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    "In Accordance"

    Since the fall of their greatest enemy to date, the Arch Demon, the Coalition had since taken great leaps and bounds to recover from what was lost from the grueling battles. Reforming itself to better compensate for the growing varied number of threats to the multiverse, the Coalition looked to its allies and benefactors to support them in areas where they may be lacking. The Brotherhood of Steel, a paramilitary organization born out of a world ravaged by nuclear fallout, trained the Coalition's soldiers, for no one knew better than them what it took to survive under the most grueling of conditions. Future Foundation, an organization started as a response to the most vile of threats, specialized in training Coalition agents in espionage and infiltration, for they were made up of the most talented of people, a great number of whom could be tasked for whatever was needed of them. The Multiverse Emergency Unit, started first as a force ready to combat any magical threat looming on the horizon, trained agents for when magic was needed against a devastating threat, for the power of these witches and magical girls knew no equal.

    Finally, there was the United Nations, a multiversal organization that had allied itself with the Coalition. While the two groups were said to be on equal standing, it was the Coalition that had to report to the UN. Transparency was required, or else the Coalition would be seen as a threat to the UN. This would not be a problem, if not for the growing tension between the two groups, fueled primarily by a scandal the Coalition had tried desperately to cover up.

    On this day, representatives of each organization had been gathered at the Coalition Headquarters, the best and the brightest there for a very important meeting. For the first time since all groups became allies, the Coalition had called them together for a debriefing, to help them all understand the current state of the multiverse and their enemies.

    The meeting room had grown within the last few months, expanded to accommodate the rapid number of allies and friends the Coaltiion had recently gathered. Holographic imagery had been set up at the center of the circular room, used primarily as a visual aid for whomever was speaking. It was around this holograph that the leaders of every organization associated with the Coalition sat, ready to listen in on the proceeding info. Beyond them and taking up all the other surrounding seats were members of every organization, privileged with the opportunity to hear this valuable intelligence firsthand. Though Coalition members made up the majority, at least a handful of attendees each were from their allies.


    Makoto Naegi, one of the two current leaders of the Coalition, was standing before the hologram, looking slightly befuddled at having to speak in front of so many people. Though those that knew him knew he had a certain way with words, and despite the fact Makoto had been leading the majority of these people for over a year now, Makoto still felt a familiar ache of nervous excitement that he had felt when having to give speeches in grade school.

    "... Hi, everyone," Makoto said, his voice low, but amplified by speakers at the edges of the room. His eyes looked around the room, seeking for a familiar face, quickly coming upon Kyoko sitting nearby. He smiled at her, lingering for just a few second before turning his gaze back to the majority. "As you know... you're here because it's been long due for all of us to come together like this. For some of us, we have been allies since the day this organization was started, and yet we have not had a moment to gather our most valued members together in one place. This occasion is... exciting! All of us, together like this, represent the hope that we wish to give to every world out there!"

    It was then that the Coalition's other leader, Captain-Commander Kieran, spoke up. Makoto and he had agreed to share the beginning of this meeting. "Not only are we using this opportunity to bring us all together, it's important that we discuss, as one body, the status of the worlds around us. While we represent, as Makoto would say, hope for all worlds, there are those that would represent... well, despair." The hologram came to life, displaying an image some found all too familiar. It was the head of the Arch Demon, his mouth opened wide, as if he was about to release a stream of fire upon the group sitting before him.


    Kieran cleared his throat, looking momentarily surprised at how lifelike it was. "Uhh-- See here, this was the Arch Demon. The menace who both brought us together and nearly destroyed us. Though we've defeated him, his influence and presence still linger all around us. There are those who would threaten us by copying his ways... or even just become inspired by him. However, we have to first discuss the most immediate of his legacy... the despair energy he created and his very remains."

    "While we tried... very very hard to collect what remained of him, it turned out a more difficult task than we thought... The Coalition at the time had lost so much, and we didn't have the resources and allies we do today. Before we could gather his remains, the dimension he had made for himself collapsed, and those remains were scattered across different dimensions." Makoto paused, rubbing at the back of his neck. "... When we tracked these remains down, a group was sent from the Torch training grounds to recover them, but they failed in their mission. As a result, those remains were lost to... an unknown threat."

    "While we don't know who has these remains now, we can only imagine those that got to them first has nothing but bad intentions. Those remains are imbued with despair energy... something we've recently began to describe as malevolence. It's not just the Arch Demon's remains that hold malevolence, but anything or anyone that he touched through his Murder Games. It would seem that certain entities can create this energy when sentient beings experience strong negative emotions. The Arch Demon was one such entity, but unfortunately others out there exist."

    Over the course of the presentation, some might have noticed one Kyoko Kirigiri, close associate of Makoto Naegi and re-instated administration member of the Coalition after a year-long absence, seemed a bit distracted. Anyone who had known her for a small while or even had one conversation with her knew that she was normally a focused, forward individual who gave everything her full attention, so those who would notice might find it odd that she seemed... out of it.


    "... Strong levels of malevolence, umm... well, think of it as a corruption... recently, we've discovered there's an entire realm made up of malevolence called the Dark Place, where entities that we can't truly fathom exist. Thankfully, they can't move outside their realm without high levels of malevolence present within our worlds or without hosts they can use. If we're vigilant... these beings, who we call the Dark Presence, can't touch us."

    Whatever Kyoko was thinking of at the moment, she seemed to be really into it, as after Makoto would finish speaking about the Dark Place, a small, albeit uncomfortable, pause would begin in the meeting room, before Kyoko would eventually snap back to the matter at hand. Clearing her throat, the young woman would stand up and begin to speak, elaborating on the Malevolence that Makoto and Kieran spoke of.

    "Even so, we shouldn't be careless. At a crucial time like this, this is no time to be slacking off. We need to be wary at all times for any entities that might have escaped this Dark Place, or otherwise anything else that had been afflicted by Malevolence. This can range from certain people to certain objects, places, or even entire realms," she spoke.

    Before long, a figure in the back would stand up, clearing her throat rather loudly, heard by everyone in the room. Like the others, her voice was amplified by the speakers. Exuding a strong aura of authority, the woman in formal red clothing inquired something.


    "Question, miss speaker," Princess Carissa, one of two representatives of the M.E.U. to attend the meeting, would begin, "If individuals can so easily be afflicted with this... Malevolence you speak of, then would not everyone who participated in these Murder Games, or at the very least, if not those who stood in the presence of the Dark Presence, those who stood in the presence of the Arch Demon, be afflicted as well?"

    As Carissa finished speaking, a certain young, bespectacled young man would shift in his seat uncomfortably, as though the question bothered him.



    Kyoko furrowed her brow, taking in the question for a small moment, before responding in kind to her.

    "... While any of those scenarios described are a possibility that can't be ruled out absolutely, you must consider that it was more the Arch Demon that spread the malevolence. If there's anyone with dormant despair energy residing inside them, it's bound to reside in survivors of any Murder Games that he had orchestrated, most notably the earliest one or ones, to put forward a hypothesis. However, Malevolence is a fragile force, and if put in an environment that is otherwise stable and free of despair, we can hypothesize that it would die off quickly without a catalyst to strengthen it," Kyoko explained, to which Carissa would simply nod in acknowledgement.

    Clearing her throat, she would then proceed to speak again.


    "In any case, we should move forward if that'll be all the questions concerning malevolence. The primary reason this meeting was held was so that we could discuss the current status of the multiverse, and see what we can do to maintain the balance throughout. Does anybody have something they'd like to report?"

    It was then that Revolver Ocelot, another member of the Coalition, would stand up, arms folded behind his back formally.


    "From my observations, we've managed to maintain a malevolence-free world within the Torch, and while the Ragnarok project is a work in progress, it's getting there," he answered, being the first one to give a response, "Other than that, I haven't experienced too much of the despair energy supposedly circulating around."

    A yawn would rise from another Coalition member, nurse Akiko Yosano, who would briefly raise her hand and also speak up.


    "Same, same," Akiko spoke, scratching the back of her head, "My sector has been clean as well. Nothing interesting to report on my end."

    "Did I say I was done?" Ocelot would snap at Akiko, to which the woman would simply give a small laugh and an ominous grin in response.




    Another man, one of Akiko's friends from the looks of it, would clear his throat, shooting an annoyed and impatient look at the nurse's way.

    Doppo Kunikida was one of the many general managers and planners of the Coalition, spending his time and efforts writing notes down, keeping tabs and memos for others, and so on. He was punctual, and hated anything that risked resulting in him and his associates going overtime on something. Thus, most people found it difficult, if not predictably uncomfortable, to talk to, as he always seemed to be in a rush, even if there was practically nothing to be in a rush about from their points of view.


    "If that'll be all, Yosano, Major Ocelot, let's give anyone else who wants to speak their limelight. Shall we?"

    A moment of silence followed Doppo's question, long enough for one who did not entirely wish to speak up during all this to feel the need to ask the questions burning on her mind. The second M.E.U. representative, Morrigan, stood to her feet, all grace.


    "'Tis all well and good, but this malevolence, are there not recorded instances of worlds scarred by this energy? Just recently, a... unique member of both our organizations discovered a being constructed of this malevolence. If I am to understand her origin correctly, a group that once served the Arch Demon is to blame?"

