Murder in Hell

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  1. In the dark streets of London, screams can be heard. But not just any screams. Those Demonic in origin. Cries that reach the depths of hell. A soul gone to oblivion and never to return. Blood runs like water through the streets, black as night.

    Alice Lovvete, a cheshire demon, pulled out a little trinket from her pocket. With the tip, she wiped the hair away from the pale girls face. She appeared to be only 30. But with demons, no one can determine age unless given by the demon themselves. Her blonde hair was matted with blood at the tips. Though it wasn't hers. It was a humans, and fresh. "Cause of death?" she asked the detective.​
    "I can't tell. There seems to be no signs indicating struggle, nor any signs of abuse to the body. The blood on her hair is from the salon down the street, maing the time of death an hour ago. People heard screams, but it wasn't human they said. More like a violent animal."​
    "What do you think?" she asked her partner.​
  2. (I will take assumptions and make Jade her partner)
    She looked over and sat on her knees to expect the body, then looking up at Alice, sending her a nod the detective didn't see.
    "I agree with you, and about the violent animal, it might have been caused by something else, not necissarily related to this murder. No animal would be able to kill someone this way. Animals work on instincts and don't intend on "hiding" their work. Though I wonder what it is then..."
    She knew when around humans it was best to try and just rationalize everything. It was clear that the killing had been done by some sort of magical creature. What the detective couldn't see was the horns on the girls' head and the fact that her skin was purple. To him she looked like a normal human. But that didn't explain the blood on her hair. For now she would let the detective assume it belonged to the woman.
    "We'll leave her to you for now, but if we find something, we'll come back, sir."