Murder Tale I: Limited Starkweather Edition Sign-Up Thread

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  1. Welcome to Murder Tale I: Limited Starkweather Edition!

    Welcome to Carcer City: A decayed, crime-ridden town filled with gangs, police corruption, and anarchy. It isn't unusual for someone to disappear and... vanish without a trace. In this Murder Tale, you portray your real-life self. Trapped under the thumb of snuff film director Lionel Starkweather, forced to survive for approximately a week against bloodthirsty criminals aching to dig their claws into you.

    No, you're not some fantastic superhero or stoic vigilante-- you're YOU: Weak, helpless, rife with fear as hunters stalk you from the shadows... or out in the open. As a rule of thumb, players MUST try and remain close to or 100% to their real life selves.

    There's also a traitor amongst you.

    Survive the night.

    Survive Carcer.
    1.) There will be one traitor for this Murder Tale: He or she will PM me who to kill and the method of death. In no way, shape, or form are they permitted to release their role in this event.

    2.) Everyone else is a normal player. Vote for who you believe the traitor is, from there, after the round ends, the majority vote wins. We'll see if everyone is wrong or right.

    Note#1: A fair warning for all: You will be VERY BORED if you don't find someone to interact with, and I'm certain of this. I've ran RP events like this for -years-, and the key to success is character interaction. Therefore, you will need to find a partner, if you don't have one, I'll find one for you.

    Note#2: So no one is ignored, I highly suggest you skim over other people's post. You don't necessarily have to read it all, but look for your character's name! Someone may want to talk to you.
    1.) Since a Murder Tale lasts approximately a week long, give or take, there will be no “interludes” or “resurrection” sequences within this RP event. Keep reading though, there's plenty of twists and turns for everyone to enjoy.

    2.) A maximum of 20 people will be permitted, sign-ups close afterward.

    3.) This has been a pesky problem in the past, but PLEASE keep OOC chatter to a minimum. We have an OOC section on our Murder Group here:

    4.) No godmodding.

    5.) Finally, here's a character sheet to fill out for your real-life self:
    Pic: [Optional, but HIGHLY suggested. If you don't have one, describe your physical appearance]

    Name: [First name only works]


    Attributes: [Your strengths and weaknesses/skills are included here]


    Posting speed: [How frequently can you post, what time you're usually available for posting.]

    @Akibahara as Surprise Guest & Adam (NPC)
    @TheColourlessRainbow as Cody
    @Dallas as "Gage"
    @C92cool as Chris
    @JayJay as Jenna
    @Gadwall7 as Grant
    @MrDubWubs as Michael
    @Reaper Jack as Jack
    @MattieLee as Leesa
    @Archmage Jeremiah as James Beach
    @Xibilation as Natalie
    @La Muerte as Tyler
    @LittleMissTinkerToy as Lydia
    @Melancholy as Amber
    @Finch as Sidney
    @Cres as Bryan Cordova
    @phantasmagoricStoner as Batrisyia
    @JextheShadow as Mark
    @Laura as Laura

    @The Gil as Gil Vieira
    @The Last Outlaw as Nathan
    @seeing the reflection as Nia
    @dunaway5 as Jake
    @Lunar-Eclipse as Alyce​
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  2. Pic-
    Picture of me 2.png


    Age- 17


    Quick thinker: I can quickly run through problems in my head, and find a solution. Not always is it the right solution, or the best.

    Picture Memory: I can remember places, objects, and faces far better then names or words.

    Fast: I am able to run for long periods of time, 45 minutes is the max and leaves me almost extremely tried.

    Tall and Slender: I am 5'11 and as skinny as bones, I am able to fight through most cracks and spaces.

    Physically dull: I am only mildly strong for my age, making physical combat my last choice.

    Words over fists: I am very smooth when it comes to heated conversations, I can normally talk my way out of a most things.

    Depressed: I am very depressed, making the risks of dyeing not brother me, I will do what I think is right and needed to be done in the situation.

    Misalliances Knowledge: I have info about alot of useless things along side useful things.

    Homosexual: I am attracted to men, not a strength or weakness, just something I wanted to put.

    Psychotic Depression Episodes: I sometimes become so sad that four voices will begin to bounce around my head, all of them having majorly different opinions on everything. The effects even cause me to stay up during the night, and have a strong sense of worthlessness. I also get angry easily and like to be by myself.

    Over thinker: My mind is always moving, thinking about something or someone.

    Knows how: I can load and shoot a pistol, thanks granddad.

    Personality- Kind, Mildly selfish, thinks of himself and friends before strangers. Quite, extremely funny, Dark humor, talkative only to friends and mainly females.

