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  1. Have any of you read it? If you haven't, here's a link. If you download the pdf you can flip it so you don't have to crane your neck funny.

    Neil Gaiman raises some pretty intense questions! If you don't have agency do you have responsibility? The Narrator is given forgiveness, but does he deserve it? And is he even the same person at the end? Is what was removed so central to him that he no longer exists as he was? Is the comparison between Saraquael and the Narrator fair? I mean... that was pretty heinous. Does Lucifer just make you sad? (Yes.)

    Perhaps most importantly, what would you name your child if your name was Tinkerbell?

    Let me know what you guys think.
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  2. Man, I thought this was one of those cheesy throw-away RPs.

    Downloaded. Will give it a read later.
  3. Normally, I'd say, "Let's don't and say I did".
    But for u, I'll give it a download.
  4. God, I fucking love Neil Gaiman.
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