INTEREST CHECK "Murder" - Shapeshifter/Mafia-esque RP?{STILL ACCEPTING}

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    "Ever wonder why a flock of crows is called a "Murder"?"
    Often times, people are and have always been afraid of crows.
    Carrion birds that flock to the dead and feast on the flesh of corpses.
    Their arrival is known to be the aftermath of battles and carnage,
    herolding the end of bloody conflict, if only for a short while.
    This is what we know of crows today.
    Known only to a few is the true reason behind the stigma of crows.
    The disgust and fear passed on,
    for seemingly no reason but blind and meaningless hatred.
    Hiding among these common animals is a secret.
    An undocumented race.
    A faction that seems to lie outside general knowledge,
    amongst even most other crime syndicates and law enforcement.
    Assassin's cloaked in black,
    not of cloth-
    but of feathers.
    They were once more widely known,
    long ago when technologies were practically stone-age
    And humans were constantly warring and barbaric.
    But they've since faded from history and text.
    They are known simply by the name,
    Ripped apart by crows
    land eft carved into the flesh of these assassin's victims:
    Not completely sure yet where I want to go with this plot as far as a direction storyline. It could go in a lot of different ways so I kind of want to hear some opinions.
    One option I came up with that we could do is perhaps there's also another crime group, as well as law enforcement, trying to uncover some recent mysterious murders that are happening with no trace as to who could have done it left behind, and uncover who the group known as Murder is.
    Those characters within Murder are shapeshifters that change into crows and blend with normal birds, as well as communicate and are allied with normal crows. The only things that might distinguish the shapeshifters from other crows would be small things like eye color when in animal form. In human form they can have wings, but most of the time prefer to only be in a fully human or fully crow form. Even when in human form, they have some signs of their race such as some patches of feathers on the body somewhere, like perhaps the shoulders, chest, arms, neck, et cetera. though where they are can be different from one to another.
    These shapeshifters are a typically tightly knit group that can communicate with each other in animal form just fine, though it would be in the crow's croaking/language rather than their own. They are much like a crime syndicate in what they do, but because of their race and abilities they have remained hidden and mostly unnoticed so far.
    I'm thinking that, within the actual group Murder there could be changes and recent upheaval within the group and how they do things, or how inconspicuous they remain, with the newer generation versus old, which might be how they're gaining more attention as of late in the RP.
    This would be more of a modern day setting.
    So, any interest and plot ideas?
  2. I'm in, I love it. I suggest the level of humanity the Murder people can appear in depends on level. Some can completely control their appearance and some can't yet.

    They could be a group who work for a shady unknown boss without question. At least until...something.
  3. Thanks, glad you like it ^^

    Yeah, I'm thinking perhaps younger members(teens, young adults(like maybe 25 average and younger, at the very least)) show more signs of their race, such as the feathers on the body I mentioned earlier, as opposed to older members, such as their "Boss", can completely hide it.

    Also, perhaps animals can sense them and react to their presence whereas people cannot tell/sense it? So, say, maybe a dog or cat might growl at and/or attack them, whereas a person wouldn't know why or that they are not human?(such as, like, how animals react to the kid in the movie, The Omen, even).
  4. Yes, that's pretty cool. In fact, I love it. Let's say the higher ups are very no nonsense, no questions asked. While the youth are beginning to question their existence, beginning to become more human.
  5. Hm...perhaps

    Or maybe a bit restless and tired of the whole Cloak-and-Dagger, "Not allowed to be seen" thing, as their race is more secretive.

    At the same time, as they start trying to develop this more open, public identity and perhaps even plot to eventually reveal themselves and their race, it could lead to a lot of problems given that their race is very...what would be considered "fantasy" or "mutant". Whether this would result in a lot of publicity and attention or a massive cover-up attempt in the RP, I guess we'd just have to find out and agree once more people join xD
  6. Hello you two,

    I am interested in the plot as well! Your ideas about the more advanced members being able to have more control makes complete sense and I back them up. Also, if there is a new member to this "murder", how will these mutant shape shifters be initiated? (I'm guessing they won't just be able to join unless they have family ties - if you're going for the mafia sort of feel) And when / if they are, should they receive a sort of mentor to get a hang of being this crow form / human form. Just a few questions / suggestions.

