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    Chapter 1 - Under the sea shopping spree


    You hear the soft sound of music coming from somewhere as well as the dripping of water. Opening your eyes you'd find yourself laying some place dank and dark. You have no idea how you ended up here or where here actually is.

    To your surprise it seems like you aren't the only one in the same predicament. All over the area you'd find people getting up looking as confused as you.

    A closer inspection of the area you'd find the name Fontaine's Station around the area as well as No Trespassing—Closed by Order of the Council plastered over the area. You couldn't see much of importance laying around, though those with keen eyes could spot a short range radio laying inconspicuously on one of the benches.

    It was clear wherever this was that it had fallen into disrepair, but it was quite peculiar how there seemed to be so much water streaming all over the place...

    Why that was would however become quite evident if you made your way up the steps to look through the giant window to the outside world.


    It would seem that you and the rest of group were trapped some place underwater. What the hell was going on here? The only thing you could think of right now was to speak to the nearby people and see if they had any information that they could provide on your predicament.

    One among the crowd caught your eye. If only for the fact that out of everything she was trying to determine the art style used in the area they were in.


    ”So deterioated...but some of it seem to resemble the Art Deco style. Everything just seems so...old.” She mumbled loudly to herself. She heard that more people awoke and she turned to face them. ”Oh I am no longer the only one awake it seems. My name is Satya Vaswani but you can call me Symmetra. It would seem that we have been taken against our will. What this place is, other than being in utter disarray, I can not say.”





    Cast list:

    @A Tiny Fool as Oerba Dia Vanille (Final Fantasy XIII)
    @Arcadium as Izuku "Deku" Midoriya (My Hero Academia)
    @Archmage Jeremiah as Lady Bow (Paper Mario)
    @Atomyk as Carol Peletier (The Walking Dead)
    @BarrenThin as Mcree (Overwatch)
    @Bomb as Lee Kwang Soo (Running Man)
    @Chris Lang as Mystique (Marvel Comics)
    @Crimson Spartan as Keaton (Fire Emblem Fates)
    @Cromartie Sarkissian as Francisco 'Pistols' Scaramanga (Man with the Golden Gun)
    @Crow as Mirei Hayasaka (The Idolm@aster)
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as Soldier 76 (Overwatch)
    @C.T. as Gwenpool (Marvel Comics)
    @DapperDogman as Jacob Frye (Assassin's Creed Syndicate)
    @DBZ7 as F.F. (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Star Ocean)
    @Ellya as Evie Frye (Assassin's Creed Syndicate)
    @Forrest as Wander (Shadow of the Colossus)
    @Gummi Bunnies as Nier (NieR Replicant)
    @Gwazi Magnum as Henry Evans - Derrial 'Shepherd' Book (Firefly)
    @Hana as Wadanohara (Wadanohara and The Great Blue Sea)

    @Indolent as Gregor Eisenhorn (Warhammer 40k)
    @Josh M as Ellis (Left 4 Dead 2)
    @Kaykay as Samael (Tokyo Babel)
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Ayano Aishi (Yandere Simulator)
    @Krieg as Lord Tywin Lannister (Game of Thrones)
    @Lissamel as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (Epic Mickey)
    @LuckycoolHawk9 as Scott McCall (Teen Wolf)
    @Mighty Roman as Lando Calrissian (Star Wars)
    @Minerva as Skyla (Pokemon)
    @Nater Taters as Nico Bellic (Grand Theft Auto 4)
    @OrlandoBloomers as Helena (Orphan Black)
    @Raven as Mabel "Medea" Simmons (Medea Movies series)
    @Ringmaster as Lucifer Matthias Anghelscu (OC)
    @Ryu Keiko as Wendy Marvell (Fairy Tail)
    @Schnee Corp Lawyer as the Joker (DC Comics)
    @ScreamingWillows as Odette Rene Stiller (OC)
    @Sen as Kana (Fire Emblem Fates)
    @ShiroKiyoshi as Sean Grant (OC)
    @T.O.M. as Winslow Leach aka Phantom (Phantom of the Paradise)
    @Takumi as Clare (Claymore)
    @The Tactician as Jesse Custer (Preacher)
    @Verite as Spider-Gwen (Marvel Comics)
    @Xx420BLAZEITxX as Houston (Payday 2)
    @Yang Lee as Marquis d'Caliber (Battleborn)
    @Yata as Faith Connors (Mirror's Edge Catalyst)
    @york as Owlman (DC - Justice League: Crisis of Two Earths)
    @Yun Lee as Ty Lee (Avatar the Last Airbender)

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  2. "I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible and, in the end, you will see why storms are named after people."

    The sun was glowing brightly in the sky on the day it happened. Ayano Aishi neither felt warmth from the shining orb above nor a breeze from the gentle winds caressing her face. Everything about her existence was as numb as usual, save for her heart. While normally deadened, it was alive and well in her chest, pounding with ecstasy as she anticipated her actions to come. Her head twitched to the side ever so slightly, one of her dilated eyes eyes spasming as well. It was finally time to do what she had come for, to protect what was hers at all cost.


    Giggle giggle.