    Posting speed- Any day, almost anytime during the day.
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  3. Oh we go...

    Here I am...nothing special really.
    I typically where a white T-shirt, Black Jeans, Striped Sweatshirt, Aviator Sunglasses, A Chicken Hat, and...a Skull Balaclava.
    Oh, and for footwear, just a pair of Vans Sneakers.

    Name: Gage

    Age: 23

    Attributes: Well, I know how to use a firearm (Thanks Dad...) and I have a pretty good batting arm. I used to play baseball, that's why. I'm pretty good at coding for computers, and, I have a bit of hand-to-hand training. (Self-defense moves to be exact.)

    Some of my weaknesses? Um...I'm human, so bullets and physical damage hurt. A lot... I'm pretty slow, since I don't play any sports anymore. I'm not some super macho man, so I won't be lifting anything heavy.

    I think that's about it. I'll post more if I can think of any other weaknesses I might have...

    Personality: Well, I'm a nice guy. Sometimes... But, if someone were to piss me off, that's a whole 'nother story.
    Not too many things make me mad, or get me pissed off.
    I'm pretty calm most of the time, though I may speak to myself sometimes. Not sure why...

    Posting Speed: Since I work, I can't post until four, or five PM. Central Time.
    Other than that, I post pretty regularly. Roughly ten to fifteen posts tops.
    The least I'll post is five to eight, because of work.

    Ah yes, I almost forgot, sometimes I may speak German if I'm in a tight spot.
    It's just something I do...

    That's about it for me.​
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  4. (I hope everyone still likes me after this event lol.)
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  5. 10351590_817288961622989_789192103295558280_n.jpg
    Name: Christopher (goes by Chris)
    Age: 21
    Attributes: Strengths-Analyzer, Agile, Moderate Arm Strength and Excelling Leg Strength, Slick Talker, and in the hands of many tarot cards for fortune telling and plenty of knives and good with them. Weakness- Not the best speed, Can only run for short periods of time, Emotions out of whack, Trust issues, Owns guns but never really fired them off
    Personality:Sarcastic smart ass who sometimes cares about those in his life just a little bit to much. He's a writer at heart and because of such he is always thinking. Crafty, but honest to the point that he is blunt. Quite a character and can sometimes say the wrong thing at the wrong time if he doesn't fully think everything through first. There's more, but you have to get to know him to know everything.
    Posting Speed: Everyday or Every other day. Between work, school, and other shenanigans, everyday isn't always possible.
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  6. Welp, kinda scared to post this but here we go


    Name: Jenna

    Age: 18 ( + like 357 days)

    Attributes: I guess I can draw pretty well...?
    I think I do sort of have an eye for creative visual art & shit
    I'm easily intimidated by people and always want them to like me
    If I have even a suspicion that they dont, I can feel really crappy about it
    Uncomfortable in noisy environments
    Might randomly cry or have a panic attack when someone talks to me and expects me to say something back

    I'm basically just a really pathetic human... yeah

    Personality: The fun part, yaay
    Has really bad anxiety issues, as well as selective mutism (look it up or something)
    So yeah I'm not much of a social butterfly at all, though I'll buff myself to keep the RP at least a little interesting to me >.>
    The one person that I'm comfortable around and that I've known for 7 years says I'm fun tho! ... ;-;

    Posting speed: I'll normally be able to post several times every day, only times when I won't be able to is
    when I'm on the bus (which takes 2 hours max, twice every day) or when I'm asleep.​
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  7. (Photo is down there. I tried.)

    Name: Grant

    Age: 16

    Height: a little bit more than 6'0".

    Stubborn: I will always win arguments and stuff.

    Eagle Scout: Yep. Anyway, good with knives, well at surviving, etc.

    Athletic: I swim on a team, 6 days a week, 2-3 hours. I can swim for miles :D. Great endurance, I'm a bit slow at sprinting.

    Intelligent: self expanatory.

    Loyal: yes, I would actually protect people I like.

    Chill: don't really get angry.

    Brave: Stubborn and just not fearful.

    Sarcastic: heh heh.

    History buff: Helps heavily with strategy.

    Posting speed: Weekdays I have school, but I will try to post when I can!

