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SIDE STORY Murder Series Award Show II [Non-Canon]

Discussion in 'STORY ARCHIVES' started by Midnight Maiden, Jan 1, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Small OOC note (open)

    Hey hey hey, everyone! Guess what we're going to celebrate the new year with? That's right - the second Murder Series Award Show! I'm super happy to be bringing this to you, alongside @Klutzy Ninja Kitty , and @Gummi Bunnies. This whole thread will be completely IC, and awards will be handed out IC, as well. Any characters from past MGs, IGs, side-stories or Casuals are welcome to be introduced.

    Awards will be given regularly with some time in between so IC shenanigans may take place.

    When roleplaying, please tag who you're interacting with(including myself and/or one of the other GMs listed above). Thank you, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to host this lovely event! One final rule - this is all just for fun, so have a good time!



    It was a lovely afternoon, really. The sky was clear and beautiful, and the grass blew in a soft breeze... But that was hard to notice at the moment, as everyone had received invitations through all of the multiverse to an alleged 'award show'. No matter how it was you arrived at the place, you'd find an elegant building in store, with fancy red carpets lining most of the corridor.

    The place was vast and beautiful, decorated glamorously for the occasion. While you headed to the auditorium that the event was told to be occurring in, you'd find yourself passing a casual lounge as well as a nice bar where refreshments could likely be purchased before the show began, with a nicely-dressed young man sitting at the latter casually.

    As for the auditorium? It was the most grand feat you'd find in the place, filled with a large array of comfortable-looking seats, a small but pleasant stage featuring a dark podium with a golden curtain concealing it. Up in the front corners of the room(with one also found both in the bar and the lounge) were two large screens, presumably there to make sure nobody could lose sight of what was happening on-stage. The place was still brightly lit, and no one had yet come out from behind the curtain, so one could only assume that they were on time with a little while to spare before the show started.


    ~First Giving~
    ~Second Giving~
    ~Third Giving~
    ~Fourth Giving~
    ~Fifth Giving~

    ~Sixth Giving~​
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  2. [​IMG]

    In the back of the auditorium, a young woman stood with her back turned to the stage, grumbling unhappily about something.


    Meanwhile, a familiar siren was kicked back in a chair, her boot-clad feet propped up on the chair in front of her and a lollipop settled in her mouth.


    At the bar, the same young man from before was casually chatting up the bartender - an older boy that looked pretty unhappy to be in this position.


    Finally, in the lounge, a little girl was huddled up against the wall on the floor, hugging her knees to her chest. She didn't seem too keen on approaching anyone....

  3. Tails

    "So why am I here again?"


    Tails walked into the auditorium, not being a ghost anymore for some reason. And no, no holograms were used.

    Plutia / Peashy


    "Yay! We're here, we're here!"


    "Yay.... now I can take a nap..." Plutia said as she tried to sit and sleep, only to just sleep with her head on the seat cushion.


    "Ploot! Wake up!" Peashy tried to shake Plutia awake.


    Gnar / 9 cats / Teemo / Fizz


    "Captain Teemo on duty!" is what Teemo would say loudly but...


    "Why do they have to come too?"


    "Don't worry! Least we can flop around all we want!"

    "Bwaha ha ha!" Gnar would laugh out out as one of the kittens tried to tickle him.



    "이상을 보여 입니까? 나는 거대한 단계 또는 뭔가를 기다리고 있었다 ..."
    (This is the awards show? I was expecting a huge stage or something...)

    Gary was looking around for people to talk to.

    Ethel / Karin


    "So this is the place? It looks nice enough."


    "Ethel wants to eat." Ethel said, and headed for the bar.

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  4. [​IMG]

    Upon on the balcony of the auditorium, stood a crooked figure. Not alot of people could recognize his ghastly visage, but it was eerily omnipresent throughout the entire auditorium. He had a distorted smile, twitched occasionally but somehow remaining constant. Hands orbited around him like flies, each one taking a different form.