    On the roof of Akademi High School stood student Osana Najimi, her long orange hair fluttering in the wind. Her hands touched the railing along the edge of the building as she waited. Senpai had written her a letter, asking him to meet her on the roof so she expected him to come at any minute. She turned her head over her shoulder, however, when she heard a giggle that sounded like it had come from behind her. When she saw nothing, she shrugged and returned to looking straight ahead off into the distance.

    Crouched in the darkness, Ayano watched the girl and began to slowly creep toward her. What a fool. She'll never even know that it wasn't Senpai who wrote her that letter, but me. Senpai would never write a letter to his abomination anyhow. He could never love her when he is destined to be with me...


    Once Ayano was directly behind Osana, in a quick almost well-practiced manner the ravenette grabbed her fellow student by the shoes and speedily tipped her over the railing, managing to snatch her shoes as she did. Osana didn't even notice what had hit her until she was already plummeting for the ground, a scream enveloping her lungs. Ayano turned away as Osana fell, a blank look on her face, not moving again until Osana's scream stopped with a thud against the ground.

    Ayano turned around afterwards, neatly placing Osana's shoes against the railing. The ravenette then took a piece of paper and pencil she had been keeping on her person and neatly began to write something in Osana's handwriting. Afterwards, she placed the note on Osana's shoes and began to head for the stairwell so she could casually walk back into the school.

    "It's a shame you had to kill yourself, Osana," Ayano whispered to herself, an irresistible urge suddenly rising in her. The urge escape her in the form of a vicious laugh. "Ha... ha... ha.... HA HA... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" She cupped the sides of her face and continued to laugh until she had regained her sanity, Ayano's usually hollow look returning to her face. She felt absolutely no empathy as she trudged down the stairs.


    The next day, the student body at school was in a panic. The police had come after Osana's death, but could not link the incident to outside sources. In the end, they had determined her death was indeed a suicide. Ayano reveled in the fact she had won, enjoying her next day at school even with Senpai's absence.

    See, her Senpai, Taro Yamada, had actually been friends with Osana ever since he was small. Her death hurt him deeply, and Ayano respected that, but still had no regrets about what she had done. Sometimes, sacrifices had to be made for love. Ayano couldn't have just left that temptress alive letting her continuously work her magic on Senpai. In the end, Senpai would be miserable because he wasn't meant to be with Osana. No, Senpai would always belong to her, forever and always. Sure, he would be in pain now, but someday he would be happy because of what she had done. Ayano had saved him.

    So on this glorious day, Ayano stood in front of her Senpai's shoe locker raking her fingers over the handle he always touched. She pressed her nose against the locker, breathing in deeply.


    I can still faintly sense he was here. Oh, Senpai, your radiance leaves a trace wherever you go even when you're not around.

    She pulled her face back from the locker after a moment, quietly opening the door. She hadn't come there to admire his locker, but actually had a purpose in mind. She intended to place a letter in Senpai's locker, letting him know she was sorry for his loss. The sight in his locker, however, infuriated her. Many letters of condolence were already stacked inside.

    Fuming, Ayano opened her book bag and began to stuff all of the letters inside. She couldn't have these worms standing in her way! She needed Senpai to notice her letter only. Once all the letters were tucked in her bag, she kissed her own letter and placed it inside, sighing gently as she closed it. She would incinerate all of the other ones later.

    Soon you'll see, the only attention you need is mine.

    Later that day, Ayano returned home. As she unwound from the day, she decided to text her ally, Info-chan, to make sure she had won the battle for certain.


    A familiar rage bubbled up inside Ayano. She had experienced it once, when she had first learned how Osana felt about Senpai. She cleched and unclenched her fists before she composed herself. It was then Ayano walked over to her Senpai shine and sat in front of it.

    "It appears someone is trying to stand in the way of our love again," she said, bowing her head before the shrine. "I'll make sure she never stands in our way ever. I won't let her have you. I promise I'll get rid of her."

    After making her vow, Ayano brushed her teeth with Senpai's old toothbrush and turned in for the night, dreams of her beloved sending her into a blissful rest. Little did she know, however, that instead of sabotaging her newest rival tomorrow she would instead find herself whisked away somewhere entirely different from school...


    It felt damp and cold when Ayano awoke, but she didn't shiver or even rub her arms when she sat up. She immediately realized she wasn't in her own bed, but instead was somewhere else entirely. It looked like a setting straight out the manga she read or video games she played to try and seem normal. She knew it wasn't a dream either. All she ever dreamed about was her Senpai.

    Standing up, Ayano heard a radio in the distance, spouting out information for her about these surroundings. She was in a place called Rapture. The place didn't bother her, but the fact she was away from Senpai did. She needed to get out of here and hurry home so she could rid herself of the latest bitch who thought Senpai should be hers.


    I don't know how I got here or who made this happen, but I will get home.

    I will do whatever it takes.

    I'll kill who I have to kill.

    I'll trick who I have to trick.

    I'll play nice to whoever requires it.

    Nobody will separate me from Senpai. He is my one and only goal.

    I will get back to him.

    And whoever separated me from my Senpai...

    ...will pay.

    @Gummi Bunnies @A Tiny Fool @Everybody​
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  3. "Heya there readers. Long time no see...not really. It seemed like it to me but I guess that's just cuz every moment was stuffed to the brim with craziness. I suppose I should start from the beginning. Please bear with me."


