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  1. [​IMG]
    "Ever wonder why a flock of crows is called a "Murder"?"
    Often times, people are and have always been afraid of crows.
    Carrion birds that flock to the dead and feast on the flesh of corpses.
    Their arrival is known to be the aftermath of battles and carnage,
    herolding the end of bloody conflict, if only for a short while.
    This is what we know of crows today.
    Known only to a few is the true reason behind the stigma of crows.
    The disgust and fear passed on,
    for seemingly no reason but blind and meaningless hatred.
    Hiding among these common animals is a secret.
    An undocumented race.
    A faction that seems to lie outside general knowledge,
    amongst even most other crime syndicates and law enforcement.
    Assassin's cloaked in black,
    not of cloth-
    but of feathers.
    They were once more widely known,
    long ago when technologies were practically stone-age
    And humans were constantly warring and barbaric.
    But they've since faded from history and text.
    They are known simply by the name,
    Ripped apart by crows
    land eft carved into the flesh of these assassin's victims:
    Who is "Murder" and what do they look like?
    "Murder" is not the official name of their race, but if they have one, it is unknown. They were once much larger, much more powerful creatures of the Crow variety back when Man was still a newborn species. They had many abilities and were greatly feared, but over the generations, these abilities have been lost to history, and their kind have shrunk along with all other animal species as humans rose to power.
    Equally, their species has been all but forgotten, lost to most of Man's knowledge. One power has remained dominant and ever-present however - the ability to shapeshift and take on human form at will, and blend with the "dominant race" unnoticed.
    There have only been whispers of their kind, which soon went dark and fell unnoticed not long after the end of the medieval ages. Often they were called upon, for their "services" as mercenaries and assassins, both by those few who knew their true race and many more who didn't. On their victims, their "hits" - ravaged by crows ripping apart and feeding on the corpse left behind - has always been one sign of their doing. The word "Murder" carved into the flesh and in blood.
    Members of this particular race - who are not the same as regular crows, mind you - appear like crows or ravens in true form, and in human form, can blend easily with humans. The only physical signs of their race are usually patches of feathers and other such bird-like features. These are most apparent at a young age, but as each individual matures, they are able to take on more and more of a full human appearance. The average age of those that can appear fully human is about 25.
    They may also take on a mixed form between the two, sprouting large wings in human form, but the younger a member, the more difficult it s to accomplish, just the same as being able to take on a fully human form.
    Members can be of any rac of crow, but the species of crow that they are is almost always reflected in their "race" of human form(Japanese jungle crow would be Japanese, african Cape Crow would be African/black, Hawaiian crow would be Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, et cetera).
    The only usual physical sign that these Murder crows are different from regular crows might be their eye color, which remains the same in human and bird form, instead of beady black/dark brown for all.
    Other animals can also sense their presence, and react negatively to them, sometimes even seemingly attacking them unprovoked, when in human form.
    Language, Culture, and Abilities
    To a normal human, these crows still sound the same as any other. To others of their own kind though, they are easily distinguishable from a normal crow, and can even understand each other and regular crows in human form as well as animal. They also hold sway over normal crows, and can make them follow commands, not so much a power as a thing that seems bred between the two kinds like tradition or a hierarchy.
    The most prominant - really the only recognized - ability of Murder crows is their ability to shapeshift.
    Emblem of "Murder"
    "The folly of Man's corrupt world only has one true cure: Our Murder."
    These crows believe in and follow a crow God, and the higher ranks are usually the ones who give orders, supposedly given initially by the Boss crow of the race, and divine guidance from this God. The older generations are stuck in their ways following their God and leader, believing that their work is that of the heavens, tasked to "cleanse" the world under the guidance of superior, diefied beings. The younger generations however have begun to doubt and stray, doing as they please regardless of disapproval from those higher up.
    Upheavil within the Ranks
    The older generations and the Leader of Murder are very stuck in tradition and their old ways. They believe in following their God, and that their murders are an act of divine intervention willed by the heavens, to eradicate the world of human corruption and evils.
    The newer generations are beginning to renounce the old ways, discrediting their murders as any sort of divine will, and do things their own way and as they see fit, even going so far as to kill and leave their groups monicur simply for their own gain.
    Victims killed by the group of quickly escalated higher than ever because of this, and it's due to this that the groups murders have caught more media and law enforcers attention in recent years, putting their entire race at risk.
    While the older generations are trying to reign their fledglings back under reign of their beliefs in the Old Ways, talk has also begun to circulate among their own kind that a rebellion may be forming within the lower ranks to overthrow and remake the group and it's beliefs and ethics, and meanwhile, fear is escalating amongst the race that humans will discover and try to eradicate them.
    Rank Hierarchy
    Hierarchy is mainly decided by age, first and foremost. The oldest Crow is the Boss. He is seen much like the Father of a mafia group, and his word is law.
    After age, as many are close in it, is then decided by size, skill, and strength, the power in which one crow might take dominance over another.
    Many of the new, modern day generations cannot stand this or the way things are run, which has led to many recent problems within the group, and there have been fearful whisperings of a rebellion because of this.
    Character Options
    There will be three types of characters you can play for this RP.
    • Senior/Older Murder members
    • Younger/new generation Murder members
    • Humans(law enforcers/police or civilians)
    You can play as many characters as you want, and is probably a good idea to have a few, but only take as many as you can keep up with playing
    Character Sheets
    *Race(if part of the crow race, what species of crow? What ethnicity in human form?)
    *Eye Color
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  2. Characters:
    "Murder" Crows Allied to the "Old, Traditional Ways"
    1. "Father" - Hooded Crow - Male - Unknown Age, old - Played by The Great Me!
    2. Luna Lycoris Ashborne - Albino American Crow - White(human) - Female - 18 years - Played by Dream Spirit
    3. Valentina Ivanov - Rook(bird/crow) - Russion(human) - Female - 28 years - Played by JustJen
    4. Saundra Ilene Higgins - Northwestern Crow - African-American(human) - Female - 20 years - Played by CrimsonMaiden

