Murder Tale II: Eden and the Forgotten People

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  1. Prologue: The New Arrivals

    You feel like your flying, but as you zip through out time and space, you feel nothing pressing against your skin, no rush of air or water, it was like nothing was there, and no sense of heat or coldness could be felt. You feel as if your laying on your back, and all you can see is pitch blackness covering everything around you, as you travel through time and space it seems like hours pass as you think about all you've done and seen, and eventually you drift off into slumber. You awake as you're body comes into a hard thud! against the dirt. As you stand you can see that everything around you was not as it was before, and you were somewhere completely different.

    The ground held so many fallen leafs that it was unbelievable, and all looked to be so many different colours that you begun to lose count. Looking above you, you could see the tress that the leafs once resigned on, they looked to be 14 feet high, and have thousands of leafs on just one branch! with large thick multicolored branch's. You seemed to be in a some type of forest. Looking around you, you could see that a hooded man stood at the entrance of a deeper part of the forest, which held many dangers creatures. People who travel deeper into the forest alone will have a moderate chance of dying, will a group of two or more will have a low chance of death. Turning, you managed to see yet something else, it seems a stone stage sat 5 feet from the ground, while two tables sit next to it, one held spell tomes and spell books and weapons, while the other held a sign up sheet and instructions,
    a child with a black outfit stood in the middle of the stone stage. Then finally, as you finish your 360 look around, you see a long narrow dirt path, it seems it ran under a bunch of smaller trees, all which still held mismatched coloured leafs and branches, and the dirt path went on for quite some time. As you see all that could be seen from where you stand, you think about what lies on beyond the forest, and then a loud voice com could be heard in the distance, scattering all the large birds that hid within the trees.

    "Hello?," started the voice, it sounded like it was a young man, his voice was deep and waspy.

    "Ah! Yes, so, Welcome! I bid you all good welcome to Eden, I am sorry to inform you none of you will be able to leave the forest, there has been a spell placed upon it for new arrivals, and until my Master says so, I will not lift it. However, there is a upside! You are all safe from outside danger, but any who, you will not be hearing from me again, when the spell has been lifted 3 of my co-workers will be coming to gather you all, and take you somewhere you can start you're new life." said the man, only to then leave silence, it seems the boy on the stage was listing, but he just rolled his eyes as the speech ended.

    Please start posting your prologues! The Prologue round will last for almost 2 days, Round one will be posted on Sunday 3PM Eastern Daylight Time.

    @Savvy Savant as Yvaine Seren(Stardust) and Princess Yum Yum(The Theft and cobbler)
    @Verite as X and Zero(MegaMan)
    @Emperor of Gallifrey as The Tenth Doctor(Doctor who) and R2-D2(Star Wars.)
    @BarrenThin as Raymond 'Red' Reddington(The Blacklist), and Gregory House(House)
    @Yiyel as Red and The Transistor(Transistor)
    @Gummi Bunnies as Luka Redgrave(Bayonetta) and Zero-original name: Rose(Drakengard 3)
    @The Pimp Tactician as The Demi-Fiend, Naoki Kashima(Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne-Freedom Path) and Program Robin Tact( Fire Emblem Awakening, Murder IV: Monokuma's Rising)
    @Jenny as Hermione Granger(Harry potter series)
    @Alexi the Abra as Master Chief John-117(Halo)
    @Krieg as Coco(Rwby)
    @DapperDogman as Captain Jack Harkness(Doctor Who)
    @Atomyk as Ike(Fire Emblem)
    @york as Faith Connors(Mirror Edge) and Oscar of Astora(Dark souls)
    @Mari as Nana Osaki(NaNa)
    @Ziogen as Zessoku Yachiyo(Original character)
    @SirDerpingtonIV as Ser Artorias of the Four Knights(Dark souls) and Sif the Wolf(???)
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Bad Wolf aka Rose Tyler(Doctor who)
    @Infinatis as Samus Aran( Metroid) and Megaman [Original](Magaman series)
    @FireDrake150 as FireDrake(Original Character)
    @ResistingTheEnlightened as Major Richard D. Winters(Band of Brothers)
    @Ouchies as "The Bounty Hunter"(Darkest Dungeon)
    @echoman94 as Isaac Clarke(dead space)
    @CCC Kouhai as Yoru Ame Sasaeruko(original character) and Margaret Moonlight(No More Heros 2)
    @Nate Dawg as Dr. Spencer Reid(Criminal Minds)
    @Wedge Antilles as Norm "Hoot" Gibson(Black Hawk Down)
    @Jeremi as Vanilla Ice(Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3 Stardust Crusade) and Diego Brando(Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run)
    @Josh M as Tyler Breeze(WWE NXT)

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  2. so were starting?
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  4. Prologue

    Vanilla Ice

    There was only one thought running through his head at any given moment.