    "So after that adventure in the Gravity Falls place(I'm really sorry Hank), I figured the Magic School Bus would be a welcome opportunity to catch my breath and just relax. Of course, it ended up not being that. Prolly should have expected it to be honest, I mean how reliable is public transportation really, ya know? It was absolutely not my fault when I stuck my head far out the window and fell out the ride, totally not. The fall felt really long but even that paled to what came after. So many worlds, wowie. I'll spare you guys most of the deets that came with this experience, it was almost like Tag & Bink except throughout the multiverse...but I will share some cool people I met. In person. It was wicked." Gwen grinned.

    "First there was this dude who called himself Brother Mutant. He was Magneto, Wolverine, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Mesmero all combined into one really glowy guy. Yes that's a thing."

    "Then there was this other world where Daredevil was a mob hitman working under Kingpin, eeesh he was not a fun fight at all. Even less fun trying to evade him."

    "Ooh ooh and then there was another where the world got unified by the power of music, courtesy of a Starbrand. ROCK ON!"

    "I got to witness Sue Storm in her black leather evil dominatrix outfit kill her husband Reed, her brother Johnny and her rocky pal Ben Grimm."

    "Ghost Rider's human host is a wheelchair bound grandfather, determined on exacting vengeance for all nursing homes everywhere."

    "This other Earth where Natasha Stark aka Iron Woman married Cap America and prevented Civil War(thank goodness)"

    "I got to meet Major Deadpool of the United States of North America, which was previously the separate USA and Canada."

    "A world that got wiped out because Carol Danvers refused to answer an Avengers call for aid, in favor of drinking at a nice bar. I mean if you have to go out in a blaze of glory..."

    "Nick Fury fought World War SPACE!"

    "Aunt May became Golden Oldie, Herald of Galactus."

    "2 twin worlds where Wolverine became Lord of the Vampires. In one of them he got annihilated by the Punisher, in the other he obliterated the Punisher in turn."

    "Galactus looked like a giant jellyfish."


    "Black Bolt & The Inhumans are a rock band instead of superhuman outcasts."

    "And...and...Mark Millar never became a comic book writer."

    "Finally, well..."


    "But before that adventure finished, something...happened. Yeah. Now I ended up here...somehow. Just like my first time. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii again."
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  4. Previously.....


    As Clare stood there calmly, letting him know of the new arrangements, Lucifer in a detached way knew it was coming to him. He had been ignoring his evaluations, opting to throw himself into work. His personal goals interfering with all else and frankly, if he wasn't so good at what he did? He would have long since been tossed out or put on forced leave. Neither of which were appealing to him at this point. And frankly, the partner could have been worse.

    He knew Clare, got along with her and there was a calmer intonation to her that helped him think. They'd make good partners, no doubt of that.

    But making them move together in shared quarters was a bit much. It was awkward at first. The usual problems of a woman and man sharing a dorm room. He had to learn to time his entrances and write up when each of them cleaned up, to prevent an eyeful like when she helped him in the locker rooms. Frankly, to avoid this he gave up on their bathroom and just went down to the locker room to clean up.

    Their spars every morning became a ritual for them, the sound of blades making for a great way to start the day. And on missions, between the two of them they had enough power and experience to accomplish whatever they could.

    But the more they worked together, the more Lucifer found himself relying on her. He hadn't done that since the death of Liz, who perished with a smile on her face and blood on her hands. He grew to gauge her moods and to feel like a winner, whenever he coaxed a smile from her face.

    One day, he tells her about his world and his hunt in detail. About how he found his world, only to find it dead and all its folk destroyed. He tells her of his old love, currently a demonic agent who knows about it and how he hunts her for answers. If he cries, he hopes she doesn't hold it against him.

    But its been a long time since he felt safe.

    And then one night, on a red-moon night they look into a valley and a mansion down below. Another routine mission, hunting down an Umbrella cell.

    Clare's gaze, cold and calculating as it was, turned to it's golden hue. Catlike eyes scanning the area briefly before turning to her partner without a word. It wasn't needed, the change in eye color, yet it became routine for almost every mission even though she hasn't seen a single real Yoma since becoming a recruit to the Torch.

    And even so, on occasion when there was time to spare she would brush up on her battling skills with holograms of the creatures and such. Still, by night, there wasn't a monster their equal. Red and Silver, mingled with gold that spied out the dark and waited with the patience of stone. A moment later, Lucifer cocked his head as he heard the following noise.
    A truck caravan with supplies as he said simply.

    "Lets go."

    And with a leap, Lucifer dove down towards the road below.

    With a single nod to her partner, Clare would follow suit, leaping beside him like a Lioness that had just found her prey. Through their time as partners, Clare was taught the basics of technology-she practically had to with this line of work and although she didn't understand all of it that didn't stop her from completing a job.

    Down they flew, in varying degrees of free fall. The wind whipping at them as Lucifer kept one hand on his hat. About a third of the way down, he'd transform into a swarm of bats, heading for the truck at the far end, flitting right into the open window. A brief shake later, a scream cut off and the door opened.