    "Murder" Crows Undecided Alliance
    1. Alekt Phoenix Linden - Western Jackdaw - White(human form) - Male - 17 years - Played by The Great Me!

    "Murder" Crows Unallied/against to the "Old Ways"
    1. Akatsuki Karasu - Japanese Jungle Crow - Japanese(human) - Male - 19 years - played by 장 신 애
    2. Eliza Victoria - Common Raven - White(human) - Female - 17 years - Played by Iron Men And Saints
    3. Cade Krauss - American Crow - White(human) - Male - 24 years - Played by shuufly
    Humans/Law Enforcerers:
    1. Lance Maverick - White - Male - 42 years - Played by The Great Me!
    2. Jackie Victoria - White - Female - 41 years - Played by Iron Men And Saints
    3. Ana Lillith Jackson - African American - Female - 30 years - Played by CrimsonMaiden

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    This is just the original discussion. Feel free to peruse if you like, this is more for reference and incase/when the old thread gets deleted.
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  3. [​IMG]
    *Name: "Father" is simply what the rest of the race calls him. He is the leader of the entirety of Murder

    *Race: Murder Crow - Hooded Crow

    *Age: Not quite sure, but he is known to be the oldest current active member of Murder. In human form he appears to be around the age of 60 or so, but still very physically capable. Most have never seen his human form, however, and only know about it and his appeared age through hearing from other high ranking senior or elder Murder members that have witnessed his human form
    *Gender: Male

    *Appearance: A large crow and obviously older crow, with a mostly white body and dark head, wings, and tail, typical of a Hooded Crow. His "Black" feathers are beginning to fade in color and appear more silver than black now, however, a sign of his age. Most do not know his human form.
    *Eye Color: Amber

    *Personality: A very old-fashioned, domineering character with no patience for nonsense or insuboordination. He wants everything followed to perfection, and is not afraid to put another in their place if they do not do their duty "for the family". He rarely appears to any lower ranking members, and only briefly to issue orders and tasks to be carried out.