    "Oh... yes, uh..." Makoto hadn't seen this question coming, but he supposed this was important information, after all. "We believe the Order is to blame. They still worship the Arch Demon... they see his despair energy as a holy power. Though they and the Umbrella organization were just working independently for the Arch Demon at first, they have since solidified an alliance." This information was all thanks to Lalonde, who was working for Umbrella as a double agent for now. That particular detail would definitely be left out of this meeting.

    "I see... and so our enemies grow in turn. One more thing, this Ragnarok project, what exactly is that? 'Tis certainly not something my coven is privy to."

    A man standing near the exit of the room, arms crossed as if he wanted little to do with the proceedings around him, gruffly spoke up.


    "The Ragnarok project is largely a Brotherhood matter. It does not concern you, witch."

    Morrigan turned to the man, smiling. "Truly a wonder why anyone questions our unwillingness to allow men into the group, isn't it, Carissa?"

    "Hey, ah..." Kieran found himself laughing nervously, looking between Morrigan and on of the Brotherhood of Steel representatives, Paladin Danse. He wanted to quickly draw the conversation back to himself. "Ever since the days we fought against the Arch Demon, one of our strategic lines of defense was a planet called Ash. It was the site of a Murder Game that ended very badly... we didn't understand it at the time, but malevolence had tainted the land, conjuring entities from the Dark Place and birthing monsters. Our soldiers fought some heavy battles there, and while the planet has somewhat stabilized since the Arch Demon's death, the malevolence has risen recently. We're returning to the battlefield, carving out a better base of operations. This is Ragnarok."

    "But... Ash isn't the only place like this. A known stronghold for the Order and Umbrella is Silent Earth, which was actually the site of another Murder Game... this planet is even worse off than Ash. It's one of our top priorities, but we don't yet have the ability to reliably infiltrate it or destroy it, unfortunately..."

    There was an audible sigh from someone sitting close to Kyoko. He stood up, having been waiting for his moment to speak, but it seemed his opening had been lost in the proceeding conversation. Makoto shut up, looking embarrassed as he let Byakuya Togami have his moment to speak.


    "If we're finally done talking about this malevolence... There are other groups that threaten us and the greater multiverse. We know for a fact that Revan and the remnants of G.O.R.E. still remain at large, calling themselves the Revanchists. He betrayed us and stole valuable technology, making his group one of interest. As of now, we know nothing about their future plans."

    There was a pause as Byakuya prepared his next thing to say. "... We don't know much more about the Zin, an alien race that seems to be following in Elliot's footsteps. Only recently did we infiltrate a compound where a number of individuals were being stored, their minds trapped inside a virtual reality. We're not entirely sure why they were up to this, but from intelligence gathered, we do know the Zin's ultimate goal is multiversal domination."

    "On top of these Revanchists and the empire of Zin," Ocelot added in, "I feel we need to be wary of this other group whose activities have been difficult to monitor, but are still a risk nonetheless. Supposedly, they're called the Blood Institute, and from what a reliable source has told me, they seem to be on the hunt for Rinato Dormi, otherwise known as Lapis Lazuli, who participated within the Arch Demon's Downfall and the recent Daughter Incident, for whatever reason, as well as a number of people who seem to be useful to them," he spoke, thinking back to the blue-haired girl who called herself Crona, and her talk of the Seven Deadly Sins. Quite a mess this could turn out to be.


    "Tch. And I was hoping back then that it would've all ended with the death of the Arch Demon and Wesker. Feels like whenever we pop one bad guy, two more pop up in his place," Jill Valentine, another member of the Coalition and one of the few surviving members of the earliest recorded Murder Game, commented idly on the side as she sat in the room, crossing her arms.



    Meanwhile, Ritsuko Akagi, the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Universes, seemed to sneer at Jill's comment for whatever reason, though didn't say anything further than that.

    "So..." A moment passed where Makoto waited for someone else to speak. When no one raised their voice, he continued. "That marks the end of the first portion of this meeting... Ah, we're going to go on break for an hour, where we'll then come back here and take what we've discussed and move on to our plans to combat these threats in the future." Makoto smiled widely, taking everyone in one last time.

    "I hope such a discussion... truly gives hope to all of you."

    As everyone would begin to leave, Kyoko would stand up and tap Makoto on the shoulder, a stern, yet also concerned look on her face.


    "Hey... I need to talk to you. Let's take it... to the Command Center though."


    It wasn't long before everyone had been moved into the sizable Lounge, left to mingle among themselves while they waited for the second part of the meeting to commence. That was not to say everyone wasn't allowed to tour the headquarters at their leisure.

    If one was hurting to talk to someone other than the people they'd just been with in the meeting room, they could see a young woman, dressed similarly to a maid, cleaning up the place, complete with a white apron, though her hair was rather long, and one would think it'd get in the way.

    At the current moment, she seemed fixated on her own devices at the moment, though she seemed available to talk to if you so desired.


    "Ah, jeez... I'm really going to let that R2-D2 droid have it now. It's like having a miniature car in the base, he leaves so many tracks!" The maid mumbled to herself, furrowing her brow as she'd clean up the mess.

    A small beeping would be heard in the midst of the lounge, coming from Ocelot's form, specifically a bracelet-watch on his right wrist. Looking at it, the soldier would furrow his brow as he looked at the small screen on the device, pressing his finger on it to silence it, before taking a sigh.


    "Looks like some prisoners are causing a ruckus down at the Holding Cells. I'll take care of it," he said, before walking off. You were free to follow him and see just what was going on if you felt like. There were plenty of spooky stories passed around base concerning the holding cells, though few people ever dare to go there, though no one could ever remember the specifics, except for one matter where it was known that the Holding Cells currently housed two high-profile prisoners. Ever wanted to meet a celebrity bad guy behind bars?

    Jill Valentine yawned and stretched before making her way to the exit of the lounge. "Hey, if anyone wishes to see me, I'll be enjoying some quiet in the Library." Without comment, Morrigan followed after. It was known there was a wealth of information on the Coalition and the multiverse was available to find. It was largely a digital library, and the few physical books around are generally brought on by the crew. Despite that, a quiet environment was encouraged.

    "Hm. I should see what Kirigiri and Naegi are up to in the Command Center..." Byakuya left quickly after speaking this, heading to the the heart and soul of the headquarters where one would likely find its leaders.

    Continued here.

    Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Chapter Three

    Chapter Four

    Chapter Five

    Final Chapter


    Cast List
    @Gummi Bunnies as Add and Elesis (Elsword)
    @DBZ7 as Anna (Fire Emblem)
    @Nater Taters as Artyom Chyornyj (Metro)
    @Jeremi as Bekka and Red Tornado (DC Comics)
    @Wren as Bradley Martin Holland (OC)
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as Deoxys (Pokemon)
    @Archwar as Doomguy (Doom)
    @Crimson Spartan as Erron Black (Mortal Kombat)
    @Ringmaster as Lucifer Anghelscu and Saber Alter (Murder Series / Type-Moon)
    @Crow as Maki Kido and Madoka Karasuma (Idolmaster OC)
    @Atomyk as Makoto Naegi (Danganronpa)
    @Chewy Rabbits as Nemo and Astaroth (Murder Series)
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Princess Ilona of Arendelle (Murder Series) and Train Heatnet (Black Cat)
    @Raven as Piper Wright (Fallout)
    @Cirilla as Mercy (Overwatch)
    @darnerdemons as Miko Wanijima (Air Gear OC)
    @Krieg as Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)
    @C.T. as Qrow Branwen (RWBY)
    @BarrenThin as Reinhardt Wilhelm and Genji Shimada (Overwatch)
    @Minerva as Robin Aquilus and Corrin (Fire Emblem)
    @york as Ruby Rose and Zwei (RWBY)
    @Kaykay as Sakuya Izayoi and Remilia Scarlet (Touhou Project)
    @LuckycoolHawk9 as Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)
    @Yun Lee as Shi-Long Lang (Ace Attorney)
    @pubbbb as Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama (Mob Psycho 100)
    @Verite as Shiki Tohno and Len (Type-Moon)
    @The Tactician as Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!)
    @Takumi as Toboe (Wolf's Rain)
    @Yang Lee as Uncle Iroh (Avatar)
    @Hospes as Weiss Schnee and Winter Schnee (RWBY)
    @Gula Gula as WordGirl and Dr. Two-Brains (WordGirl)
    @Josh M as Wynne (Dragon Age)
    @Sen as Zen (Mystic Messenger)
    @Bomb as Zidane Tribal and Bibi Ornitier (Final Fantasy IX)​
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  2. [​IMG]

    Producer Siblings Prologue

    Continued from here.

    A fine, silver-hued Suzuki flew under the setting sun.

    "Brother, stop eating these donuts. They're for the coworkers," a taller woman said to her similiarly-clothed younger, shorter brother.

    "Only if you stop eating those donuts yourself," the brother retorts, "also why do we have BGMs on this thing?"

    "You kids these days can only be entertained by lyric-filled music," the woman sighs, "don't you know that lyricless music keeps a calmer mind due to how your-"

    "If I wanted a science lesson, I'd chill with Shiki and Akiha."

