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  1. The game has ended!

    Murder IV: Monokuma Rising


    No matter who you are, no matter what life you've lead, it happens on what you would have considered otherwise to be a normal and boring day. It comes upon you suddenly, your world beginning to twist and spin. You could be walking your dog, or you could be in the midst of a heated debate, either way, you feel your whole body go completely numb.

    Your vision fades to an indiscriminate blur, spinning wildly. Swirling and twirling and whirling and curling... into a thick, syrupy, viscous pulp... and the next second--


    That was just the beginning. You eventually woke up in an unfamiliar place-- a school. A strange plush bear calling himself Monokuma welcomed you to your new life, a life of murder and danger. You were kidnapped, you believe, but how and why escapes you. The bear seems to be the culprit, but he can't be all that he seems, can he?

    ... And what's that about zombies?


    Though this Murder Game incarnation takes heavy inspiration from Danganronpa, it will still follow the Murder Games rules. What are those rules, exactly? Well...

    Traitors: There will be three traitors for this Murder Game. Each round they will PM me who to kill and the method of death. In no way, shape, or form are they permitted to release their role in this event. I'll be picking three people at random to be the traitors, though you'll be able to pass on the role if you do get picked. If you do hope to get this role, try and think of a reason for your character to commit murder. This can be to fulfill a wish, to protect a loved one, to change the past... any character can be a traitor with the right motivation.

    Students: Everyone else is a normal player (Or a student, as Monokuma will refer to everyone). Vote for who you believe the traitor after each murder, from there, after the round ends, the majority vote will win. We'll see if everyone guessed right!

    Will there be other roles? HMMM...

    Keep in mind that each traitor is allowed to be an unreliable narrator. By no means should one vote solely based on the inner thoughts of another character, as it's entirely possible for a good guy/girl to be one of the traitors! It would be preferred that your characters have IC reasons to vote the way they do, as voting will be an IC action, though you won't be reprimanded for voting solely based on OOC reasons.


    1.) Absolutely zero knowledge is required of either the previous Murder Games or Danganronpa to participate, I promise. (And as I'm sure someone might be wondering, I'm using NISA's translation when it comes to Danganronpa terms)

    2.) Only fandom characters and AUs of fandom characters may be apped. I'll be accepting very few OCs. Also, people from real life can not be apped.

    3.) Your characters will keep their abilities and powers, but keep in mind these powers will be heavily nerfed, so that characters with no powers would realistically be able to take on those with powers in a fight.

    4.) This has been a pesky problem in the past, but PLEASE keep OOC chatter to a minimum. We have an OOC section on our Murder Group here:

    5.) It's highly suggested that in this RP (And in any RP, really) that you make an effort to interact with the other characters. A lone wolf is no fun and kind of suspicious!

    6.) So no one is ignored, it's suggested that you skim over everyone's posts. You don't necessarily have to read it all, but look for your character's name! Due to the amount of characters, if you can, tag those that you plan to interact with in your post.

    7.) If you're a traitor, all kills are done via PM -and- after the collaboration of your fellow traitors as to who to kill. In no way are you allowed to tell what your role is to anyone, doing so will result in immediate expulsion from the Murder event.

    8.) If you're not aware, if you're sentenced to die by a traitor via PM... it's an insta-death! But don't fret! Once you die, there's an “afterlife” game, whose plot will be told once the first player death occurs, and eventually, you'll find your way back to the players!

    9.) I can guarantee you the first day will be absolute CHAOS. Why? People will be writing prologues, trying to find partners, etc. So, like rule #5, try to find a partner ASAP, keep calm, and try to skim through everyone's post, searching for your name. Eventually, as the Murder game continues on, it'll come at a steady pace... well, maybe not, there are +40 people.

    10.) There will be moments where players are asked NOT to post; this is usually before large updates or mid-round updates. Please comply!

    11.) No godmodding, no matter your role! I really hope you know what that term means. I may have to godmod players a bit for certain points in the RP, but I promise to keep it to a bearbare minimum.