    And that was to protect his Lord Dio Brando. The darkness over coming him was unexpected. His Stand Cream while in use would leave him in a black void...but this was different. He felt nothing, sensed nothing, not before he fell with a hard thud into the ground. Where was he? How had he gotten here? And how could he protect his lord now?

    Dio Brando

    This was the second day that Diego Brando had rode through the desert with out resting. When he felt Silver Bullet vanishing from under him he chalked it up to fatigue and that he had fallen asleep on the saddle. This felt different though. This was no dream it was pure blackness, the titular void surrounding him until he finally fell to the ground. He dusted himself off and got to his feet. Was this a dream? And if that where had he ended up?
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  5. A vague awareness caused him to stir. His eyes shot open, as if alert, but it was not entirely so. A dull haze had settled over him, keeping him anchored to the spot. A subtle bit of thought crossed his consciousness, indicating that something here was very off. Still, he ignored it. "..." Ike's eyes shifted, catching the light from above. The momentary pain shut his eyes and caused him to sit up. The dull haze had dissipated, it seemed. He ran his hands along his torso to make sure everything was intact. He touched at his head, pushing the bandanna aside. Everything was thankfully where it should be, but that didn't help explain what was going on. His eyes fell on the sword that lay beside him. Ragnell.

    "... Hm."

    He hefted the great sword in one hand, lifting it up in front of his face. Staring into the blade, he watched his reflection stare back at him from within the brilliant metal. At least he still had that. He then lifted himself to his feet, Ragnell held out in front of him. The others surrounding him were outside of his concern for the moment, as Ike's gaze lifted upward in search of the voice addressing them. All Ike knew for sure was that he wasn't supposed to be here. This was entirely all wrong. He didn't need a new life-- he needed to get back to his old one right away.

    He moved forward, pushing past others to reach the boy standing at the stone stage. Ike's eyes narrowed on him. "You'd best know why I'm here or what's going on. Where has the the Tower of Guidance disappeared too?"

  6. The boy looked to Ike, his blue eyes looking the man up and down, he finally turned, his body facing the man and his keyblade sitting on his shoulder.

    "I best not be told what to do, I'm simply a boy who wishes to precipitate in the tournament, and I so happen to be the one running it.." the boy mocked Ike as he said best, he then returned to his normal boyish tone.

  7. The mocking tone was ultimately lost on Ike, who looked more impatient than anything else. "That didn't answer my question."

    Ike looked away from the boy to examine the stage more closely. He eyed the two tables, recognizing the various tomes and weaponry on top of them. A tournament, huh? The idea might have excited Ike a few years ago, but duty and responsibility were heavy loads. They were overbearing, not allowing for many games to distract one's self. Ike had a war to get back to, but something told him his being here was no coincidence. Perhaps Ashera was ultimately behind this? "I don't have time for games," Ike said, looking back to the kid. "And I have even less time for tournaments." He gestured to the others standing around. "Strange people. Did you arrive with them?"

  8. Nana's Opening - Rose

    Nana Osaki found herself in a forest, not knowing how or what she was there. But there she was. She some others, but didn't know how to approach them. She was socially somewhat awkward, and being among strangers only made it feel more awkward for Nana.

    Then, a young man seemed to address the large group. He welcomed them to Eden, whatever that meant, or wherever this was.


    "How did you bring us here?" she wondered out loud. "And, why am I here?"

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  9. The boy rolled his eyes as Ike claimed the boy didn't answer his question, the boy wasn't a guide, his already been through this. The boy repositioned himself as Ike claimed he had no time for games, his keyblade was on his other shoulder, and his gaze was behind Ike, to a large pile of leafs.