    "Or Akiha and Shiki."

    "Uh, what?"

    "Pecking order, lowest to highest."

    An awkward silence ensues, shortly before being broken by the woman.

    "You know brother, having two jobs is kind of thrilling at times. One point I'm a grand marching band conductor-to-be wearing a business suit, the other point, I work for some multiversal government thing. It's kind of like those Superheroes with double lives. Superheroes like Wonder Momo."

    "What's a Wonder Momo?"

    "YOU'RE DEAD TO ME!!!"

    "Not dead enough!!!"

    The car reached a certain parking lot that stood under the orange sky, alongside a large building. The siblings approach the entrance of the large building.

    "The drill?"

    "The drill."

    They unleashed cards from their pockets and smacked them onto the scanners provided by the sides.

    "Clocked in."

    "Clocked in."

    The door opened, then locked behind them as they entered. As they continued to walk, they encountered a special door that was paved by stairways to the next floor. Additionally, various people who patrolled the zone bowed to them, and they bowed back, as if they were very, very familiar with the siblings. They even exchanged small chat.

    But back to the matter at hand - the item behind the door. Before they could enter it, they needed the scanners to scan their cards again.

    "A lot of security for a higher door."

    "Or maybe they're wondering what would happen if someone who wasn't supposed to know... well... knew."

    "You ruined the goddamn joke, sister."

    At last, they gazed upon a cylindrical contraption that created a chasm in the wall. Metallic, circular rings lined the insides of this cylindrical gap.

    The siblings slammed their cards on this machine's scanners, causing the machine to activate and glow, seemingly creating an odd spiral effect. The siblings were unphased, and entered this dimensional gateway with no qualms.

    In a matter of time, the two siblings were in another place. The door opened to unleash them into a cleaner working environment - an environment known as UN Headquarters.

    This was no ordinary UN though.

    "Good evening everyone!" the youthful, boy-like figure the individuals here would recognise as 'Kido' exclaimed. "We brought donu- what?"

    Kido opened the box of donuts, only to find it empty.

    "Good thing I brought two more boxes, you glutton. Some for everyone," the older sister, the ones here would recognise as 'Madoka', flicks her little brothers temple as she settles two filled boxes of donuts on a table. "How do you all do on this fine moonlit night? Or sunny day, for that matter."

    "You ate a lot too, sister. I'm not the only glutton here."

    "True, true. Irresistable, I do add."

    Kido pouted in response.


    If one were to open the boxes, they would find various flavourglazed donuts, but no evidence of plain sugar. With descriptions such as 'irresistable', 'plain sugar' was the last thing one would think of, that is, unless you were a certain masked magician who fights with jewelry.

    @The Tactician
    @Yun Lee
    @Gummi Bunnies


    It had been a drag sitting through that meeting, listening as each of the speakers (some of whom seemed to just be kids) gave their reports about the various topics that apparently interested the higher ups in the organizations. As for Shizuo, it seemed rather tiresome to put up with, especially when a few of them started bickering between each other. Why the hell couldn't they all just explain their problems and get on with it? Was this what that Robin guy put up with on a daily basis?

    Seemed like a constant headache to the former bartender, but then again, he wasn't here for actually talking. He was here as muscle, and as muscle, he was gonna be ready to put down any ruckus before it started. Seemed like that army officer had something he needed some forceful convincing to handle.

    "I'll be back in a minute, boss. That holding cells trouble sounds like something I could help with."

    He spoke towards Robin, the leader of the UN and the man who was technically in charge of him at the moment, though it was simply a notification of his absence rather than a request for permission. Whether or not the tactician agreed to his departure, Shizuo was already walking after the man known as Ocelot, nodding to the shorter man out of respect for his rank.

    "I'm up for helping out with the prisoners. Just tell me if you need me to do something."

    @Verite @Minerva @Ringmaster @C.T. @Gummi Bunnies @Atomyk
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  4. With the meeting over the Piranha Queen stretched, exasperated a small bit at all the information she was provided recently. Thinking over the options as she watched the people scatter and leave, she decided to move towards the command center where her initial interests were piqued.
    "It's always a plus to make friends with the superiors.." She thought aloud to herself with a low hum while hovering away on her Air Trek. Though she could still be talked to for chatting if intervened on the way. A relatively new member to the coalition no one knew her much an she wanted to know everyone better.

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  5. It was the first time he had ever been in a meeting like this, since joining the Coalition with Elizabeth. Honestly, while the Torch had been quite a shock at first, seeing something on a grand scale such as this- All these people and knowing their history, working alongside them? All of it put the Executor in a state of awe, knowing in this room was one of the most powerful organizations in the known multiverse. It was hard to not be affected by the collection of shared hopes and dreams, all brought together by the simple urge that was duty. Duty to ensure the worlds as a whole kept ticking and that enemies who sought to consume all they touched were stopped. That was an organization Lucifer could get behind. That was a banner worthy of his service.

    Still, he kept to the back. Standing rather then sitting, dressed in the garb of a priest as his familiar and trademark hat rested atop his head. By his side, an impassively pale, if intense looking nun stared out at the gathering. In contrast to his own relaxed pose, she on the other hand would be eyeing the exits and determining the various foes that might impede their escape. Lucifer broke the silence softly.

    "You need not fear. Not in this place."

    She flickered her gaze his direction, dragon-gold meeting blood-red as she frowned.

    "Hope for the best, prepare for the worse....I am not so confident that others will be as welcoming as you and Lady Zatara has been with me."

    "What of Dr. Harold?"

    "Too eager for a new test subject." Arturia, AKA 'Saber Alter' said flatly as she placed a hand on her hip, looking down upon the gathering. At any rate, talk was over as the meeting began to start. It was all information that was of interest to Lucifer. The Arch Demon for example, was before his time- He knew it was the catalyst that brought these people together, but what came after seized his interest mightily as well as Saber. Though for variant reasons.
    Lady Morrigan. The hardass one, not the succubus. Lucifers eyes flickered briefly as she mentioned him, knowing she wasn't entirely at home with his presence in the House of Mystery. Which was a polite way of saying that she wanted him out quicker then a bat out of hell, but his record and his supporters- Such as they were, spoke for themselves. What worried him mostly was the reaction, especially after the explanation of Malevolence and its association with their enemies.

    Which was why Saber was acting so high strung, fully prepared to run for it, half expecting a spotlight to fall on her before the meeting turned into a lynch mob. When it didn't, she relaxed but only by a hair. Lucifer was more concerned with the rest of the information delivered, some of which he had a little background knowledge in due to...Recent events. All signs pointed to the Order and Umbrella.

    In Azeroth, where the Wild Hunt had roamed and pillaged.

    And in New Detroit, where a crazed magician played god, the current result being Saber Alter next to him. One way or another, all paths were leading to a final confrontation- Perhaps now, they finally had the firepower to end this, once and for all?

    He could only hope and as the meeting adjourned, he turned and Saber Alter followed after. Priest and Nun in quiet step by step.


    "Hmm." Saber Alter hummed quietly in reply, her eyes a silent confirmation as she and Lucifer fell into step behind and at either side of Major Ocelot, like a dark honor guard. As they did, Lucifer asked quietly.

    "How big a ruckus, sir?"

    Saber Alter on the other hand, would summon her armor, visor included as the clank of plate mail added to the imposing image that was the power walk to the cells.

    @The Tactician @Verite @C.T. @Hospes @Chewy Rabbits @Takumi @Atomyk @Gummi Bunnies @Sen @Minerva @Boss Squad roll.

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  6. "Count me in too." He casually added, falling in line behind the two. As much as it was required for the job, the big meetings with people just droning on and on were never really his thing. Not that he couldn't handle himself in such situations, but it was just dull. He suspected that was one reason Oz kept a small inner circle as well. The bureaucracy could swallow a guy up in an ocean of red tape if he wasn't careful. No, being in the field was much preferable, where the action...and the ladies were. That brought a smirk as he raised his flask up for a quick sip. Mhhhhhm. Aged to perfection.
    "...Now it looks like a party. Everyone's invited."

    @Verite @The Tactician @Atomyk @Ringmaster
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  7. The lean tower of strength nodded to the two newcomers to the posse that was heading down to control the problem downstairs. The two seemed a rather odd pair, one dressed like one of the Catholic priests were rarely seen in Japan but familiar enough through media to be recognized and the other some sort of noblewoman who liked to dress like a knight. For a moment, he wondered what exactly the priest had to bring to the situation, but then thought better of thinking he wasn't prepared. Most of the people in the Coalition seemed to be strong enough to handle themselves, so Shizuo would welcome the help.

    "Name's Shizuo. Nice to meet you both."
    "Been awhile, old man. Was wondering if you were still running around..."

    He smirked at the older swordsman, recognizing him from their time fighting the Reapers. It seemed he hadn't been the only one to take the U.N.'s offered employment with Qrow here, and he wondered who else from their time in a Murder Game was running around the meeting.

    "How have you been?"

    Alright, Mob.

    The voice of his master Arataka Reigen echoed in Mob's head, being the voice mob used to turn to when in a situation he didn't know how to respond to.

    You're being accepted into a huuuge organization. These guys mean business.