    12.) This one is kind of important! I'd love for everyone vote every round, but I realize some people might just not have the time. At the very least, I want everyone to post at least once each round. As each round should last a few days at the least, that comes to posting at least once every few days, which is pretty fair I think. If you become inactive and don't post, your character will likely be eliminated in some manner.


    You may app up to two characters, but keep in mind that if you do, they must be a duo, meaning they're from the same canon and are likely to hang out with each other (So two hated enemies? Not so good). They will function as a single character, meaning they will only get a single vote between them and will both die if one is targeted.


    Character Name:


    Attributes/Powers: [Your strengths/weakness, skills, and abilities are included here]


    Ultimate Title: [Think of a title that either embodies your character's personality or something that they are exceptionally good at, such as "Ultimate Positivity", "Ultimate Carpenter", or "Ultimate Hero"]

    Canon: [What they're from, basically]

    Item of Importance: [ONE item, weapon or outfit of importance to your character. This can be items/weapons they are likely to have on them when they black out. If its an item/weapon, it must be not very large. No bigger than, say, a broadsword

    Provide a picture or a description if you can.]


    Cast List:

    @Akibahara as The Noob and The Engineer (Battlefield Friends)
    @Joellie as Edward Kenway (Assassin's Creed)
    @Archmage Jeremiah as Risa Megan Ward and Connor Lassiter (Unwind)
    @TheColourlessRainbow as Ley von Crimson River and Rufus Wilde (Grand Chase)
    @Ziogen as Revya and Gig (Soul Nomad)
    @Dallas as Don "Wardaddy" Collier (Fury)
    @Verite as Kirei Kotomine (Fate/stay night)
    @york as Ruby Rose (RWBY)
    @Zadok shadows as Zane Bowerstone (Fable)
    @Krieg as Arya Stark (A Song of Ice and Fire)
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty as River Song (Doctor Who)
    @MrDubWubs as Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)
    @StarryNight as Chrome Dokuro (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
    @Raven as Wuya and Jack Spicer (Xiaolin Showdown)
    @DapperDogman as Intersection's Pretty Boy (Undying Love)
    @Chello as Loki Laufeyson (Thor)
    @Nassione as Korra (The Legend of Korra)
    @Conrad Norwood as Robin (Fire Emblem)
    @Xibilation as Elizabeth Swann-Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean)
    @Reaper Jack as Lilia Kjaernestejd (Innocentius Luna)
    @Gummi Bunnies as Erika Furudo and Dlanor A. Knox (Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Chiru)
    @ChemicalLove as Adain Lee (Original Character)
    @KayThePilotChapter as Hanzou Urushihara (The Devil Is A Part-Timer!)
    @SirDerpingtonIV as Sandor Clegane (A Song Of Ice And Fire)
    @penguin055 as Lyle Dylandy (Gundam 00)
    @Nim as Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki)
    @ShadowPrime as Sting Eucliffe and Lector (Fairy Tale)
    @Kirah as William "Billy" Borden (Dresden Files)
    @Rocket as Lilith (Borderlands)
    @Thuro Pendragon as Desmond Miles (Assassin's Creed)
    @SuperChocoMilk as Zer0 (Borderlands)
    @ItsToppyTippers as Yang Xiao Long (RWBY)
    @Jeremi as Funny Valentine (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
    @HelloBeautifulChild as Oz and Willow Rosenburg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
    @Ryu Keiko as Axel (Kingdom Hearts)
    @Mari as Bayonetta (Bayonetta)
    @ElBell as Anastasia Saunders (Original Character)
    @kittyluna45 as Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson)
    @ShiroKiyoshi as Chung Seiker (Elsword)
    @Josh M as Cosmo (Guardians of the Galaxy)
    @Atomyk as Jennifer (Rule of Rose)



