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    Modern Day New York always seems to bustle with life. Life of all kinds, in fact. But with life in the city comes murder, and the NYPD is the most active of all police departments in the country of the United States.
    One particular murder has grabbed the attention of many. It has become headlines across seas, and it has attracted the eyes of those who dwell within the shadows of the human realm.

    The year is 2058. Science has taken a leap. Few cars go without the control of flight. Prostitution is a thriving business made legal in many states, especially New York. The Urban Wars written by one J.D. Robb in the earlier 2000s managed to happen. Few in this year actually know all that had happened. But it changed the world.
    Other worlds have become known. Space travel is as easy as taking a plane. Everything is voice operated, cures for cancer have been found and tested. The life expectancy has increased. Many people are happy.

    But not everyone.

    Those that lurk in the shadows have now gained more humanistic lives. Werewolves and vampires are common, some even taking basic jobs to help those around them. The vampire Family in New York City is tightly knit, its Father, Ossian, disliking anything that goes without his knowledge. These vampires are seemingly old fashioned, lurking in the shadows and going to clubs only the most white of white collars are seen at. Their kills are never traceable. Their lair never known.
    NYC is a melting pot of lycanthropes. There is no established pack here. Wolves, Tigers, Foxes, etc. mesh in the great city, some making smaller clans, but never a single large pack. The biggest clan known is that of the Rats, as wererats are the most common of all lycanthropes.
    Vampires and lycanthropes, however, are only the tip of the ice berg. The most populated group of supernaturals is the Fae. No, not fairies and sprites. The term, "Fae," is a loose term for anything appearing human with magical properties. Pyrotechnics? Fae. Telekinetics. Fae. Winged kids? Fae. This world does not hold fairies or sprites or elves...nothing like that. But humans that possess...certain qualities unexplainable by'd best believe they exist.​



    The pounding of the music in the Blood Rose rises above anything in the entire East Side of Manhattan. Bodies mesh together as a stage stretches out as one of the more classic songs, "Buttons," by the Pussycat Dolls, beats through the air around them. A bouncy redhead dances on stage, giant feather fans in either hand to cover her naked chest, her face lit up with the contrasts of white skin and dark make up. And just like that, the feathers are gone, and her body begins to dance seductively across the stage, high heels slamming the floor as her head dips back in an array of auburn curls, pushing her bare chest in the air.
    She continues that dance, speeding it up right into another Pussycat Dolls song, "Beep." Suddenly, there are three other girls, two blondes and a brunette, all dressed just like the redhead, meeting the dance of their leader right on cue. Men throw cash as if they're afraid the women onstage will stop, one man just barely missing his fingers getting stepped on by a heel. The bodies on the floor continue to mesh together in a seductive dance.

    The atmosphere of this place holds four things: sex, alcohol, drugs, and, unexpectedly, death. The lights above the crowd dance and flash in all sorts of brilliant colors and rhythms. But what no one knows as of yet is what now happens in the shadows high above holding easy access to the maintenance of those lights. The door to the stairs is usually locked, but for some who hold the key.
    Someone is up there...with the warm, empty body of a woman, looking to be rid of it. The body is wiped of prints, and the murder weapon is removed. All evidence seems to be wiped by a professional...She is dropped into the lights, what remains of her blood dripping into the crowd. Those drops land on the forehead of a young man dancing with what he hopes to be his next score. He stops, swiping his head with his fingers and pulling them back to see the strange texture. Of course, he looks up, only to see the empty blue eyes of that woman staring down at him. A scream echoes from his throat loud enough that everything stops...even the music. And suddenly, the room is cleared, and the cops are called.


    Lieutenant Cascata Adair sits at her desk, cropped hair falling around her face in a curtain as her long fingers rub her temples. Another day, another headache. God, does she need a damn coffee. The door to her office sits just barely ajar as her computer moans and groans, just barely working at all. Paperwork from her last case took her three days, and she's finally made it to the last touches.
    Suddenly, her phone rings. She doesn't even need to know who it is to answer it, with a croaked, "Adair." The speaker throws out the voice of Central reporting a murder. "Adair, Lieutenant Cascata," the automated voice chirps, "Report to 12th on Lexon immediately." She sighs, nodding to herself as she rubs her temples a bit further. "12th on Lexon, confirmed." With that, she ends the call, heading out to the Blood Rose, no idea what she's about to get herself into.