    As he repeated what his master said to him in his head, he turned towards the door leading to the holding cells, maybe to make a good first impression to his new friends here at the coalition! Make some allies! It did seem like a good idea...

    But remember, never let your guard down. Even huge businesses can be up to some shady stuff. If I were you, I wouldn't trust anybody you meet there. This multiversal stuff is still pretty sketchy if you ask me. But this is also your time to shine, Mobbu! You're using your powers to help people! To help everyone! DON'T LET US DOWN!
    Also if you could hand out these flyers while you're there that would b-

    The compassionate voice of his master continued. I mean, Mob was kind of new. Well, actually, he wasn't new. This is just the first time he has ever thought about social interactions in the Coalition. He used this as an excuse not to go to holding cells after an awkward pause mid strut towards the door. He gulped and switched his direction swiftly back towards the lounge. Mob thought to himself about his situation. He's an awkward boy, he doesn't really know many people in this organization, but he's a powerful psychic so that alone might get respect of some of the people here. Man he wishes either Dimple or Ritsu were here. They'd be great at guiding Mob through this. But there's no time to worry about 'oh i wish x was here'.

    So Mob followed his instincts. If he was gonna be a quiet dork like he usually is, and he wanted to be popular, he better off be in a place where being quiet was the norm. With this in mind, the young boy made a hasty retreat to the Library.

    @Library peeps
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  9. Shiki Tohno & Len: Prologue - The World of Shiki Tohno


    All this Coalition talk was somewhat foreign to Shiki, to be completely honest.

    Though he was aware of the greater multiverse and the threats that loomed inside it, all this talk of Malevolence and Revanchists were like a different language to Shiki. After all, he wasn't some hardened soldier who regularly traveled to different worlds, nor was he some intelligent multiversal know-it-all who knew very much about the affairs of the greater multiverse, what with talk of some bigger United Nations or Emergency Unit or whatever.

    He was just a boy who could see the world for as fragile as it really was.

    Still, he was obligated to participate in the big meeting anyway, considering he was present at Coalition HQ, and because, as told by Nurse Akiko, who he made the mistake of becoming "friends" with, he was considered "special." Moreso because as it would turn out, Shiki was one of the people who had been in the Crossed Incident. One of the few still left alive, in fact. With the recent deaths of Garrus Vakarian and Molly, among others, it was hardly a coincidence that people like those were dying off systematically. After the attempt on Shiki's life by an Umbrella agent who called himself VECTOR, who referred to the boy as a "Progenitor," apparently things became more stressed around the Coalition from there.

    Or at least, that was the impression that he'd gotten from Mr. Kunikida.

    He recognized a woman from back in the Crossed Incident, Jill Valentine, as well as a young woman who looked strikingly similar to Miss Elsa from back then. He wondered if people like them were all being gathered here for protection, considering something big was bound to happen soon. Or at least, that's how he felt, judging not just from the general behavior of some people, but also his gut feeling.

    Once the meeting was over and everyone had been off to take a recess, most residing within the lounge, Shiki would sit by himself for a brief period of time in said Lounge.


    "Ah, jeez..."

    The past few months hadn't been the easiest. Leaving those he loved behind like that. But it was for the best. For the sake of everyone. For them and himself.

    Initially, he had left to "find himself," cheesy as it sounded. But it really was something he had to do. He had to find his reason for living, because all this time, he never really knew how to live. He was always fighting, always on the edge of death, always ready to transition the other side. Only for it to turn out that he never did end up meeting his end. It wasn't until he was faced with the death he thought he didn't fear so close that he realized that to live was to fear death.

    And now that he realized what he had, he would have to put it to the test one last time. But against what, even he didn't really know.

    Like what Ms. Valentine had said, for every time Shiki fought something, he thought that was it. He thought there couldn't be anything more frightening. A physical manifestation of 666 monsters, a reincarnator who possessed the body of his adoptive brother, a multiversal arch demon bent on ruling the multiverse, the works. But Shiki forgot one thing.

    The most frightening thing man will ever face will always be himself.

    But the question was... Was he something that he could overcome?



    Meanwhile, his token catgirl Len just silently sat next to him.

    She didn't talk much.

    Any takers for trying to pet her? Anyone?​
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  10. Robin hadn't paid much attention to the meeting. Meetings and politics were never his thing. Sure, he was the Secretary-General of the UN, but bureaucracy still bored him to death.

    He nodded as Shizuo as he headed to the Holding Cells, and rose from his chair.

    He began to head to The Command Center He had something to discuss with Naegi and Kirigiri. He didn't want to stay around Ritsuko, the Deputy-Secretary-General any more.

    Corrin followed Robin, as she was his guard.

    @Atomyk @Verite @Command Cebter @UN folks
  11. "Don't ever call me old."


    "And ya know, same old same old. World keeps on spinning, no matter how bad things seem to get."
  12. Lucifers gaze flicked curiously to the first speaker, somewhat taken aback at a sight he rarely saw save in his mirror. At the others friendliness, he responded courteously in turn as he spoke to both.

    "Lucifer. M.E.U. and WAND."

    "A-Saber." The knight said quietly. Where Lucifer was curious about the people, Saber was more interested in their weapons. The red-caped one was unusual, not one she was familiar with. The other seemed bereft of weapons at all. A martial artist? Well, she'll see at any rate. Wanted to ask but not wanting to break the ice so much, she turned back to her measured pace. Lucifer smiled apologetically before speaking.

    "What department are you two in?"

    @C.T. @The Tactician @Verite

  13. The Demon, The Boy, the Maid, the Vampire, and The Cowboy.

    "Can't we turn that off, Nemo? That damn laptop's distracting the hell outta me." Astaroth growled as he stared at the aforementioned laptop sitting atop Nemo's bed as it blared out some kind of metal music. Nemo was a huge fan of the genre but having actually been to Hell, Astaroth found the lyrics somewhat lacking. But Nemo needed the music for ambiance for today they were trying something special.

    "You know we need the music, Astaroth! For what we're planning on doing? We're gonna need all the background motivation we can get!" The boy murmured as he drew a red marker out from his back pocket and a small whiteboard for him to write upon. Laying the board in the center of his room, Nemo began to draw. Beads of sweat were rolling down from either side of his head. What was it that the boy was drawing?

    "Done!" Nemo exclaimed as he slipped the cap on the marker and tucked it away for future use. Stepping back to show off his drawing to Astaroth, the demon leaned down to glance at the board. "...Yep, that's a perfect pentagram if I've ever seen one. But you sure you wanna do this, Nemo? You only recently got that new eye. Who knows what'll happen once you actually try it out?"

    Nemo was unfettered by the idea of hypothetical scenarios and what ifs. If this eye was bad as Astaroth made it out to be, why would the demons have given it to him? They were his friends after all and Nemo never doubted his friends. "We've got to do this, Astaroth. So you can know and so I can know." Nemo said as the demon sighed and motioned for Nemo to proceed. "Alright, alright. Do what you gotta do then."

    "Okay! So, I gotta say the incantation first. Well, let's see...'O you Soul, greatly majestic, behold, I have come that I may see you; I open the Netherworld to liberate from you a son that has earned his wings. I have opened up every path which is in the sky and on earth, due to my master's gracious nature. I am noble, I am a spirit, I am equipped; O all you gods and all you spirits, prepare a path for me."

    Wiping off a bead of sweat once the incantation had finished, Nemo noticed that the pentagram was growing a sickly looking green.

    "Hey Astaroth? Is it supposed to do that?"

    "No! You messed up the incantation! It's not 'liberate' or 'earned his wings', it's 'to return a son whom has lost his way' You screwed the whole thing up!" Astaroth roared as Nemo winced. "I...I thought mine sounded better! You guys aren't really so much demons as you are guardian angels!"

    "Nemo! You're looking at it as a matter of semantics. We are demons, their's no two ways about it! We are what we are because of what we did in life! If we were angels then we wouldn't be having this conversation! But you said those words and do you know who was listening?"

    Astaroth gripped onto Nemo's shoulders as he looked at the pentagram which was opening up as demonic looking hands reached out and gripped onto Astaroth and Nemo.

    "The devil himself..."

    The sensation was new to Nemo who would have cried out had Astaroth not cupped his mouth. His parents may not have been home due to working late but he didn't want Nemo's screams alerting some other nosy residents in the apartment complex. The hands burned flesh at their mere touch and even as Astaroth sliced at them with his stinger, they simply replicated. Digging his talons into the ground, Astaroth wasn't sure how exactly he'dclose this thing or even if he could! He knew the incantation from heart to heart and the process was simple enough if excruciatingly painful.

    Here? The hands seemed much more demonic in nature and it's likely Satan wasn't too pleased at the idea of Nemo broadcasting his intentions to liberate more of Hell's citizens. Nemo had already seen Hell while saving Astaroth from it with Yukin. He wasn't keen on seeing it again. Flipping up his eyepatch, Nemo pulled off Astaroth's claw and yelled as his eye began to glow.



    It seemed the demonic energy conflicting from Nemo's 'Eye of the Devil' and the portal weren't meshing too well. The last thing Nemo and Astaroth would have seen a flash of white light as the hands seemed to recoil in fear. Not too long after, the light would have dissipated and neither Nemo, Astaroth, and the whiteboard would have been in the room any longer. It's as if all them disappeared. At the same time, Nemo's parents had finally come home and having expected their son to come greeting them, his mother rushed upstairs.