    Adain Lee - "Ultimate Lover"
    Anastasia Saunders - "Ultimate Mood Shifter"
    Annabeth Chase - "Ultimate Demi-god"
    Arya Stark - "Ultimate Underfoot"
    Axel - "Ultimate Nobody"
    Bayonetta - "Ultimate Mystery"
    Chung Seiker - "Ultimate Chaser"
    Chrome Dokuro - "Ultimate Mist Guardian"
    Cosmo - "Ultimate Dog"
    Desmond Miles - "Ultimate Sacrifice"
    Don 'Wardaddy' Collier - "Ultimate Leader"
    Edward Kenway - "Ultimate Captain"
    Elizabeth Swann-Turner - "Ultimate Pirate"
    Funny Valentine - "Ultimate Patriot"
    Hanzou Urushihara - "Ultimate Demon General"
    Jean Kirstein - "Ultimate Loudmouth"
    Jennifer - "Ultimate Unlucky Student"
    Kirei Kotomine - "Ultimate Sadist"
    Korra - "Ultimate Avatar"
    Lilia Kjaernestejd - "Ultimate Survivor"
    Lilith - "Ultimate Siren"
    Loki Laufeyson - "Ultimate Trickster"
    Lyle Dylandy - "Ultimate Sniper"
    Natsu Dragneel - "Ultimate Dragon Slayer"
    Pretty Boy - "Ultimate Spirit"
    River Song - "Ultimate Archeologist"
    Robin - "Ultimate Tactician"
    Ruby Rose - "Ultimate Red Reaper"
    Sandor Clegane - "Ultimate Warrior"
    Sting Eucliffe - "Ultimate Guildmaster"
    William Borden - "Ultimate Hunter"
    Yang Xiao Long - "Ultimate Punmaster"
    Yuno Gasai - "Ultimate Yandere"
    Zane Bowerstone - "Ultimate Hero"
    Zer0 - "Ultimate Ninja"
    Erika Furudo - "Ultimate Detective" / Dlanor A. Knox - "Ultimate Witch Hunter"
    Ley von Crimson River - "Ultimate Evil" / Rufus Wilde - "Ultimate Bounty Hunter"
    The Noob - "Ultimate Suckage" / The Engineer - "Ultimate Suckage"
    Oz - "Ultimate Werewolf" / Willow Rosenburg - "Ultimate Witch"
    Revya - "Ultimate World Eater" / Gig - "Ultimate Dickwad"
    Risa Megan Ward - "Ultimate Runaway" / Connor Lassiter - "Ultimate Rebel"
    Wuya - "Ultimate Heylin Witch" / Jack Spicer - "Ultimate Evil Boy Genius"​
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  2. Coming in as...

    The Noob and The Engineer! (Battlefield Friends)



    Character Name:

    None; their alias is "The Noob" and "The Engineer".


    Unknown. The Battlefield Friends series assumes The Noob/Engineer are in their late 20s, early-mid 30s.


    I'm going to add a little twist, however: Since The Noob/Engineer are technically "online avatars" from the Battlefield universe, they'll treat the Murder Game as such.

    For example, they'll toss an infinite amount of C4s on a vehicle, jump in, and launch themselves in the air via epic explosion.

    They'll glitch and "teleport" at random intervals due to "lag".

    ... And they'll die multiple times only to "respawn." They're 'permanently' killed if a traitor targets them first.

    Their arsenal includes:

    - The Noob: M67 frag grenade, combat knife, "big" med kit, "small" med kit, and U100 MK5 machine gun.


    - The Engineer: M67 frag grenade, combat knife, M26 Dart, FGM-148 Javelin, and G36C sub-machine gun.



    - The Noob: He is known for his lack of in game skills or intelligence as he fails to understand almost every single thing his teammates say to him, yet believes himself to be an adept player.

    - The Engineer: The Engineer is known for his love for "over-powered" weapons. Usually, he finds these guns off of dead enemies. He is the least tolerant character of The Noob in Battlefield Friends.

    Ultimate Title:

    "Ultimate Suckage."


    Hank and Jed's Battlefield Friends

    Item of Importance:

    - The Noob: Claymore mines.