    Two bodies drained entirely of blood were chucked out and behind the wheel, Lucifer carefully wiped his mouth. And now, he was at full power with a little extra as he summoned mist. A fog, thick and heavy rolled in and anyone who'd look behind in their rear-view mirrors would see nothing....Including a partner, who'd sneak into the back of the last truck.

    Clare landed and stepped over the bodies without a second glance. Getting into the back of the truckwas relatively easy, yellow eyes blinking for a moment as they looked to the front seat. She didn't bother unsheathing her blade for this mission, at least not yet. In the rear-view mirror, Lucifer met Clare's gaze steadily with a nod as he switched on the headlights for the show of it.

    Lightning crackled in the skies and thunder rumbled....Lucifer needn't had bothered with the mist, not with the way the storm was coming to this valley. But into the mansion grounds they'd all drive, heading to the back to unload. A perfect place to sneak out as cybernetic servitors(off-world products) approached the back of the trucks in order to unload.

    Including the one that Clare was in.

    Big mistake.

    Clare moved swiftly from the back of the truck after glancing to the front of the truck for a split second. Staying focused and relatively quite as she moved. Any enemy in her path would be dealt with by her blade. The servitors cleaved in half as the Claymore moved like a tigress on the prowl, swinging her blade to strike out at any enemies present.

    Security was almost laughable for agents of their fortitude. Guards fell before them, traps were surpassed via teamwork and there wasn't a person there who could stop them.

    Up to this point as they burst into a ballroom.



    A very strange battle cry, but when you had a mini-gun, you could say whatever the hell you wanted as it began to spun. Lucifer yelled.


    And then the bullets began to fly.

    Clare found the battle cry strange, but hearing Lucifer's yell she started dodging bullets and block any stray ones with her blade. She tried to make her way closer to the assailant through the haze of bullets.

    Lucifer ducked the opposite side, black keys flashing in both hands as he sent them flying and impacting for the direction of the monsters legs and elbows- Weak points to slow its reaction time and assist his partner. The Nemesis itself roared.
    The bullets ripped the blades out of midair, but meant as it was tracking Lucifer? It was shooting away from Clare.

    "Tch." Clare gave a soft scoff at this fact and decided to try something a bit new to try and end this quicker, albeit in a possibly more risky manner. Her form beginning to look more Yoma like, Clare's arm pulsated as veins began to buldge from it. She saw both advantages and disadvantages to Lucifer being tracked. And this fact didn't sit well. Charging forward in an attempt to increase her speed she would close the distance between them and give a powerful swing of her sword to try and end it quickly.

    The Damphir was a shadow. The bullets seemed to swerve away or punch through mist and with just as much effectiveness. The answer was a different story, Lucifer hyped up on two bodies worth of blood and burning energy to keep out of the way. Just in time for Clare to come flying down and slam her blade. The Nemesis roared and brought up the mini-gun to intercept.
    With a crashing noise, the blade broke the gun and the creature tossed the broken pieces away, before bringing its fist to smash down in the direction of Clare's face.

    Lucifer saw his chance, the black keys flashing in hand as he flung them for the creatures back. Embedding deep, but with no outward effect save a louder and more annoyed roar.

    Clare took the punch and stumbled back. She took a moment to recover, and when Lucifer attacked she followed up with her own. She thrusted her sword forward in an attempt to impale the creature before her through the chest.

    Lucifer flew forward as the sword plunged deep and flipping upward he drove a fist full of black keys down into the spinal cord, connecting the head to the body. The resulting blows took out the creature and with a gurgle, it slumped forward. Lucifer leapt off and looked Clare over briefly. Satisfied she was alright, regardless he approached and extended his hand. If allowed, he'd cup her chin carefully to tilt her head to the light and take a better look.

    ".....Sucker punch blow. You'll be alright."

    He dropped his hand and looked at the body.

    "Outdated model. Umbrella bio-weapon, known as the Nemesis. Just like the others, sold off in bulk to whatever warlord who could afford it."

    He crouched and began examining the body, looking for a serial number-Aha. Right on the right foot, as he slipped off the boot and stared, committing it to memory.

    "Same batch too as the others."

    He looked at Clare as he frowned.

    "Think there's anything else around here too?"

    Clare was satisfied that their opponent fell. And at Lucifer's sudden touch, her eyes grew curious as he checked the damage.
    Once he explained what exactly they just faced she gave a small hum to indicate she was listening. When he asked her if she thought there was anything else she took a moment to glance around, trying to spot anything they might have missed that could be important.

    "No, I don't believe so. But, it wouldn't hurt to check." she replied.

    "Well, I-"

    At that moment, everything changed. Lucifer stopped talking, his hands and really the rest of him glowing with a sudden bright, white light. As he did, he looked at Clare and noticed the same thing happening and the most innocuous thought went through his mind.

    What an ethereal sight.

    And then all went black.

    When he woke up, it was upon a damp floor. The smell of salt water and rot filled his senses and he realized he was still alive. Slowly, he rose to his feet and examined his person. Everything seemed to be in order, from his priests habit to his coat. The silver cross was still around his neck and he found his hat a ways away. But where was Clare?
    Worried now, he began to seek her out.

    When Lucifer started to glow, Clare grew concerned. And before she could react the same was happening to her. Then, things went dark. Lucifer would find her a little ways away, having reverted back to normal. She woke moments later and sat up, silver eyes taking in the surroundings calmly, though deep down she was disturbed at the change in scenery to say the least.

