that characters must be restricted to Tier 1, so if they're a Tier 3, there powers would have to be restricted to make it a Tier 1 character.
  8. Right, so no demons or magic, just hacking and piles and piles of plans.
  9. Aslong as they look and act human, ya fine :P
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  10. Two more questions: do canon characters still have to be Tier 1?

    Also does it count if the character is humanoid in shape but is stuffed in a 18 foot tall mechanized suit with weapons?
  11. Yiyel, canon characters have to be Tier 1 as well if Naoya is anything to go by.
  12. Appearance:


    Name: Joseph "JoJo" Joestar

    Canon: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    Age: 18, as of the year 1938

    Area of Expertise: Strategizing, tricking people into thinking he's stupid, tricking people in general, posing suggestively, diversions, heat manipulation

    Bio: Having inherited Hamon, or manipulation of the power of the Sun, from his grandfather, Jonathan "JoJo" Joestar, who died under mysterious circumstances, Joseph was always considered an oddball because of his power, if not for his rather extroverted personality. He was raised by the only people who understood / could put up with him, his grandmother Erina and family friend Speedwagon, and at the peak of his youth, lived in New York. He has a bizarre adventure that has him travel from New York to Mexico to Italy involving Nazis, a guy who fights with bubbles, and men who have been trapped inside stone pillars for thousands of years.

    In his later life, he has a grandson named Jotaro "JoJo" Kujo. Notice a pattern?

    Extra: Naturally, due to the nature of the RP, his Hamon power will be nerfed a bit to make him a Tier 1 level character.​
  13. ruserious
  14. Hey - first, the purpose of rules is to strictly define what is allowable and not. You never defined that - so I'd rather ask and be told that no than make a character on assumptions and get rejected.

    Plus - I love being lawyer-specific :3
  15. Picture:

    Name: Mr. Foster

    Age: His 30's, most likely

    Area of Expertise: Crowd control, weapons supply, diplomacy, marksmanship, among other things.

    Bio: Originally an expert trader by day and a famous performer by night in London's premier karaoke bar, Mr. Foster was right in the middle of writing his autobiography before the Horzine outbreak, a release of countless clone test subjects from Horzine Laboratories, began to take underway. After meeting up with military officials and other surviving misfits, Foster was pulled into a campaign of extermination as the UK began to degrade into nothing more but a zed killing floor. Its a damn shame he never got to finish his book before all of the publishers for it died. The last chapter; "An Orgy of Skull Cracking and Mutant Warfare" would have rocketed the book to one of the top seller lists!

    Extra Extra!: I am apart of the community, I think.
  16. TIER 1
  17. Technology levels? Does it need to adhere only to modern technology?

    How 'bout extraordinary stuff? Does the character have to be entirely ordinary?
  18. Modern technology. If it's like some assault rifle from the future, like Ballistics wise kinda like in Titanfall then that's fine aswell.

    Mind rephrasing that second question?
  19. Alright, so just to make sure it's perfectly clear: modern technology with exceptions for advanced ballistic weapons, right?

    Also, extraordinary refers to stuff that is outside the bounds of what is usually considered science. Spooky paranormals, in other words.
  20. You know what? Fuck it, I'm going to try out this character for once. I blame my Elsword buddies for bringing this idea up.


    "Dynamos checked. Heh, ...this should be easy."

    (this is his 2nd job change, otherwise known as the "Mastermind.")



    -Area of Expertise-
    Hacking & Programming Expert, Tactician, Ranged Combatant, Multi-tasking (he literally uses his MIND to control his technology)

    During the events of "Elsword," Add only follows the El Search Party to gain research information from Nasods to improve his own inventions: the Dynamos. He also gains interest in one of the Search Party members, who happens to be the "Queen of Nasods." Of course, he ends up helping them assisting the group in their journey. Shortly afterwards, Add manages to find one way to improve his tech without the Nasods, and from research of the Demons in the Feita region, he was able to make his tech move without inputting manual commands, to where his mind is their controller. Thus, he was given the nickname and alias "Mastermind" upon perfecting his Dynamos with this new feature.

    Hai. Just to be fair, I'm nerfing the shit out of Add's Dynamos, where they would be as conventional as modern tech in this setting. The canon reason would be like there's no repair units capable of keeping his Dynamos "up-to-date."

    A way to describe how the Dynamos work, imagine them to be tech that acts as if it were programmed with an independent AI (but it's really just Add's mind at work), and their main functions of attacking are in the form of basic gunfire, acting as scan radars, and allowing Add to do hacky stuff.

    Also, looks like there's some company for Naoya.
    Again, I hope this is okay. XD
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