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MURDER TALE Murder Tale VI: Space Jam [Non-Canon]

Discussion in 'STORY ARCHIVES' started by Verite, Jan 14, 2016.

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    1. Naturally, Iwaku's rules apply here.

    2. Knowledge of the previous Murder Games, or Space Jam for that matter, are not required to participate in this, especially since this is considered non-canon to the Murder Series itself.

    3. As mentioned earlier, duos are not allowed since this is a team-oriented event. OCs are free game though.

    4. I'd love for everyone vote every round, but I realize some people might just not have the time. At the very least, I want everyone to post at least once each round. As each round should last a few days at the least, that comes to posting at least once every few days, which is pretty fair I think. If you become inactive and don't post, your character will likely be eliminated in some manner.

    5. As noted earlier, you will be able to use your character's powers as you please outside of the games, but they will be nullified during the matches and replaced with SLAM SPIRIT.

    6. Please, please refer to the rules concerning how the basketball matches will work, found here.



    "Come on and Slam!"


    Oftentimes, it's hard to turn back the clock in your head.

    You find yourself wondering how you get where you are now, wondering how you met the people that you're suddenly standing alongside, and so on. And on the flip side, you have to wonder if you ever did find out why you were where you were, rather than just having trouble remembering. Same went for the people around you and the exact place that you were supposed to be in.

    Simply put, though the exact circumstances might be up to you concerning how you got here, whether because you were kidnapped against your own will or some other convoluted explanation that would more than likely completely fuck over the series lore if this were canon, you were here, now and for a long time, and there was no changing that. Nothing at all would.

    Yeah, that was the bottom line after all these pointless paragraphs of exposition about nothing.

    You all suddenly found yourselves within this empty basketball court.

    Looking around led to little avail, as besides the walls and bleachers, there wasn't anything notable. You would all see a door, though any of you who would immediately try to go for it would only crash into the wall or grasp at nothing if you were going for the handle, as it seemed to be... a crude painting of a door in actuality, and not an actual door. Same went for the windows, as someone went through the trouble of going ahead and even painting some "light" in it, as though emulating the effect of the place being just in some random city.

    But you weren't in just some city.

    Little did you all know, you were in SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE.

    Welcome to the Final Frontier, kid. Get to know everyone else here while enjoying your stay wondering just what the hell is going on here.

    @DapperDogman as Wild Dog (DC Comics)
    @Krieg as Ty-kun (OC)
    @The Tactician as Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice)
    @Archmage Jeremiah as Fluttershy (My Little Pony)
    @C.T. as Revy (Black Lagoon)
    @Bomb as Delphox (Pokemon)
    @Hospes as Princess Buttercup (The Princess Bride)
    @BarrenThin as Darth Shen (Star Wars)
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Beat (The World Ends With You)
    @TheSpringwoodSlasher as Roberta (Black Lagoon)
    @york as Tomoyo Sakagami (Clannad)
    @OrlandoBloomers as Mogeko (Mogeko Castle)
    @Sen as Emalf (The Gray Garden)
    @Hana as Reficul (The Gray Garden)
    @Gwazi Magnum as Terry Crews (Old Spice)
    @The Great Detective as Coral (Splatoon)
    @Melancholy as Cicero (The Elder Scrolls)
    @Kaykay as Eruna Ichinomiya (Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku)
    @Jeremi as Blacker Baron (Anarchy Reigns)
    @Lizzy as Blue (Wolf's Rain)
    @DBZ7 as Eda (Black Lagoon)
    @Hazel-rah as Vincent Adultman (Bojack Horseman)
    @Schnee Corp Lawyer as Tiara (Fairy Fencer F)
    @The Silver Paladin as Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)
    @Crow as Mirei Hayasaka (iDOLM@STER)
    @Yatagarasu as Jeanne (Bayonetta)
    @ResistingTheEnlightened as Robert Lutece (BioShock)
    @Saint Guillotine as Darius (League of Legends)
    @CCC Kouhai as Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)
    @Atomyk as Flo (Progressive)​
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  2. ~PROLOGUE~ Feel the Flames

    “Ay yo! What up, all my homies – Elsa bout to do some sick dish out!”


    A foxlike creature was hopping around, presumably practicing some moves.


    “Oh, and those that don’t know my name, the name’s Elsa the Delphox! But call me Elsa, bros and huns." Elsa said to everyone around her. "So who wants to do Netflix and chill? Or maybe we can just hang out?"

    Elsa was talking in some kind of OG way. But it probably doesn't matter unless someone responds to her.

  3. "..." Her head slowly raised up.


    "What the fucking fuck." It wasn't even a question as she just stared at that...thing. Whatever the hell it is. A walking, talking plush animal? Some shit like that.
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  4. [​IMG]

    "Hun, watch your tongue. That ain't a way to treat yo homies." Elsa said in response to her.

  5. [​IMG]

    Ah, space, the final frontier of man's grand destiny in exploration and in spreading the gentlemanly scent that Isaiah oh loved. It was also the place where he now found himself, shirtless and revealing his gorgeous pecs and muscles while wearing a pair of hiking pants. He had just been in the glorious forests of the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains, filming another promo for Old Spice Timer and spreading the glory of the bodywash, and had been dressed the part, not for a game of good old fashion hoops.

