Murder II: The Watcher's Eye Sign-Ups!

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  1. What is this Murder Event jazz?
    1. It is always set in a universe where stuff is going down, like a war or an alien attack as to give more tension to the story.
    2. It is based on Multiverse system, allowing characters from all kinds of worlds to join. Dragon Ball, Marvel, DC, anything!
    3. In the start of the RP, once enough players have joined, three TRAITORS will be picked.
    4. On each of the rounds, the traitors will choose a KILL. This kill (any character that they want) won't be able to do anything to avoid being killed by the traitors. Obviously, nobody knows who'll be killed except for the traitors, who'll discuss the kill via PM.
    5. After the kill, the other characters have to investigate the murder, VOTING for who they think to be one of the traitors.
    6. Whoever gets the most number of votes, will get BANNED, even if it is innocent, so be careful as to who you're voting for.
    7. Usually there's an Interlude for the dead and the banned that introduces them back to the story. But it's not like the past was erased. The other characters will remember all the stuff you did.

    "People of Gotham."

    The masked man's voice comes on from the intercom, echoing through the football stadiums speakers. He walked along the cracked and broken ground, his eyes shifting towards the terrified faces of the people, some having run off, but then blocked and turned away by the thugs, mercenaries and prisoners that had been freed to roam the city, doing as they please. "My name is Bane." It almost appeared as if he was mocking them, holding on to his...whatever the hell he was wearing...and talking. He spun around, looking across the football stadium. "And I am Gotham's Reckoning."


    "How does this sound to all of you? One of you, out there, has the power. To tell me 'no.' Anybody?" Bane looked at the crowd, his hands held out in the air, waiting for someone to answer. It was silent for a few minutes, but Bane was patient. He kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Until finally, a young man spoke up.

    "" It was a young man, with a nice, brown crew cut atop his head, and his eyes nervous yet brave at the same time. He wore a green shirt with the words "Go Rogues!" written in bold white letters. At his side, a pretty girl with her eyes widened grabbed his arm and tugged slightly on it. If Bane could smiled he would've. "Yes, young man? May you come closer? I can't hear you?"

    The man stepped away from his girlfriend, walking down the steps and repeating his sentence. "No!"

    "Please come closer. I am getting harder of hearing in my later years."

    The man jumped down from the bleachers, on to the football field, and ran past the giant hole currently in it. He ran towards Bane, but was still around 30 feet away from him. "!"

    Bane tilted his head and looked at the young man. "True courage, is not being unafraid. It is taking a deep breath, and standing in the face of fear." He stated, holding a finger up in the air, and looking around at the many civilians looking in awe at the courageous young boy.

    "Unfortunately, true courage is moronic."

    Bane continued on, the young man suddenly taking a step back, and the rest of the crowd looked in either divine curiosity or divine horror at the poor soul below them. Bane looked at them, his finger raising back into the air. "On March 4, 1933, your president said 'The only thing to fear, is fear itself.'"

    "Here I am!"

    With the last sentence, the masked man spoke with a bit more brutality, a sense of destruction appearing in his tone, a great feeling of dread.

    "Fear me."

    The mercenaries and thugs around him began chanting, as the ground began to quake and shake, Gotham coming to a full on stop. Screams echoed from the auditorium, but the young man held his ground.

    "Deshi Deshi Basara Basara!"

    "Deshi Deshi Basara Basara!"

    They continued chanting, as all of a sudden a large hand appeared on the outside rim of the football stadium, and a large head poked out from behind. The giant stone creature had a rugged bushy mane going across his neck and back, and had vibrant, sad blue eyes.


    Bane rose an extended palm out to the creature, showing him off. "That is Valus. I prefer to call him The Minotaur, however."

    "Deshi Deshi Basara Basara!"

    "Deshi Deshi Basara Basara!"