    *History: There is a lot of stories and speculations, but it's difficult to tell what is true. It's certain that he is the oldst of all current, active living members of Murder, and that is why he is leader. Whether he is the strongest however is another matter that many youngers question, especially those betting that he will likely soon die of old age, or even be overthrown. There are many rumors and horror stories that say he still holds knowledge of the Old abilities and arts lost to the rest of their kind, that he uses them on traitors and insuboordinates that have strayed from the beliefs, but many of the younger members have yet to see any such things and speculate that this is only rumors and little-kid scare tactics to make everyone follow his will out of fear, despite insistence from older members and high-rank seniors.
  4. [​IMG]
    *Name: Alekt Phoenix Linden

    *Race: Murder Crow - Western Jackdaw - Scandinavian(northern European) in Human Form

    *Age: 17 years(human form)

    *Gender: Male

    *Appearance: Typical appearance of a Jackdaw in bird form. Black feathers with slightly faded neck-feathers that are greyish in coloration.
    In human form, average height male, but lean and only slightly muscled. Short cropped brown hair with highlighted platinum tipped bangs, generally dreses in mostly blacks and deep reds.

    *Eye Color: Blue

    *Personality: A little bit introverted, he likes to observe and listen more than he likes to speak. Most olders consider him a pretty decent and well-taught fledgling, but inwardly he does have a bit of a rebellious streak. He's sort of "on the fence" between whether he believes in the old ways or the new. To put it simply, he's a little undecided, but it would be a lie to say he isn't leaning more towards the views of the other new generation. He just doesn't openly show it very much, being very reserved in personality. He's good at hiding his own thoughts and feelings, meanwhile good at reading others.

    *History: A typical member of Murder, and seemingly more reserved and obedient than most of the other younger generation. Even amongst his own kind, he has a knack for going unnoticed when he doesn't want to be, and making his presence known when he does want others to see him or pay attention. This, along with the fact that he is well spoken for his age, earned him more respect from the senior members than most of the other newer generation, and less suspect to being one who would participate in the suspected rebellion. Most see him on the side of the olders, but at the moment he's really just playing by ear and seeing how things pan out, so where his true loyalties lie is uncertain. He could end up joining either side if it does come to a rebellion or power struggle between either sides.
  5. [​IMG]
    *Name: Lance Maverick

    *Race: Human

    *Age: 42

    *Gender: Male

    *Appearance: Slightly taller, white male. His hair's already turned grey, some say because of the stress of his job. Usually he's got a stubble mustache and beard and a serious, impossible-to-read expression to his face. He's somewhat muscular from regularly working out, still in shape, but he's started to slow down a little bit, definately not in his prime anymore.

    *Eye Color: Blue/Grey

    *Personality: A serious, no-nonsense man who's always clipped, short-winded, and to-the-point. He doesn't mince words and is hardened from his many long years as a detective into brutal cases of things such as homicide. As such, he seems to almost carelessly get over scenes of brutality and blood, and remains sharp and focused even under very strained and dire circumstances. He's a hard one to fool and definately one of the best at what he does in profession, but difficult to get to know and connect with as a result, and more than a little paranoid of his surroundings or possible suspects.