    - The Engineer: Javelin.​
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  3. Appearance:

    Name: Kirei Kotomine

    Age: 37


    Low-level magus: Able to use magic to some degree. Specializes in physical enhancement and spiritual healing.

    Superhuman speed: Extremely quick, able to run up to 30 miles per hour, though he prefers to pace himself because of his age.

    Super Bajiquan: Very proficient in the Chinese martial art known as Bajiquan, which focuses on quick movements that deal internal damage more than external. Combined with his other ability, physical enhancement magic, he becomes much stronger and his attacks become more devastating, thus the name "Super Bajiquan." May or may not be a little rusty in skill as a result of disuse over time.

    Dirty fighter: If able, he will exploit whatever he can to tip himself in the winning side, whether by taking advantage of his environment or his opponent's trauma / triggers.

    Black Keys: Carries around three swords called "Black Keys." He is able to materialize and dematerialize the blades at will by either supplying or draining the weapon of mana. Dematerializing Black Keys make them easier to carry around, after all.

    Black Key (open)

    Personality: Despite his life as a priest and a man of God, he never felt anything from helping others. A void human being without a clear sense of self, Kotomine is an empty man who was, in a sense, born mentally defective, as he only has one feeling; the feeling of pleasure and joy from witnessing the pain and suffering from others. An evil man, but not a villain. Not sane, but not insane either. He simply is, and what he is, is a sadist at his core.

    Ultimate Title: The Ultimate Sadist

    Canon: Fate/stay night

    Item of Importance: The Cross he wears around his neck.​
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  4. Appearance:
    (Minus blue cat)
    Character Name: Natsu Dragneel!

    Age: (unknown due to one episode questioning it) Gonna say 20/21

    • Fire Dragon's Roar: Natsu's signature Dragon's Roar in which he quickly gathers and releases a large quantity of flames from his mouth at his target.
    • Fire Dragon's Claw: Natsu ignites his feet in flames, thereby increasing the power of his kicks. The flames can also be used for jet-propulsion purposes.
    • Fire Dragon's Iron Fist: Natsu engulfs his fists in flames and punches the target
    • Fire Dragon's Wing Attack: Natsu rushes towards his target and grabs them, before subsequently setting hands ablaze, sending them flying
    • Fire Dragon's Sword Horn: Natsu lights his entire body ablaze and headbutts the target at a high speed.
    • Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame: Natsu ignites both his hands in flames and then brings them together, creating a fiery explosion. In the anime, rather than generating an explosion, Natsu creates a large fireball to throw at his enemies.
    • Fire Dragon's Flame Elbow: Natsu creates a stream of fire from his elbow, propelling him forward and increasing the strength of his punches.
    • Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang: With his hand lit ablaze, Natsu swipes at the target in a claw-like fashion, burning them.
    • Fire Dragon's Grip Strike: Grabbing his enemy and supporting his arm with his other, Natsu blasts the foe at a close range.
    • Dragon Slayer's Secret Art:
    {th} {/th}
    Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade{/td}
    • Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade: Natsu swipes his arms in a circular fashion, creating a powerful, and highly destructive, torrent of flames that barrages his target. Natsu habitually uses this spell as a finishing move.