    Pulling open the door, his mother would have been relieved to see that it was simply Nemo's laptop playing a song.

    Seeing no sign of Nemo, his mother assumed that he had simply gone out with one of his friends. But after the night Nemo came home with a gouged out eye, could she really be sure...?

    As for Nemo and Astaroth, it seemed that when the demon energies had collided, the two had ended up not in Hell. But somewhere completely different. Though given the inhabitants? One might have considered it Hell to a certain degree.


    Rising to his feet and hunching over, Astaroth flew over to a nearby tree and dug his talons into a branch. He almost resembled a gargoyle with how hunched over he was with his claws drooping downwards. Glancing down at his human friend, the demon spoke up with a concerned tone. "Nemo? You alright there? I saw you use the eye and then everything went white."

    The boy slowly sat up and winced as he felt a torrent of blood gushing down from his left eye. All of the corners of his eye's pentagram had been used up in the attempt to stop the Devil's influence. Well, he had been warned that using all five corners would have done something like this. But that'd only be if he summoned the demon strong enough to need all the corners. That demon was one Nemo and Astaroth had fought before and weren't keen on seeing again so Nemo thought he'd avoid this problem altogether.

    But apparently the Devil's Eye wasn't without it's flaws. Keeping one hand pressed to his eye to try and stem the flow of blood, Nemo glanced over at Astaroth and nodded his head.

    "Yeah, I'm fine Astaroth. I didn't think it'd take all five corners to close the portal but I guess I learned something from all this.."Trying his best to wipe away the blood trail, he glanced around with his one good eye. "We're not in Hell are we?"

    "Don't think so. At least not any kind of Hell that I've ever been to, the one I was in? Didn't have places that looked nearly as nice as that."


    "The red moon's a familiar touch though. Think we had one of those down below." Astaroth quipped and Nemo wasn't quite sure if he was kidding or not. But if this was indeed Hell then they had to get out of here as quickly as possible. They had managed to save Astaroth through the skin of their teeth without alerting Satan and that was when they had a badass like Yukin on their side. When it was just the two of them? Nemo wasn't so sure.

    "Let's go say hi then."

    Walking towards the mansion, Nemo had a determined look on his face. Despite of course the blood running down his face and the throbbing headache he had gained from straining his eye like that. Seeing his friend walk so boldly towards the mansion, Astaroth leaped off the tree and ran after him on all fours."What?! We don't even know who could be living in that place! It could be a demon much stronger than me!"

    "Whether they're the biggest and baddest demon in this place or whether they're willing to part with a cup of tea. We're going to walk in there, look them straight in the eye, and be as polite as possible. Am I understood?"

    "..Heh, yeah kid."

    As the two would walk up towards the mansion it seemed a gate blocked off them from the mansion itself. However it seemed the entrance to the gate was blocked off by a male who was sitting on the ground with his back to the gate itself. Head tilted down and looking at his revolver he seemed to pick up on the sound of footsteps as he picked his hat off the ground and put it on as he stood up.


    "Didn't get word of any visitors... So that means you two should turn around and leave 'fore I have to do somethin' the both of you will regret..." the male responded his voice muffled by his mask but clear enough to get his message out to the two. This folks was Erron Black and he had one job which was to guard this gate. With two people who walked up and him having no prior information on visitors it was clear that he wasn't about to let them in.

    "So take a walk you two and get the hell out of here..."


    Nemo had to admit he wasn't sure what warranted the sudden hostility. Though he guessed if this was actually Hell, he shouldn't have expected politeness from one of it's denizens. But this guy didn't seem like any kind of cowboy. In fact he kind of reminded Nemo of the old cowboy movies his dad used to watch.

    "..Are you a cowboy, sir?"

    Nemo asked as he stepped forward only to pause as the gun popped up. He wasn't planning on getting shot in the face and Astaroth wasn't keen on letting that happen. Stepping in front of Nemo, Astaroth bared his fangs at Erron black.

    "Ain't got much room for sympathy, cowpoke? We didn't mean to end up at your boss's front gate, we just need to figure out where we are and how to get back home."

    Astaroth coiled up his tail and gripped his claw around the collar of Nemo's shirt. He had a plan and hopefully one that wouldn't see his young friend pumped full of lead.

    "Hate to break it to ya but I don't give a damn 'bout yer situation..."

    Black had spoken up clearly not caring at all about what happened to Nemo and Astaroth.

    "Let me tell you 'bout a couple things..."


    "First off yer in Genosokyo so good luck findin' a way out..."

    "Secondly, this is private property so you'll have to go somewhere else... Wherever that may be I personally don't give a damn..."

    "Lastly yeah, Guess you could call me a 'cowboy'... Though i've been around fer over 150 years..."

    Black had spoken up as he kept that revolver held tightly in his hand. One thing was for sure however... Neither of them were getting past him without a fight as he seemed really intent on keeping them out...

    "So get to walkin' unless you two want to end up like those fellas over there.." Black added making a small gesture to the pile of bodies that was a few yards away from where they were standing.

    Feeling a foreboding sense of fear lingering over him as Erron casually pointed out the bodies, Nemo tried to register all of this. So this hadn't been Hell where the two of them had ended up but some place called Gensokyo? It didn't sound familiar to the boy at all but he really didn't want to have to fight. Not when it meant possibly having to seriously hurt this guy.

    "We...We'll just leave then, Mr. Cowboy. Come on, Astaroth."Nemo tugged on his friend's claw which was still tightly gripping his collar. Astaroth scoffed at the comment.

    "Speak softly and carry a big stick. I see how you operate. But weain't leaving. We're also not becoming the latest display in your morbid score board." Astaroth levied a glare over to the corpses. What kind of sicko kept these around?

    But for however much as Erron's personality grated on the demon's nerves, he didn't care about what happened to him. He'd already been to Hell and back, twice at this point. What could a cowboy with a stick up his rear do? But Nemo still had a life ahead of him and he wasn't going to let it be cut down like this.

    Hurling Nemo as high as he could, the boy soared over the gates to the mansion and crashed to the ground. Groaning in pain, Astaroth didn't waste any more time and lunged towards Erron on all fours.


    "Go get help, Nemo! I'll hold him off!"

    The demon roared as he lashed out with his tail at Erron. Nemo was understandably a bit jostled from what had just happened. He had been fully willing to part from this place and try to find help somewhere else. But then Astaroth hurled him through the air and the next thing he knew, he was face first in the dirt.

    But with Erron being as he was, Nemo didn't want to sit around for too long. Lest he get shot after all. So picking himself up, the boy bolted for the mansion. He had to try and find help!


    It didn't take long as Nemo hit the ground the bullet in Black's first revolver shot out and was on a crash course for Nemo's shoulder.

    He'd have gone for the head but thanks to a charging Astaroth he had to take a much quicker shot. Speaking of the charging Astaroth, Black went to jump backwards the tail managing to connect but only across his chest which he seemed to ignore. Blood dripped out of his opened wound on his chest but it didn't seem deep as he took out his second revolver looking to fire off a couple quick shots at his attacker.

    "Nothin' personal... Just business..."

    The front door to the mansion felt so far away to the disoriented boy as he staggered to his feet and ran for it. It seemed to get further and further no matter how many steps he took! Perhaps it was the impact of him being flung to the ground or the bullet tearing through his shoulder blade. He couldn't quite differentiate it.

    Clutching a hand to his shoulder, blood gushed out from the hole Erron's shot had made. Why was this guy so dedicated to his job? Why did he seem so casual about hurting people? About taking their lives?! Running until he reached the front door, Nemo pressed a blood-soaked hand against the door as he pulled it open and ran inside.

    Having heard the gun go off and seeing Nemo stumble to the ground, Astaroth's muscles surged with energy as he ducked from side to side to try and avoid the shots fired his way as he tried to close the distance between him and Erron. This bastard had not only threatened to take their lives but had shot at Nemo!

    "Well, you just went and made it VERY PERSONAL!"
    Waiting for Nemo behind the door was a woman with white hair and blue eyes in a maid outfit. The chief maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion had begun to notice some noise coming from the outside, and upon deciding to check up on it there seemed to be a young boy at the door. A young boy they had not invited as a guest.

    The maid twirled the knives she was holding in her hand as she greeted the boy.


    "Oh. Hello there. Sorry, but you may not pass through here. How did you make it past our gatekeeper, anyway?"

    "I'll let you in on a little secret... The people inside that mansion..? They're a hell of a lot stronger then me so yer friend there probably ain't gonna make it far..." Black casually pointed out as he backed up a bit holstering his revolver as he went for a sand grenade on his belt.


    Keeping up fire with his one revolver until it ran out of shots Black threw a sand grenade in the hopes of hitting Astaroth with it once it goes off.

    Managing to shut the door behind him, Nemo let the tears flow as he clutched once again at his shoulder which left his right arm practically useless to him. He usually tried his best to shift through pain as it came his way. Heroes didn't cry after all! What kind of hero was he if he blubbered his eyes out? A poor one at that, just a big baby.