    "Easy there."

    His hand went out to support her, despite knowing she was capable of taking quite a few hits. As one person clinically observed, it was a mark of the Lucifer's in the multiverse that they were all for the most part, chivalric souls. As far as this one was concerned, it was the furthest thing from his mind as he looked her over and seemed to sigh in relief. Unhurt...Good. Whatever that thing was, he was concerned about side effects.
    Upon this point, he finally looked around.

    ".....Where are we?"

    (Co-written with @Takumi)

    @Jeremi @Everyone​
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    “Mama! Hey, Mama!” a shrill cry rang out through the air, an excited bundle of joy running down the paths of the astral plane. In her hand were a bunch of flowers, their petals a golden yellow that reflected the warmth and kindness Kana knew her mother had. Not just for her, but for everyone she had met and befriended here in her castle. “Mama!” she called out again, skipping past the rod shop and Lilith’s temple and towards the inside of the castle where her mother and her friends would hold meetings to discuss the ‘adult stuff’. If she guessed correctly, her mother should have just come out from the scary meeting room. But then again, she was a busy person and never had a lot of time off for herself.

    A voice answered her call. “Yes, Kana? What is it?” To her, her mother’s voice was like a soft lullaby. She loved to hear her speak, because that meant she could be near her mother. And if her mother was nearby… that meant playtime! As she turned the corner, the floor cold underneath her bare feet, she spotted a woman with long, wavy black hair. It curled around her back and her shoulders, her fringe held back by a hairband where a white rose was fastened onto the accessory. It stood out against the blackness of her hair, and Kana always found it so pretty.


    Kana presented her flowers to the woman, a beaming smile on her face. “Look! I picked some pretty flowers for you! They’re yellow like the sun and warm like you!” her brown eyes were sparkling. She knew her mother loved flowers, plenty grew on the outskirts of the castle walls. Sometimes she would go by herself – she was a big girl now – or sometimes she would drag someone else out to come with her. Mother was kind and accepting, she gladly took anything her people offered her, even the stuff Keaton gave her and those had weird smells! “Do you really like them?”

    The woman blinked at the girl for a few seconds, a look of surprise on her face. “Wow! They’re beautiful! Thank you, Kana!” She took the bouquet of flowers, their stalks neatly bunched together, from the girl. Lifting it to her nose, she took a deep sniff of the daisies, sighing happily. “I love them! But, you’ve been bringing me an awful lot of flowers lately.” An eyebrow rose, “What’s got into you?”


    The little girl giggled to herself, hiding her mouth with her hands. “I just remembered when I was real little, we’d go looking at flowers together, Mama. You always smiled so much, and I love your smile! So I decided to start bringing you lots and lots of flowers!” After all, who wouldn’t smile if someone brought them their favourite things? Kana always smiled when she could see apples sitting on the table, free for someone to pluck and eat. With a skip and a hop, she threw herself at her mother, laughing as she caught her under the arms. Her mother was laughing too, she was happy and that made Kana happy too.

    “Heehee, I didn’t realize you were keeping such a close eye on me… but I do have a small favour to ask of you.”


    The girl looked up from where her cheek had been resting against her mother, wide and questioning eyes blinking up at her from below. There was an expression of confusion on her face, mixing with worry, but she was somewhat happy her mother was finally relying on her to do something. People never asked her to do favours. “Anything, Mama. What do you need?” she asked her, starting to become excited.

    Her mother’s voice lowered, adopting a more serious tone. “Remember how I told you that flowers are living beings, just like you and me?” Kana felt a finger poke at her forehead, making her stifle a laugh as she swatted the woman’s hands away, rubbing her forehead with a pout. “It means if you pick them, you’re hurting them. And then they can’t eat or drink anymore, so they start to wither away.”


    “Huh?” Kana broke away from her mother, her hands going cover her mouth. “Oh no! I- I’ve been hurting the flowers?” She could feel a dull thud behind her eyes, she hated to see anyone or anything hurt. She had no clue that she had been bullying the flowers, how sad they must be to see her plucking them all the time! “It was an accident!” she began to wail softly. “I’m sorry for being a big meanie-"

    Arms went around the little girl, cuddling her closer to the woman as she patted the girl’s head. “I’m sure they’ll forgive you, now that you understand. But promise me that you won’t pick them again, okay?” her voice was soft. She wasn’t angry at Kana, her mother rarely was. Even during moments the girl thought she would be, like the first time she had turned into a dragon... her mother was the nicest person she knew in the encampment.

    Now how was she going to make her mother smile? “Okay! B- but...if I do that, then how can I show you the neat flowers I find?”

    Her mother looked thoughtful for a second, her eyes gazing out of the window and beyond the strong and sturdy walls of the camp, where forests laid sprawled out where wild animals roamed and flowers grew wild but beautiful. “Easy! Just come tell me when you've found some, and we'll go together to look.”


    Kana’s sad frown turned into a small smile and shining eyes. “Really? You won’t be too busy?” she asked. “Mama is always so busy with work,” she commented. It was true, the only times Kana saw her alone relaxing was at night with her father, but even then she sometimes worked late into the night. Kana rarely had fun with her mother but when she did, it was so fun!