    Welcome to the Murder of the Blood Rose. Here, you will play a very special person relating to a murder or helping to investigate it. On top of this, you are no ordinary human...but a creature that is said to go bump in the night. How will New York think of you if you are revealed? And will this murder cause your revelation?
    Got some intelligence on substances? Wanna work with bodies? We need an ME. Wanna play a psycho? Wanna be the killer? We need one of those, too! Any part you wanna play, PM me. I want to be the only person who knows who the killer is.


    • This is a Mature RP, obviously. Mature content will be in spoilers, etc. However, if it's so bad that anyone would gag, just...take it somewhere else. And KEEP TO THE RULES!!! Don't get me kicked out of Iwaku!
    • Stay quiet! Don't give away details about who you are or what part you play.
    • Traditional vampires and lycanthropes! PM me for info if you're not sure what that is, exactly.
    • Before you post your char, PM it to me, so we can talk about it. I won't be too nitpicky, as this is a test on my part, too.
    • No fairies...please...I beg of you, don't try my patience too much.
    • NO GODMODDING! You got a power? Give an equal weakness.
    • Don't be afraid to ask questions! This is a learning experience for all of us! Feel free to ask me any time, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!
    • I am God in this RP. If there's something I gotta tell you and add to the rules, please follow's too keep this RP organized to the best of my ability.
    • HAVE FUN!!!

    RP Rules

    • Always post a picture of your character (preferably their human form) and the character's name every time you reply to the RP.
    • Three sentences per post is a REQUIRED MINIMUM. We need something to bounce off of. I understand if we sometimes can't get those words to flow through our fingers, but're all playing someone that can turn into an animal! Dialogue does not require three sentences as long as it gives the other RPer something to bounce off of.
    • Stick to a basic posting order, please. If you are being interrogated by a cop, and you've replied, no one else can talk to you right now except the cop! So wait for them...if you get tired of waiting, let me know, and let the person who plays the cop/person know.
    • You may play in First or Third person point of view, and in Past or Present tense, but remember that not everyone will play in the same point of view and tense. Some people (like me) might even switch every now and then.
    • If you have more than one character, you may color code. However, this is not required.
    • Fights must be played out with every little step...I might later refer you to the site whose rules I find easiest to follow.
    • Remember that your character is special. Play them accordingly!
    • Any explicit sex scenes are to be hidden by SPOILERS!!!! Let people know what they're about to read...again, I really don't want to get into trouble.
    • Again, HAVE FUN!!!!


    Character Template

    Age (at least 18)
    Appearance (give all if there are multiple)
    Abilities (no more than three major; no exploding heads or mind control)
    Brief Bio
    Connection to the Murder (only in the PM to me)
    What do you wanna play?

    Vampire Limitations (open)

    If you are wanting to play a vampire, add "Level of Ability" and "Rank" to the character profile.


    A Queue (or Family) of Vampires is much like any pack of creatures, though there are more differences behind the curtain. The rank in a Queue has more to do with power than anything else. The more power, the higher the rank - at least, as long as the City Master does not like you or finds you a threat.

    Basic Rank Description:
    Master of the City~ Also known as Father, this vampire is the baddest of the bad, the most powerful vampire in the city, and the leader of the Queue. Anything he or she says goes. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.
    Wing Men~ The Wing Men to a Father are the two vampires that are at his or her side at all times. They are the two second most powerful vampires that Father has allowed in his Queue, and his or her most trusted and loyal friends.
    Kitz~ This is the general Queue of Vampires. It is a mixture of many types of vampires, from fledglings to Moderates. A few Masters may be mixed in here and there, but never Strong Masters, unless given permission by Father.

    The three ranks may appear basic, but the politics behind it all can get rather complicated. To decide Wing Men, City Master will choose who he wishes of his Queue. If you do not want a chance at the rank, pit Kitz in Rank on your profile. If you do, keep it blank, and Ossian will decide.

    Common Powers

    If you are new to vampires, you may have a Fledgling or Moderate vampire, depending on the way the character is set up. If you need help, PM me about it, and I will help. I know that here, vampires can seem rather complicated. But as we go along, hopefully, your characters will become the creautres you wish them to be. Just wait.