    Would you want a few people to play the police / law enforcement and others being the Murder group?
  7. Most of these shifters will already be within the group and be at least distantly related in some way, for the most part. Some more closely than others, like brother and sister, obviously, and others might be such distant cousins/whatever else that they may as well not be related, in terms of future kin and all that. Of course as with any group there are others elsewhere that are split from, what I guess you could say is the "Main family".

    In actual nature, crows only nest in an area during breeding season, usually spring time up into summer, and autumn/fall/winter they move around, essentially "migrate" around looking for food and such, and will amass in flocks of tens of thousands(for unknown but many theorised reasons) in the evening and night. So it wouldn't be unfair to say that some of the "family"/species/race would be more aloof most of the time and perhaps only meet up on occasion in these times when crows in general flock together in high numbers like that, or some such things.

    It is much like a mafia-type group and while unknown outsiders of the race might be less trusted or accepted in(such as if, say, ones that are not usually with the "main family" have children that most of the other shifters have not met before), for the most part the race as a whole would be pretty united. It is an actual race, not just humans with a mutation.

    Typically youngers(fledglings) in crows would simply follow around olders and adolescents and learn from them. Though more of a formal arrangement rather than a simple follow-the-leader, the same could likely be said for the members of Murder, that they essentially tag along and are taught more or less "on the job" or "in the moment" of doing something.

    Mind you, their nature as part crow too would more than likely be integrated into their personality and how they view things.
    Things such as being opportunists that swoop in to try and take something for themselves/their own kind before something else can whenever possible, and being drawn towards death and corpses just naturally as would be regular crows as scavengers, the only real major change to this being that they would be causing death's more rather than just scavenging as an aftereffect.

    And yes, it'd be great if people could play some of the characters on the side of the law(and other, secondary crime group, if we end up having one at all) though I'll try and fill any missing roles as need be if we can't get that many people to fill them. I already have one specific character in mind for the law enforcement side and likely two for Murder myself. Multiple characters are fine and even encouraged so long as you can keep up with them.
  8. Again, it sounds great thus far! I'm fine with being either a crow or law enforcement agent - whatever role you need filled. I'll check up on this posting tomorrow, I'm going to bed but I look forward to seeing this grow. Do you have a start plot in mind or just character sheets and jumping into it?
  9. Character sheets first off, probably much simpler ones than I usually implement for this one, then we can jump into it. I have a couple of vague ideas of where we can start, but I want to do a bit more plotting and brainstorm ping-ponging with this first before then so we can decide fully and agree on what we want to do and where we might want to go with this.
  10. What if, for plot's sake, there is already a group of rebellious crows within the murder?
    And the fledglings...perhaps it could be that a family within a murder is like a squad. A team of teacher-parents and subordinate offspring. Once the fledgling can fly or something like a test of strength...they are officially acknowledged functional murder members?

    Just sharing! I'm looking forward to rp this!
  11. Of course we'll have to plot more! I too am looking forward to this. The Great Me!, what are your ideas?

    Also, will these crow humans be born as humans first or crows? It would make more sense for them to be human first and have these patches of feathers. I like the idea about the older members of the Murder being very set in their ways - perhaps they lived through a big event together and also have been working together since they were young - so when the younger members start wanting to do things their way (like running the Murder) there is a conflict between old and new. The elders of the group can always be referring to the big event so the younger generations just -don't- get why they're so scared of XYZ. Just an idea.

    Lorchenne, I like the idea of the fledglings. So there is a chain of command within a Murder? Perhaps the different sizes of different crows makes a difference? Such as North American Crow, Slender or Large Billed Crow, Hooded Crow, Carrion Crow... etc (in the Corvus genus) Or will they just be one type of crow? We can also decide where we would like the setting to be (I'm guessing some city) and depending on that, there might be an abundance of one type of crow but have a few other species. Let's say a crow that's near another's vicinity and they happen to be overlapping. (does that make sense?) Like NYC having the chinese, italians, french ... etc all in one place.
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  12. Yes! That's kind of my point. The ol' Modern vs. Tried and tested.