    Attached Files:

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  8. Ok fuck it
    (Can't shrink it cuz attention whore)
    Name:Michael Charles (not full name) Goes by Michael or Charlie.
    Personality: Very timid. Hates idiots (swagettes and people like that). Trusts very easy and opens easily as well. Mood changes depending on people around. Would say Otaku but only a casual watcher expect FairyTail (Dat Annime be my bae). Doesn't think right some times. Due to body size I can take huts like a man but due to lazy life style can't deliver Wirth shit. I'm average strength for my size. Loves dogs and hates wasps and bee's and creatures alike. Not creative. Is good at helping people through depression. Makes good anologies on situations. Will take a bullet for some one if need be. Have done it before will do it again. Literally. Dislikes heat but once I start sweating I don't mind it. Doesn't mind getting dirty. Loves history so I know some good tactics. Horrid memory. Can't see shit with out glasses but doesn't mind not having them. Can shoot and load almost every gun once looked at. Good knife play. Horrid thrower. Ok catcher. Knows how to tackle due to football experience.

    Sexuality: confused but does like women

    Usually wears blue jeans with a belt, with a Zelda wallet attached to it with a chain, wears hiking shoes and button up red shirt. Is almost 24/7 wearing a trucker hat with mesh in the back for air.

    Posting speed. Alot more frequently at 630. Through out the day it's random
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  9. Name:

    19 years; 7 months




    Plain blue denim jeans; black hiking boots, black leather belt with silver rectangular clasp and a Haruhi parody shirt ( )

    A quick thinker; and usually able to come up with solutions to most problems; though they are not always effective; IQ of 141. Keen cyclist; swimmer and wannabe kendo practitioner.

    Quiet and reserved around those he does not know; but is by no means shy; he just chooses to be this way as he prefers to observe how people behave before engaging them in conversation etc. does not try to hide the fact, unlike some; that he is a fan of Anime and Manga; he is also an accomplished Gamer; and should really get around to starting Twitch streaming; he's been going on about getting it started for months.

    Posting Speed:
    Mood dependent; but normally post several times a day; is usually online between the hours of 2pm-7pm PST, but has been sighted at other times as well.
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  10. (sorry for the big ass selfie lol)

    Name: Leesa "Lee"
    Age: 15
    Atributes: I was born and raised most my life in Flint, America's murder city so I'm sort of used to that sort of thing, I tend to ge along with most people but my weakness is my depression, I tried to commit suucide at 13 and was then sent to a psychologist who couldn't find anything wrong besides mu stress levels were abnormally high. So I guess that would be my weakness.

    Visual Thinker: I actually have a learning disbility that I hav used to my advantage, I can't remember things normally, I can make a mental datbase portrait of anything I have seen before like if you say church most would imagine a simple generic one while I can take every detail of churches I have seen in my past. This makes me good in art and writing in detail and worse at math or algebra or anything that requires you to think of something youcan't make a mental picture of.

    Daydreamer: I tend to daydream alot, about many things and often stay awake at night either writing on here or just thinking about everything, I am also a night owl in this sense

    Shy: To an extent

    (Note I have this scr on my wrist, it may be hard to see in this witb the light but I usually hide it under a bracelet or something.)

    Personality: Most people say that I am one of the strongest people they have met, My mother died last year and my dad is blind so I act as mom to my lil bro and take care if my dad. I have been bulied my entire life for being geeky and just not part of the usual peer group people want me in, I am self concious about myappearance which I suppose is normal for a teen girl but eh. Iay break down every once in awhile but when I do it surprises people becuase I only cry normally about one a month or so and its usually alone when nobody knows. I am also unpredictable and you really have to know me before knowing what Im gonna do.

    Posting Speed: Average at least online an hour a day but shcool plus crazy life get in the way.


    I am Bisexual
    I am sensitive to heat but love the cold
    I am a Capricorn
    When I took a personality quiz the celeb Im closest to personality wise was Kesha
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  11. WIN_20140910_210833.JPG

    Name: James Beach

    Age: Fourteen

    Attributes: I get exhausted easily, and not very athletic either. But if I must, I can push myself far past my limits. Future me can deal with my sore legs, but present me ISN'T GOING TO DIE! My intelligence is rather high, though. I guess I could solve riddles or puzzles better than a some people. But what I'm /really/ good at is playing vidya gaems, but I don't think that'll be helpful in this situation. I'm not very persuasive, nor am I some kind of sweet talker. I'm pretty awkward around those older than me, and goof off a lot when I'm with friends. But I guess I'm just the smallest bit intimidating due to my size and unusually deep voice, but to cold-blooded killers I don't think I'd instill much fear. I'm also incredibly lanky, and I have a huge passion for music. My left eye is lazy too.

    Heterosexual: I love boobs. Not dicks. I find it weird and childish how so many boys draw dicks everywhere.

    Quick Learner: If someone teaches me something, chances are I'll learn pretty quickly. Unless it's math or science. And French too. Damnit Canada.