    Common Abilities:​


    • Resistances - Weak
      (Three Choices - Character may only have one)
      Silver, Religious Items, Daylight
      ~Scars, hurts like a bitch, but not as bad...Things are starting to look up, right?
    • Animal To Call - Weak
      ~Choice for Power; an Affinity towards the animal to call ~ Choose one animal
    • Shadows - Weak
      ~Choice for power: Shadows around the vampire can be used to cloak where the vampire is, or movements. It is only a beginning of sorts. They can still be found by someone stronger.
    • Vampire Healing - Weak (Automatic)
      ~Chosen; can heal wounds quicker by a small amount, just not from silver, fire, head removal
    • Telekinesis - Weak
      ~This must be chosen, and is much like level one human telekinesis. This power can only be used to lift and move objects other than self. They can weigh no more than a hundred pounds in one object, no more than two objects at a time up to seventy-five pounds. Velocity can be no faster than the vampire can move themselves, distance no more than 150 yards.
    • Defense - Weak
      ~This is the defensive reflex of the vampire - mainly during daylight hours. This is not a conscious act, but a reflex completely.
    • Voice - Weak
      ~This is the ability of the City Master for his voice to become a physical thing. It can be felt, like fingers, silk, or fur. Whatever the vampire wants it to feel like. Conscious, or otherwise. Must have this to gain Voice Moderate.
    • Height - Weak
      ~Think of this as flight, but not completely. Vampire can leap up to 150 yards with one thrust to catch prey or simply to speed things up.

    • Resistances - Moderate
      ~Still a bitch, but doesn't hurt as bad, and now leaves a mark for only a few years.
    • Animal to Call - Moderate
      ~Choice for power, yes chosen twice; ability to call the species of Lycan. To some degree, commands can be given, but this will wholly depend on power of lycanthrope compared to that of the vampire. Lycanthropes only for this.
    • Change of features - Weak
      ~Must choose this power; this is the ability to change the features of the face, hair, eyes and structure of the face, not an illusion, can be held for one full night
    • Shadows - Moderate
      ~Shadows are now something a vampire can create to hide in, or conceal movement.
    • Vampire Healing - Moderate
      ~Chosen; can heal wounds twice as fast, just not those listed earlier unless have a resistance
    • Voice - Moderate
      ~This is the part two of the first. It has gained that physical aspect, now it affects the concentration and emotions of the listener. It can roll the minds of those that hear it. It can create illusions, can lessen pain in a bite. It can evoke emotions that wasnt felt before hearing the voice.
    • Height - Moderate
      ~Vampire can now leap up to 400 yards, with added speed and agility - as well as height, of course.
    • Servant~This is the ability to mark a human, much as an animal call can be. In the same way, but this must be a chosen power for the vampire to learn, and not all have it.

    • Telepathy - Strong
      ~This is something that must be worked on and will take a power choice to have, the telepathy now coming with ease, able to speak telepathically to other vampires not heavily shielded, able to speak with all lycanthropes beneath alpha, though I would suggest caution there, and can touch the minds of all alphas within animal to call, minds of all humans that aren't telepathic
    • Mind Rolling - Very Strong
      ~This costs a choice for the power. This mind rolling can do up to a crowd of twenty humans. Major illusions only on that. No commands. Commands can be given to one, and followed to the letter. No pain to the bite whatsoever.
    • Height - Strong
      Vampire now has added speed, and can practically fly - for no more than a mile, give or take a few yards.
    • Resistances - Strong
      The resistance is there. Enough to scare the shit out of the opponent. So, hurry and eat them before they learn to use it longer!
    • Change of Features - Strong
      ~Now can hold it up to 72 hours, can change body some by height and weight; up to 6 inches and 50 pounds
    • Vampire Healing - Strong
      ~Chosen; can heal twice as fast, but leave no marks whatsoever, as if injury was never there. Just not fire or head removal.
    • Damage from a Distance
      ~This is the ability to hurt another vampire by twisting their aura back upon them, like tiny darts or daggers turned in upon themselves. This is normally done from a distance, but must be line of sight.
    • One Bite
      ~This creates another vampire with that one bite. This ability to turn gives the vampire a rush, and a temporary boost in their power. That will only last for an hour or two afterwards.