    Lightning Flame Dragon Mode
    Lightning Flame Dragon Mode : After eatingLaxus Dreyar's lightning and having the flames and lightning inside his body fuse together, Natsu gained the ability to use his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic enhanced with lightning. When in a state of anger, Natsu is able to summon forth this power, however, it leaves him heavily exhausted afterward.
    • Lightning Flame Dragon's Roar: Natsu's alternate, lightning-enhanced version of his Fire Dragon's Roar. Natsu gathers and combines lightning and fire in his mouth, subsequently releasing them in a large, destructive, sparking blast. This spell is capable of traveling great distances, wreaking havoc wherever it passes, as shown when it crossed half of Tenrou Island, generating a large explosion. In spite of the fact that this spell is potentially powerful enough to kill a person, a single use is enough to heavily strain Natsu's body and completely drain him of all his Magic Power.
    • Lightning Flame Dragon's Fist: Natsu's alternate version of his Fire Dragon's Iron Fist. Natsu engulfs his hand in lightning and flame, and, in addition to being burned after being struck, his opponent's are also struck by a bolt of lightning.
    • Lightning Flame Dragon's Firing Hammer: Natsu engulfs his fist and forearm in fire and lightning and devastatingly strikes his opponent. It is strong enough to blow away most of the top floor of a large building.
    • Lightning Flame Dragon's Brilliant Flame: Natsu's alternate, more powerful version of his Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame. Natsu engulfs his left hand in lightning and his right hand in flames, and, after bringing the two together, generates a large, destructive, sparking blast around his opponent.
    • Dragon Slayer's Secret Art Revision:
    • Crimson Lotus: Exploding Lightning Blade: Natsu's alternate, lighting-enhanced version of his Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade. Natsu engulfs one hand in lightning and the other in flames. By swinging his arms around, Natsu creates a highly destructive vortex of fire and lightning, which greatly damages the opponent and pushes them away with tremendous force.
    Dragon Force: This ability is said to be the final and most powerful state a Dragon Slayer can attain, and it has been said that their power becomes comparable to that of a real Dragon's.

    Weakness: If he is placed on a moving vehicle he gets motion sickness and can not fight or really move due to how sick he will get.

    Personality: Often takes nothing serious unless his friends are hurt or threatened. he loves fighting so he will often challenge people he thinks are stronger than him to fight.

    Ultimate Title: Ultimate Dragon Slayer!

    Canon: Fairy Tail

    Important Items: His scarf due to family value.

    (Picture is way bigger than I thought)
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  5. Appearance:


    Character Name:

    Staff Sergeant Don "Wardaddy" Collier.


    Age is unknown. He may possibly be in his mid-30's, or late 40's.

    Attributes & Powers:

    Equipment: Well, the only sort of equipment he carry's is his Smith & Wesson M1917 pistol, and his Sturmgewehr 44, also known as a STG 44.

    Skills: Wardaddy excels in hand-to-hand combat, and, weapon handling. Such as cleaning, firing, and loading certain weapons. Most of his skills come from basic training, and for being in the 2nd Armored Division.


    For being a battle hardened tank commander, you can expect him to be fairly aggressive, courageous, loud, and at times caring. That last part about him being caring, is fairly rare...

    Ultimate Title:

    "The Ultimate Leader"


    Fury (2014 Film)

    Item of Importance:

    Smith & Wesson M1917 pistol

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  6. @Akibahara Pff, let's hope their "lag" doesn't conveniently get them out of trouble too often >:D
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  7. I'll be coming in as...


    Character Name: River Song

    Age: Unknown, because she is a basically a time traveler who never reveals her age.

    Strengths / Powers: River is highly intelligent, stronger than an average human, skilled with almost any kind of gun and most all technology. She also has a sonic screwdriver which is a tool that can be used to lock or unlock any door, cut rope, hack into computers, analyze objects, and disable most machinery. She also as a vortex manipulator machine she can use to travel through time and space.

    Weaknesses: She is fond of The Doctor and he can be her weakness at times. She can also have a weak spot for her friends or colleges. She can be killed in most ways that a human can be.

    Personality: River is mysterious, adventurous, flirty, sassy, and sarcastic. She is good at being a leader at times and can be quite strong-willed.

