MURDER TALE Murder Tale V: The Grand Hotel

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    "You Have Been Cordially Invited..."

    The Grand Hotel is practically a world all on its own. A world between worlds, nestled between countless universes and visited by countless more. As well known as it is within the greater multiverse, it is not a place one stumbles into accidentally. Men and women work tirelessly to ensure such a breach never occurs, for its entirely unknown what could be waiting in some corners of the multiverse. For you to have been invited to a party held at the hotel, you would either have to be an important figure, or at least know an important figure. Perhaps you were just in the right place at the right time. Maybe you're just really lucky. Either way, you've been invited to a place unlike any other.

    And you've been told to dress up.

    Whether the portal you take to get to the hotel is a whirling mass of light or just a simple door, you arrive in the entrance hall, surrounded by dozens of others arriving just as you are.


    The hall is dimly lit in accordance with the night's theme. Candles and cobwebs lining the walls give the area a feeling of walking a dungeon's hallways. The ceiling is covered in an inky darkness that is black as night. Slow blinking lights peer down from the darkness and it's unclear if they are meant to be stars or watching eyes.

    Within the hall stands a line of small, pouch-wearing penguins with small bat wings and two peg legs. Most of them appear to be blue and wearing small bowler hats. In their stubby fins are clipboards, all with the names of tonight's guests.


    The Prinnies would greet you with a "Dood!" before taking your name and leading you away from the hall. Tonight's main attraction was, of course, the banquet hall.


    A sea of tables, chairs, and people stood before you, a mass of buzzing energy rolling off of them. While only a few hundred people attended tonight's party, the hall could easily fit toward a thousand if needed. Like the entrance hall, this room was also dimly lit, with small candles lining the walls and at every table. The fire was only magical, so there was no worry about someone getting burned. Toy-like bats comically flew around the ceiling in repeating patterns while wooden skeletons leaned casually against some of the walls as if they were set up to look bored with the evening. Arched windows that touched the ground lined the walls, showing off a grim and stormy night, though if one were to try and break through of these windows, they would find just an ordinary wall beyond.

    Nicely enough, a bar sat nestled in the corner of the banquet hall.

    Red drapery sat over a stage at the back of the banquet hall, while twin spotlights aimed down at the centre of the stage. After many of the guests had settled into their seats, a man with long brown hair and striking red eyes behind a pair of glasses would step into the spotlight. Many of the guests knew the man as Jade Curtiss, proprietor of this grand establishment.


    The man smiled evenly as he looked over his guests. He was dressed in a dark cloak with a red cape, looking almost like some kind of dark magician. Once the buzz from below died out, Jade spoke, his voice clear to even those standing at the back of the room.

    "I welcome all of you to this haunted evening held in honor of Lady Melodia of Mira! As co-founder of my company, Lady Melodia has been a valued person in my life, both professionally and personally. Her birthday nears, and while she wishes not to make clear what age she will soon reach, the least I could do is hold an event such as this for her. She wishes not to speak on stage, but you will find her mingling throughout the evening. Please, for my sake, wish her a happy birthday." Reaching up to touch at his glasses, Jade's eyes scanned the crowd below. "Now, adjacent to the banquet hall, you'll find the ballroom. There is not only more open space in there, but a section of the floor where you may partake in dancing. We will be holding a feast here later in the evening, so be sure not to fill up too much on appetizers."

    Jade then pointed to the side of the hall. "All of you have been given individual rooms for the evening. That area of the hotel has been segregated from the party in order to ensure guests are able to rest without being disturbed by some of the more... rowdy of you. You may speak with a Prinny if you wish to retire for the evening, but I ask that you wait until we've had our special event." Jade's smile broadened at this subject. "We will be hosting an exciting game this evening! Due to the nature of the game, only a select few will be able to participate. If you're chosen, participation will be mandatory. I promise that the event will be exciting! I'll be giving out more details when the time comes. For now... Please, enjoy yourselves."

    With that, Jade stepped off the stage. A flash of lightning from the windows accompanied this, almost as if Jade had planned it that way. Prinny servants poured into the hall carrying trays of food and drink, just enough to whet your appetite for the feast later in the evening.

    The ballroom was where Jade had indicated, past an archway draped with a black curtain. Inside was almost as spacious as the banquet hall.


    For the moment, it was decorated to look like an abandoned mansion. Rustic tables and chairs sat here, while dusty, abandoned furniture haphazardly lined the edges of the dance floor. Creaking wooden planks touched by cobwebs made up the walls. Despite this imagery, colored floodlights swayed down from above and dance music filled the air, giving the ballroom the feeling of being inside a club. At the edge of the dance floor was a platform ladder that rose up toward the ceiling. Though it was hard to see from below, there seemed to be a catwalk above where the lights were situated. A girl was standing up here, though it was tough to see what she was doing.

    Back in the entrance hall, you would see a red-haired man arguing with one of the Prinnies. Listening in on the conversation, you'd hear the word "Coalition."

    In the banquet hall, one of the servants strangely appeared to be an old man and not a Prinny, for whatever reason. Not too far away was a crowd of people surrounding a white-haired woman who looked rather serene in the face of all the attention was getting. At the opposite end of the hall was Jade, who was off by himself and appeared to be talking on a cellular phone.

    Aside from these areas of interest, it seemed you were free to do whatever you wanted, whether that was getting on the dance floor, touching at the appetizers, or mingling with the other guests.


    Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Chapter Three

    Chapter Four

    Final Chapter



    @Alyto as Peashy [Hyperdimension Neptunia]
    @Hazel-rah as Jeen [Super Mario RPG (AU)]
    @The Yuletide Tactician as Hajime Hinata [Danganronpa]

    @Savannah-Clause as Yvaine [Stardust] and 'Ryan' Duchannes [Caster Chronicles]
    as Ghostface [Scream] and ChromeSkull [Laid to Rest]
    @DapperDogman as The Bogeyman [Silent Hill] and Papyrus [Undertale (AU)]
    @Verite as Saitama [One Punch Man]
    @Mighty Roman as Gilderoy Lockhart [Harry Potter] and Osgood [Doctor Who]
    @Saint Guillotine as Sweet [Buffy the Vampire Slayer] and Isayama Yomi [Ga-Rei Zero]
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as W.D. Gaster [Undertale]
    @Cromartie Sarkissian as The 11th Doctor and The 6th Doctor [Doctor Who]
    @Jeremi as Mephista [Marvel Comics] and Morrigan Aensland [Darkstalkers]
    @The Great Detective as Neopolitan [RWBY]
    @The Silver Paladin as Sarah Cheng [Fallout]
    @Archmage Jeremiah as Coraline Fenn [Fallout]
    @Gen. Magic Senpai as Kiritsugu Emiya and Gilgamesh [Fate Zero/Stay Night]
    @Kaykay as Tsubomi Kido [Kagerou Project]
    @C.T. as Anya Corazon [Marvel Comics] and Kilgrave [MCU]

    @OrlandoBloomers as Death of the Endless [Sandman] and Brad Armstrong [Lisa]
    @Lizzy as Arisu [Original Character]
    @CCC Kouhai as Mary [Dreaming Mary]
    @Schnee Corp Lawyer as Cirno [Touhou]
    @york as Yulia and Slavya [Everlasting Summer]
    @Raven as Raven A. Roth and Rose Wilson [Teen Titans]
    @Mari as Jen Yu [Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon]
    @Sen as Sal/Syakesan [Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea]

    @Sav as Mathilda and Leon [Leon The Professional]
    @Arlathina as Morrighan [Mabinogi/Celtic Mythology]
    @Hana as Wadanohara [Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea]
    @Librarian Cat as Nyanta [Log Horizon]

    @Krieg as Lena Oxton/Tracer [Overwatch]​
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  2. -Neopolitan Prologue-
    "The Party Don't Start 'Till I Walk In"

    It's been awhile since she's been involved in something like this. Something that involved many others from different places in the multiverse. Neopolitan was no stranger to it. She's been through an event that involved the same criteria, that others from worlds that even she couldn't imagine were being brought together. For what greater purpose? She wasn't sure... and the last purpose of the last gathering she was in didn't seem to be much... good for the person behind it all.

    Before she had gotten that invitation to this gathering, however, Neo did catch a few words from her "boss." Even with her, Emerald, and Mercury being quite close to her since Roman's capture, Cinder was always a secretive one. Not even wanting to press upon the matters that involved her slight absence from the group in general. It was almost like the time that Neo herself had this same issue, keeping her disappearance a secret when it came to it. Which mean that...

    ... Cinder was involved with some similar event by similar means.

    Who's to say that many others in Remnant have gone through this as well? Even if she does not have an active role within Beacon Academy as an undercover student like the other three were, Neo was able to tell from several students there, especially some from Team RWBY, that there was some hintings of them being involved in situations like these. ... it didn't help to hide the fact that there were new faces to be seen at the festival, faces that she herself had no familiarity with.

    All of these factors play a role on why Neo took this chance to get herself involved again, because in all honesty, she didn't like being left out of the interesting situations. You could say that she had nothing else better to do, since all she's done since Roman's capture besides her disappearance was keep an eye out for her group during Cinder's disappearance, participate in the festival for the four versus four bracket, and make some illusions for the key fights later on in the tournament.

    Now... this was the next big thing for the mischievous girl, and since she heard something about costumes and what not... Neo went with the same disguise she wore during the tournament. It's not like anybody would be able to recognize the girl, and it was an even rarer chance if there were people that she would recognize here.


    Her eyes now a shade of green due to her Semblance of illusions, Neo silently worked her way into the mingling and interluding crowds of this party. When she had her own curiosities to complete, Neo wasn't one to pass up the opportunity to let loose for once. To fill up that curiosity that she had, Neo decided to eavesdrop on the red-haired man that mentioned the word "Coalition." To anyone else, she was just a guest, appearing only to speak with those that were present in the entrance hall.

  3. Gilgamesh entered the Hotel, looking at how the staff have bothered decorating the place. Well, even if it was a bit... old, they definitely seemed to be trying hard. Clearly they valued their guest... or were trying to impress, or pacify someone. Either way it should make for an interesting event. After two Murder Games, both of which he died in Gilgamesh was eager to relax at least a little bit before returning to the investigation... But he was noticing fandoms all about... Well, this might not be such a break after all.

    Regardless he chose to simply enjoy the scene for now, relaxing at one of the tables he enjoyed a glass of wine. The Hotels wine for a change rather than his own, and it was actually rather good. Not the best, but it was passable. Once he was done with the drink he noticed something off... One of the servants wasn't like the other, what, an, eyesore. Slightly irritated by this he stood up and approached the old man asking "What is a man like you doing among a bunch of birds?".