      Can Have two Weak Common Abilities
    • Strength - Weak - Able to lift up to a ton
    • Speed - Weak - Able to move three times as fast as humans
    • Sight - Weak - Able to see through common shadows
    • Damage Resistance - Weak - Can take a few human punches without feeling it
    • Hearing - Weak - Able to hear up to 350 yards in any direction
    • Vampire Healing
    • Mind Rolling - Weak - Must make eye contact with human. Creates a state for human to feel less pain to vampire bite. Also able to create minor illusions and command human - all commands given are obeyed.

      Three Weak Common Abilities - Or one Moderate Ability, one Weak
    • Strength - Moderate - Able to lift up to a ton an a half
    • Speed - Moderate - Able to move four times faster than human
    • Sight - Moderate - Able to see through most of the darkness of night, though unnatural shadows cannot be seen through
    • Damage Resistance - Moderate - Can take a few good punches from humans, maybe a lycanthrope or vampire - that may hurt a little
    • Hearing - Moderate - Able to hear up to 700 yards in any direction
    • Vampire Healing
    • Mind Rolling - Moderate - Does not have to make eye contact. Can control up to three people - all commands are obeyed, and pain of bite is barely felt.
    • Lie Detection - Vampire can sense lies through smell and body language. If vampire is already good at reading such things, then they may even have an ear for hearing the truth. Doesn't appear in all vampires.
    • Empathy - This pretty much speaks for itself, but it's more in the smells than anything else, like lycanthropes.
    • Lie Still - Can lie perfectly still - no breathing, blinking, or anything of the such, thus appearing dead, unanimated, making it easier to blend in with surroundings. Just don't think you're invisible - you can get caught.

      Two Weak Common Abilities, two Moderate Common Abilities - Or one Strong Ability, one Moderate, one Weak
    • Strength - Strong - Able to lift up to four tons
    • Speed - Strong - Able to move five times faster than humans
    • Sight - Strong - Able to see through all night shadows, as well as somewhat through created shadows - up to 600 yards
    • Damage Resistance - Strong - Vampire can easily take a puch from a few humans, maybe a lycanthrope or other vampire
    • Hearing - Strong - Able to hear up to 900 yards
    • Vampire Healing
    • Mind Rolling - Strong - Can control up to five people - all commands are obeyed, and little pain of bite
    • Shielded Mind - Weak - Has a basic Telepathic shield from weaker vampires that don't have Strong Telepathy

      Strong Master
      Six Moderate Common Abilities - Or three Strong Abilities, one Moderate
    • Strength - Very Strong - Able to lift up to five and a half tons
    • Speed - Very Strong - Able to move seven times faster than humans
    • Sight - Very Strong - Able to see through all night shadows, as well as all created shadows - up to 1200 yards
    • Damage Resistance - Very Strong - Can easily take a puch from ten humans or a few lycanthropes or other vampires - can also easily take a gunshot that doesn't have silver
    • Hearing - Very Strong - Able to hear up to 1300 yards
    • Vampire Healing
    • Mind Rolling - Strong - Can control up to five to seven people - all commands are obeyed, and little pain of bite
    • Shielded Mind - Moderate - Has a basic Telepathic shield from weaker vampires that don't have Strong Telepathy

    • Now, if we all choose strong vampires, it may prove to be a problem. If you have any questions, please message me. Try to mix it up a little. All powerful vampires is a tad boring, don't you think?

    Basic Vampire Biography

    The creation of Man is estimated around 200,000 years ago. And when Man was created, so was the Vampire.

    A single pureblooded vampire, there was. Adamara was a beauty beyond all beauties, and she flaunted it. The only daywalker there ever was, she had no limits. Except her hunger...that hunger was legendary. So legendary that some say it's what nearly killed off the human race at the beginning. Only after a century does she create her first child, a young woman by the name of Isa. And together, they scourged the world.

    Through the years, Adamara and Isa have only become legends, resting within the darkest shadows and killing anyone and everyone that came near them, human and vampire alike. Only the Royal Aristocrats, the great Vampire Family that ruled all vampires, hold the pure blood of Adamara and Isa. Only they can still withstand the day for an hour every morning. All others are trapped within the shadows.