    Not that he minded quite all that much. A gentleman was always prepared for the strange, a pearl necklace in his pocket for a lady in waiting and a pair of strong arms for making shots at the board.
    "It seems to be a sentient creature, miss!" Isaiah didn't seem to see anything wrong with jumping in, certainly if his upbeat smile was anything to go by. He turned to Elsa and nodded as a sign of respect. "Well met, Miss Elsa, well met! I am Isaiah, and it would be my please to 'hang out' with you as we await an explanation for our relocation!"

    Nothing's ever going to get this guy down, nope, especially not a guy preaching about bears and gloves.

    @Bomb @C.T. @Gwazi Magnum
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  6. "...Rock, did the fucking Disney movie reject just call me "Hun"--" Revy questioned, eyes shooting to the side sharply...and the question died on her lips. There was no Rock present. This sure as hell wasn't home either. A basketball court...a painted door. Boxed in with the likes of the creature talking to her and a lot of others probably just as stupid. Grr.


    "Homies? Shut the fuck up."
    Rolling her eyes at the exchange, she turned away. Disney rejects and random shirtless black men in a basketball court. There was only one question to ask.

    "What the hell did I drink last night?"

    @Bomb @The Tactician
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  7. [​IMG]

    "Well, hello there, handsome. You seem... very charming." Elsa said. "Also, I have to ask... why are you in that outfit?"

    "Do I have to teach you the power of friendship? Cuz you sure know how to smacktalk alot."

    @The Tactician @C.T.

  8. Terry Crews was busy humming to himself in the car, singing his favourite song 'A Thousand Miles'.
    People may be giving him weird looks, but he didn't care, he was enjoying true refined music.

    However such a wonderful musical scene would have to be cut short from this roleplay, because just as the song reached the good bit a can of Old Spice would rise out from the car cupboard.
    "What? The Old Spice is floating on it's own!? Who could be doing this!?", before in a very loony tunes style rope then grabbed him and pulled him inside, sending him though a giant bizarre tunnel complex.


    "Wooooah!" he began hollering, completely unsure as to where he was heading.
    Though midway though he took a snif and much more calmly stated "Huh... This place has a lot of B.O problems...".
    Though he didn't quite get much time to address that, as he was soon sent crashing into the floor of an empty basketball court.


    Quickly standing up from the impact, slightly dazed from the experience he took a look at his surroundings.
    "What!? My can of Old Spice brought me into a Basketball Court!? Don't tell me we're starting a new brand for Athletes!? I already quit the NFL!".

    As he wandered about the room, trying to get a better grasp of the situation he found a door, going to open it so he can try to find someone in charge...
    The door was locked tight, showing no signs of being opened peacefully.

    Staring at the door rather intensely, scanning it up and down as if trying to find a weak point Terry Crews would exclaim "This can't be! Old Spice is too powerful to be stuck in here!".

    To which he tried punching the doors odour away, yelling at the door, crashing through with a ski-doo, but none of it worked.
    "This isn't right! The only thing that can resist Old Spice... Is more Old Spice! Mustafa and his Timber must be behind this!".

    To which another voice would suddenly speak up saying "Probably... But until we see him, you've got some people over there to show Bear Glove to".


    "Thanks Abdominals! That's exactly what I'll do!".
    Then, turning to the new comers who were already here Terry Crews exclaimed "You there! Fellow mortals trapped in his contraption of Timber! Have you heard of the amazing powers of Bear Glove!?".

    But just as he finished that sentence he noticed something, or rather someone...


    Immediately Terry Crews seemed to dig into the ground, vanishing completely.
    Only to fly down from the sky, landing right in front of Mustafa and yelling
    "You! What is this contraption you have created!? And why are you inside it!?".

    Then after a brief pause, he got a look on his face like he had a sudden realization before saying.
    "Wait! Basketball! You! Old Spice Can dragging me in! This isn't another joint Ad is it!?".

    @Bomb @C.T. @The Tactician
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  9. Shen (who very much enjoyed the sound of basketball and came voluntarily, by the way), his helmet currently off and at his side, couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at this exchange. He'd seen many species in his fairly short time about the galaxy. Disgusting Hutts (which he very much enjoyed killing). Subjugated Cathar. Arrogant Sith purebloods. Nothing quite like this, though. Perhaps it was a little hypocritical for the Zabrak to judge someone based off their appearance, but he at least felt confident that those not totally surprised and horrified by him being alien might even find him handsome. This thing was just... bizarre. In a typical high Imperial accent with a fairly deep voice and a more than slightly amused tone, he spoke up. "I'm going to have to agree with the pretty one on this one. What are you? You look like you belong on a child's shelf. In fact, I think my kids have something that looks like you."

    His eyebrows went from raised to furrowed. "Put some clothes on, fool."

    @Gen. Gwazi Senpai
    @The Tactician
  10. [​IMG]

    "...I'm in hell. That's gotta be it. Fuckin' A."
    "...horned aliens with British accents?!" Roanapur suddenly seemed a lot less fucked up in comparison. "What's next, huh?"