    Kiritsugu on the other hand made sure to be a bit early to the event. Scouting the place out and the other guests... Gilgamesh was here. What was such a pompous fool doing here? And without a Master? It was suspicious but for now he knew better than to attract attention from such a person. So instead he stayed blended in the crowds, watching, observing, calculating. There were a number of things of note, the out of place servant... Best avoided for Gilgamesh had noticed it too.

    There was the white haired woman, but she was bound to draw attention, so was the host known as Jade. This left him examining the argument or the girl up above. He didn't feel comfortable simply relaxing right now, the presence of Gilgamesh alone alerted him to that something dangerous was up. The argument was likely just an angry guest though, so instead he chose to position himself closer to the girl, still staying in the cover of the crowd though for the moment.

  4. Prologue


    There had always been a rift between their worlds and visits from these worlds had occurred from time to time, but nothing of the magnitude that was later called the Convergence. People from unknown worlds suddenly finding themselves on the streets of New York.

    A castle in the sky emerging over California. Zombie outbreaks all around the world. The Avengers and stranded heroes would try their best to figure out how to contain and fix this but so far to no avail.

    The Avengers however were not the only ones trying to work and stop this phenomenon. Doctor Stephen Strange had reached out to magical and supernatural beings across the ether to help him solve the Convergence. Many came to give their expertise and soon enough they were so many that they needed a base of operation. It was agreed upon that Stranges own Sanctum Sanctorum would be too volatile of a base for some of the individuals in the group. He was still the Sorcerer Supreme after all and any magical artifact falling into the wrong hands would have been devastating. Luckily enough one among them gracefully opened her doors to the group.

    That place was Aensland castle.


    Situated in Makai, Aensland castle was the perfect place to stage their investigation away from prying eyes and traversing different dimensional planes was a feat a lot of the group was capable of.

    One of them was the castles owner Morrigan Aensland, who wasn't much there for the whole saving part, but rather to alleviate her own boredom.

    One day however she would find something peculiar on the side of her bed.


    “Hmm? What's this?”

    Picking it up she'd find it to be an envelope and inside an invitation to a party in 'the' hotel. It seemed that she was allowed to bring a plus one. Morrigan got a little smirk on her face as she headed towards one of the multitude of guest rooms in the castle.

    She had the perfect plus one in mind.


    “Oh Loki...are you there?” She asked with a tinge of a Scottish accent in her voice.

    Loki the God of Mischief had joined quite early with the group, though no one was quite sure why, because he didn't seem to be in a hurry to try and fix anything. Even so him and Morrigan had hit it up almost instantly and their flirting had become a rather big annoyance to the rest of the group.

    It seemed however that he was away on yet another one of his secret missions and now Morrigan would once again be with out a partner to take to the party. Disappointed she'd walk out into the hallway where she'd spot another one of their group walking along.
    Oh she could be fun. Morrigan thought to herself before speaking directly to the person. “Jezebel, how does a little multiversal costume party sound to you?”

    “Well Morrigan...”


    “That actually sounds like it would really hit the spot.”

    Jezebel, even known by the name Mephista was the daughter of one of the ruling Hell lords Mephisto. Unlike her father however she had a softer spot towards Earth and its inhabitants and when she heard through the grapevine that Strange was gathering up a group she would sign herself up. Rumors persisted that she only joined to possibly form a relationship with the good Doctor, but most who asked would find themselves being at the receiving end of a sharp rebuttal and scorched pants.

    While she and Morrigan wasn't the best of acquaintances there was a respect there and their nature as creatures of the night with a slight heroic slant gave them a common ground to work from.

    “How will we get there?” She asked.

    “It says a portal will emerge once we're done. Keep in mind darling that it's a costume party however, we can't just look like any old rube.”

    “You sprang this on me at the last second so I'll just have to make do with what I'm wearing. I look absolutely stunning as it is anyway.”

    “Hmhmhm that you do, and I will probably switch my wardrobe once we're there. So...shall we be going?”

    “Let's.” As Jezebel uttered the word a portal would emerge and lead them to their destination. Once on the other side both demonesses would take a look at the sights before stepping going further in.

    “We'll mingle together until we found ourselves a date, after that I wont make any promises.”

    Jezebel scoffed at that. “You could at least try to keep it in your pants for once.”

    Morrigan gave her a knowing smile. “I wont make promises I can't keep.” Spotting one of the Prinnies Morrigan would walk over to hit and give it their names, hoping that its master wasn't in attendance. She really didn't have any time for that girl...

    They'd move over to listen to Jade Curtiss speech and after that towards the ballroom. The music coming from the speakers would have Jezebel give Morrigan are they for serious looks which garnered a chuckle and a shrug from Morrigan. With that they'd move to mingle with the rest of the guests and possibly find themselves some nice plaything.​
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  5. ~Ghostface and ChromeSkull Prologue~

    What had originally been two serial killers taking a flight to Japan to work on some affairs with the local Yakuza, they ran across a girl by the name of Tsubomi Kido who Ghostface decided he'd kill. If only because he didn't seem the same fear in her eyes that every other of his victims seemed to have. ChromeSkull was originally hesitant on the idea but played along so Ghostface would work the urge out of his system and wouldn't be distracted when they actually went to work .

    After some trial and error and a couple of grave errors on both their parts? Well, needless to say this encounter with the superpowered teen and her friends didn't end well for Ghostface and ChromeSkull.

    A happy end for the Mekakushi Dan, it seemed. At least, for now.

    In an ideal world that would have been the end of this. ChromeSkull would be treated for his grevious injuries and locked up with Ghostface following closely behind him. But as the superpowered freaks made their way out, Ghostface could move once again and he glanced down at ChromeSkull's prone body.

