Murder in Madisonville

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  1. A modern who-dun-nit with a progressive dash of fantasy.
    Your Marvel's Jessica Jones of Fantasy.
    The world of Welcome to Madisonville is loosely based on my original short-series. I say loosely, as I fully recognize that in bringing this story to a roleplay, that the path ahead lies in the hands of the players. Enjoy that idea. This world is yours to shape. And how true this notion is in Madisonville.

    The Premise

    A serial killer is terrorizing the American people. Little more than bodies left in their wake, a select few follow the bloody aftermath to an eerie town. Our fledgling heroes investigate the murders and the utterly peculiar Madisonville in the process.


    Madisonville is a fictional town in the American northeast. Imagine a picturesque slice of Americana. Add trees, proper decades old wood giants dispersed liberally between plots of shops, quaint apartments, and the occasional early 19th century manor. A number of townships might fit the bill if not for the looming presence of the centuries old wood that surrounds Madisonville. No, and the silence of the locals on that topic will prove this particular feature no ordinary forest. Perhaps as a result, the locals too are a strange folk. Men, women, and all manner between boldly wear their ways. A bizarre mirror of a vaguely familiar place. Welcome to Madisonville.

    Modern Fantasy

    Madisonville is a sketch of American taboo new and old. Recognize that I'm a queer, Latino-African American artist whose alma mater's mascot is a geoduck -- the literal dick of the sea. Shit will get weird. Characters player controlled and otherwise will be painted by their taboos. Some may hide their secrets, others may boast them. While this will include real incarnations like drug users, psychopaths, cannibals, and more, expect the odd vampire and witch -- perhaps don't test their reality.

    Like Marvel's Jessica Jones is to Superheros, Madisonville is to fantasy. The premise to the story is quite possible and the world not entirely unlike our own. Still, a layer of the surreal is vaguely present. That hungry look in the always salivating grocer's eye as he hands you your bags. Folk of all manner live and breath, only in Madisonville can they show themselves however they feel fit. Expect a healthy dose of magical whimsy and more than a measure of noirish mystery.


    Your options are pretty much boundless. Really.

    My Madisonville prose centered around the very same premise of our game here. My story focused on the viewpoints of a number of individuals in Madisonville, all of which with a special origin. I included undercover FBI agents tracking the killer, to the not-quite Sweeney Todd bakers trying to make a living, and so many shades between. Basically, this world supports who you want to play and how you want to play them. Be your much admired social justice hero championing your chosen cause or create an avatar embracing some dark indulgence. Oh, and don't forget that while this essentially our world, Madisonville is a pretty freaky place. Magick is definitely possible, but whatever fantastical things exist probably do in the shadows. If you're character is somehow fantastical, consider them the consequence of something larger rather than some ages old vampire. Keep the story in mind and creatively weave yourself into the world and you will be welcomed with open arms.

    A great part of Madisonville is the community. Although this is a world where taboos are often worn openly, one should wonder if this is a distraction from some darker truth. Put simply, this town is full of secrets. I will introduce several NPCs with their own ties to the community, but you're encouraged to do the same. Always watching, always whispering, these NPCs will be anything but inactive.

    ... And that's pretty much the general idea. What do you think?

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