    The NYC Queue is a branch of the Royal Aristocrats, Ossian being one of the few with Adamara's blood that still shows his face often. None within the NYC territory are rogue. Ossian can't stand anything going without his knowledge. If there comes a new vampire, he is there to greet them and welcome them into his Queue. They get no say, unless they are there for death. This is to keep everything under control and to make sure vampires don't leave things to reveal the existence of them to humans.

    So, when you play a vampire, be sure to follow the limitations.​

    Lycanthrope Limitations (open)

    The Basics

    The term "lycanthrope" stands for any and all shape shifters caught under the spell of the moon. Werewolves, werebears, weretigers, wererats, etc. The most common of all the types are rats, as they spread quickly and are uncontrollable. In NYC, there is no pack system, and there are all sorts of lycanthropes around. However, there is a safe haven located in the East Side of Manhattan called "The Belly of the Beast." Only lycanthropes are allowed within its walls, and no fights are ever to occur inside, as it is guarded by the biggest, and most possibly meanest bears around. However, it is run by a tiger by the name of Chandra.

    Baic Powers:

    • Power Jump - The ability of using Aura within to gain strength in the legs to jump higher and farther - no higher than 20 feet and no farther than 50 feet
    • Speed - Using the Aura as a speed ehancement - Cannot go above 150 mph
    • Ghostly - Using the Aura as a type of cloak to blend into one's backgrounds - does not mean complete invisibility
    • Bite/Scratch - Use of the Aura as a battle enhancement to help in striking the enemy - does not mean every strike hits
    • Sight - Use of Aura as a sight enhancement to see farther with more attention to detail - no farther than twice that of normal lycanthrope sight; may miss something.
    • Immortality - Some of the stronger, more Alpha-like lycanthropes, can access a dark part of their soul to recieve eternal youth. However, the only way of reaching this is by going through the worst of changes. Not only do the bones crack, snap, and reform; not only do organs die and are reborn. But the skin clings to the beast as this happens. Fur cannot seem to sprout, and the animal inside must tear its way out. It is a process that can easily kill the creature if it is not strong enough. No air to breath, no room to run...suddenly, you're in a cage. And there doesn't seem to be a way to get out. After passing this change, however, the lycanthrope can live up to 500 years.

    Powers of Both Vampires and Lycanthropes - The Aura (open)

    All other abilities for any vampire/lycanthrope are Aura-based. Now, first thing's first. What is Aura?

    For a human, it is the three-foot field of radiation around them that gives off things like emotion, spiritual power, etc.

    • Violet-White: In humans, this is the color of Divine Light - where the being has chosen Love and Light over all others.
    • Indigo: Humans with this color tend to have a special connection to Spirit, and they always see that peace on Earth can be possible. Of course, vampires simply scoff at them.
    • Blue: These humans tend to be intuitive, sensitive, and kind. Again, vampires simply scoff.
    • Green: These humans are known to be the healers and nurturers of life. They never really get along with dead things - especially not vampires.
    • Yellow: Humans with a yellow aura have intelligence and come up with ideas easier than most.
    • Orange: Orange is passion and ambition. These humans tend to have courage and enthusiasm in what they do.
    • Red: Red represents passion, sexuality, anger, and fear. These humans have the most struggle in life.

    For the supernatural, however, it is so much more. The Aura of a lycanthrope or vampire can be used. It contains power that can give off emotion and senses.

    The first Aura-based power is that which every vampire/lycanthrope has. Touch. A vampire/lycanthrope can cast his or her Aura out around their body to touch another. By doing this, they can warn another around them of who and what they are. In turn, they can feel another's presence. They can smell it, sense it. They can use it.

    The next list usually determines the power of the vampire/lycanthrope.