    "Fuckin freaky kids with their fuckin freaky powers..Thought this was supposed to be Japan, not X-Men land." Mickey muttered to himself as he could hear sirens wailing in the distance and cursed under his breath. Now wasn't the time for his trial! He'd only killed three people back home and failed to kill so many Japanese teenagers! He'd just be locked up and treated like a common everday murderer! That and he doubted ChromeSkull's Yakuza associates would be pleased with the fact that the renowned serial killer Chromeskull's goons had praised had been defeated by a bunch of children.

    Making his way down to the bottom floor of the warehouse, he'd look over ChromeSkull who really looked like he had seen better days. The acid had burned away at his face. Not leaving much to the imagination with tissue eaten away and his jaw hanging open.

    "...Sorry Chromie. Gotta look out for number one you know? At least it's not really stabbing you in the back! Because let's face it, dead is dead and you look pretty damn dead to me-Huh?"

    Before Mickey could go any further, he'd have ChromeSkull gripping onto his forearm with all of his strength, even as melted droplets of flesh continued to ooze off his face.


    "..Is this you telling me in your own special mute killer kind of way that you're not dead? Or are you some kind of zombie now? Because either way you still look pretty fucked up.." Ghostface murmured as ChromeSkull pushed him away and reached for his mask. In truth, ChromeSkull had gotten him absolutely doped off his ass with painkillers before coming to the warehouse. So the severe burns to his face were surely quite painful but he couldn't really feel them. At least for the moment. Hearing the sirens growing closer and closer, ChromeSkull plopped his mask back on and rose to his feet.

    The kids were all gone, the police were coming, and his business partners were no doubt very frustrated at the fact that their progress had been stymied by the two serial killers they had brought onboard. Truth be told, ChromeSkull was actually quite aggravated with his own performance. But more so with Ghostface's complete and utter incompetence. But he couldn't afford to kill him, not yet anyway. The younger slasher still seemed like he could be molded into a better one with some training and they couldn't do that if they were placed behind bars or even worse given ChromeSkull's hands in things, both domestic and abroad.

    Reaching for his cell phone, ChromeSkull quickly typed up a message and held it out for Ghostface to read.



    "Right, right-Wait, what?! How the hell did I screw the pooch on this!? You were the one who knew they had superpowers coming out the wazoo! That one chick..She can freeze you just by looking at you! How the hell you expect me to compete with that?! I don't know if you've looked but I'm not supernatural like Freddy or Jason. Just your psychotic college student in case you haven't noticed!"

    ChromeSkull was already halfway to the back-exit of the warehouse so they could get to his car and get the hell out of here. ChromeSkull wasn't too eager to have his list of crimes read off to him as ego-stroking as it might be. The electric chair just wasn't a good fit for him.
    Ghostface's complaining was wearing quite thin on ChromeSkull's patience however. Furiously typing up another text, he'd shove it towards Ghostface.


    Leaving Ghostface to mull that over, ChromeSkull continued to the car.

    "..Shit, he said he'd kill me didn't he?"


    Lowering his head slightly in acknowledgment, Ghostface piped back up as he heard thrashing and banging outside. Were the burns acting up? Because ChromeSkull seemed pretty calm about the whole getting acid to the face thing. Or had the police arrived? In that case, Mickey doubted he'd get very far. Maybe if he snuck up on an officer and got a hostage situation going, that'd propel him to the stardom he was looking for. Drawing his hunting knife, Ghostface made his way out and plunged his knife downwards. Narrowly avoiding stabbing ChromeSkull right in the back.

    Quickly turning and seeing his erstwhile partner just try to stab him, ChromeSkull gripped Mickey/Ghostface by the throat and slammed him up against the wall. Only for Ghostface to drop the knife and hold up his hands as he kicked his feet back and forth.

    "H-Hold on! I thought the police nabbed ya! Or you were feeling the aftermath of that acid bath! No need for the choking! No need!"

    Dropping Ghostface down after a moment or two of hesitation, ChromeSkull turned back towards his car and smashed his fist on the roof. Rubbing at his throat, Ghostface let out a cough as he looked over the car. ChromeSkull seemed to be his usual angry self and the police were drawing closer with every minute but they weren't here just yet. The only thing that stood out was.....Was...


    "Those shithead kids! They wanted to be sure the police caught us! So one of them must have found something around the warehouse and decided to jab out your tires with them! I don't know about you but while I'm all for taking on the police, it's when we got a clear advantage! Not when our backs are up against the wall and we go down in a blaze of glory!"

    ChromeSkull unlocked the driver's side door of his car and reaching in the dashboard, he'd pull out what had to be a pipebomb of some variety. Tossing it down on the seat, ChromeSkull closed the door and started to run off towards the closest alleyways.

    Wondering what ChromeSkull had in mind, Ghostface raced after him. It wasn't how the serial killer had been hoping to travel but it was ten times better than standing around and waiting for the police to arrive and cuff em.

    "Any time you want to explain where the hell we're going! That'd be real nice! We can't hide out among the people! People have seen the Stab movies! They'll know who I am!"

    Typing as he ran, ChromeSkull held the phone back so Mickey could read it as he rang alongside ChromeSkull.


    Coming to a deadstop, Ghostface held his hands out in exasperation.

    "While we've got some time, let me hear you out. You noticed your car's tires had been popped. Then you get some kind of invitation to a party at some multiverse hotel? I'm not gonna lie. Either that acid's soaked into your brain and is giving you some kind of Mister Bone's Wild Ride style hallucination or you're telling the truth and the only thing I can think of to say is..How the hell would two serial killers fit in?!"