    A familar gruff man sat in the lower areas of the room with everyone else, his face grim and serious as ever. He didn't look like he put much effort towards trying to make himself look presentable in this formal occasion-- he was in his usual attire with greasy hair and a husky, unshaven face. The man seemed to sit in a similar way to the siren, his jackboots propped up on the seat in front of him. He held a small metallic flask, taking heavy swigs of what can only be a stiff alcoholic drink; used for forgetting the past.


    An intelligent-looking individual stood in the far back of the auditorium, clad in a bright orange hazard suit with a clear lambda symbol imprinted on its chest. He was more cleaned up than the previous individual, possessing some well-kempt brown hair and an expertly-shaven goatee, topped off with a sharp pair of black glasses. His eyes were green and his face was...emotionless. A small red and grey crowbar was clung to his backside like a weapon-- but it seemed he was preoccupied with the quantum physics book he was so intently reading.


    A disturbing, alien figure levitated in the wide open space of the auditorium, seemingly keeping itself afloat with sheer psychic power. Red and blue tentacles dangled from the sides of its "chest", wrapped together to form a pair of relatively normal-looking limbs. The bright purple core implanted in the very center of its chest gleamed with raw power as it defied gravity with its mind. The aliens eery eyes scanned the room, unblinking and empty of any purpose or emotion. This one seemed to have no other action to be doing other than floating about the room...it seemed to be looking for someone.

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  5. [​IMG]

    This asshole showed up.


    And this asshole showed up.


    And this asshole showed up.


    And last but not least, of course this asshole shows up too.

    Go nuts.

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  6. Representing Saint Guillotine.


    Name: Lucifer Matthias Anghelscu

    Version: TFOS-Prime. Main Neo-Tokyo Timeline.

    Nationality: Romanian/Italian

    Education Level: High School Graduate(Neo-Tokyo High)

    Tutored in Castlevania.

    Spent Two Years gaining practical experience in Castlevania City.

    Age: 21


    Primarily a swordsman. Uses a method derived from the Hirazuki and Destreza schools of techniques. The first primarily for taking advantage of the make of a katana and its unique build, the second stressing flexibility and speed.

    Secondary weapon are escrima sticks, for nonlethal takedowns.

    Ninjutsu user in terms of Martial Arts and tactics, taking advantage of his shadow-aligned body.

    Learned in Anti-Monster Techniques, with incredible insight due to his background. Primarily European and Japanese mythology with some minor background in Demonology. Learned in magus techniques and methods, though unable to cast spells himself. At least enough to primarily identify the type of spell and its purpose, if confronted with evidence of its work.

    Experience with law enforcement and bounty hunting.

    Background in noble etiquette and diplomatic protocol in a pinch.

    Fluent in English, Japanese, Mandarin, Latin, Italian and German.

    Physical Capabilities and Powers

    Personal abilities extend to hypnosis, regeneration, enhanced strength, reaction time and speed, senses on par with an animals and shapeshifting according to the amount of blood consumed. In exchange, sunlight weakens him without the Shroud of Saint Job and blessed weapons do more damage to him proportionate to how much of his gifts he uses.

    Six-Ton bench limit, can run and keep steady at a rate of forty miles per hour.

    In the sunlight without his shroud, is reduced to peak human ability and loses vampiric powers.

    Fangs produce a narcotic that releases a neurotoxin that enhances body sensitivity and releases intense pleasure to better allow a two-way prana flow. Lucifer gains blood, and in return he releases a little of his untapped and unused magic to heal the person in turn.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Blessed Shuriken: Crucifix Form, Silver Caltrops, Cold Iron Rope Dart, Herbal Smoke Bombs(Combination of Cinquefoil, Garlic and Holly flowers to create a noxious anti-magic smoke cloud.), Lockpick Tools.

    Escrima Sticks

    Dawnbreaker: A katana reforged from the remains of his old sword, Saint Guillotine. Dubbed Dawnbreaker for the symbol of hope that Lucifer wished to inspire, the blade is unique that its full power will only be unlocked in the hands of its one, true wielder. It is a light in dark places without hope, and brings the Sun's judgement upon those wholly given over to the night.