    "Then don't sign up?" stated the boy. The boy sighed as Ike yet again stated he did not have the time, this time however he claimed to have less for tournaments.

    "Then stop wasting it," started the boy before Ike yet again spoke,

    "No, I've been here for half a year." stated the boy.

  10. Naoki (Demi-Fiend)
    "Hpmh, it looks like another headache for me," the teen yawned as he stood up from the ground. It looked like he was stuck in another new world, though whether or not it was dangerous was to be seen. A frown cressed his features as he looked at the weapons available to them, "Nothing familiar to me. Looks like I'm on my own again," just like the Conception, though it looked like humans survived this time.

    Shaking his head, Naoki pushed away those thoughts. Now was no time for memories, "Now it's time to survive..." With a smirk, he cracked both of his sets of knuckles. It had been awhile since he had been challenged and the possibility of busting more skulls certainly interested him. Then again, he wasn't exactly the most normal of humans.

    "A game? Wait, does this mean Aki has made his move," the tactician muttered, taking a look around the area. However, for a second, his eye twitched without his notice. Something was strange about this Robin, almost like he was artificial. Sighing as he grabbed a Fire Tome and a Bronze Sword, his eyes lit up for a moment, "I wonder if Erika is here as well?"
  11. The boy shot Robin a glare, then lifted in weapon almost ready to use it,

    "Those are only for people precipitating in the tournament!" shouted the boy at Robin.

    @The Pimp Tactician
  12. Robin cocked his eyebrows at the boy. It seemed he wished to stop him, though with what was interesting. "If I sign-up, can I look at that weapon of yours?"


    "Tournament? I think I just found my ticket to a fight," a wicked grin formed on Naomi's face. Inside his blood, the old demonic blood exerted its influence to push him on. It seemed some aftereffects as the Demi-Fiend remained, "Sign me up for the showdown!"
  13. [BCOLOR=#000000]Artorias[/BCOLOR]
    So Dark.

    The Abyss.
    The heart of all the Dark.
    Knight Artorias stood, alone in the Dark, surrounded by the pitch black nothingness around him. He was standing on solid ground, he knew, but he was too tall to look down and see it. The shadows blocked his vision, hemming in from all sides. For once in his life, The Knight felt true terror. He now knew why Gwyn was so attatched to his precious Age Of Fire. Gwyn wanted to stave off this fate for the world they had all fought for. Humans were the world's worst threat, worse by far then the Everlasting Dragons. They were subtle and numerous, were the dragons were mighty and few. Throughout all his life, he had fought for humans, protected them, respected their accomplishments, but he now knew the Fate they and their Humanities would bring. But yet, he still felt no hate against them. It wasn't their fault, that they had all been cursed with a shard of the Dark Soul from their very inception. It was what made them Human, after all. The tiny black souls inside all of them, their "Humanities" was what made them so.
    But this. This Abyss. This was not Human. Humans were curious, foolish, brave craven, kind, cruel, but most of all, unique. The Abyss was not. It was pure Dark. Nothing else but Dark. And it had torn apart the Humans too. The Humans were only a piece of Dark. But the Humans the Abyss found, it filled them with the Dark. Changing them into abominations, forever enthralled to the Dark. This was what he had been sent to stop.
    Lord Gwyn, Lord Of Sunlight, King of the Gods and Anor Londo, had tasked him with this great duty. The Abyss had been spreading from Oolacile, a once great city now reduced to ruin by the Dark. The City's Princess, Dusk, had vanished into the Dark, and no reports had been heard from the city's residents for years now. But all the Great Lords felt it. The Dark.

    In the beginning, there was nothing. Nothing but the Dragons. The Everlasting Dragons ruled all the world, presiding in their Mighty Archtrees, that ascended endlessly into the fog that consumed all the world. All the world was Gray. No light, no dark. No death, no life. The Dragons were Everlasting, as their world was. But that all ended with the emergence of the First Flame. With it, came all these things that never were, and Three Mighty Souls. Gwyn became the Lord Of Light. The Witch Of Izalith became the Lord Of Life. Nito became the First of The Dead, Lord Of Death. The three waged war against the Dragons, toppling them from their reign.