    “Never for you, my little Kana-bean.” She ruffled her soft, black hair.


    The little girl laughed at the nickname before giving her mother one last hug, squeezing her waist. “Okay, it's a deal! We'll go look at nice flowers together! That's a promise, Mama!” She broke away from the woman, waving with a glowing expression. “I’ll go look now!” Without another word, she skipped out of the inner building, deciding on where to find the most beautiful patch of flowers.

    Outside of the safety of the walls, Kana had to make sure she looked after herself. People didn’t come with her all the time, so she always needed to bring her trusty Dragonstone – she patted her pocket – and one of the spare swords. Sometimes when she came out here into the wilds, she would see Kisaragi hiding in the woods, silently waiting for game to come by or tracking animals. He was talented with a bow, Kana was never so good with that weapon. Sometimes she would spot Asugi hauling a giant sack of what she could only guess was candy into the bushes, hiding it from his parents. But today, she was alone.


    She looked around, trying to find a suitable place to start looking. There were several daisy patches nearby, but she had already been to them. Kana could still see the fresh patch of plucked flowers from this morning, and she suddenly felt very guilty when she remembered what her mother had said. Slowly, she approached the daisies. “I’m really, really sorry, pretty flowers! I didn’t mean to hurt you all those times.” The girl sniffed, “I hope you can forgive me.”

    At that moment, there was a flash of light from the corner of her eyes. A bright blue light she had never seen before. She looked left and right, but could see nothing. “What was that?” she wondered aloud, stepping away from the flowers to find what had caught her attention. Peering between the thick trunks of the gnarled trees was a glowing ball of light, hovering just a few feet from the ground. Was it a new pretty flower? Could she go and show it to her mother? She took a step forward, shielding her eyes from the light, when it all -


    “O- Ouch…” she rubbed the back of her head as she sat up. “Did I trip over something?” She drew her hand back from the ground and blinked. It was wet. Kana dared herself to lift her head up and realized that the sky was not the bright blue she remembered. Where were the fluffy white clouds that looked like bunnies? Instead it was a murky gray fading in a blackness as dark as her hair. “W- Where am I?” she shivered from the cold, wrapping her arms around herself. The place was too dark, too scary. There were giant buildings with lights sticking out of the hard, hard ground. “Mama? Mama!”

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  6. Prologue/chapter 1- Scott McCall: Well, this is Different

    Scott McCall looked at Kira, as she left to be with the Skinwalkers to control her Kitsune powers. They had left it at a simple kiss, but it seemed like it was the final goodbye, yet another girl lost to him. He took a deep breath, walking back to his motorcycle, he had a school to get back too. He never did make it back there though. He vanished into the day.

    He awoke to a putrid smell, unlike anything else he had experienced before, it smelled like a corpse and it was very strong to him. He blinked twice, he was underwater and this wasn’t Beacon Hills, not even close. There were others around him, also waking up. He looked at the ground, and saw that there was his motorcycle, he hadn’t expected to see that here, along with his lacrosse stick, how very different indeed. He also picked up his helmet. Had he fallen through something or perhaps this was another strange thing connected to his town? It wouldn’t be too uncommon. He only had one thing to stay this situation though.

    He wasn't sure if he believed himself, but he had to believe someone and he looked at the ground, trying to find something to occupy his mind, besides the woman who was holding him.

    So, I’m Scott McCall and you would be?” He asked to the person nearest to him. Perhaps knowing the others would be helpful. He didn't wait long before noticing the radio and approaching it.

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  7. -Nier Prologue-
    "Shadows Of Former Self"


    The once peaceful town that Nier had grown accustomed to, where he and his little sister grown up in... bustling with life despite the happenings outside their village gates. It was barren of life... a shadow of it's former self. Only shadows roamed this land, Shades, the bodysnatchers as some others put it. With no traces of the other villagers left, it put an uneasiness to the group on what occurred here.


    "Oh you've got to be shitting me! Didn't we just leave this town of yours a few hours ago? Did everything just fall into horse shit while we were gone?"

    Kaine cursed out loud, looking at the rest of the party to see if they had any frustrations to vent out. While Nier had nothing to say, definitely appalled by this revelation, Emil was shivering at this sight of this... and Grimoire Weiss was, for once, shocked by the masses of Shades that roamed the area.


    "Well, we can do what we can do best... and that's to fuck up these Shades to show that we aren't to be messed with."

    That was most likely going to be the plan, but it seemed like one other concern crossed Nier's mind as they remained stationary here.


    Y-Yonah! I left her here! Dammit dammit dammit!

    Without a word said to his group, Nier bolted towards what could be said as his former household, ignoring the lesser Shades that would try to surround him.


    "... Nier, you dumbass. Hey Weiss, keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't do anything really stupid. Me and Emil got it covered with the other Shades in the area."

    Facepalming at Nier's actions, Grimoire Weiss supposed that he would have to help out Nier in case something went wrong. From their journey alone before now, it was easy to tell that Nier's greatest weakness and strength was his willingness to do anything that'll benefit his little sister. And now that she was possibly in danger, it was only a matter of time until Nier's willingness would lead him to his own death.

    "Understood. Also my proper name is Grimoire Weiss, remember that."