    • Chaos - The Aura of this type of vampire/lycanthrope is chaos-oriented. Chaos vampires create Chaos, and then feed from it. For them, it's just like feeding from blood. Unlike the Chaos vampire, a lycanthrope does not feed from Chaos. Instead, it builds. When Chaos ensues around a Chaos lycanthrope, that lycanthrope grows in power...they can store it. And then, they can create it. Upon creating Chaos, a lycanthrope then gains more power...and then builds around them, slowly creating order. Funny how that works, huh?
    • Elemental - **LYCANTHROPE ONLY: Elemental lycanthropes are usually considered extremely powerful and very, very rare. The Aura of this type of lycanthrope can control a particular element. These elements include the following: Air, Water, Fire, Lightning, Earth, Light, Darkness, and Spirit. Each element has a color. Air has Gray; Water blue, Fire red, Lightning gold, Earth bronze or tabby, Light white, Darkness black, and Spirit purple. Elemental lycanthropes will always have the mark of the element on them. In human form, the eyes are the color of the element. In animal form, their eyes are always lightning blue, and their fur has shades of the color. Here are the basic descriptions of each element.
    +Air - This lycanthrope's Aura radiates the power of Air. Currents will dance around this lycanthrope, and it will oftentimes bend to the lycanthrope's will.
    +Water - The Aura of this lycanthrope will radiate blue and often give subtle hints of waves. Wherever there is water, this lycanthrope is powerful, and the element can and may oftentimes bend to the will of the lycanthrope.
    +Fire - Fire radiates from the Aura of this lycanthrope. It can be created by the lycanthrope, and it can be controlled. But if the lycanthrope decides to stop controlling the element, it will continue on, alive on its own. Lycanthropes of Fire are often taught to be careful and disciplined.
    +Lightning - Lightning in the Aura of this lycanthrope is a little different from others. It does not radiate. Instead, it crackles from the feet of this lycanthrope. The Aura can control Lightning, but usually Lightning is considered a curse among the elementals. It cannot be controlled well, and though it blesses some Auras, it is only their to play, only striking at an opponent when it wishes, not when the lycanthrope wishes.
    +Earth - This lycanthrope's Aura radiates with a green hint or shade and oftentimes smells like a fresh field of grass after a spring rain. It is a loving element and often associated with Healers. Some healers may be blessed with Earth. For this element not only controls the rock beneath the lycanthrope's feet, but the life that grows atop it. Can it bring dead back to life? No. Can it kill? If a rock hits, maybe. But it can help heal and bring joy back to those that are not as happy as they once were.
    +Light - Light is a very vibrant element in the Aura of this lycanthrope. Always does the Aura glow with a radiant light, as if the lycanthrope is a star of sorts. Light can and will bend to the will of the lycanthrope, but only in the deeds of good. It has minor healing like Earth and might be found in Healers.
    + Darkness - The darkest Aura among the elementals, this lycanthrope will radiate shadows. Darkness can be chaotic, but it will hide those who wish to be hid. It will shield and protect, but it will also attack.
    +Spirit - The most elusive element of them all, Spirit is nearly as problematic as Lightning. It is a happy element usually, and it will bring joy to those that its wielder wishes. The Aura of a lycanthrope with Spirit will sometimes glow with a ghostly appearance. Spirit will hide its wielder if need be, and though it cannot physically heal, it is a wonderful medicine for mental wounds.

    • Fear/Terror - Like Chaos, the Aura of this lycanthrope/vampire is oriented around fear or terror. And like Chaos, the vampire will feed from it, and the lycanthrope will usually create order and a sense of calm around them.
    • Empath - The Aura of an Empathic vampire/lycanthrope can summon emotions and wash them over others. This is not like the general use of the Aura. Instead, it delves deep in the mind and soul, and it will call emotions up and sense them. Older and stronger Empaths can go as far as reading another's mind with a touch, some not even needing that. However, powerful Empaths are extremely rare.
    • Psionics - Psionic Aura's are also rare, but there are three different types: telepaths, telekinetics, and teleporters. Telepaths have the ability to read thoughts and communicate through the mind. Many must give up the ability of speech because of this and are born mute. Telekinetics are those that are able to use their Aura and mind to move objects without touching. Teleporters are those that can travel to other destinations with only a thought. All are weak abilities until older ages, usually hitting the prime around the age of 25 (for lycanthropes) or 75 (for vampires).
  2. Re: Murder of the Blood Rose - MATURE CONTENT - Plot Discussion & Signups

    Is that 3 sentinces a limit, like you can't go above or below the three sentinces?


    Do we have to post a sex scene when it's appropriate? Couldn't we whipe to black then fade into the fallowing morning?
  3. Re: Murder of the Blood Rose - MATURE CONTENT - Plot Discussion & Signups

    Sorry, I wrote this at midnight last night....I knew I wasn't going to get everything just yet.