    @Bomb @Gwazi Magnum @BarrenThin
  11. [​IMG]

    "Ah, thank you, madam. I must say, you are quite the elegant young lady yourself," Isaiah released a brief chuckle that seemed to fill the air with the joy of thousand well-groomed men and pleased women before answering her question, "Ah, well, you see, I am what you would call a spokesman, and for my current supporting role, this is the dress I had to be in. I apologize if it causes you di-"

    Hot damn, it was his arch-nemesis, Mister Terry Crews, and his nefarious Bearglove bodywash!

    "Me, responsible for this debacle!? I would never stoop so low as to kidnap young women like a brute by your name would do, Mister Crews! In fact, I believe you are responsible for this disaster, seeking to sabotage Timber's new informative commercial to the needy masses and to ruin these fine people's days!"

    However, something the fool said did strike Isaiah as a very real possibility.

    "Ah, perhaps for once your simple mind has had an iota of a good idea! Perhaps Old Spice wishes for us to compare the mettle of that hideous Bearglove to the glory of the jaw-dropping Timber by seeing which of us smells the best after the impressive and noble spectacle that is the art of basketball!"

    @Bomb @Gwazi Magnum @BarrenThin @C.T.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Cue Delphox sidestepping away from Terry.

    "Well... I'm a Delphox. Simple as that. Ain't as weird as you are, but I've seen worse."

    @C.T. @Gen. Gwazi Senpai @BarrenThin @The Tactician

  13. "To me, you're the alien, Miss, though I've had more than a few encounters with humans. You think far too highly of yourselves as a species."

    Despite his initial reaction, his surprise seemed to wear off relatively quickly. New species were encountered all he time where he was from. Who knew what there was in the grand multiverse? "Ah. A Delphox. I'll keep that in mind, Miss...?"

    @Gwazi Magnum
    @The Tactician
  14. "Clothes? And get Body Odour stuck in the fabric! That's just silly talk!" Terry dismissed.

    "Ha! Timber's just the alternate spice you switched to after Swagger. Bear Glove has always been unBEARable to Odour!".

    Terry Crews bragged, amused by Mustafa's foolish attempts to push for Timber.

    "Prepare your match of Basketball! My Bear Glove will defeat you with it's infinitely stronger Power! And once again I shall bathe in remix's!".
    Though, Terry's big ego seemed to be replaced with concern after that.

    "Wait! Did you just say you didn't do this? But I didn't do this!? Who did do... Oh no! They're replacing us with another Old Spice guy, aren't they?".

    @Bomb @C.T. @The Tactician @BarrenThin
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  15. "You can call me Elsa." Elsa said to the alien. "And you are?"

    "What's all this about Old Spice?"

    @C.T. @Gwazi Magnum[/USER @The Tactician @BarrenThin
  16. [​IMG]

    "Woah, this is some soaking fresh peeps we got here!"

    Coral just got here yo.

  17. [​IMG]

    "I thought the same when I saw that you were brought here as well, Two-Hands."

    It was a familiar voice to Revy, although one she might not to ever heard again in her life. At least not after the two disastrous encounters these two women have had together.

    Her eyes hidden away by the lenses of her glasses, the maid glanced around the court.

    People from far and wide seemed to be populating this place. From some kind of creature that resembled a fox speaking in a tone Roberta found highly annoying to some shirtless men draped in only a towel. Were these the people she had been dragged away from her home to interact with? Pulled away from her beloved young master?

    Whoever was responsible for this would have hell to pay. Courtesy of the Bloodhound of Florenica.

    @C.T. @Gwazi Magnum @Bomb @The Tactician @BarrenThin
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  18. [​IMG]

    D'awwww, would you look at that! There was a little pink pony laid asleep courtside, with fluffy animals curled up in her mane and tail, all sleeping silently with the vibrant equine. Judging by the soundness of their sleep, surely they weren't aware of the crazy crap going on around them...yet. All the shouting and arguing was bound to awake the pony and its pals eventually. But for the time being, one could simply bask in the creature's adorable splendour.

  19. The sound of a solitary basketball being dribbled echoed in the court, unheard over the current noise yet subtle enough to attract attention if it came to it. He came willingly- There was no more challenge back home.

    The Ionian Ninjas fell before his dribble.

    Cho'Gath reportedly screamed with fright when confronted with a basketball.

    Mundo went wherever he ordered him, after that fatal game.

    All of Valoran fell before the might of his dunking skills. Before this giant of a man, with a basketball hoop and post in one hand, ripped out from the ground and the other, casually bouncing a ball as he glared at everyone. The Dunkmaster had arrived. Dropping his hoop with a clatter, he moved like a freight train and roared like the Baron, running over the pony in his way as he leaped and slammed the ball down.


    The hoop toppled over with a crash, the basket itself on fire as smoke rose and Darius smirked, turning to the crowd.

    "The real athlete has arrived. You can leave now."

    @Archmage Jeremiah @TheSpringwoodSlasher @The Great Detective @Bomb @Gwazi Magnum @BarrenThin @C.T. @The Tactician

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