    Having reached his limit with his partner's constant whining, ChromeSkull turned and loomed over him.



    "..Okay. What's the theme of the party?"


    As both serial killers accepted the invitation, a portal would have appeared before both them. As it seemed like Ghostface was having second thoughts, ChromeSkull pocketed his phone and gave the other slasher a boot to the ass to shove him through the portal. Before jumping through of his own accord.

    As Ghostface crashed to the ground and ChromeSkull stepped through, he'd help Ghostface to his feet and brushed him off.


    Typing up one last message, he'd show it to Ghostface.


    "Right 'boss.'"

    @Jeremi @Atomyk @Anyone who wants to interact with the two slashers.
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  6. Prologue

    Costume (will use icons that doesn't match outfit, so just pointing it out there):




    Peashy walked through the entrance of the hotel. She then looked around bewildered by the environment of the spooky scary skeletons.


    "So this is the multiverse? Cool!"

    She then went over to the red-haired person, and saw the Prinny.

    "Penguin! Can I have it?"

    @red-haired guy @Atomyk
  7. "You can't have me, dood!" the Prinny said in response to Peashy, but the red-haired man poked the penguin roughly to grab his attention back.


    It was rather easy to eavesdrop on the man dressed in a knight's costume considering how loud he was being. "You seek to silence me!" he cried, looking animated and hyper as he stared down the lone Prinny. "I'm telling you, I am an ambassador of the Coalition! Kieran, the Captain-Commander of the Coalition forces! Don't 'dood' me!" The Prinny he was yelling at appeared to be sweating profusely at being yelled at. It's large eyes looked down at its clipboard and shook its head.


    "Sorry, sir dood! You really aren't on here!"

    Sighing dramatically, the man named Kieran crossed his arms. "After working for the guy, this is the thanks I get..." After pausing for a moment in thought, Kieran reached out suddenly to grab the clipboard. The Prinny cried out in response, holding on to it with all his might. Even with those stubby fins, the penguin had quite the grip. "Just-- Give me that!"

    "No, dood! Hold up! If you're not careful, I could explode!"

    @The Great Detective @Alyto


    The old man seemed surprised at first that anyone had spoken to him. He looked at Gilgamesh with wide eyes for a moment, soon recovering by flashing the man a smile.


    "Oh, ho! That's a good question, isn't it?" The old man nodded toward the tray in his hand. "Perhaps I just lost a bet. Or maybe I feel a kinship with these strange birds. Either way, I'm here to serve you this evening, sir. It is my hope that this evening is satisfactory for all present." There was an undeniable hint of amusement in the man's voice.

    @Gen. Magic Senpai


    A groan was heard from above, loud enough to be heard amid the dance music in the ballroom. The girl on the catwalk seemed to be annoyed with something. "What is wrong with this thing? Ugh! It works nothing like Blastia or what I was working on... Hm?" Though her face was mostly obscured, Kiritsugu could catch the sight of the girl's brown hair in the light of one of the floodlights.


    "Hey... what are you doing? If you think you can mess with that ladder, you got another thing coming, buddy!"

    @Gen. Magic Senpai
  8. As he took his first few hesitant steps into the ballroom, Hajime could feel the apprehensive worry in his heart lift as he took in the sight of the ballroom. It seemed all was well in this small corner of the multiverse, the party already becoming lively and joyful unlike the past few he had attended. Not that he had much opportunity to attend them, given where his home was and whose authority he lived under, but it was still nice to be here, away from the Jabberwock Islands. Especially without the Foundation watching me the whole time..

    He sighed and shook his head, knowing that the organization was probably still able to keep an eye on him. The thought made him uncomfortable, as if he was in danger of being killed again, but he understood why their eyes were always on him. Even here, dressed up for a harmless Halloween party, he could still be a liability, a danger to everyone around him...

    No, don't think like that. Stay positive, Hajime, that you is gone for good now... Making sure that his outfit was secure, he glanced around the room for a certain blonde woman who had promised to come. Nowhere to be seen. Maybe she's running late?

    Deciding he could stand to wait awhile, he quietly listened to the servants and other guests milling about. One conversation in particular that stood out to him was the one of the man mentioning a coalition of some kind, feeling as though the topic might be important.

    @Atomyk @The Great Detective
  9. Gilgamesh gave out an irritated sigh at the man's answer before responding "Fine, you can serve me by giving me a straight answer. So I'll ask you again, what is your purpose for being among these birds?". Either this man was hiding something, or he was unnaturally optimistic. If it was the former knowing more could prove interesting, if the latter it would help to get this man out of his sight as soon as possible.​
    Well, he got spotted... Well, it seemed she just thought he was a trouble maker so he simply responded "I have no intention of messing with your Ladder miss" before looking up to get a glance on what she was working on. Then since they were already talking he tried to keep it going by asking "Those lights giving you some trouble?". She was probably not much more than an errand girl, but still he had nothing better to chase at the moment that wasn't likely to result in being target practice for the King of Heroes. Besides, those who serve are often left unseen, which means they often possess information not intended for them.​
  10. Among the crowd Morrigan's attention would drift towards the two men. "Well some people here seem to really take the whole costume party thing really seriously."

    Jezebel as well turn her attention towards the two. "Eugh, their souls are as dark and slimy as go right ahead and have your fun."