    Three sentence MINIMUM. I'm not big into one-liners. Actually, I can't stand them...I was raised in an elitist house, so I apologize, but I can't help it.

    Yes, you can fade to black. Actually, in most cases, I prefer that. However, I'm giving the freedom to the writers...I already asked Diana, and she said it was fine. I'm talking with Ossochanter about the finer points of it now. I'll tweak it here and there as we go I said, this is kind of a learning experience for me.

    Please tell friends about this...I want to give this RP a fighting chance.:bsmile:
  4. yeah I'll PM you a char sheet tomorrow... I'm completely wiped of character Ideas right now
  5. I love the idea! I've sent you my character app today.
  6. Name

    Lieutenant Cascata Eve Adair


    Approx. 27 years




    Skin Walker - Thinks she's Human

    Appearance (open)


    Animal - Three Forms
    +Gray Coyote+
    +Canadian Lynx+
    +Northern Harrier Hawk+


    +Shape Shifting - Three Forms; two land, one air+
    +Psionic - Unlocked only in Animal Forms+
    +Control - Controlling the "Veil" between Vampires, Lycanthropes, and Humans+


    Cas can be very blunt and straightforward in every fashion of social skill. She's a cop through and through, and she puts her job before anything else. She can seem cold and hard, but that's just a requirement. On a personal level, Cas can be a kinder person, a little more affectionate and compassionate. It's just a matter of what side you're on.

    Brief Bio

    Born from the last clan of Skin Walkers, Cas was raised in a very unusual fashion. She learned and loved her abilities, and she embraced what she was. But that only lasted a short time.
    Whatever happened to her clan and family that cold night has forever been locked within Cascata. She cannot access any memories before the age of eight. All she knows is that her family was killed, and the murderer was never found. She doesn't even remember the name she was given when she was born.
    Found on the streets on a cold night in December, 2042, Cas was hauled off to the police station, where they had no record of her ever being born. For the longest time, she was just called "Eve," since she was found on the Eve of Christmas. Put into the system of Child Care Services, there was little hope that she would ever find a family. But it only took a month before the Adair's came in.
    They took her and renamed her Cascata, leaving Eve to be her middle name. From then on, she was known as Cas. A human girl with a human life.

    Cas grew up surprisingly strong...sometimes even stronger than a normal woman, especially for her size. And the moment she could, she went to the academy to become a Homocide took her until she was 25 to become Lieutenant Adair, Homocide. But she got it...and now here she is, about to discover everything....



    NPCs Coming Soon


  7. Name: Nicolia Vhon Frierdrichshain - Because of brain damadge I have sustained, I can not remember a hole lot of my past, or my name. I call myself John Doe, JD for short.

    Age (at least 18): Unknown.

    Gender: Male

    Species: Vampire

    Appearance: jd_char_dp2.png jd_char_dp.jpg

    Personality: am somewhat aloaf, sometimes not knowing what I have done was something wrong and play off a slight boyish grin of dumbounded voyarism. I act clumbsy on purpuse.

    Powers: Telekinesis; Blood-thirst.

    Brief Bio: I can't remember much of my life. I believe that a blow to my head a long time ago left my memory alittle miss-shapen. I may have an exstremely high regenerasion rate, but no amount of healing could fix the brain damadge I have. Now, I just basicly walk the streets, allyways and under highway bridges. They are my second home awayfrom home.

    I do have a home, but I don't like sleeping there, the place gives me the creeps and the people creep me out more. I live with a group of powerful indaviduals who think of me as lower then the shadows casted by their boots, so they don't care if I've been missing for a mounth or two. That's one of the main reasons why I take my refuge to the streets of New York, it's more comfertable to me.

    Other: From my brain damadge, I can manipulate most objects with in my site. From lifting a walet out of a walker by's pockets to taking away an attackers weapon(s). This power has a faital flaw how ever. If I were to perform the act for longer then a few minutes, my nose begins to bleed. After 15 minutes, my eyes turn blood shot. Half an hour is when i begin to feel hungery and my vision grows blury.