    But their was another Soul. The Dark Soul. It was taken by the ancestor of Humanity, The Pygmie, who spread it amongst all his kin, creating the Humans.

    The Age Of Fire lasted long, but all knew, that the Flames would fade, and only Dark would remain. The Dark was staved off at all costs. First, by the Witch Of Izalith, who attempted to make a second flame, but lost herself to it, creating the Bed Of Chaos.

    Secondly, by Lord Gwyn himself, who sacrificed himself to the Flame to keep the Age Of Fire going. As a final command from Lord Gwyn, Artorias was sent to stave off the Dark in Oolacile, and free its people. And thus he sent out to do just that, bringing with him his sword, shield, and his ever trusty companion, Sif.

    But now, even he, of iron will and iron blade, had lost all hope. His arm had been crippled, and he had given up his shield to protect his only companion, Sif the Wolf.

    Going on alone, Artorias ventured farther into the Abyss. To stop the Abyss at its source.

    But this was not something he was ready for. He did not expect to meet a foe like he did. He was never prepared for this kind of fight. In a dark chasm, he met Manus. Father of the Abyss.

    And it was in that Dark chasm, that he fell.

    He awoke, in a strange forest, leaves all around him. He looked around, utterly confused, simply sitting there, taking in his surroundings. He had his sword and shield beside him, and his arm was uncrippled, but Sif was nowhere to be found.
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  14. -Yvaine Seren-

    Prologue: Fixing Broken Links


    Admittedly, The North Star was surprised to find herself awakening in unfamiliar surroundings for the second time in the past couple days. She quietly and slowly sat up, looking around at her new surroundings with confusion. Though, she was much less surprised this time around.. There were worse possibilities. She could've died, had House not treated that wound..-

    Wait... House!

    Instantly, the woman shot to her feet, looking around wildly. The memories of what had occur what felt like decades but was truly mere minutes ago suddenly rushed through Yvaine's mind in a blinding torrent, overwhelming her senses. There was Ray's death, killing the king, the demon she and Art had trapped, Entei, Ben, and... Art. He died. And.. And... House wanting to kill her, but fixing her wounds....

    For a minute or two, the woman simply stood in a daze, unsure how to react to these thoughts, memories and emotions threatening to make her break down. Luckily, however, it seemed she had gotten it all out in her prior breakdown, when she was hallucinating and babbling incoherently courtesy of the blood loss and hysteria of watching so many good people- err.. living beings -die right before her eyes.

    Shaking this thought off, Yvaine first set to looking for her 'friend'/acquaintance, Gregory House. If she was here.. He had to be, too.. Right? The star in the completely torn-up dark blue dress definitely hoped so.. Having something of a friend or familiar face would be a relief, after waking up in a foreign land for the second time around. Though, upon struggling to find the man, the young-looking woman timidly approached the boy, shirking slightly at the yelling, and the small group around him, sheepishly trying to address him. "Err, excuse me, sir.. But you wouldn't happen to know where we are, or seen a handsome man with a cane, blue eyes, and pale hair.. Would you?" she inquired, awkwardly. She seemed fairly shy, but also genuinely kind.

    @TheColourlessRainbow @Atomyk @The Pimp Tactician @BarrenThin @Anyone talking to the boy or that wants to speak with a literal star

    (Yum Yum prologue comin' your way next. ;) )​
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  15. The boy's eyes winded, he then shook his head five or six times while repeating the same thing over and over,

    "No. No. NO. No. No." said the boy. After a moment or two the boy finally looked back to Robin,

    "If you sign up, and win, you get the weapons you chose." said the boy to both Robin and anyone else. He then pointed to the sign up sheet,

    "Just write your name there, and when there's enough people, the tournament will begin." stated the boy.

    @The Pimp Tackician
  16. ~The Beginning~


    In one moment, Coco was having the time of her life.

    The deafening sound of minigun fire was absent in her mind, blanked out as her fury was enacted upon fields of fields of Grimm. In the distance she could see her teammates move out to secure their respectful objectives in these accursed woods, the captain of CFVY holding her ground as hot lead literally and figuratively ripped apart hordes of this soulless beasts. To a bunch of greenhorns such as RWBY, such a mission would seem as if it was the enraged an entire hive of Grimm. But, as Beacon Academy's finest second-year students, it was just another day in the office.