    Especially effective against monsters, evil aligned demigods and dark spirits. Channels sunlight as its primary source of power.

    The Shroud of Saint Job: A purple scarf to the uninitiated eye, in reality part of the robe of Saint Job: Patron Saint of long-sufferers. Worn, it protects him from the sunlight.

    Short Bio

    Lucifers school life was marked by intense conflict and his continual methods to overcome them. After graduating, he vanished to his homeland for a year before showing up in Castlevania City, acting as paranormal freelancer and hunter of evil-aligned creatures.

    Has returned to Japan at the age of twenty-one.


    "Tis amazing Praetor! A stage finally worthy of my great name and acting ability! Even the Coliseum itself would bow to such splendor! Mighty Jupiter looks upon us with great favor indeed!"

    "Except neither of us are getting any awards. We're simply stand-ins for those who are, should it come to that as well as advertisements."

    Replied her more subdued companion thoughtfully.

    Saber Red scoffed and pulled out a french loaf from her cleavage.

    "......How were you hiding that?"

    "Art thou truly so ignorant, as to be unaware of the concept of panem et circenses?!"

    ".....That is not how bread and circuses work."

    "Whomsoever twas once a Roman Emperor, raise thine hand." : |
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  7. -Award Show Time-

    >Umineko Crew<

    Once they were entering the award show, a familiar voice rang out for the people present to hear. Oh boy...


    "Surely enough, with this second batch of awards, most people will start to see me, Erika Furudo, as a celebrity~!"

    It seemed like the great detective was a little bit over in her head, and so, a certain sorcerer responded with one way he can: flicking the back of her head.


    "H-Hey... Battler-san... that's not pleasant of you to do!"

    Erika only sheepishly rubbed the back of her head while shooting a stern glare with a tinge of nervousness over at Battler's direction.


    "You know, Erika, boasting that you're going to be the star of the show isn't so pleasant-minded either. So how about you get off your high horse and simply enjoy the event with everyone else? I'm pretty sure that a certain husband of yours isn't going to like that attit-"


    "Shut up! You better keep that mouth of yours zipped shut about that kind of stuff, Battler-san. You're just like teasing me like this, don't you?!"

    Battler couldn't help but snicker at the detective's dismay, but shook that off once he felt Lambdadelta nudge at him.


    "Soooo, what's up with Beato not showing up? Still shaken up from the whole incident?"

    Despite the fact that Lambda was involved in Bernkastel's scheme on taking over the gameboard, the Witch of Certainty still had a tightknit relationship with the others of the Metaworld, and that ensured that she wasn't going to make any sneaky moves... yet.


    "Beato's here, I can verify that. She was actually with me when we arrived here, but knowing her, she's probably gone off to see if she could get herself a spot to announce the awards regarding that specific Witch's Game."


    "And if you don't mind me asking... but why the hell do you have a cat with you out of all times?"

    After answering Lambdadelta's question... he couldn't help but point out the rather peculiar black cat in Lambda's arms...


    "Oh? That's Bern! Well... I had to revive her just for this occasion as a cat, and that wasn't easy considering on how she was killed during that super secret final chapter in the Witch's Game. But don't worry... I'll be sure that this little pussycat wouldn't make any trouble!"

    The cat that was said to be Bernkastel only let out a tired meow... Battler was pretty lost when the answer was given, but thankfully he wouldn't have to keep that Witch of Miracles in control during this event.

    Oh, and Erika was busy keeping an eye out for Robin, because she was sure that he'll come by for this event. Maybe even Morgan too!

    >Touhou Peeps<

    Off to the side of the rather rowdy people from the Metaworld, a purple-haired librarian held out a book and skimmed through the pages with a focused look in her eyes.


    ... Maybe it was best to leave her be at peace with her book for now. No one would even dare to interrupt Patchouli's sacred time for reading.