    But as he heard footsteps behind him, Nemo's heart rate began to pick up. Was it someone else within the mansion coming to finish him off since Erron had failed? Would they finish him off quickly or torture him like those Bakushin jerks had? Not wanting to find out, Nemo turned and without thinking attempted to use his Devil's Eye on the newcomer. He wasn't about to use his sword on a stranger after all!

    His eye began to glow but without corners to offer, the demonic energy had no outlet through which to escape and the feedback ended up slamming Nemo up against the door as blood ran down from his eye once again. Cursing under his breath at having been so stupid, Nemo shakily looked up at Sakuya through tears and blood.

    "I..I'm sorry! I didn't mean to come in here without your permission! I would have asked if I could have! But I ended up here and I didn't know where I was and I..I just wanted help! But don't blame your body guard! He did shoot me.." Nemo gestured to the wound on his shoulder.

    Despite all that Erron had done to antagonize him, he had been in the right. He was simply doing his job and Nemo and Astaroth were interfering with said job. He may have used methods Nemo would never have agreed with. But he wasn't a bad man like the Bakushin or Cain were.

    "I..I got past him thanks to my friend who's still fighting him. But please don't hurt him!" Nemo rose to his feet and stood in front of the door.

    "I'm...Nemo by the way...I'm really sorry for intruding.."

    Outside the mansion's grounds, Astaroth was still having a hell of a time with Erron. He my have been human but he was still proving to be quite the handful. Digging his talons into the ground, Astaroth manifested a ball of hellfire in his hand as he saw Erron throw a grenade.

    "That kid depends on me. I won't let you or anyone else hurt him!"

    Throwing the fireball, it smashed into the grenade and Astaroth raised his claws in front of his eyes at the mini explosion that followed. He could only hope Nemo was doing alright in there. If the people inside were as much of a problem than this guy? Maybe they should have ended up in Hell...

    As the smoke that was surely caused by the mini explosion cleared it was clear to Astaroth that not only did Black have his back against the gate now but that between the two was what seemed like a minefield of caltrops. Having used the time from the mini explosion to throw out his caltrops Black now with his rifle in hand looked at Astaroth.


    "Stop me from hurtin' the kid...? I think yer a little late on that one. Why don't you try another line..." Black boldly spoke as he sought to open fire with his repeating rifle. His aim was even more accurate with his rifle then his revolvers...


    If she wanted to kill him, it seemed she wouldn't have had to do anything. Kid was killing himself. Fortunately for this boy, she harbored no ill-intentions towards him, other than kicking him out of the mansion. She put away her knives for now and crossed her arms as she listened to him try to explain things.


    "...I see. I don't know what you hoped to gain by coming into a vampire's mansion, but if a silly kid like you made it past our gatekeeper, we may have to go over a few things with him...But I think I understand the situation then."

    Before Nemo or anyone else would have realized anything, Sakuya and Nemo were suddenly behind Erron, watching him fire away with his rifle. So it seemed Erron's foe wasn't a second little kid like she was expecting, but a being that might potentially be a threat of some sort. At least that was a point in his favor. But that didn't change the fact someone that wasn't a certain thief had, for the first time in quite a while, made it through unannounced.

    The maid unveiled a knife or two in her hand, keeping her other on Nemo's shoulder while she watched the battle unfold.

    "Erron? Of all the people you have managed to beat back, how is it this child is the one that makes it through?"

    She didn't seem to be necessarily stopping the battle, apparently unconcerned by the battle unfolding before her. Probably because it was, at least, outside the gates of the mansion.

    Well, that hadn't necessarily been the reaction Nemo was expecting.

    He'd been expecting to be skewered like a stuck pig with the knives this lady had. Though as she spoke and seemed to show no intentions of hurting him, Nemo's sobbing lessened even though he did keep his one good hand clutched to his bleeding shoulder.

    "V...Vampire?" Nemo choked out in between whimpers as he shook his head from side to side. He had fought demons, serial killers, even martial artists who had a bone to pick with him! But a vampire lived here? That sounded like something out of a horror movie!

    But before Nemo could question it further, he was suddenly behind the very same man who'd shot him. Likely intending to kill him and throw him upon the pile of corpses. Feeling his legs grow weak, Nemo hid himself behind Sakuya and wrapped his arm around her waist.

    Something about this woman...It felt familiar, which was enough for Nemo to feel comfortable around her. At least after she put the knives away. "A-Astaroth! You don't have to fight anymore!" Nemo called out as Astaroth glanced over in his direction.

    Who was that woman he was with? Was it...



    The shot tore through Astaroth's shoulder and sent him crashing onto his back as black blood oozed from the wound and ran down his chest. "Nice...Shot."

    "Answer's simple... I didn't want to kill the kid but also wanted to make sure he knew what would happen if they tried that shit again. His pal decided to chuck him over the damn gate... So I shot him once in the shoulder and hoped you'd find him first..." Black spoke to Sakuya beginning to slowly lower his repeating rifle as he made a small gesture to Nemo without turning around.

    "Looks like it's yer lucky day, kid. Yer friend over there ain't dead and Sakuya found ya 'fore boss did... Well it's a lucky day fer both of us..."

    Small pause before Black stepped forward a bit...

    " Course it was a nice shot just be lucky it ain't fatal..." and added comment from Black towards Astaroth as he began slowly reloading his rifle but it was clear from how tense his muscles were that he was ready to shoot either one of them should they try anything.

    The little kid sure seemed comfortable hiding behind her for just meeting her. How strange. Hadn't he attempted to use some sort of power on her just a little prior? Not like it really mattered, though.

    "Alright, I suppose that's fair. It really is your lucky day, kid. The mistress might have eaten you if she found you first."

    Sakuya smiled slightly as she and the gatekeeper alerted the duo to their luck. Then just as suddenly as she'd appeared with Nemo, she was beside Astaroth, vanishing from in front of Nemo. Erron would've understood that she was using her time stop, but to those unaware of her powers it looked like she was teleporting or something.

    "So? State your business, or the gatekeeper here is going to make sure his next shot is fatal."

    Her knife wasn't in a particularly threatening position, but by the way she held it by the blade, she was quite clearly ready to throw it, if the need arose.

    Grateful that Sakuya had apparently saved him from a fate of being gobbled up, Nemo almost didn't want to leave her side. But it seemed like he wouldn't have a choice as Sakuya popped up behind Astaroth. Rushing over, he stood in front of Astaroth as his knees trembled. He was absolutely terrified of Erron Black.

    But he had to protect the friend who had done so much for him!

    "We were trying to figure out the extents to my eye's power...It's the eye of the devil." Nemo gestured to his left eye which seemed to have a pentagram where the pupil should have been.

    "I messed up and we were going to end up in Hell but I did something and ended up here. Please, don't kill us. You don't seem like bad people. I..I just want to go home and so does my friend!"

    Black paused as he listened to them while placing his rifle in it's sling on his back.


    "Not a bad person... Yer right 'bout her... but me.... I ain't a good person..... I think i've proven that much today..." Black casually spoke not seeing himself as even being close to good and for good reason.

    "Can't say I know how you two can get back... Ain't a magic person myself so.... good luck with that..." Black sort of waved off their concerns on getting home while keeping his hands on his revolvers in case he was given the order to shoot...

    Sakuya couldn't figure how going to hell would've been a good choice, but that was their prerogative. The mistress already had a steady stream of food, so it wasn't like there was any real reason to be killing the two of them in any case. So long as they didn't plan to intrude on the mansion, that was alright. Once again, the maid put away her knives. As long as they didn't cause any more trouble, they could escape unharmed.

    ...Mostly unharmed, gunshots aside. She raised a hand to tell Black that he could stay at ease.

    "Hmm, before I would have said getting out of Gensokyo is quite difficult. Are you two from the outside world, or-"

    "Oh, what's this? Visitors to the Scarlet Devil Mansion?"


    A young looking girl wearing a frilly outfit with bat-like wings sprouting from her back spoke from above the group, floating about 10 feet above them. She seemed either a little amused or tired, as if she'd just woken up. But she kept her position in the air, looking down upon them.

    "What business do they have here, Sakuya, cowboy?"

    "They are lost, mistress."

    "So they have come to be eaten by me?"

    "...I do not believe they can stop you, were you to do so. But they wish to go home. Which is...?"

    The two threw their glances at Nemo and Astaroth. Astaroth clearly wasn't from either the outside world or Gensokyo, while Nemo looked normal but did have a strange looking eye that didn't seem to belong either. Had they become involved in more of those multiverse shenanigans?

    Finally removing his hand from his shoulder and wincing at how it was absolutely coated in blood, Nemo shook his head from side to side. "If by outside world, I hope you mean Tokyo then that's where we're from."

    Nemo muttered as Astaroth rose to his feet once again and didn't seem to mind the blood running down from his wound. He'd walk it off.


    Before Nemo could question any further or answer any of Sakuya's queries, he heard the sounds of wings flapping. Glancing back at Astaroth, the demon was still standing right behind him. So who was it then?

    Looking upwards, Nemo nearly toppled over upon seeing the girl staring back at him! Walking forward and tilting his head to the side, it seemed like she had bat wings. Kinda like Astaroth who had them on his back and on his head. But's that not what was weird about this whole thing!