    With that said, the book would go after Nier, leaving Kaine and Emil to battle the lesser Shades in the abandoned village.

    Rushing towards his house, Nier would see that the infestation of Shades was much greater here than any other location in the village, which worried him even more. To think that this once wonderful village and the household that he and Yonah were left with once his mother and his father were gone, all of that was now infested with the very threat that they hoped to never see in their humble lands. It was dreadful... disgusting, and Nier could only take it as the fact that this entire world was rotting to the brim with the Shades... If these monsters went as far as laying a finger on his little sister, they were as good as dead. However, upon arriving to the front door area, Nier stopped in his tracks to see that there was something else rather than a simple Shade...


    A strange humanoid Shade happened to have a hold over Nier's little sister, Yonah. She appeared unharmed, no signs of the Black Scrawl disease on her, but what this Shade had in mind for her, Nier didn't want to find that out. Nier was aware that the Shades were able to possess people... and while this Shade didn't exactly possess Yonah, it could do something to her that would lead to her possession.


    "Dammit! You better let go of her right now! I'll cut you down like the rest of these Shades!"

    Yelling this out, Nier drew out his Beastlord weapon, and charged towards the sinister humanoid Shade. It didn't matter to him as of now if this Shade was much greater in power compared to the rest that he's killed, but Nier was determined to save his sister from it's clutches. He didn't care of the risks of this choice he was making, he just wanted to ensure that his sister was safe and sound, which meant eradicating the threat. Somewhat late to help out his human companion, Grimoire Weiss managed to relay this piece of information to Nier.

    "Nier, fall back! That is no ordinary Shade... in fact, that's their very leader, the Shadowlord. You'll need my assistance for this, so fall back this very instant!"

    However, Nier did not listen to Grimoire Weiss, continuing with his attack. However, the Shadowlord seemed to be well aware of what Nier was trying to do, simply summoning a shadowy lance and launching it towards the advancing human. Before Nier would realize it, he would be pierced through his chest by the lance, pinned to the nearest stone wall... clinging to his very life... and watching the Shadowlord take away Yonah in front of his very eyes...


    "Y... on.. ah... No..."

    Feeling his consciousness failing him, Nier helplessly reached out his hand towards the vortex that would be used by Yonah's kidnapper to leave the area. All of this... made him feel completely useless. A cruel cycle... eating away at the very things that Nier loved and cherished with all of his being.

    His father mysteriously disappeared one day during his hunts, and Nier only remained at home, unable to assist his father or to prevent the disappearance.

    His mother succumbed to the Black Scrawl diseased, and Nier did all he could to help her with the sickness, alas, it was all in vain.

    Now... his sister, bedridden with the very same disease that killed their mother, was about to be cured of the Black Scrawl, only to be kidnapped by the very leader of the monstrous Shades, the Shadowlord, and Nier was left pinned against a wall, forced to watch his last piece of family be taken away from him.


    "Hey! Come the fuck over here and fight us, Shadowlord!"

    Hell, Nier rallied up the help of others that wanted to assist him in his cause... His rather selfish cause... to be exact. Kaine... Emil... he was certain that they could've done more with their time than to just assist him in something that felt impossible to accomplish, and now that this has happened, Nier felt completely guilty for dragging them into this. When he thought he needed help, this situation was starting to make him think that he was better off doing this whole quest on his own...

    Unable to prevent their own suffering, Nier watched as the Shadowlord and his black book, Grimoire Noir, strip away any hope that he and his party had. Blood danced throughout the air as Kaine was stabbed through the chest with a dark lance, but more in a brutal manner than how Nier was impaled... As Emil attempted to pull Nier out of his pinned position, the child was knocked to the side by a punch... delivered by Grimoire Weiss's dark hand.

    Grimoire Weiss, a special book on which Nier had called help upon... and sought out as their hope of curing Yonah, even this book was somehow influenced by the Shadowlord... and turned against them.

    Terrible... everything was falling apart, and to think that Nier could've taken all of this suffering on his own... It hurt more to see so much happen to the people that he took in as friends and allies in his quest to cure Yonah...

    His senses become disoriented and fading to black, Nier began to stir... coughing out these last words before fainting from the sudden fatal attack and blood loss.

    "Don't... take... Yo... nah... away... please..."

    Strangely, the Shadowlord paused as it happened to hear the words that Nier had to say, as if it reminded it of something.

    "Please... d-don't..."

    However, as Nier continued to hopelessly beg to deaf ears, the Shadowlord takes another step towards the vortex... Yonah in its arms... and they were gone. Gone...

    "Don't... t... take... her... away... from... m... e..."


    A place hidden away in some underwater location... Foreign people and foreign places within. Nier awoke to this, and he wasn't sure what this place was supposed to be. A realm that the Shadowlord had condemned him to. If it was... then why was there other people here? Living people? Were they going to be taken over by the Shades at some point? And if so... why did everything look so... humane... as if another human being had made this place for these Shades? These questions were hurting his head a bit, and for now, Nier had to stop and ignore it all to think on the things that happened before this.