    Valus crashed through the stadium walls, a giant hammer held in one of his hands...or maybe it was attached...and he swung it down towards the young man, crushing him, yet destroying others with his general collateral damage, just from his body alone.

    "Gotham, I am your new leader. Meet, the Colossi!"


    You Ready For A Roster?

    @Bombielonia as Mackenzie "Kenzie" Malikov and Martin Lawrence (Lost Girl and National Security series)

    @JayJay as Katarina Du Couteau and Mystique (League of Legends and X-Men series)

    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Aqua and Death the Kid (Kingdom Hearts and Soul Eater series)

    @DarkDragon9695 as Satellizer L. Bridget (Freezing)

    @Archmage Jeremiah as Veigar and Lulu (League of Legends)

    @Dallas as Central Officer Bradford (XCOM series)

    @Akibahara as The Biggest Asshole in the Universe AKA Adam the Fucker (Original Character)

    @TheColourlessRainbow as Ethan Woods and Jane (Extant and The Walking Dead series)

    @ResistingTheEnlightened as Felix (Red vs. Blue series)

    @Reaper Jack as Gourry Gabriev (Hajime Kanzaka series)

    @MrDubWubs as Leona (League of Legends)

    @Lunar-Eclipse as Sasha Braus and Rose Lalonde (Attack on Titan and Homestuck series)

    @MattieLee as 2ollux (Homestruck)

    @La Muerte as Deadpool (Marvel Universe)

    @The Gil as John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)

    @Verite as Aoko Aozaki (Melty Blood)

    @Bob_Marley as Bob Marley (Real person)​

    @JextheShadow as Pikachu (Pokemon)

    @Ryu Keiko as Axel (Kingdom Hearts)

    @Aura as Aura the Pegasus (OC MLP character)

    @TheEmpire as Roger and Rocket Raccoon (OC and Guardians of the Galaxy)

    @Rune Slessiane as Rune (OC)

    @Gadwall7 as Garland (OC)

    @Human! SCP - 173 as SCP-173 (SCP Foundation)

    @SirDerpingtonIV as Predator (Self-titled series)

    @Xibilation as The Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland)

    @Black_Widow as Aj Lee (WWE)

    @SpectroVecotr as Delsin Rowe (InFamous: Second Son)

    @AlekseyVN1922 as Konstantin "Kostya" Vetrov (The Storm Gates)

    @Kajika "Bait" Shikoku as Kajika "Bait" Shikoku (Original Character)

    @Lucythe wood elf as Lucy the Wood Elf (Original Character)

    @lilly321 as Lunnara Costanna (Original Character)

    @Freezingcake as Sydney Simmons (Original Character)

    @SteelMoon as Ike (Fire Emblem)

    @Death Name Cry as Ultimate Despair (Dangan Ronpa)

    @BrokenMechanic as Garrus Valkarian (Mass Effect)

    @Cres as Knight Artorias (Dark Souls)

    @beautifulheart as Cujo (Self-titled series)

    @Din as Robin (Batman)

    @ColorfulWindsTheKing as Koiri (Original Character)​
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  2. Joining as John Marston, from Red Dead Redemption

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  3. Already on the roster but what the hell I'll put a post in.

    Name: Gourry Gabriev
    Origin: Slayers/Hajime Kanzaka
    Age: approx. 22
    Weight: 87kg approx.
    Height: 181cm


    Gourry is the current wielder of the Sword of Light in the Slayers Universe.
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  4. I shall be Aoko Aozaki, as she appears in Melty Blood.