    Right next to her, there was a peculiar little bowl shuffling around in the adjacent seat from Patchouli. Well, that was probably something that someone could recognize right away...

    >Literally Everyone Else That I've Played<

    Just arriving at the area some time after the Metaworld inhabitants, Lapis happened to arrive there alongside Red, who just managed to run into her before their arrival here.

    Same goes to Sora, given that he wouldn't want to miss an event like this at all...

    Neo wore her usual attire that most would recognize her in, and she had a bowl of neopolitan ice cream to go along with her color theme.

    Last but not least, Furiae had also made the time to come here for the occasion, but she seemed a bit distant. Guessing she hasn't gotten over the certain events that she only saw with her own eyes near the end of the incident she was involved in.

  8. [​IMG]

    Plutia was still sleeping and did not notice Shiki.​

    Ethel stared at him funny.​
    Because Teemo's memory got erased, he still thinks he's never been in a Murder Game. However seeing Battler and the others caused some kind of memory relapse.

    "W-what?" Teemo said, not knowing what was going on.


    "Hey, Patchy!" Tails greeted Patchouli.

    @Verite @The Great Detective @anybody else​

  9. [​IMG]

    At the bar, the young man noticed the tinier girls approaching, offering a bright smile. They were like little Ryan.. "You lost, there?" he inquired, pleasantly.



    At the presence of Kotomine, a cold and shunning glare was placed unto him.... Though, Reece seemed more interested in Red Saber, when she noticed her. She looked a lot like Saber.... Curious....

    @Saint Guillotine @Verite


    And, out of nowhere... Came Ryan~ She was coming 4 ur hugs, Deoxys and Battler....

    @The Great Detective @CrunchyCHEEZIT
  10. "...So this wasn't a big fucking joke after all." Felix refrained from the urge to openly snort at the very ridiculous idea of this existing at all, for two reasons. One, it was very possible, dare he hoped: probable...that an Arya Stark might make an appearance. If she did?


    And two...honestly, it was about time he got some fucking recognition. All those years on Chorus, playing pretend, filling out a bullshit role. Now he could just get some pure, ego-boosting truth. It is a great thing, to be acknowledged. Especially for what he lives his life around.

    Being human.

    Killing people is more than just his job, murder is his life. The self-righteous say that makes him a bad person. To them, he replies: bullshit. People killing people goes all the way back to the fucking Stone Age. In the name of war, religion, a thousand other reasons. It isn't a new idea in the least.

    Animals don't kill in the name of anything but their stomachs or their territory. People are on a whole 'nother level. A fundamental law of nature is that the strong survive...and the weak don't.

    And occasionally, like he imagined in this case, the weak give deserved praise to the strong. Then they die. No hard feelings.

    "This should be one helluva show."



    "What's up, Lector?"

    "I didn't expect this place to be so...big."

    "...Heh. Well look at it this way." He picked up his exceed buddy by his vest and perched him comfortably on his shoulder. "After everything that's happened, it'll be nice to just have some fun and relax you know? With friends, a good show, snacks. A long awaited vacation!"


    "You always make good points, Sting! Let's get good seats!"



    "What the goddamn hell do you think you're doing?" Ryuko questioned bluntly, glaring harshly at the stranger getting up in her face.

    "Well now, isn't that just a good question?" She retorted, her tone of voice making it clear it actually wasn't in her eyes. Added to the effect was her sticking her tongue out. "Idiot." She hissed. Her trolling subsided, replaced by a serious face after a few moments, returning the glare in full force. "But if you must know..."


    "Would you believe me if I said I was trying to light your skirt on fire?"

    "Uh huh. What for?"

    "Look at how short it is already! Can barely even be called a skirt. Might as well have nothing there. Plus, ya know...f-u-n. Emphasis on the F-U part." She winked.

    "Grrrrrrrr...get lost before I punch you into the ceiling."

    "Don't make promises you can't keeeeeeeeep." She singsonged before vanishing. The whole world's a stage? Pfft. All the worlds were coming to a stage. Gotta give a good perfomance.