    Then, the unexpected occurred.

    She felt herself drifting endlessly into an abyss, soaring through an invisible sky and diving into an eternal ocean. Strange, eerie sounds replayed in her mind, the fashionista so bewildered she actually lowered her aviators to ensure some filthy Grimm hadn't poisoned her with some poison. As if to answer her question, the darkness around her swiftly vanished in a mere millisecond, light filling her shaded, hazel eyes. Laying upon the earth of an autumn forest, the captain arose to a firm six feet, looking bewildered as she felt her minigun shifting backing into a purse.

    "W..What?" Coco mumbled to herself, not exactly frighten of the scenario she was positioned in, but truly wondering how she exactly came to be.

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  17. The boy looked to the women, his blue eyes cold.

    "No, I have not." said the boy in a cold tone, even colder then his eyes gave off.
  18. Robin sighed as he signed the paperwork, "Guess I'll just take a Fire Tome and a Iron Sword..." He wondered if anyone else was already signed up for the tournament. It would be good to scope out the competition.

    "Like it's so bad just fighting for fun for once," Naoki threw out as he signed the paperwork after Robin and grabbed a tough metal staff. He wasn't used to using a weapon, more akin to his fists and magic, but he would need the staff to block those swords. Giving Robin a smack on the back, his grin only grew wider every second, "Plus, free weapons!"

    Robin sweat dropped at the younger man's words, "You're a special kind of crazy, aren't you?"
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  19. Faith Connors - Prologue; Where Is November?

    "I was too young to remember exactly how it started.
    The authorities said the changes were for the greater good,
    but good... Isn't always the same as right."

    It had been almost half a year since Merc died, the entire Pope murder incident long since faded from the public's memory, the city's surveilance equpment was still under maintenance after Faith had dealt them some permanent damage, bringing them offline for the time being. She and Kate Connors had been on the run for a while now, sticking together for the first few months, eventually they went their own seperate ways with Kate staying undercover while Faith resumed her task as a runner, though her services were needed less and less these days with the security blanket over the city lifted. Both of them had gained a considerable amount of inamy by now, but, so far, none of them had been caught yet. They would both rendezvous every so often to swap information, resources, and sometimes just to chat, it was something they both enjoyed to do, but, sooner or later, they had to seperate again, keeping a low profile was easier on your own anyways.

    At this moment, Faith Connors was sitting down in a recently set up hide-out, Mercs old lair was kind of trashed, but, she had managed to salvage some valuable assets from there... This meant she was still able to monitor the city for signs of activity. There were various ones she was on the lookout for; a change in the police patrol patterns, a murder case, intelligence on what was going down in the city in general, which wasn't much, it's always seemed to have been that way since the City was without close monitoring and project ICARUS was dashed... Then, suddenly, she felt a sort of jolt coming from her fingertips, that jolt was followed by a numbing sensation creeping up her arms and through her body. As she looked down at her hands, she realized they were... Desintegrating? Looking around, she started to notice that it wasn't just her, the world around her was slowly desintegrating into nothingess. "What the-?!" She managed to shout, just before her voice was cut off, everything went black as she drifted through a seemingly endless void, unable to do or say anything for the time being.

    After what seemed like an eternity, she finally found that she could open her eyes, and she did so slowly, groaning quietly to herself... As soon as her eyes did open she found that she was no longer in her hideout, in fact, she had no clue where she was! Where were the buildings? The people? The streets? The hidedout? She wasn't even in the city at all it seemed, as here, there was barely sign of industrialization or for that matter human-made structures around. Upon spotting a black cloaked boy who looked like he knew what was going on, she decided to ask him, walking up to him, her legs a bit shaky from that ordeal she had gone through earlier "Where... Am I?" she asked him, getting straight to the point.

    @TheColourlessRainbow @Anyone else

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  20. Naoki whistled as he saw the new girl arrive. She's looked pretty good, though after awhile in the Conception where the beautiful women were killer demons, you didn't really have much to compare to, "Welcome to the group of strangers who have no idea how they got here! There's going to be a tournament!"
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