    I am Royalty, and no one knows. I don't even know it yet.
  8. a-pretty-punk-emo-girl-t2.jpg

    Name: Angelique Hunter
    Age: 19<o:p></o:p>
    Gender: Female<o:p></o:p>
    Species: Vampire<o:p></o:p>
    Appearance: Angelique has messy long blonde hair, that is worn up and sweeps down her left eye. Her lips are pink and her eyes are an electric blue. They are intensified by the heavily applied black eye liner and eye shadow. Angelique has marble white skin and stands at 5”7’. She is always seen in her punk and gothic attire and never goes anywhere without wearing her headphones, which are forever pumping out heavy metal and Indie Rock. <o:p></o:p>
    Abilities: Enhanced Speed, enhanced senses and rapid self healing.
    Personality: Angelique is a rebellious, feisty girl whose bite is even worse than her bark (But that’s pretty bad as well). She is prone to violent mood-swings and outbursts, leading to a reputation of being one of the strongest and pretty damn terrifying fighters there are. She is also quite laid-back, with a sarcastic, cocky attitude. She hates the outside world and the people in it, believing them to be uncaring and caught up in their own selfish thoughts and words. She wears her headphones so that she doesn’t have to listen to people’s mindless and aimless chatter. Angelique lives life for the thrills and risks it will bring her. There is nothing more Angelique loves more than thrills and games.
    Brief Bio: Angelique has lived in New York her entire life. She associates the city with nothing but pain, misery and her past life in general. Both Angelique’s mother and father abused her terribly. Beating her, screaming at her that she was a waste of life and blaming her for their poverty. Angelique couldn’t take the pain anymore. She had lived through it for too long. A rogue vampire, one who had become quite attached to her scent, showed himself and told her he could help. He told her that he would do away with the horrible people and make sure no evidence was left. It all seemed fine at the time to Angelique. He even said it wouldn’t cost her anything until she was much older. So the deal became a reality the following night. The vampire assured her that they had been inhumed horribly. Just the way they had treated her. Angelique’s plan had been just to run. Run away until the vampire called on her for her end of the bargain. But he had become too obsessed with her and without warning he attacked her, planning to change her. That plan succeeded and Angelique was transformed into a creature of the night against her will. She ran within an inch of her life and went into hiding. After a while, the Family tracked her down and she told them about what had happened. The Father ordered this rogue vampire to be hunted down and killed. It seemed like no time at all before that deed had been completed as well. Angelique knew there was no way of turning back and was actually very happy with this. She’d leave her old life behind her and start new as a brilliant and beautiful vampire. She is eternally grateful to The Father for what he did and he in return keeps a close eye on her just in case she makes any trouble, taking into account her reckless behaviour (No one dares bring up the possibility that he might just want to protect her...)
    Other: Angelique is a pretty decent fencer, something she decided to learn for the heck of it. She can also play the piano and plays when angry, annoyed or confused. She is known to self harm herself for the rush of pain.<o:p></o:p>
  9. Name: Clark Grayson
    Age: 20
    Species: Vampire
    Personality: Clark is a bomb waiting to explode. His personality changes according with the situation at play. Moat times he is a funny and wild guy, cracking jokes and partying at the club. At other times he could be calm and reserved watching and obsurving his surrounds and people. He can be a bit cocky at times and has a short temper which gets him into a few fights from time to time. At times he could be a flirt and then other times he dosent.

    Abilites: Speed, Self Healing, Blood lust, Heightened senses

    Breif Bio: Clark grew up in the rough parts in Brooklyn, NewYork. He was the middle child of a older brother and a younger sister. While he was a kid his father was a drunk anda was in and out of jail for selling drugs and being involved with a gang, while his mother was always out somewhere anda barley came home. At ten his younger sister was killed in a shoot out while walking down to her firends house. Everyone around him seemed to die. His older brother was robbed and killed when he was sixteen and his father died shortly after. After the death of his mother and having noone else he left metting a man who said that he could help him with his problems. He lived with the man who helped him get on his feet. Soon after the man wanted something in return before the could ask what the man bit him turning him into a vampire. His mind raced and the only outlet seemed to be BloodRose. The alcohol and the dancing made his day unil the dreadful scream and everyone scattering to leave, his body being shoved slightly and he looked at the body that hung on the lights and a smirk formed on his lips...

    Other: He has a few tatto's on his chest and arms. He also spends time out wandeing the streets trying to forget his troubled past, or anyway to relive th stress and rage the he hid.