    What was this feeling running through his body..?

    "Wh-Why do I feel this way seeing this girl? Every other girl I've met, even Yukin! I've always thought of them as great friends but tried to keep my distance! But something about this girl just...Just draws me to her!"

    Apparently aware of the blush tinging his cheeks, Nemo rocked back and forth on his heels as the blush only seemed to grow more intense.

    "I-I'm Nemo and this is Astaroth. It's just like she said though, we're originally from Tokyo and ended up here. Your mansion looks lovely though! I..I wouldn't mind visiting under better circumstances!"

    Nemo added on although in his head he wasn't quite having the clearest idea of where his thoughts were going!

    "What are you saying, Nemo?! The guard shot you and your best friend! Now, just because you see some girl with really cool wings that makes it all okay?!"

    Astaroth was equally as confused by Nemo's change in attitude but simply chalked it up to the boy's innate good nature.

    Unless the people they were facing down were complete scumballs, Nemo always tried to find the good in them. For better or for worse. "So, that said if you could help us get home, I'd mightily appreciate it."

    "If yer gonna eat 'em... Might want to let me remove the bullets first... Don't think lead is good for a vampire..."

    Not exactly the best remark in regards to respect for the vampire girl but one could tell from looking at Black that now with the appearance of vampire girl he was even more tense then before. Yeah, if Astaroth was held off by Black then neither of them stood a ghost of a chance against her.

    Then noticing Nemo's reaction Black shook his head for a moment. Poor fool had no idea what he was getting himself into and it seemed almost sad to listen to this. So thinking this over he decided to change the subject a little with the mention of where the two come from as he glances at Sakuya. "Think that one girl in the mansion's library might know somethin'...?"Black asked her remembering one day having seen the vast library but of course not having a need for books himself.

    "...That's true. Bullets don't taste too good, I don't think."

    It seemed Black's somewhat snarky remark came off as genuine, and the vampire seemed to appreciate the gesture. Though as Nemo began to blabber about her mansion, she simply smiled as she looked down upon him.

    "Tokyo, huh? That is the outside world, isn't it?"

    "There are many Tokyos, mistress."

    "Really? Hmm, and all this time I was sure there was only the one. Well, of course the mansion is lovely. It's mine, after all. You're welcome to come into the mansion, if you're willing to offer me a little snack."

    Her fangs flashed in the moonlight, seeming almost like tiny blades in the night lighting. It was a little difficult to tell whether she was teasing or serious.

    As Erron brought up a certain bookworm, Sakuya cupped her chin in thought.

    "She knows many useless facts, and this might be among them. Though if they are from another universe like yourself, I can think of something with more...relevant knowledge. What did they call themselves again? The Coalition?"

    Blushing as Remilia acknowledged his compliment, Nemo sheepishly returned the smile and rubbed the back of his head. Man, why did she have to smile at him like that?! Couldn't she have just said thanks and left it at that? Not that he didn't appreciate it...

    As she mentioned a snack however, Nemo paid little mind to her fangs and instead very much liked the idea! Maybe she could help get the bullet out of his shoulder! "Sure, I'd be happy to give you a snack! You and me can sit down inside while you do it!"

    Nemo exclaimed as he gestured to the wound on his shoulder. If they got to eat together and she got the bullet out than that'd be great! Astaroth was less keen on the idea however and kept his distance from Remilia. He trusted the brat about as far as he could punt her. Something about the maid though. The white hair, the eyes, the general demeanor. All of it came together to start a longing pain in the demon's cold black heart.

    The pain that only the familiarity of a lost love could give. Coiling his tail up, Astaroth raised an eyebrow.

    "Whether it's this Coalition or somebody who knows more facts than she apparently knows what to do with, I'll take whatever. So long as we get back home. I...Thank you for your time." Astaroth said, mainly towards Sakuya. As she was the one who pitched in her own suggestion after all.

    "That's right... Them Coalition folks might know somethin'. Good thing I never severed ties with 'em.... Still run occasional bounties when I ain't gate keepin'...." Black responded having kept up communications with The Coalition this entire time. Guess that would explain why he usually disappears whenever he isn't on duty.

    Then he listened in on Nemo and noticeably facepalmed as if indicating this was a bad idea to Astaroth. Still if he cared enough he would try to stop it....but since he didn't he'd probably just let this play out. His boss seemed hungry after all and she wasn't trying to munch on him so why should he care...? "So while the kid has time to regret his words them Coalition folks could probably tell ya how to get back..." Black commented seeming to think they'd be the better option. Honestly he just wanted the demon and kid gone so he could get back to business.


    "No, wait, I don't think you understand."

    That was certainly not the response she'd expected from him. He knew she was a vampire, right? That was what the whole wings and fangs were, after all. And, you know, being the owner of a devil mansion? It seemed she'd have to walk him through it step by step, unfortunately.

    "I'm a vampire. What do vampires eat, uh, what's your name, human?"

    Sakuya nodded as both Astaroth and Black seemed to agree with her conclusion. Heading over to their headquarters wouldn't be a bad idea, and probably not a particularly long trip. They could just drop by, find out what their new guests needed, and then come back.

    "Oh, that sure is convenient. I suppose I didn't really sever ties either, though I haven't exactly contacted them myself for much. Would you like to take a quick break and visit them, then?"

    Oh yeah, they had mentioned that she was a vampire hadn't they? That was going to be quite the bother. Or would it? Stepping forward, Nemo waved off the comment.

    "I might have been skeptical of believing there was actually a vampire but now that I've heard it, I know what I gotta do! I've got plenty of blood to go around and you haven't really shown yourself t be a bad person so what's the harm? As for my name? It's Nemo! What might your name be?"

    Astaroth figured there was plenty of harm and he wasn't exactly keen on the idea of Nemo offering himself up to this thing. But if it's what the boy wanted to do then Astaroth would only step in when it became clear his life was in danger.

    "So, go on and take some blood if you want! Also, please get this bullet out..."

    "Sure... Why the hell not.. Though I guess we'd better hurry 'fore our employer drains the poor fool of all his blood..."

    Well he did have a point there. The portion of his comment referring to Nemo was said in a sarcastic manor considering he probably didn't care if Nemo was drained of his blood. While standing he had been idly reloading his revolvers while not seeming nearly as tense as he was.

    Once finishing up with his revolvers he glanced at Sakuya for a moment having thought of something.

    "It ain't gonna do us much good with them showin' up with bullet holes..."

    Well seeing as he did shoot both Nemo and Astaroth it'd probably be a good thing to get that fixed. Hell he could probably remove the bullets himself if he had a knife.

    If he was going to insist on being food, who was the vampire to say no? For some reason, he seemed to be more than open to the idea of being a "blood donor," and a little quick to judge when she was quite literally a blood sucking devil. But hey, that was his problem, not hers. She leaned in and sunk her fangs into the boy's shoulder, drawing blood which she began to drink up.


    Finishing up, she wiped the scarlet hue from her mouth, though a bit of residue was still visible on her personage. Soon afterwards, she spat out a bullet.

    "Lead really doesn't taste good. But I appreciate the snack, human. My name is Remilia Scarlet, a vampire and the master of this mansion."

    Sakuya, much like Erron, didn't seem to carry any particular concern for Nemo's questionable choice of action. If anything, she seemed a little glad that she had gotten to eat her fill.

    "That's true. It'd look a little suspicious if we just waltzed in with bleeding people."

    After giving Astaroth a quick look over, she sent a knife Black's way with an underhand throw. She didn't really know if his anatomy worked like a human's, and she didn't really care to find out.

    "You can probably patch him up, right? It would appear the mistress has finished with the child, at least. I will prepare a way to the Coalition, then."

    She stepped off to the side a bit to get to working with her time-space manipulation powers, making a way for the group of them to get to the Coalition's headquarters.

    "No problem! I'm always happy to help people!" Nemo exclaimed joyfully even though his face was red as a beet and he felt strangely light-headed. It had been an interesting experience getting his blood taken out. Tearing off a piece of his shirt, Nemo wrapped it around the wound and winced as he tugged on it to keep it tight. He couldn't heal like Astaroth did but he also really didn't want Erron getting anywhere near him even if Nemo didn't dislike him.

    He'd gotten shots before for vaccines and the like. It was a simple jab with a needle, a little bit of crying, and he was on his way. Here he looked a cute girl face to face as she leaned in and sunk what felt like two needles into his shoulder. But the way she smiled afterwards?

    It made it feel just right! Even if it was a bit gross...

    "Wow, that's a really cool name! Remilia...Scarlet!" Nemo exclaimed as he held one hand out to the side. "It sounds like the name for someone with a lot of power behind them! Given you're a vampire, I guess that makes sense haha!"

    Relatively amused by Nemo's shenanigans as it seemed like the draining hadn't taken too much out of him, he growled. "I can take care of myself. Don't need you digging around cowboy." Astaroth pointed his tail in Erron's direction as a warning.

    "It'll heal soon enough. But I'm not worried about me. I'm worried about getting home..." Glancing over at Sakuya, Astaroth tilted his head. "Suppose we'll be addressing that before long..."