    "I don't much care for people that hide themselves behind masks..." Came Morrigan's remark, even so if either serial killer would turn towards the two women they'd fine Morrigan flashing them a rather sultry looking smile.

  11. [​IMG]
    As papyrus clutched at the blue hoodie lying in the snow, he felt all the anguish one might expect from losing someone as close as their brother
    He felt each and every failure of his past pile up on his back, failing to capture the human, failing to convince them they could be a good person, failing to save Sans. You might say for once he came down from his daydreaming, he stopped being so optimistic. And he felt the heart-breaking disappointment of being wrong about someone. His teeth pressed tight against each other as he held his jaw shut, trying to contain the sobbing, it didn't work

    He cried. Just as one would expect from a person who just saw their brother cut down in cold blood, as they were powerless to help

    "I'm going to Grillby's"
    "Papyrus, do you want anything?"

    What kind of last words were those? Couldn't he be serious when he was dying from his injuries? How could be have been so casual about that?

    He didn't even bother to answer his own inner questions. He just clutched at the blue jacket tightly, his eyes spilling over with tears as he looked up to Chara, his sadness slowly subsiding and giving way to Anger

    "You. I trusted you..." His voice wavered, no longer the cheery and upbeat tone he usually shouted with "I guess I was wrong all along, some people are destined to be wicked, no matter what" he reaches a hand out, a spear forming in his hand as he stands, slipping the hoodie onto his arms and adjusting the various pieces of Undyne's armour he'd salvaged

    "When did you put on that mask?"

    The Bogeyman stared back with empty, soulless eyes, knife in hand as he surveyed the skeleton. He slowly presses a single finger to his mask, where lips would be found, to 'hush' the skeleton, as it were, he stood in silence for several seconds, before looking left and right, and then back to Papyrus

    It was not important who this skeleton was, but he wondered why he'd been summoned here, why now?
    This skeleton's hate for the human, the pain he felt because of them, it was some of the most intense pain he'd ever felt
    This human had robbed him of his friends, family and entire life, and hadn't felt a thing while doing it

    Perhaps this raw anger, this extreme pain was enough to rip him from Silent Hill? Or perhaps Silent Hill was mocking the skeleton, making itself look like his homeworld? He didn't know. It wasn't his job to know, it was his job to make the skeleton come to terms with his feelings. And if the skeleton could not handle that, then it was his job to kill him, it was quite simple
    Raising his knife he soon found a spear through his stomach, protruding from the floor. His eyes locked with Papyrus' as he gripped it, attempting to rip it free, only to find about half a dozen more strike his body. He felt them pierce his arms, legs and torso, and finally, one went right through his head

    "Your time is about to get a whole lot worse"

    His spears vanished, leaving gaping holes in the human, who he had expected to have cried in pain, or at least to have made some noise of surprise, but nothing left the human. Not even blood
    He could see the wounds healing as the veins, muscles and flesh of the human stitched back together rapidly. His attack did nothing? How was that possible, this wasn't how humans worked!

    He clenched his hands around his spear, and charged his foe, letting loose a loud battle cry


    He was charging? After seeing that display? This skeleton was really, really mad at that human, huh? It made sense, that was why he felt as strong as he did, the anger and sorrow were his fuel, after all, and he could feel his muscles pulsing with strength. He raises his knife and begins to copy the skeleton, making a bold charge

    It was when the pair were mere inches from colliding that they realised that there was a portal opening right in front of them, and by then it was too late to slow down

    And so, they both fell right into it, appearing inside the hotel

    Papyrus noted he now donned an entire set of armour, looking similar to one of the Royal Guards, though lankier, and clutched in his hand one of Undyne's spears

    While the Bogeyman appeared to be wearing some strange mxture of costumed. His mask now had a clown-like design and his back had sprouted several spider like legs, while his thick raincoat was now red and resembled a vampire's. His body was also wrapped almost all over with bandages that looked they could carry a real mummy inside, he was quite the odd combo of creatures, but it seemed he was still the same old Bogeyman underneath

    "Well, this is new" Papyrus murmurs, not spotting the Bogeyman, who for the meantime had made himself scarce "I wonder what kind of place this is"

    Papyrus takes a look around, his orange eye no longer blazing behind the thick black armour he donned

    The bogeyman was also looking around, and decided perhaps the catwalk above was his best bet at staying out of sight

    @Atomyk @Catwalk​
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  12. --|| G A S T E R P R O L O U G E ||--
    "Patch Update"


    The void was as black as it always was. The color black was a misnomer, however-- he couldn't remember the last time he ever percieved color or vision. To him, it was just nothing but watching reality bend and morph around his absence. Everything was acting upon cause and effect-- moving through constants and variables with more variables opening as the effects take place. All the constants were constant, all the variables were variable-- the chaos of life seemed so orderly and simple from his position. A set of pre-planned endings and timelines-- every choice that could be made, every difference and every possible beginning and end of this reality...he could see from his void. A being beyond existence and the realm of science, whom watched as reality died off and began again like some sort of god.


    He was no god, however, just a missing piece that was looked over. A constant that was no longer in active-- and so the experiment continued regardless with no change or different result. Everything was orderly and same, just with one piece missing. It is a marvel how time works like that, how one can complete a puzzle just by throwing away one piece of it and forgetting it ever existed. Well, the good doctor knows this feeling all too well. Every scattered fragment of his former being, spread out across this coding of time and space. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to see everything that could, will, and might happen in a single blink? To know literally every single bit of information just by looking to another piece of yourself? To feel every emotion on the wheel in a single brim to the point of not feeling anything anymore-- just a broken shell with muddied and incompatible pieces floating in a black space of inter-dimensional garbage?