    Title: Ultimate Archeologist

    Canon: Doctor Who

    Item of importance:
    River's Sonic Screwdriver (open)
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  8. Appearance:
    Character Name: Ruby Rose

    Age: 15

    - Highly skilled in combat (due to special training recieved from her uncle), especially when wielding her weapon; The Crescent Rose
    - The Crescent Rose is her signature/default weapon, a hybrid between a High-caliber Sniper rifle and a large scythe this able to function as both a close and long ranged weapon, despite it's size though it's actually quite light-weight allowing easy transportation and usage of the weapon
    - There's 2 types of ammunition for the Crescent Rose which she carries; Un-marked ones which create a white muzzle flash when fired, they do a great amount of damage, but not as great as the marked ones (the magazines they are contained in will have an distinctive black "x" mark on then) which create a black muzzle flash and do significantly more damage than it's weaker counterpart
    - The weapon has 3 "modes" which can be switched to using motions she has memorized, the compacted mode which is self explanatory and allows for it to be stored with the most convenience, the rifle mode which extends the pole of the weapon but not the blade utilizing the maximum power of the sniper rifle component, and then there's scythe mode, which fully deploys the weapon but it may not be so effective in terms of being used as a ranged weapon
    - Despite carrying alot of ammunition with her, she has a finite amount which she imports when she can from her homelands
    - A good leader but may act wrecklessly, on instinct and/or without thinking sometimes leading to various issues at times
    - Has a child-like way of behaving most of the time leading others to underestimate her
    - She has a distinct skill to move fast as her semblance (Too much to explain here since it's a lore thing) is speed allowing her to move fast, but so far only when she's concentrating to make it almost seem like she's teleporting short distances
    - Despite her great combat skills, she isn't very good when it comes to hand to hand combat for the most part
    - She's also not as physically strong as one might think she is as her natural strength isn't the best

    Personality: Childish, almost innocent most of the time, is a very serious and dependable person if in the right situation, caring (and non-discriminative)

    Ultimate Title: Red Reaper

    Canon: RWBY

    (Edited this in because why not, it displayes her skill in combat for the most part o.o)​
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  9. "Alright, lads... I'll give you Blackbeard's honest opinion. You ask me, can this new captain promise you a life of prizes, plunder and adventure? Aye.

    But this man...

    He's a fearsome dog that feeds off trouble and turmoil. I've seen him clear the deck of a Spanish galleon like it were nothing.

    Fighting like a devil. Dressed as a man.

    So if it's fortune and adventure you seek, then Captain Edward Kenway's your man. Only...

    Don't meddle in his private affairs. For there is more mystery in that man than even I dare ask"


    Edward Kenway
    Age: 28 years old

    Gear: He carries two swords and four pistols, each of them have to be manually reloaded after firing once, this takes about five seconds per gun. (He has many more things in the game, but I'll leave those out because too OP)

    Swordfighter: Amazing skills with his swords, fights with speed and grace

    Deep sea diver: Can hold his breath for longer than average, can also see clearly under water

    Agile: Expert at climbing buildings, trees and of course ships. Can run for a long time.

    Captain: of his own ship called the Jackdaw, so he knows his way around a ship very well (if that's gonna be of any use at all)

    Devilishly handsome: He's got the looks, he's got the charm, he's got the moves

    Edward is a man that's always looking for ways to get rich. He's kind, charming and loyal, but can be coldblooded and ruthless to certain people that have somehow wronged him.

    Ultimate Title: Ultimate Captain

    Canon: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (AC 4 bcuz dis is murder game 4 huehue)


    Assassin's Outfit + Hidden Blades (open)
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  10. Appearance: [​IMG]

    Character Name: Risa Megan Ward

    Age: 15 Years

    Attributes: Risa makes for an excellent medic, with plenty of self-taught knowledge on how to use various pieces of medical equipment. Her weaknesses come into play whenever she fails, as she lets every mistake weigh her down cause some serious anxiety problems. She knows how to look after children and infants well because of her volunteer time at her home's nursery. She's also pretty streetsmart, and an excellent piano player.

    Personality: Risa is a quick-thinker, able to make up plans on the fly, but this could also be seen as an attribute. Risa often comes off as tough and a loner because of growing up in a state home. She has a strong sense of respect, and is very humble, but always strives for perfection. And though she may come off as unaffectionate, those who earn her trust earn friend for life, and an intelligent ally.

