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  1. Welcome To Murder House

    Something Evil dwells beneath the Murder House, and it wants your life and soul. You might very well die in there if you dare to walk onto the property.

    In Los Angeles, California there resides a house that brings chilling fear to the senses of anyone who passes by it. Rumor has it that spirits still roam within the walls of the structure and odd occurrences are a common thing.... The rumors. The murders. Unsolved cases. Lone eeriness. This house is pretty much it's own celebrity in a way with the frequent attention that it gains. Now when a new family comes into actually buying the frightful house, will things begin to all come to surface?

    1. I'm pretty lenient when it comes to post length, so it's all up to how you roleplay
    2. Character limit is 3
    3. Please Please PLEASE be active if you join, this means at least 1 post a day. That's not too much to ask is it?
    4. Romance is encouraged, but because of Iwaku rules, keep the really smutty stuff in pm's or take it to the libertine forum
    5. If I missed anything, please let me know​
  2. Going as fast as the little beater he was driving could take him, he roared down the street. He would have rolled through anything too if he would have thought to stop and get gas. The car rolled to a perfect stop, almost as if it was parking itself in front of an large, older looking house. He leaned over into the passenger seat and looked out the window. A tense sensation in his gut and the hair standing up on the back of his neck, he shuddered before abruptly jumping out of the car. Slamming his fist down on the hood of his car, he slumped over onto it and mumbled to himself. "Damn it... Damn it all.. Why the f**k did they have to get in my way? It was their fault... Right?" He wretched a bit before puking all beside his car. "No. No it wasn't."
  3. Annie saw the strange man outside the house and her eyes widened. She was scared. Very scared. Her spirit wasn't like a normal six year old's- a sense of dread filled her body at the sight of a stranger. It wasn't even a normal dread. A dread that no-one should feel. Deep in the soul, heart, gut, all a pang. And she couldn't stop crying.

    A wind begins to pick up. Annie had a small amount of control on the house, despite her young age, since she had been there for a very long time. Her wails pierced through the silent air, loud for all of the ghosts, yet for humans it was merely a whisper. She was scared, clutching her bed frame, staring out the window at the strange man. Tears ran down her face, and shakes spread through her body. She was scared, scared, scared.
  4. Leaning against the large tree in the front yard, Nova watched in amusement as the man exited the old-looking car, hitting the hood with his fist. Broken down? Not surprising. Nova pulled out a cigarrete, placing it between her red lips and feeling around in her pockets for a lighter.

    "Ah, shit," she muttered under her breath when she found them empty. Rolling her dark eyes, she pushed off the trunk of the tree and walked toward the car. Maybe this guy retching and muttering to himself had one.

    "Got a light?"
  5. Pushing himself back upright off the side of his car, he wiped his mouth and breathed deeply. Glancing over at the girl he composed himself before replying. "What? A light? Yeah I got a light. Here." Handing her the black zippo from his pocket he ran his hand through his hair and asked, "Don't suppose you could spare one of those." Waiting for a reply, his blood suddenly ran cold as he felt like someone was whispering in his ear. Whirling around he frantically searched all around him. "Did you hear that? Are you f**ing with me?!" Getting paranoid and a little irate his voice started to raise and he clenched his fists. "Did you hear me?! I asked you a f**king question!!"
  6. "Yeah, yeah, I heard you," Nova replied, lighting her own cigarette before handing one to the man, along with the borrowed lighter.
    "Of course I hear it, it's deafening, but don't worry. It's just Annie. She's not fond of strangers... speaking of, what're you doing here?" she asked, narrowing her eyes at the newcomer.
  7. Cole was sat, over looking the scene where someone had apparently stopped dead in this neat car. It seemed alright, except it was slightly rusted. Well, of course Nova would be telling him how now they consider that car to be crap. This is what happened when you die in the early 90's. Then the obviously-belonging-to-Annie's shriek seemed to drill into his ears and run through his spine. "God dammit, Annie!" He murmured to himself. He walked over to Annie's designated "Bedroom", the only part that was actually useful was the bed in it and knocked on the half broken door. He could see her through the cracks in the wood, but still politely knocked.

    (If your car is anything like the ones on this list, he would think they were cool cars.)
  8. Snatching the cigarette from her hands, he quickly lit it and took a long, deep drag. Hand the back of his head he looked her dead in the eyes. "Deafening? What do you mean deafening? I could barely hear it. Are you part f**king dog or something?... Who the hell is Annie anyways?" Parker was hoping to avoid questions like the one she had just asked, he thought carefully about what he should say as not to raise suspicion. "Uhhh... What am I doing here? That's really not any of your business but I'm just drifting. You know? Seeing the world.. Kinda."

    Glancing over her shoulder at the house behind them he tucked his hands in his pockets and rocked on his heels. "This your place? Piece of shit if it is."
  9. "Annie!?" Aurora shouted in reply to her wail. Panic struck through her dead unbeating heart for the little girl ghost she's come to adopt as a little sister. She knew that Annie couldn't be hurt or killed, but in Aurora's mind that didn't matter. Annie had already gone through enough shit in her life and Aurora wasn't about to let her go through more in her death.