    "A place for all to hear and heed the words of mighty Talos? Rejoice my universal followers, thy kindness in this act will not go unappreciated by this humble servant."


    "There will be an awakening, far from the influence of the wicked Thalmor and subservient Empire!"


    "Yuki! Why so glum? Look at this place, isn't it everything the invitation promised?" Yuno called out, striding closer with fingers held upright.


    "It is...b-but..."

    "But what?"

    "...I'll be straight with you." He stammered out between awkward coughs. "This many people, this environment...can I trust you to not, you know, go overboard with the crazy? I've already glimpsed some volatile people. A stadium? More like a powder keg in disguise. If it explodes..."

    "Don't worry, Yuki!" She clasped his hand, stepping even closer to him. "This place is bound to have protections in place. Our world is full of people wanting to kill each other. The multiverse is bound to have exponentially more. And besides, I can protect you too!"

    He gulped. That's what I was afraid you'd say. Not the place protection, that actually reassured him a bit. But her idea of protection left a lot to be desired.

    "Let's go get drinks!" She blurted out, dragging him through the air behind her before Yuki even got an "okay" out.



    "...She's certainly excitable." Lancer remarked sarcastically. Less biting wit and more playful teasing, however. The Knight didn't need such sustenance. Still, it was an awakening experience to be able to last without a master in the physical plane. Vanishing almost as quickly as he arrived, Diarmuid went incorporeal. Better to find seats and judge the others that would come to this place, without their notice. Sneaking around usually wasn't his thing, but the situation warranted such measures.


    If her travels through that hellish place with the zombies...and her impromptu but not unwelcome trek with the crew of the Normandy on their adventures had told her anything? It was that the unexpected always brought joyful feelings in the end.

    Plus, the experience of finally being out of her armor was incredible beyond measure. She would have come to this if it was just a janitor meeting if only for that!


    She skipped along, giddy in--



    "...Felix?" She squeaked out, ducking away from the sight of the steel and orange armored merc, heading for the opposite end of the place.



    "Let's hope this gathering is more rewarding than the last. What complete shite." That was all he had to say, moving to take a seat promptly alongside his companion.

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  11. [​IMG]

    "...hi." Ethel just said.​
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  12. [​IMG]

    Oh my. It's the first time in quite a while that I've seen Plutia, and here she is, peacefully sleeping. I almost don't want to wake her up, buuuut... This is a public place, so it'd be rude of her to keep going like this.


    I just hope that when I do wake her up, she won't... transform or anything.


    With that being said, Shiki Tohno would make his way over to Plutia's sleeping form and gently shake her a bit with his hand, before whispering softly to her, as though treating her like a delicate baby.

    "Hey... Hey, Plutia. It's me. C'mon, wake up. This is no place to be taking an evening nap, y'know..."

  13. Saber Red waved merrily to those who looked her way, as gracious as the Emperor she had once lived as. Her taller, red-eyed companion went for chairs, opening her own as he sat in place, a small team of Moogles arriving with mics and camera equipment.


    "Kupo! Three... Two...One. You're live, Kupo!"

    "Greetings fellow characters and players of the Murder Games! I am the Flower of Olympus, Red Saber of Type-Moon!"

    "And I'm Lucifer. An Original Character. Representing Saint Guillotine in the Murder Awards, we'll update now and then with our take on events, characters seen and a few theories of our own for upcoming games."

    "And what a collection of heroes, villains and otherwise! Tis clear these games do indeed, draw all sorts to one place. But I am somewhat confused Praetor. Why do these games occur? Twould be simpler to conduct open warfare, would it not? Or even the controlling agency for certain traitors to weaponize itself to seize even the most stalwart of heroes."

    Lucifer nodded, raising a finger in recognition of this.

    "True enough, though our player simply believes it to be an alternative to open warfare. That is to say, a more twisted way to settle multiverse disputes and gain insight on each side. Let us consider the Grand Hotel of recent events. By involving all those people, both sides not only had an idea of the attending powers, but also ideas of their limitations. To say nothing of secondary agendas."