    Ha, the thought terrifies him.

    They don't know him, but you do-- Professor W.D. Gaster. That name has been removed from every source in our current multiverse, save for a few non-canon sources...but you know him very well. You've been reading this and watching all of this happen-- and he knows your doing it. It is impossible to hide anything from him, but if he acted on it...well, that would just cause a mess for everyone, would it not? I hope you feel bad about it, because you could changed something-- and yet you chose not to. Well...the multiverse calls for a guest appearance at some party. Against his own shattered will, he emerges. An anomaly patched into this cruel, cruel reality by selection.


    At least it is interesting. Gaster would have someone to ask about this, but nobody came. Perhaps this whole situation will prove to be interesting as predicted. It will prove interesting, if all the right prerequisites are met. If all the variables are changed at the right space, in the right time. Everything will fall into place like a puzzle, a puzzle with a different picture each time you put it together.

    It has been awhile since he has been apart of a puzzle..


    No one came to greet the Prinnies at the hall, but strangely enough if they checked their clipboards, they would find an extra name wrote on it in strange symbols. They have no memory of writing the name, but it looks like whoever it was was already inside.

    A black and white figure was standing in the main hall of the party, seemingly at an empty table away from everyone else. A small drink was in his hand white, black-holed hand, which appeared to be a wine glass filled with a liquid. The liquid was static-- as in, its color was TV static. The static moved and buzzed while the liquid itself was still in the drink.

    The figure was looking away from everyone else, staring down at the drink.


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  13. [​IMG]

    "Aww..." Peashy was sad after hearing she can't have the exploding penguin.

    ..wait what?


    "You can blow up? Awesome! Lemme see you do that! Show me show me!"

    @The Great Detective @Atomyk @The Yuletide Tactician @others​
  14. Prologue


    Devil in the Details

    "Oh, no, this party you've been invited to...this is much greater than an Institute setup. I-, It's fuzzy...but I see...oddities...plenty of them. Their energy is strong...rivaling yours, even. They've come from far and wide...invited, just like you."

    "Far and wide? What, you mean like, multinational? I forgot there was even a world outside the Commonwealth..."

    "No...farther than that. Worlds beyond your imagination...time-travelers, demons, aliens..."

    "...You're joking, right?"

    "Come on, darling, we've been through this before. Besides, you've saw that alien ship, didn't you? There's more out there in the world than raiders and radiation."

    "...But...this isn't some ordinary party, either...I'm getting something else. I'm feeling a...great despair. So much pain...a murder! The culprit hides in plain sight...he was invited too."

    "Stay safe when you're there, alright Coraline? I don't know what we'd do without you."

    That was the last thing she said to me before ODing. I knew the risks of giving her so many chems...but in the end I'd say it was worth it. The Sight did what it always did best; it prepared me. There's no weapon stronger than a little foreknowledge eh? Well...except, maybe a nuke. Even still, despite knowing what I was getting myself into, I was still blown away by the grandeur of it all...

    And why I was invited to this melting pot of weirdoes.

    ...Does that say something about me?


    Coraline's first meeting was...odd. A talking penguin with bat wings? It had to be a guy in a suit, right? Judging my how small they were, and how many of them there were...maybe not.

    "Uh...thanks, little guy." she thanked the Prinny oddly, before stepping into the main hal- WHOA MOMMA, LOOK AT THAT OUTFIT.

    Coraline's prying eyes instantly fell upon Morrigan, who- oh come on, bat-wings again? Out of her head too...oh well! Tits were tits. Coraline hooted at her in a very shameless fashion, rather uncharacteristic for the crime-fighting get-up she decided to wear to the party.

  15. For a moment, Neo had an interested smile on her face once she overheard the conversation and spotting a few familiar faces in the crowd. Still, maybe she should not directly get herself involved in the matter... but rather interfere with it indirectly.

    Holding a glass of water and taking a moment to sip from it, Neo silently activated her Semblance.

    While it showed no effect to those that weren't exactly near, Kieran, Peashy, Hajime, and the Prinny would experience a rather strange distorted illusion. In the scuffle, they would experience the Prinny actually explode, and definitely this would catch them completely offguard. Yet, the others around them would just see them most likely freak out, because in actuality, this never happened. That would soon prove the point when the illusion would wear off, and show that the lone Prinny was still fine and well.

    From the sidelines, Neo stood not too far from the group, watching this all play out.

    @Atomyk @The Yuletide Tactician @Alyto
  16. Hajime would find that the argument had descended into a tug-of-war between the man and the Prinny. "My name's on there you foul beast!" Kieran yelled, trying to pull the clipboard away. The Prinny was shaking its head rapidly. "No! No! Blowing up is against regulation, dood!"

    With a loud grunt, Kieran finally managed to pull the clipboard away, but the Prinny wasn't so lucky. The penguin flew backward and flailed through the air. He was going to land right in between Neo, Hajime, and Peashy. He had said he would explode...

    @The Yuletide Tactician @The Great Detective @Alyto


    The old man coughed, clearing his throat. "I'm very sorry," he said, bowing deeply. "I haven't even introduced myself. My name is Rowen Ilbert, and occasionally I work for Mr. Curtiss. Why I'm serving at this party when another of the Prinnies could easily take my place..." The man straightened up and smoothed down his coat.


    "Well, I'm here to assist in tonight's event. You have absolutely nothing to worry from me, I promise you, young man."

