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Murder II: The Watchful Eyes Pre-Game Discussion

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by SuperChocoMilk, Sep 1, 2014.

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  1. So, here's the discussion! All new members who want to join may join us in the amazingness.
  2. 'Group RP Plotting' makes it sound like we really are some kind of murder group.
  3. Who says we aren't?


    -dumps body in river-
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  4. *Whistles while I slowly nudge a body behind a chair.*
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  5. @SuperChocoMilk

    ....Could I possibly bring a NPC along with my two main characters? I have a future plan for him in the murder events.
  6. Sure, but be reminded that he may be controlled by anyone out there. You however are the only one who may kill him.

    Also, who were the traitors in The Shadow's Grip?
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  8. ........Ellis. @The Gil character, @Akibahara Character, Porichko or howver you spell her name, anddddd. I think that was all, if not I'm only missing one.
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  9. Btw for the next one I'll totally be Bigby again
  10. For the WWII one? :o
  11. I just realized, there goes the old reserved spot on RPN. ;-;

    Ah, well. Since I've decided on my character, I can just wait for tomorrow or whenever the sign-up thread's going on.
  12. I'm gonna be human Slender for the WWII Murder Event, gonna have this big old reason, of why he is no longer a demon and all that. He will still retains small amounts of his power, just nothing compared to his old self.
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  13. Yep

    Ryu Keiko

    "The poor boy defended the group quite a few times and then fed them what some would say was some of the finest food in the world. Or, what was left of it. The charming and calm boy was found hung by a rope, and eyes pointed towards Ruckus as they buried him."


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  15. I anticipate tonight!
  16. It works! And remember: You're only permitted one character for my RPs!
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  17. I do hope you will make a awesome expedition to that when the Silent Hill event comes lol.
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  18. Oh, yeah. What's this I hear about the Silent Hill event having duo characters and whatnot?
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  19. ANNIE

    "The girl created a sanctuary for survivors. She saved many lives, and then when her base was threatened, she led them to a school in the distance. Three weeks later, they had made it. However, soon after their arrival at the school, she was found dead at her desk in a pool of blood. Nobody would have guessed her own brother had done the deed. She was remembered for her bravery and her heroics. Two years after her death when civilization was rebuilt, the survivors at the school built a small statue at the Shadow Hall of Heroes. She had one of the bigger statues, and her plaque read 'THE SAVIOR.'"

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  20. Oookay I moved my butt over here so I can stop spamming the intro thread. XD *waves*
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