    "Like the Shareholders?"

    Lucifer nodded.

    "Exactly. We'll see the effects of that event I suspect in future. But back to the awards! Anyone catch your eye?"

    "Yes indeed! I see Felix of Red vs Blue, played by C.T. in the Ultimate Murder Game tonight! He looks as though hes searching for someone."

    "Arya I suspect, since she burned his life savings, hes held a grudge. Hmm, I see Kotomine as well. Long time character, who met his death in the Crimson Moon game."

    "Indeed. Well, tis tiring to type out such a post on a phone! We shall return henceforth, after our break! Go forth my people! Till next time-"


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  14. Deoxys felt a familar mental presence approach from behind. Getting ready to defend, the pokemon suddenly glew a violent purple and turned around, preparing a hyper bea--


    It was a critical hug.

    The pokemons psychic might and intimidation immediately faded when the human girl embraced it warmly, simply standing there-- both shocked and somewhat delighted. Deoxys would look down and return the embrace, obviously just as excited to see her.

    "Subject Ryan! I would be most certainly lying if I said I wasn't expecting you."

    Once broken from the hug, Deoxys looked at its friend, its eyes showing in a more calm and friendly manner.

    "You seem to grow older each time I see you, or..perhaps I am mistaken." Deoxys laughed, and it was a genuine laugh as well. "Humans are always changing around me, it seems."

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  15. [​IMG]

    "...mmm... not yet Neppy..." Plutia said in response to the shaking.

    Meanwhile Peashy was chasing some of Gnar's cats until she saw Shiki try to wake Plutia up.


    "Hey, what are you doing to Ploot? Are you trying to 'hit her up' or whatever Neptuna said?"


  16. [​IMG]

    ...Huh. What a friendly kid, wasn't she? Sighing through his nose and stretching his arms behind his back, the young man simply cocked his head at the girl. "AH, yes - hello," he responded, awkwardly. "..So, are you lost? I assume you're here for that lovely award show, not a drink. I could escort you to the Auditorium, if you'd like."

    @Bomb @People at the bar

    The young woman just offered Deoxys a bright smile, seeming oblivious to the fact she'd unintentionally shocked it with her hug. Naturally, after finally releasing the Pokemon, she simply rocked on her heels. "Well, I was hoping you'd be here, too," she chimed, pleasantly. Man, even when she was eighteen, the Thaumaturge was just too cute... That fact aside, the female laughed right back, very happy with the encounter. "It's been over eight years... So I suppose it'd be safe to assume I am older than when we parted last," she mused, calmly.

    Look out, Battler, you were on the Caster hug list

    @CrunchyCHEEZIT @The Great Detective
  17. [​IMG]

    "H-Huh? Hit her up... What's that supposed to mean?!"

    He knew exactly what that meant. A little too well, but... Well, he imagined Plutia wasn't someone he could really... Well, anyway!



    After clearing his throat and composing himself, Shiki would speak again. "I was... just trying to wake her up. I knew she was always something of an airhead, and it looks like some things never change... I'm a friend of hers. You can call me Shiki," the young man introduced himself, "Plutia might have mentioned some... ah, Murder Game where I met her?"

    For the time being, he repressed that memory at the very end of the Arch Demon Incident where Plutia had been contacted by her friends after the death of the Arch Demon and he had been referred to as her "boyfriend." He had had enough of stuff like that for quite a while...

  18. "Tsktsktsktskt..."

    The sound of clicking echoed in the auditorium, carrying with it an almost solemn, abrupt silence to such a foreign noise. The faint rapping and tapping of footsteps began to grow in volume, muffled banter between a familiar young girl and a familiar young man being exchanged. For those of the keen ear and keen memory, the two voices held an unmistakable accent, one that seemed to be an almost hybrid of both Scottish and English.