    @Gen. Magic Senpai


    The girl moved to the edge of the catwalk and stared down at Kiritsugu, one of her eyebrows raising in suspicion. Now that she was looking at him fully, it was easy to see she was looking more tired than angry. "... Okay... It's not like I even need the ladder. It's just for... regulation." The girl grimaced at the word. She seemed embarrassed to be saying any of this at all. "One of the lights isn't working. And I'm... trying to fix it."

    Sighing, the girl rested a hand against her face, looking up and away from Kiritsugu.


    "I'd honestly rather not do this," she said almost wistfully. "I'm not into parties, and Jade--"

    The girl stopped talking suddenly. She recoiled from the edge of the catwalk and whipped her head around to find something. She could tell that someone else was up here. Someone like the Bogeyman. "Hey... what the hell is wrong with you? Get down from here!"

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  17. [​IMG]

    ChromeSkull had been intent on just finding a quiet spot to sit down and try to plot out his next course of action with Ghostface. Only to pause as he heard what sounded like a slightly Scottish-accented voice near the two of them.

    Bumping into ChromeSkull as he ceased in his walking without so much as a warning, Ghostface tilted his head to the side and poked ChromeSkull in the shoulder.


    "Uh, any particular reason why you stopped walking? Because as much as I like looking at the back of your chrome dome, I'd much rather sit down and.." Ghostface trailed off as he finally caught a full glance of the woman ChromeSkull had heard and damn. Normally, Ghostface didn't let stuff like this get to him. Because it was one of the main rules of a horror film! Don't have sex or else you're deader than dead. Course, that didn't really apply to him given that he was Ghostface. Still, this babe looked really hot in that outfit of hers. Kind of like some..bat girl thing going on?

    Seemed a lot kinkier than whatever shit he'd seen on T.V. But just as he was starting to head over towards her, ChromeSkull placed a hand on Ghostface's shoulder and squeezed.

    "Ow! You got a fuck-off button or something man? You're kind of cramping the style I'm trying to work up."



    "Sooooo you're saying you don't want to boink the bat-girl?"


    Then there was the hooting towards Morrigan which both killers took note of.



    "Okay, maybe I wouldn't be as bold about it. But you gotta admit that's she smokin in that outfit of hers, Chromie!"


    "Alright, alright! Sheesh! Worse than my mom.." Ghostface murmured before he started to make his way towards Morrigan while ChromeSkull watched out of the corner of his eye and the video camera strapped to his shoulder turned to try and catch some of the action. To see how much of a fool Ghostface would make out of himself.

    "Hey there. Saw you smiling my way.~"

    @Jeremi @Archmage Jeremiah
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  18. "Is this to your liking?" That was her voice, coming out of her mouth...but it wasn't her words. The world looked shiny, almost fake in it's sheer vibrant color. She wanted to scream with every fiber of her being but her mind disobeyed, her body falling into obedience, the small part of her that was still her felt like she was drowning.

    He gave her a single lookover before grinning, almost child-like in the joy it revealed. His shiny white teeth...they're repulsive, she thought. "Oh yes. See, even the most reprehensible sense of fashion can be corrected. You're proof enough of that, are you not?"

    "I am." No I'm not.

    He flashed another grin, idly brushing her hair. "Yes...I do believe this dress will do nicely. Purple's your color! And the color of royalty too, so they say. An ideal color for a facsimile of Juliet Capulet. Lovely, elegant, eye-drawing..."




    "Splendid." He finished with a nod, glancing over at the doorframe. "Well, I do believe we've kept them waiting long enough." He adjusted his suit jacket one last time before he offered out his right hand. Almost mechanically, her hand gingerly lowered into his and he proceeded on, opening the door wide open and strolling right through. He glanced left and right at all the other arrivals emerging in the same manner, quirking an eyebrow up slightly as he appraised them. As much as he could in the dim light, at any rate. "Rather dark, isn't it? Suppose that's what they were going for with the night theme. Still a bit..." His gaze rested on one of the many penguins outfitted and taking names.

    "...Tacky." He turned to his guest and shrugged. "Nothing that can't be fixed, if I want to. Shall we?"

    "Of course, my Romeo." Ew Ew Ew EWWWWWWWWWWW.

    "Well well well, isn't this a lovely occasion? Far be it from me to not honor someone's birthday." He cleared his throat, raising his voice.


    He grinned, lowering his voice once more.

    "I intend to." Kilgrave looked around once more, studying the crowd at large. One in particular caught his eye. "Anya, be a dear and fetch some drinks. Make sure it's their best."

    "Of course." His partner slipped into the crowd for a moment, heading for the refreshments.
    "Pardon me, I couldn't help seeing you here...seemingly alone. That's a crime if there ever was one. Such a petite...and quite frankly a cute young woman alone at a party like this. Tell me, what's your name?"

    @The Great Detective
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  19. The masked being turns toward the girl and places a finger to his mask once again, the bright markings that resembled lips being obscured but his finger as he steps more into the light
    He didn't talk, didn't emote and looked like something out of a horror movie. That was a combination of things you didn't wanna bump into in a dark place like this

    But he was the bogeyman, after all, if he didn't scare you, nothing would

    @Atomyk @Gen. Magic Senpai
  20. [​IMG]

    "Whoa!" Peashy was taken by surprised as the Prinny would appear to explode, but it didn't.

    And now the Prinny is next to them.


    "That was cool! Do it again!"

    @The Yuletide Tactician @The Great Detective @Atomyk
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