    Ultimate Title: Ultimate Runaway

    Canon: Unwind

    <EQUIPPED WITH: A med-kit, useful for patching someone up when needed>


    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Character Name: Connor Lassiter

    Age: 16 Years

    Attributes: Connor is instinctual, and acts upon his gut. He excels at making natural decisions, such as hiding from a threat, or dodging a punch in a brawl (which he often gets himself into). His temper, and his lack conscious thought are often what pulls him down, as he never thinks his decisions all the way through, and lets his emotions control him. He's streetsmart, just like Risa, but considerably less so. He also passes as an amateur mechanic.

    Personality: Connor has a strong sense of justice, and a mind for ethics. He's certainly smarter than your average hot-head, and is surprisingly soft once you crack his shell. He's a highly irritable person, and often enjoys having his personal space, and absolutely hates tough-guys and/or bullies. Especially if they ever try to invade his space.

    Ultimate Title: Ultimate Rebel

    Canon: Unwind

    <EQUIPPED WITH: A moderately sized tranq gun, shaped like a pistol, the very same gun that earned him his fame>
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  11. [​IMG]

    Character Name: Revya

    Age: 20

    Revya's physical abilities and even durability are significantly high, almost inhuman. Additionally, she can focus on one area at a time to increase that section in particular:​
    Last Act increase movement speed and reaction ability.​
    Courage increases strength and eyesight accuracy.​
    Iron Will increases her body's durability and endurance.​

    Personality: When Revya speaks, it's often right to the point. She believes in actions over words, since she's using solving her problems with the former rather than the later. She prefers company, but isn't good at conversing. She tends to go with the flow, not thinking much about the situation.

    Ultimate Title: Ultimate World Eater

    Canon: Soul Nomad & the World Eaters​


    Character Name: Gig

    Age: Looks low 20s


    Gig is as able-bodied as a regular professional athlete. He can freely float above the ground (but not fly.) For a weapon, his shoulder-pads can wrap around a wrist and turn into a large crimson scythe.​

    Gig's power of 'Domination' has been severely degraded. He can make any person follow through on a promise/agreement they made to him. Doing this cancels the ability to enforce any other already existing promises. Additionally, a person is powered up while performing the promise/agreement. If he makes a deal (If you do X, I'll do Y,) he can enforce it like normal, and doesn't even have to hold his end of the bargain.​

    Personality: "Who's the baddest of the bad? The maddest of the mad? Killer of Kings and destroyer of worlds? That's right! The one, the ONLY, in-destruct-able GIG!"
    Gig is a complete narcissist, and a complete ass. He has a rotten mouth, and is a complete sadist. There is absolutely nothing redeemable about this guy except maybe his dark sense of humor.​

    Ultimate Title: Ultimate Dickwad

    Canon: Soul Nomad & The World Eaters
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  12. Looks interesting, still need to give it a good read though just in case...

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  13. Appearance:
    Character Name: Zane Bowerstone (Never really had a name in the series)


    Attributes/Powers: He possesses amazing strength that allows him to wield a sword with great power. HIs power of skill allows him to move with great speed and allows him to be precise with his shooting. He possesses the ability to use magic through the power of will. He only has a set amount of mana he can afford to use.

    Personality: He is a morally grey individual who is almost like a blank slate. His morals and actions affect his appearance. If he is a good person he will gain a halo and has a benevolent look. if he is evil his eyes will go red and he will tart to grow horns.

    Ultimate Title: "Ultimate Hero"

    Canon: Fable series
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  14. [​IMG]

    "Fear cuts deeper than swords."

    ~Character Name~
    (Princess) Arya Stark of Winterfell




    -Physically Weak and Malnourished (at start of RP)
    -War Trauma
    -Very petite for her age (4'11")
    -No Superhuman Abilities
    -She is bloody 13 years old

    Before the events of Game of Thrones was thrown into a pit of violence, political intrigue, and unrest for the entire population of Westeros, Arya had been a rather cheerful, energetic, "she-wolf" of the North. Being a social deviant and challenge to the very feudal society Game of Thrones was, back at home she was often nicknamed the "Underfoot" for constantly being up to trouble and rebelling against the social norms of being a prim and proper lady. Deep down, she wanted to be a knight or lord of some sorts, even if it meant going against all of society.