    The footsteps paused, the two individuals standing just outside the double doors leading onto the main floor of the auditorium. Briefly, they seemed to exchange a brief conversation, the man laughing lightly, albeit awkwardly and as if it was uncomfortable. With an almost unintentional dramatic await for the arrival of these two strangers, the wooden doors began to creak open. For those onlooking, a certain black-haired, equally black-bearded man swung one of the doors open, the shocking short man of only five foot-eight holding a rather buff physique. Even more shockingly, those that knew him during the events of the Murder Incident would note the lack of his medieval attire, sporting more conventional, 21st century clothing. Still, a crown rested upon the Northerner's head, the one known as the current King of the North- Jon Snow.


    "Oi, uhmm..." the Northerner recoiled, the scabbard to Longclaw resting on the well-dressed man's waistline, strangely holding what appeared to be a cane of sorts. Truth be told, Jon was quite fascinated by the attire of his former friends, Max and Chloe. He dccided to, for a brief moment, relief himself of the formal robes of the Night's Watch just for this ceremony. After all, he technically was no longer of that militaristic order, having been voted and elected by the Northerner lords to serve as their sovereign. But still, Jon kept his oath, and largely spent most of his time at the Wall, funneling a large number of much needed resources in the defense of humanity from the impending invasion of the White Walkers.

    "Hey, uhm, didn't except to see anyone in here, a-a'ye..." Jon remarked lightly, his husky voice coming out in a light chuckle, smiling, the man fidgeting lightly as he looked down and behind him. His voice gently changing to concern, he spoke out once more, not to those in the auditorium, but rather, the whomever lurked behind the still close door, on the verge of following right behind the finely-dressed lord.

    "Ye sure 'bout this, sister?"

    "I am sure as I will ever be."

    A soft sigh escaped Jon's lips, looking abuot the room, his tighten, ash eyes landing briefly on the form of Felix, a look of distrust beginning to etch itself on the toughen young man's expression. Gracefully moving to the side, Jon opened the door, and from the shadows, a very familiar and albeit controversial figure emerged.



    Making once again that horrid tski'ing sound, a petite girl of only five foot and relatively neat attire soon followed past Jon Snow. A slender, needle-like rapier was firmly held in her left hand, darting against the ground, being used as a makeshift walking cane. Layers of grey cloth and fabric were draped over her eyes, tied into a knot at the back of her head, blindfolding the teenager to conceal her white, tortured eyes. The soul looked reborn yet broken, two pairs of wings, one ebony black, the other a graceful white, protruding from the She-Wolf's back and extending about half a foot.

    It was safe to say that, ever since the defeat of the Archdemon, Arya Stark had changed quite a bit.

    With a saddening expression by Jon, the Bastard of Winterfell helped escort his favorite sibling to a nearby seat, taking guard of the young, tortured Stark that had recently been reborn and indoctrinated into the Reapers. Little banter was carried between the once two close siblings, as if a rift had emerged between them. There was no doubt that they loved each other dearly, a'ye, but these events had shaped both of them for better or worse. Who knows if they'll even win anything here, only time will tell, but the feeling of being back around old friends and certainly old rivals was peculiar.

    But, at least for Jon, he was enjoying it so far.

    @Anybody @O yea, Jon Snow and Arya, lets go
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  19. "Do you have any cookies?" Ethel asked the man.


    "I don't know..." Peashy responded when Shiki asked her what it means.


    "Oh... Ploot said something like that before... About something like a cute man or something..." Peashy said to Shiki.


    "So you're a good guy, Sticky!" Plutia said, getting Shiki's name wrong.


    "Mmm... what's going on................." Plutia seems to be finally waking up.

  20. [​IMG]

    "It's Shiki but... Well, I guess I've been called worse before."

    Like "good-for-nothing," "bastard," "murderer," but uh... Well, those were all probably different.

    In any case, when Plutia would come to, Shiki's expression would go from a sour one to a normal one again.


    "Oh, you're up. You really shouldn't sleep around like that, Plutia. Someone might end up kicking you by accident or so," he spoke, adjusting his glasses for a brief moment, before pocketing his hands.

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