    Personality: I like to think I'm perpetually "high". I'm always monotone, I'm not excited easily, and I usually talk in a slur. I sometimes see and hear random things, and I don't ever care about anything too much. Mellow would be a good word for me. Though, I do enjoy pissing people off by being a smart-ass. It makes me feel so giggly. I often deal with sadness, guilt or anger by simply smiling and laughing it off, and I've found it works pretty damn well. But when I was ten I didn't know that, because I put a knife to my throat! But then I realised how dumb that was and put it away, probably because I remembered how well my bro's suicide attempt worked out. I mean, who the Hell fails at slashing their wrists?

    Posting Speed: I can usually post every day after 4 PM MST, and on weekends I'm often available the whole day.
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  12. Finally another female, thank you! xD
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  13. lol yep, well now you guys knowwhere the Lee part ofmy username is from.
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    Oh (open)
    (Huge pic bc too confident)

    Natalie (Or Nat. I don't care)


    Um. Okay. Well.


    I'm considered a very smart person. I skipped 6th grade (because fuck sixth grade, that's why) and am studying for a degree in environmental law. I'm not going to name my college because I don't want some creepy ass stalkers looking me up.

    I took martial arts from when I was 9 to 12 years old. Plus I played JV soccer until I was a sophomore. FeAR ME MOFOS

    Don't really have too much besides the fact that I'm a smartass. Um

    Oh, and I'm persuasive as fuck. I've been told before in competitions that I could make something up on the spot and make it sound thoroughly thought out and 100% not-bull.


    I am way to nice for my own good. And a pushover.


    My niece means the world to me.

    Bringing up my brother is a touchy subject.

    Weird-ass, although I try not to be

    And I'm clumsy. Fuck.


    I'm sarcastic, a smart ass, and love cussing. I'm also a very passionate person about a lot of things, and will do everything for what I believe in. I have a humongous soft spot for kids and human feelings, which I can't help. Sometimes I'm a loose cannon, other times I'm conserved and quiet. It makes me a complete weirdo, but whatever.

    Posting speed:

    It depends on my mood, how much others are posting, etc. And I'm normally able to post from 6:00-11:00 EST on weekdays, with a varied schedule on the weekends where some days I may be on constantly and others where I'm not at all.
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  15. (( Hey Nat, your image is tiny as fack ))
  16. (( I believe it has something to do with the resolution of the image. ))
  17. Pic: [​IMG]

    Name: Tyler

    Age: 17

    Strengths- Intelligent, Pyrotechnic, Southern raised (Knows how to hunt, use guns, knives, and basic survival) -Yee Yee-, Fights until nothing left
    Weaknesses- Physically weak, Smoker, Bad knee (the right one), nerve damage in one hand, Easy to upset, Fear of fucking clowns

    Personality: kind, gentleman like, witty, a bit of an ass at times, reckless, anger issues, moderatly low self-esteem/self worth, soft, and trusting

    Posting speed: From 8 am CST to 5ish pm CTS a few posts. From 6 or 7 pm CTS to midnight CTS it varies if I'm on the phone or not.

    Stuff I feel needs to be said:
    Pot and cigarettes are smoked, without has great impacts on mood
    140 lbs
    Don't touch the face.
    Uses fuck a lot be prepared
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  18. Name: Lydia


    Attributes: I can be really strong when it comes to lifting things, I'm very creative and crafty I can make almost anything out of random stuff. I guess my weaknesses are that I'm short I'm only 4 11, I get frustrated very easily and i fucking suck at running. Lol

    Personality: I can be really shy and quiet when it comes to being a big group but once I get to know someone I can be very outgoing. And I could be like a Sour Patch Kid sour one moment then sweet the next.

    Posting speed: everyday at night IMG_20140914_183405.jpg
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  19. ((It came up big when I typed it but o well))
  20. ( I hope this is acceptable)


    Name: Amber

    Age: Sixteen years of age

    Attributes: Well I have a good aim with rifles, and I know a couple of self-defense moves, but nothing extremely special. I am also fairly intelligent. My weaknesses are; my severe bipolar disorder, and the occasional manic episodes. I am also easy to upset, when you find my internal and emotional weaknesses.

    Personality: Me, oh, you mean the crazy girl? Yeah, that's me. I suffer from several mental disorders, and am usually labeled 'crazy' or 'insane'. When, usually, I am just a quiet girl that likes to remain by herself. If you don't bother me, I won't bother you. It's a simple way to keep me from cracking. Despite my manic episodes, I never really do want to hurt anyone. I never have hurt anyone, and I like to think I never will.

    Posting Speed: I usually can post a couple times a day, school work usually keeps me pretty busy, but I WILL post as much as I can.

    Other: I have no interests in relationships, and have no interest in anyone in that way. Also, I really like metal.
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