    Jumping off of her bed and bolting out of the door Aurora sprinted down the hallway. Pushing through Cole, who was already at the little girl's bedroom door knocking politely, and entering into the overly decorated room. Aurora scooped Annie up into her arms and sat on the bed, stroking her hair to soothe her.

    Looking over at Cole she mouthed, do you know what happened?
  10. Cole shook his head in response, but then he turned round to point at the window. "A stranger...?" He whispered back. Annie tended to do this a lot, but never usually as bad as this. Aurora always acted as a mother, or at least a big sister to Annie, seeing as she was only 6. He ran upstairs, sifting through the box of items he recovered his house before his body was found, he discovered some Koosh Balls. Would Annie like them? He popped them into his pocket and waited for Annie to calm down.
  11. Aurora shrugged as she leaned back to get a better view out of the window. It was dark out but she managed to see a beaten up car, the stranger, a man, that Cole had suggested, and Nova. She sighed in relief addressing both Annie and Cole, "Nova's taking care of it."
  12. Annie sniffled, cuddling into Aurora. Tears still streamed down her face, and she could hardly even speak. She wailed again, inhuman to how loud it was for ghosts. The wail lasted for a long, six seconds. If she was still alive, it probably would've shattered a few windows and scared any animals within a 2 mile radius. She let out a choked sob, still crying it Aurora's arms. At least she was more quiet now. Strangers were traumatic for her. She was only comfortable around Aurora, and she was very slowly warming up to Cole.

    "Who are you?" she screamed through the window, yet the stranger would have only heard a whisper. One of the ghosts- she wasn't sure who- had put an enchantment on Annie's voice. Whenever she was emotional like this, humans could only hear it if they listened hard enough. Ghosts- well, ghosts had the short straw.

    Her tiny, ice cold hands clutched Aurora's with a death grip. Annie was upset.
  13. She held onto Annie tightly, stroking her hair and rubbing her back. Aurora shut her eyes tightly as Annie screeched into her ear. Waiting for her to quiet down Aurora whispered against the top of Annie's head, her messy hair brushing against her own lips, "Sweetie, please, it's okay. No one is going to hurt you. I'm here. Cole's here. Nova's outside dealing with it. We won't let anything come and hurt you."
  14. Annie slowly started to calm down, her choked sobs quieting. She leaned into Aurora's hands as they rubbed her back, and while her hair was being stroked she started to become sleepy. Annie was not a talker, and she expressed herself by body language. As she calmed down, she slouched more, and her fingers uncurled from her bed frame. She wasn't sobbing anymore, but a few tears fell anyway, and she sniffled occasionally. Her face was hidden since it was being cradled into Aurora's chest and shoulder. Aurora had just defused a bomb.
  15. Aurora looked up at Cole and let out a relieved sigh, "Feeling better sweetheart?" she asks Annie. Aurora's eyes were bloodshot, her face was more pale than usual, and the dark circles under her eyes looked as if she had been punched. She was exhausted, calming Annie down was always an emotionally exhausting task, in fact she almost always needed a nap or a hot bubble bath afterwards. However having the capability to do so in the first place was a feat in itself, so she took the repercussions with open arms. Aurora always had a soft spot Annie, so as the years went past the bond between the two girls became iron.
  16. "Yeah, it's not that nice to look at, but it's a roof over my head." Nova took a drag off her cigarette, letting the smoke out her nose. The wailing from the house was quieting; Aroura and Cole must be tending to Annie, she thought. Good. The girl's fits always gave her a headache.

    "Speaking of shit, what's with this car?" she asked, nodding toward the rusted thing the man had arrived in. "Die on you or something?"
  17. "I guess I've seen worse places to shack up." He said gesturing towards the house. Holding the cigarette in his mouth, Parker stuck his pinky in his ear and wiggled it back and forth. "That noise is really starting to piss me off. It feels like somebody is blowing in my ear."

    Parker answered her next question without thinking too much first. "This piece of shit? Hell I don't know who's it-" He caught himself. "I mean.. I don't who's let it get in such bad shape.. It was my buddy's car. His name was uhhh Todd.. Yeah. Todd." He scratched at his chin and said, "Nah. I don't think it's completely conked out. Pretty sure I just ran out of gas. It scoots pretty fast for a beater though."
  18. (Uh a place for Eve and Jacob to jump in please?)
  19. "Right," she drawled, skepticism obvious in her voice. This guy must thinks she's stupid or something, she thought to herself. He was making all this up as he went. It was pretty obvious. He'd probably stolen the car. Flicking the ash off her cigarette, she went along with his story. "Well, why don't you call Todd, tell him to come shovel this rolling turd up? Or walk down to the 7-11 and grab a can of gas, it's not that far."
  20. An expensive looking Jaguar pulled next to the old rust bucket. Even then they appeared very out of place next to each other. The driver window rolled down and out of the window stuck a messy haired teen boy, 17 it appeared. His green eyes flashed with amusement. "You need some help?" he asked in a laughing British accent.

    A girl not for from him in the passenger seat glare at him. "Jacob, be nice." she scorned clutching a book. It read Hunger Games. She had the same brunette hair and forest green eyes as the male but appeared smaller in size. Her hair reached below her shoulders and disappeared behind her back onto the seat. She went back to her book.
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