    Alas, those were childish dreams, and at the time she was abruptly pulled out of her world, the Seven Kingdoms were readily in war. As such, Arya had drastically changed and darken. She is very cold, apathetic, and hard to trust other individuals. Rattled to the brim with trauma being a prisoner of war at Harrenhall, the once lively tomboy is slowly husking away, not indulging into insanity but instead the absence of her soul entirely. No, she is not insane, but merely, a husk of a former innocence, cloaked in the tides of war, violence, and death.

    ~Ultimate Title~
    Ultimate Underfoot

    Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire

    ~Item of Importance~
    Needle, a small rapier clearly designed for the usage of an equally small child. This well-crafted, steel sword was given to her by Jon Snow, her bastard brother and one of the closest family members she has. Regarding it with her life, Arya will crawl through the Seven Hells and back to ensure that the sword is under her possession.

    Needle Picture (open)

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  15. I've been trying to play her for so long but I could never finish a game as her, you just took my character >:C *cracks knuckles*
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  16. *Nervous chuckles* Ahahaha, sowwie~! ^_^" I'm too much of a fanboy for Game of Thrones right now. :magician:

    there is always Jon Snow or Dany though~
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  17. Appearance:[​IMG]

    Character Name: Chrome Dokuro

    Age: 13

    Attributes/Powers: She's not big on hand to hand combat, but she can certainly manage it when necessary. She's very skilled in long range attacks. With her handy, Trident(What she's holding) at her disposal, she can create any illusion that comes to mind. She's a very skilled illusionist; she can make people smell,feel,hear,taste things that aren't there. She can even kill with her illusions. Depending on the situation, she can even make her illusions a reality.
    Personality: Chrome would be best described as a very timid girl. She's never opened up to people besides her teacher Mukuro-sama. She often gets very confused when people are nice to her because she never experienced much kindness in her life. She's very quick to protect people that she cares about, but slow to defend herself.

    Weakness: She's heavily dependent on her trident. It's the only thing keeping her alive, in fact. When she got into a car accident all her organs were crushed. It's her illusions that her keeping her alive; by creating fake organs.

    Ultimate Title: Ultimate Mist Guardian

    Canon: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
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  18. Appearance:[​IMG][​IMG]

    Character Name: Wuya

    Age: 1500 (Human years she looks 25)

    Danger Sense
    Earth Manipulation
    Electricity Control
    Fire Control
    Gravity control
    Illusion Casting
    Light Projection
    Time Manipulation
    Unarmed Combat
    Wind Bursts

    Shen Gon Wu (Only as a last resort)

    Weakness: Being stubborn as she is at times it can effect her judgement.

    Personality: Bossy, mother like toward Jack Spicer, stubborn, doesn't like to share how she feels.

    Ultimate Title: Greatest witch of the Heylin side

    Canon: Xiaolin Showdown

    Item of Importance: Reversing Mirror

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Character Name: Jack Spicer

    Age: 17

    Shen Gon Wu (EX: Especially the monkey staff)

    Weakness: Fighting hand to hand he relies on weapons and his robots.

    Personality: He doesn't like jokes about him, he acts like a wine baby kid if his bots are broken. He pretends to be cool. He's smart, creative

    Ultimate Title: Jack Spicer Evil boy Genius of World Domination

    Canon: Xiaolin Showdown

    Item of Importance: Monkey Staff
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  19. Appearance: [​IMG]

    Character Name: Seras Victoria

    Age: 19

    Superhuman strength
    Superhuman speed/reflexes
    Advanced Marksmanship
    Superhuman senses
    Advanced Combat
    Familiar summoning

    Personality: Generally bubbly and cute, but piss her off, and oh boy, she'll turn you into a bloody pulp

    Ultimate Title: Ultimate Wildcard

    Canon: Hellsing Ultimate
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