    And I'm thinking that their shady and mysterious boss is some kind of ancestor to them, but they don't know themselves who exactly he is. The grown ups have some kind of blind faith in him. Something like that?
  13. Yeah, that is great! To have the grown ups have a blind faith and ask no questions. Since it's more likely for the younger generations to question and rally against the older "order" of doing things. Let's just see how The Great Me! likes that and I can't wait to start writing up a character sheet.
  14. Me too, i'm positively hyped to play this! I want to continue brainstorming with Great too.
  15. Haha, sorry guys, just woke up XD But I've never seen this much hype about one of my plots, you guys make me happy about this rofl

    I do have the head honcho of Murder more or less decided/planned out. Generally in families of crows, its much like humans, where the parents and especially the "Father" would be the head(and now we're overlapping crows, humans, and mafia rankings all at once, oh I love it XD)

    The secondary group I was referring to MAYBE having, if people want, would be a human crime group, not other off-branch Murder members. This is all condingent upon whether or not we or others want a seperate crime group though, and it would be more along the lines of them not liking that there are another supposed crime group running around, maybe even killing some of their members or "trespassing" on "their turf" that want to get down to what's going on and flush out Murder(as gangs are highly competative with each other and don't like others around stealing their thunder, so to speak).

    As for the younger Murder members rebelling, we already see it reflected in current day, real life society, where older people are set to certain ways and traditions, and the younger/newer generations want to break away from that and do something different, and rebel against the older generation, especially with the turns that current day technologies and social changes have taken, so it makes perfect sense that, equally, those of Murder might feel the same.(my younger generation character I was going to play already has a rebellious streak in him too, so it works). I think we'll stick to the rebelling younger generation being that "secondary group" rather than a human gang unless someone has so much interest they simply CANNOT live without, for the sake of not overdoing it with too much complication and need for more characters/players, as RP's tend to die off the more people you need to run them.

    Yes, Murder members will be born *mostly* human with bird-like traits, such as the feathers, though when that young I think it would be a bit more sense for their "feathers" to be more like down/fur, like that of a chick, rather than fully develped feathers.

    Chain of command would most likely be decided by seniority, with maybe a little bit of variation by personality, skill, dominance/power. For the most part crows in a region would be the same but I would be fine if you guys wanted to mix it up with a little variation, though I think that if we start going into crows from specific regions, their human-form "race" should reflect that(ex: a Japanese "Jungle crow" might be Japanese in human form, or any genus of African crows might be "black"/african/african american, et cetera, as I think it would make more sense, given the need to blend with humans in human form, and this is supposed to be quite an old race, at least about as old as humans).

    Yes, for the most part it will be a city/urban setting, though we can have others as well or move around a bit. As I said before, it will mostly be local types of crows, but a little variation of species is fine as well.

    And I'm thinking they'll have a much older(possibly oldest living) Boss, and perhaps have their own diety. The widespread myths of the three legged crow(Yatagarasu in Japanese myth, Samjogo in Korean, Sanzuwu in Chinese, and unknown names but still depicted in Eqyptian wall murals and middle eastern/north african cultures of old) come to mind, but I'm open to other suggestions as well. We could also make up our own crow-based religion for them if we want to as well.
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  16. I agree that we can have these options: (depending on interest we can go through with them or not)
    Law Enforcement
    Murder (older)
    Murder (younger)
    Human (gang, mob, mafia... ?)

    I also like the idea of their wings "growing" along with them so that when they're born it's not just like they have a full wingspan. The fur idea is good that grows to mature wings when they're all grown up. That'll also fuel the portion of them learning how to use their talents since they have to wait a certain age for their wings to be able to carry them / be used to their full potential.

    As for the deity - that's a good idea too! I think creating a religion of our own will siphon better into the RP (personally) because we can tweak it any way we would like. Perhaps base it off of stories that are already out there / characters and revise it / tailor it to our needs ?
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  17. Yeah, I agree with all of those points c:
  18. Sweet, I'm so happy things are turning out this well. But! Would you like to create our own or base it off of ____? I can really go for anything. If we make our own though, I am sure the principles have to do with crow nature / aspects. Perhaps it's a tome of the first crow-men and women and how the "species" came to be and the principles they uphold? Sacrifices or prayer.. etc?
  19. I was thinking Murder is a race on its own that came from the likn between humans and....birds....but that doesn't make any sense, scientifically.

    My suggestion for the human group is more like a business affiliate. Crime syndicates, however competitive is just as networked as legal business groups aren't they? And I believe that Murder aren't so keen to deal with human affairs, being evasive as they are, so they'd let their human affiliate most likely be in charge of financing Murder or something?

    Ermahgerd I wanna sign up as an asian crow. Yey.
  20. Well, I am going to wait until we decide what city these crows are going to be stationed in to decide what type of crow I'll be. (Not to crush your hopes of being the Asian Crow at all - go for it!)

    And I like your ideas about the human group being the legal business or some sort of foot into the crime world.