Murder mystery detective RP

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  1. ‚ÄčThere is a famous thief and murderer shrouded in mystery,
    Nobody knows his/her real name, but the public call him/her the Magician Masquerade Mask,
    This is because he/she wears a masquerade mask, and can do incredible magic tricks,
    M.M.M. is known to be able to steal or kill anybody,
    M.M.M. has such confidence in his/her skills he/she sends out a notice of his/her next crime 30 days before it,
    To stop people forging his/her notes, he/she has his/her own very detailed paper, with gems embedded in it,
    Thieves like him/her have too much money and time, don't they,
    So you're going to bring him/her down,
    He/she has sent a murder note to the secret millionaire, Lilian Thorne,
    She received the note 29 days ago, so she has hired several people to protect her tommorow,
    She has locked herself away in a mansion in the mountains with her protectors,
    She believes this will keep her safe,
    Alas, one of the people she hired was M.M.M. in disguise,
    On the dreaded 30th day she dies,
    And it's obvious only a a protector could have done it,
    So it is now a competition has began among the protectors to uncover who M.M.M. is,
    Lilian even left a prize for who ever caught M.M.M. in her will in case of emergency,
    So for fame, fortune, and justice you shall fight,
    Be cautious though,
    M.M.M. always makes his targets victims with out being caught,
    Good luck!

    *I'm referring to M.M.M. as a male from here on, i can't be bothered to write any more he/shes*​

    There will be 7-10 detectives being role played- one of them being M.M.M. in disguise. I will be playing M.M.M. when he is out of his disguise or doing his evil work. I won't be posting EVERYTHING he does though- that ruins the mystery. Somebody else will be playing M.M.M. in disguise, or while he is in front of other characters. That person will be chosen with a random number generator by me, once the sign-ups are complete. So when you sign up you don't know if you will be an authentic protector, or M.M.M. in disguise (it's unlikely you'll be M.M.M. though since there's only one person who can be him). Whoever gets chosen to be M.M.M. MUST accept this role, and NOT tell anybody. Me and the chosen one will then have to work very closely to coordinate our posts with out giving away too much information, as the only people who know the mysteries secrets.

    I am just finishing the plot line now. The RP will start a little before Lilian's death. She will be left with a note at the death scene, so people know M.M.M. is the murderer. Also, the setting will be so that nobody except the protectors could be there- this way everybody IC will know M.M.M. is one of the protectors. Then you can start sleuthing, trying to work out who M.M.M. is. I will be giving descriptions of practically every scene (yay work)- so don't post about a clue you've found, unless i've put a clue there. Aswell, if I get bored I might start killing some of the protectors, so beware! The role-play will end when somebody CATCHES M.M.M. You could summon everybody to the lounge, and do a traditional explaining style. Or you could try setting a trap for M.M.M. to get caught in. Though if M.M.M. suspects your onto him, he might come after you! I can't really say anything else about the plot with out ruining the mystery.

    If your interested, please fill in a character sheet. There will be nothing on personality or history, to make things more mysterious. Don't bother filling one in/signing up if you can't post very actively (eg. Your going away soon). Another thing to keep in mind, is i'm expecting two paragraphs with a minimum of 6 lines for each post. Detail is essential in a murder mystery. If there are any other questions, then post below.

    Character sheet

    Name: (First and last.)
    Age: (Between 19 and 50 please.)
    Appearance: (Picture or 4 lines description. Nothing absurd pleases.)
    Job: (Freelance detective, head police man, famous crime lawyer, and that type of stuff. Something to do with law, and murder mysteries.)
    Habit: (Post one habit, eg. biting nails, so if i get bored I can kill you easier. Extra motivation to work it out quickly! You must stick to this habit IC)
  2. Is interested >.>

    Name: Samuel Johnson
    Age: 22
    Job: Rich man who used to be a famous lawyer. Now he is a business who handles his own cases which is quite handy because he gets sued a lot... he hasn't lost yet.
    Habit: He will lick his lips at the mention of food or when he is deep in though.

    Is it like clue? You guess wrong and you die? xD Also you should mention don't give away details that could let on that you found a clue. If you do others can steel it. Make sure you mention everything you notice, whether it be important or just to throw someone else off, just don't say if its important >.>
  3. Yay, somebody is interested! But at this sign up rate I'm not sure I can do the RP... (NEW LINE-MY ENTER BUTTON WON'T WORK). Yes, if you guess wrong YOU WILL BE KILLED! HAHAHA! And yes, I'd advise that, but if anybody wants to go shouting out all the clues they have discovered like an idiot, go ahead. *steal.
  4. I think this will be one of those no one signs up for a while then all of a sudden it has to many people type of things =P
  5. Or it could just be one of those sign ups that dies...
    Or one that does get sudden interest, but not enough.
  6. Well its a good idea. I think it may just be a lack of interest on this sight maybe? I would have thought most of the RPers would want to join something that gives them a chance to use critical thinking and situation evaluation. I hope people join soon though.
  7. I like brainning! I mean thinking! I wouldn't mind joining! Give me a day and I'll have my character up! Might spread the word too! (Because everybody knows that the bird is the word...)
  8. I like braining too! XD Bird word? Well what ever, thanks for the interest!
  9. bird.. bird.. bird is the word!
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  11. Woop, two people! Only five more needed! XD
  12. LOL at the Enter button not working. XD

    Computers always get the best of us! ^_^

    I am interested, but have to think a bit about which character I will use....
  13. Name: Clyde Esbow
    Age: 24
    Appearance: He has fairly short black hair and dark brown eyes. About medium in build. Perfect teeth, light and pure skin. Often wears dark clothes. Also wears a small silver watch on his right wrist.
    Job: Detective
    Habit: Plays with a button on his shirt when he thinks no one is looking.
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  16. so now we just need to wait 2 more days for the last sign up =3
  17. Got just a little free time in school so...

    Name:Horus Solomon
    Age: 26
    Appearance: will post pic l8r for now just think tall dark and unrepugnant (cheers!)
    Job:Doctor/PI as a hobby
    Habit:Running his hands through his hair and enjoying a good cup of cocoa:​

  18. now just one ^.^
  19. Quick review of characters:

    Samuel- NorwayFOO
    Anders- RedWinter
    Clyde- MYCOOLPET
    Horus- Enezrel

    I think we can start on Monday, regardless of how many people sign up.