    *History: Always being a little shrewd in personality, he showed a great interest in working as a law enforcer for the safety of the public, and couldn't stand people who got away with committing heinous acts. Eventually this led to him becoming a devoted and quite skilled detective, trying to uncover the details of brutal homicides, rapes, and other such crimes over the years. Recently he, among with many others, have noticed the drastic increase in murders in the last few years, left with the word Murder around or on the corpses, but is highly fustrated adn determined to uncover the enigmatic circumstances surrounding the murders, which he has yet to determine who could have done them, but is certain they are caused by a traceable individual(s).
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  6. Just a suggestion, human form images. That's how they are most of the time, right?
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  9. [​IMG]

    *Name: Luna Lycoris Ashborne(I'll get a picture for her human appearance later)

    *Race: Crow(American Crow)

    *Age: 18

    *Gender: Female

    *Appearance: Luna is an albino so she has extremely pale skin and hair, basically white, and hair being thick, smooth, very straight and just slightly over shoulder length (usually being kept up in a tight ponytail). She is a little short, small chested, and has a lean build, with fairly well developed muscles for a girl, primarily leg muscles. Face type is triangular, her eyes large with long lashes, brows quite thin, her nose fairly thin and slightly down-turned, and her lips looking to have a bit of a pout to them due to her having a large lower lip compared to her upper one. Her attire typically consists of nearly all black. She especially likes to wear hooded sweaters and jackets and long sleeved clothing to hide her bright white hair and skin. However, she also has to stay covered if she goes out during the day since it takes very little sunlight for her to burn, which is why she prefers to stay up at night.

    *Eye Color: Pale blue

    *Personality: Luna is quite obedient, as well as very determined and hardworking. She doesn't want to be a burden to "the family", and in order to do so she had to work extra hard. Also, since her appearance is so abnormal she finds it difficult to fit in both with the crows and the humans. Due to this, she is always trying to prove her worth to others, and she is fiercely loyal to those who show her kindness and respect, or to those who she would like to receive it from. However, her blind loyalty can be dangerous. Nearly everything she does is to please others, and not necessarily because she believes in it herself. She will do just about anything if it will make her people treat her better.

    To others, Luna appears to be quite friendly, but she is still a little awkward, and evidently self-conscious from the way she tries to hide her body. She seems to have an optimistic attitude for the most part, or at least hopeful. When working though, she acts very serious, and has more of a no-nonsense attitude. Her work is extremely important to her.

    *History: When Luna was a young child she was quite sheltered. Her mother believed that she would only be a burden to the family due to her appearance since it would draw too much attention, which was something the crows did not want at all. Her father as well did not think she would be of much use to the crows, but he also believed that every crow should contribute and work to help the family, so he pressured her to train hard when she grew a bit older, close to her teens. In her younger years though, she really had no friends.

    During her early teens, her parents started to introduce her to the rest of the Murder and how their society worked. She found it very difficult to fit in. People nearly always stared. She became very self-conscious, and hated her appearance. She felt like an outcast, so in order to feel valued she tried to become better athletically and mentally. However, many crows still doubted her capabilities, so she took upon even more rigorous training. Eventually, this started to pay-off for her. The elders started to believe that she wouldn't be a complete failure, and her blind loyalty could be useful.


    Luna's loyalty lies with the Elders, but she may change her ways if someone wins her over.
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  11. crow form (open)


    human form (open)

    *Name: Akatsuki Karasu [鴉暁]
    *Race: Corvus macrorhynchos japonesis [Japanese Jungle Crow]
    *Age: 19
    *Gender: Male
    *Appearance: as in image, black hair, likes to dress in trend, lean but muscular, tall
    *Eye Color: grey
    *Personality: a bit of a ladiesman, tends to be quite overconfident, sarcastic, likes to have a good time, spontaneous
    *History: Inside Murder, he is the son of the Japanese Murder ambassador. He is almost an adult, so he is under training and testing until his coming of age. However, he's just about had it with the rules and traditions of the Elders and has pretty much established his own beliefs and philosophies. He is very intelligent and quick thinking, but he can be quite a bit egotistical. His leadership skills combines with his radical views and he and his father often get into fights about this although his father keeps that a secret. He is being closely watched by the Japanese Murder as one of the suspects for the killings. Able to retain his human form for a maximum of eight hours, he likes to socialize with humans. However, part of his tasks is to serve as a spy in human society when needed.
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