    What was it about that girl...?

    End of amazing collab with @Kaykay and @Crimson Spartan


    Finally arriving within Coalition HQ, Nemo couldn't help but be amazed! He had already thought the name Coalition sounded cool! But then here he was! The wound in his shoulder still ached even though the bullet had been removed but he wasn't going to let that damper his mood, not one bit! Glancing up at Astaroth, he tugged on the demon's tail. The demon's wound was indeed tending to itself as he outright refused Erron's help. The cowboy had given them a hard time and he wasn't about to let him dig around inside his shoulder. The guy could go right to Hell.

    "What is it, Nemo?"

    "Don't you see, Astaroth? We may not have summoned what we wanted to summon but we met cool people, made friends with a vampire girl with an awesome name, and now we're in a place that looks like a superhero's headquarters! It's absolutely great!" Nemo giggled though Astaroth flicked him on the head with said tail. "Ow!"

    "Don't forget that before we got here. We got a double helping of lead, amigo. This guy definitely ain't our friend. The maid and the vampire? Seem like decent enough people. They're sticking their necks out for us at least." Astaroth glanced over at the cowboy and Nemo frowned as he tapped the handle of his toy sword which he kept in a sheath around his waist. Blinking though, Nemo flipped up his eyepatch as he showed off his left eye to Astaroth.

    "...Huh, the pentagram-"


    "It came back! Just like we figured it would! Which means we have a second chance at this!"

    Astaroth quickly waved his hand however at the idea of using the Devil's Eye. "Yeah, so long as you don't use all five corners again. Summoning something small would probably be fine but if you go past the limit again who knows what could happen? But that said, dunno where to really start.." The demon admitted as Nemo kept his eyepatch up and waved off Astaroth's concerns. "Never fear, Astaroth! With Nemo and Remilia Scarlet , we'll find what we need to know in no time!"

    "Why'd you put so much emphasis on her last name like that?"

    "Huh? I didn't though."

    "But...You really did."

    "...I just like the way it sounds."

    "..What am I gonna do with you, kid?"

    @Kaykay @Crimson Spartan

    @Ringmaster @Sen <3

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  14. "Not much else I could call you since it's the truth."

    Without a hint of regret for his comeback, Shizuo began to fish out his cigarettes and lighter as they walked. Somehow, he had a feeling that whatever was down in the holding cells was gonna piss him off, and if he was gonna put up with it, he would need a smoke for it. After lighting his stick, he took a draw of the cigarette before continuing on.


    "And I'm about the same, been helping out my world rebuild and watching out for Kofuku. How about your world? Your nieces okay?"
    "United Nations at the moment, just started, actually."

    @C.T. @Ringmaster @Verite
  15. Zen's Prologue



    He was never one to stand still listening to others talk, unless it was for acting, of course. He always liked to be the one people listened to, and who would disagree? Everyone agreed that he was nice to look at, nice to listen to, nice to talk to. Swooning over his smooth voice, what a dream. But considering where he was, and what was being said, at the end of the day it was still important. Though he had not been in the Coalition as long as some of the members here, he was already quite used to what was expected of him. Scanning the room, Zen could see some of the more... magically gifted members of the Coalition and other organizations. He may not be the best when it comes to fighting, but who would want to punch a pretty face anyway?

    With a sigh of relief, the young man made his way out to the Lounge, adjusting the cuffs of his coat. In the gathering of so many people, he had managed to lose sight of Bradley, and it was difficult to see him and single the boy from everyone, but Zen wasn't too worried. He sighed, mumbling to himself out of frustration. "Wish I was on stage, I'm getting anxious," he nervously swept his rather long and tail-like ponytail to the front.

    Consumed by vain thoughts and imaginings of the spotlight and the stage, his eyes flickered up just in time to see a rather strange group make their way into the Lounge. Now, Zen had seen his fair share of strange people - of course, all less handsome than himself - ranging from multi-limb girls and giant lizard people. But he'd never, or rarely, seen someone who looked so ridiculously young on the Coalition before. He approached the young boy with mild concern written on his face, examining his companions as well.

    "What's a kid doing here? And is that blood?" His jaw dropped at the scarlet spread as well as the boy's nonchalant face. What the hell was going on?

    @Wren @Chewy Rabbits @Crimson Spartan @Kaykay @Loungepeople
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  16. Train Heartnet: Prologue

    He was but a simple vagabond, a wanderer who changed locations about as often as the sun rose and set in the sky above him. On the surface, he was a simple young man living the life of a stray cat. He ate, slept on rooftops, and went wherever he felt like going. Few people would recognize Train Heartnet for who he had been in the past. He had changed a lot since his assassin days.

    From time to time he would travel with two his good friends Sven and Eve, but the ex-assassin separated with them often to do his own thing. However, wavering between a solo traveler and a companion to his friends was something he came to regret one day when he called up Sven and the self proclaimed gentleman did not pick up his own phone. Instead, a nurse did.

    Apparently, Sven had gotten hurt during a sweeping job and was comatosed. Eve, who had been with him at the time, didn't have money to pay for his treatment. So, according to the nurse, the blonde had left in search of work so she could earn enough money to save her friend. But months had passed and she had never returned.

    "Dammit, Princess, why do you always try and do things on your own?" Train questioned after hanging up his cell phone. He took his motorcycle and then drove to the town where Sven was in the hospital, digging around a few local areas to see if anyone may have known where Eve had gone to. Despite his efforts, Train found absolutely no information. It was as if Eve had entirely vanished.

    With no other means to locate Eve, Train contacted one of his other friends, Rinslet Walker, who just so happened to be a whiz at research. Rinslet contacted another one of their allies, a scientist named Tearju, and the three worked together in order to find out more information on this puzzling situation.

    Eventually, they came to the conclusion that Eve had been swept away by a mysterious phenomena known as a Murder Game outside of their own universe. Through complex means they managed to gain contact with an organization known as the the Coalition who knew more about these strange occurrences. It wasn't long after that Train found himself allying with them. He wasn't a huge fan of working for any organization after his assassin days, but he would do whatever it took to save his friends. After all, without them Train was certain he may not even be alive today. He owed them his life.

    So, presently, Train Heartnet found himself at the Coalition, having just gotten out of a long, boring meeting that meant little to him. To summarize it, all they had really said was that there were still enemies at large in the multiverse. Go figure. Why couldn't they just send him to fight said bad guys, kick their asses, and be done. Instead, they had to subject him to a long meeting that wasn't even over yet!

    With a sigh, Train moved to sit somewhere in the lounge so he could kick back and relax.

    "Ugh, I'm hungry. I hope I can grab a bite to eat before I get stuck in the next meeting," he whined to himself.

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  17. "None. I didn't sign on the dotted line for any official position with these guys, I got my own things that need to be done for that. Just an independent ally that can lend a hand now and again. This is one of those times."
    "How about starting with the name? I got one, ya know. Beats that nonsense you're saying. And of course they are. They're built tough, just like their parents. Can't put it any better."

    @The Tactician @Ringmaster @Verite
  18. "Hmm... Good to hear that, Qrow. Glad to know dumbass space squids didn't hurt anybody too close to you."

    It wasn't much, but at least he was using Qrow's name now. Then again, it might have just been the calming effect the smoke was having on him or the fact that he was readying up for a brawl down in the holding cells.

    @Verite @C.T. @Ringmaster
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  19. Sitting along near the Scarlett Witch, The Former Senior Enchanter of the Circle of mages of Ferelden, Wynne rolled her eyes as Morrigan spoke. To say Wynne wasn't a fan of the Swap witch would be understatement. Noticing Wynne's reaction, The Scarlet witch stood up.

    "Are you okay, Wynne? You seem....petered."

    Wynne smirk slightly as the elder woman stood up and joined her younger colleague

    "Perturbed? Hmm? Yes. I am perturbed, yes. You'd be petered too if you knew what that women really was. "

    As the too walked, Wanda pried slightly.

    "I am no fan of hers either, but her heart seems to be in the right place."


    "She does have a heart, yes. I am just not convinced if she knows how to use it properly. Morrigan is....."

    The elder mage stopped as, almost ironically, Morrigan appeared near the two. The Dog Cosmo by the Witch's side. As the three magic users stood awkwardly, Cosmo felt the tension between the three.

    "Is Cosmo missink somethink? Cosmo does notneed mind reading powers to tell somethink's off, da?"

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  20. "You're from Remnant." Lucifer deduced, though honestly it wasn't that far a stretch. The weapon such as it was seemed similar enough to most he had seen from that world, in terms of intricate design. That and the resemblance to someone he knew seemed enough to confirm.

    Interesting enough name. And always interesting to meet a reserve. Those who fought for right, or for coin but were always on call. That said, he made a mental note to examine the records more later. He had been dividing his time down there of late, trying to find out more about their enemies. If what that meeting had shared was any indication, they were going to need all the allies they could find.

    "Squid? You've faced the devil fish as well?" Saber Alter snarled at the memory...Well, not really hers perhaps. But even then, the thought of that gruesome monstrosity lurking even in her mind?


    ....Horrifying. She simultaneously scowled and shuddered. An interesting sight in and of itself.

    @C.T. @The Tactician @Verite
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