    Right, so here's a list of her powers and shit. Abridged and modified to ground her a bit since Type-Moon characters like her tend to be very detailed, and a little overpowered in certain contexts.
    • Strong leg muscles, allowing for superhuman speed and the ability to jump rather high
    • Can conjure magical missiles and fire them with deadly accuracy
    • Possesses imaginary kinetic energy that brings magical energy to life, firing it out as heat and other destructive forces
    • "Starmine and Starbow," a style of thaumaturgy that allows her to base concepts of images in Aoko's head and essentially bring them to life using magical energy, though these spells have to equal the amount of magical energy that Aoko's body can withstand when brought to reality, so she can only create small shockwaves or release mana in the form of rotating stars or exploding fireworks.
    • Adept in martial arts. Classified as a melee-type magus, she can channel mana into her limbs and attack utilizing them. At full power, her melee attacks supposedly resemble rocket burners to those who are on the receiving ends.
    • Enhanced strength; her kick is strong enough to fell a tree if she's not careful. Lucky thing; she often holds back when fighting.
    • Outstanding reflexes, allowing her to stand up to even her sister Touko, who is considered one of the strongest mages in Type-Moon.
    And I'm just gonna go ahead and completely omit the Fifth Magic from her abilities altogether. But you don't need to worry about that one.
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  5. Ye mang. Signing up as Bob Marley [​IMG]
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  6. Am I the only one who read Banes dialogue with his voice? No? Okay...

    Anyway, can't wait for the RP to start! This will be fun.
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  7. 2ollux from Home2tuck.
    [​IMG] <----- Thi2 ii2 the 2hiit he has to deal wiith on the computer, I can relate.
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  9. I'm coming as Torch, a peppy pony with a mild obsession with fires. :heart:
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  10. PiKA.png I am signing up as Pikachu!!!!!!!!!!!! PIKA
  11. Axel-kingdom-hearts-3-11243580-764-582.jpg Hmmm....I think I shall be Axel from Kingdom Hearts~!!
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  12. Also already on the roster but here we go again.

    First character will be Katarina from League of Legends.

    • Raised in Noxus as an assassin, now the most infamous in the state
    • Extremely quick and agile
    • Uses blades and daggers as slashing and / or throwing weapons
    • Has the ability to teleport, details about this here:
    Teleport (open)

    In the game, she can only teleport to other people, ending up right behind them and then having to wait maybe 15 seconds before teleporting again.
    However, in the LoL cinematics, she seems to be able to teleport anywhere she wants, multiple times in a row.
    Applying necessary nerfs and clarifications, these are the conditions on her teleporting:
    1. She needs to be able to see where she is going
    2. There needs to be at least 1 second between every teleport
    3. She can do a maximum of 3 teleports every minute


    Second character is Raven Darkholme aka Mystique from X-Men (going with the J-Law version)

    • Mutant
    • Has the ability to change her appearance to anyone she has met or seen before (pictures or videos count as well, it's canon, trust me)
    • This includes having their voice and way of moving
    • However, she does not gain this person's memories

    In the movies, she's initially extremely embarrassed of her mutant form, since she looks like a 'freak' to the rest of the world, so she remains in human form whenever she can.
    Even though later on she is convinced it's nothing to be ashamed of and she starts walking around in her blue form, I'm going with that earlier version of herself.

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  13. Well, since everyone is posting their character even though they are already on the roster, I might as well too...

    I will be coming in as Central Officer 'Eugene' Bradford!

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  14. tumblr_static_85ogaidexyos0g0g0sc44osww.jpg

    Name: Wade Winston Wilson AKA Deadpool
    Age: 25
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 210 lbs
    • Regenerative healing factor
    • Superhuman stamina, agility, flexibility and reflexes
    • Devices that allow for teleportation and holographic disguise
    • Carries a magic satchel
    • Extended longevity
    • Immunity to telepathy
    • Master martial artist, swordsman and marksman
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  15. Yessssssssss!!
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  16. So many awesome characters. Dis gonna b gud
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  17. I thought it would be nice to play the comic role, and be able to break the fourth wall. Also easier to make sexual references, and with some of the girl characters it will be great. I just want everyone to think of Nolan's voice when they the posts.
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  18. Does anyone happen to kow if this site works with the Tapatalk app???
  19. Because if not, I will be disappearing for a couple of hours TT.TT
  20. It doesn't
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