    Ignoring the vast others around him and the surroundings that loomed over him, Nier idly looked down at his chest to see that the wound he received from the impaling lance from the Shadowlord, it was not present. Not in the slightest. It confused Nier. That entire experience in the village was for sure real as it could be, that his sister was truly kidnapped and that his supporting party members were harmed greatly in some way. Just thinking about them, it brought him to realize that he shouldn't be worrying about himself and that he should be worrying on what had happened to them... and their whereabouts.


    "Y-Yonah!... YONAHHHH!!"

    Calling out his sister's name multiple times, Nier was frantically looking around himself, to see if there was anybody he could recognize. He did not recognize this new environment... and he did not recognize any of the individuals present. What happened to him? What did the Shadowlord even do to him? ... did the Shadowlord have any responsibility to this?


    Practically screaming out for his allies, Nier was getting that helpless feeling again. Were all of them taken hostage to the Shadowlord? Or... or did something happen to him in particular? He wasn't sure, but with how things were turning out to him, Nier supposed that this would result with his untimely end... unable to save his sister or to assist his party members from their demises as well. This life was such a cruel mistress to him, where nothing seemed to go his way... that everything was always deemed to strip away all hopes and dreams he had... Not even a single shard of happiness is left over for him to cherish any further.

    All of that... was now gone.

    All gone...


    "... dammit... damn it all."

    Dropping to his knees, Nier let the helplessness settle in... as if he were welcoming this feeling in the first place. What else did he have to his name? Nothing else but the weapons and clothes he donned. That was all he had left. If he did have nothing else left, Nier supposed that the dreadful and despairing feelings could fill in the gaps that would've been filled with happiness and hopes before... before any of this occurred to him.

    Disregarding that he wasn't exactly alone here, Nier resigned himself to his fate, resting on his knees... He saw no reason to go and talk to anyone here, they wouldn't exactly help him with his troubles. It was his forsaken burden, and he wouldn't want anyone else getting involved. They'll just get hurt... resulting with more hurtful feelings for himself to bear.

    At this very moment, you could say that Nier was almost alike to a defeated soul, to the point that he had no initiative to even end his own life now with his own sword.

    A torturous fate it was for him...

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  8. Prologue: The Time of the Preacher

    “Right, he has a plan for you, does he?”

    In the darkened All Saints’ Congregational church house, with the only light being the moon shining through the decorative window panes and the fake candles whose flames were lit by electricity, two strange men had turned a pew around and now sat across from one another, passing a bottle of booze between them as they relaxed after a long evening. One wore the collar of the clergy, but at the moment, with his jacket off and sleeves rolled up, a lit cigarette in one hand as he takes another swig of the cheap alcohol his friend had managed to scrounge up? Jesse wasn’t a preacher at the moment. Instead, he was just another average Texan man sitting with a friend and having a few drinks together with that friend who had mysteriously shown up in town only a few days ago to get thrown in a jail cell with the reverend.

    It was almost funny, they had met in a bar and hadn’t hit it off at all and now here they were, in the sanctuary of Jesse’s church, the best of friends after only a few days spent in first a jail and then helping to revitalize and rebuild the church’s reputation in the sad little town of Annsville. Maybe it was because of the jolly nature of the Irishman he found himself sitting with or the fact that the man only wanted room and board to help fix the air conditioner, but Jesse couldn’t help but like Cassidy enough to settle for drinking the night away with and answering questions about his faith as he smoked a day of stress away.

    “I believe he does.”

    “Right, let me just get this straight. The Lord All Powerful,” As he derisively spoke on the matter of faith, Cassidy off-handedly gestured upwards to the ceiling, making it clear what lord he meant if it wasn’t already obvious, “He’s took time out of his busy schedule, sat behind his pearly, little desk there then “Right, angels, here’s my plan for Jesse Custer”?”

    “That’s right.”

    Would he have said that a few days before now, before his last sermon, before his three-day coma and what he thought was his last conversation with the Lord Almighty? To himself, no, not at all. Hell, even now, he wasn’t completely for certain if what had happened had been a message from God. But he knew it was something, and now, when he told the congregation that something above them all had a plan, he at least believed there really was at least something out there listening.

    Cassidy, though, he didn’t believe the same.

    “And what is it then?”

    “Be here,” The Irishman drew back at that, shaking his head, clearly unconvinced as Jesse went on, “Work hard, help others, preach the Gospel. Be one of the good guys,” Another swig to top it off as Cassidy likewise took another drag of his own cigarette before giving the preacher a look of something akin to contempt but less hateful. Pity, maybe?

    “You know what? He has a plan for me too.”

    “I’m sure He does.”

    “His plan for me is to let you know that his plan for you is the dumbest, most boring plan he’s ever come up with.”

    For some reason, the accusing finger that Cassidy used and the tone of derision he held angered the preacher more than anyone’s in the town.

    “So selfishness… That’s your answer?” He bit back, driven by the exhaustion that trying to turn his church around had caused and the heat of the whiskey that the man sitting across from him had brought, “Just run around, do whatever, whenever you want? Hell of a life is that?”

    “An honest one.”

    The preacher couldn’t help the short, sardonic chuckle that escaped him, “Honest, passing the hat for you sick grandmother back home.”

    “Now you just hang on a minute!” There was the finger again, waving an accusation Jesse’s way, She's not me grandmother, but she's me Granny B., and she's had a series of intest-”

    “Stealing church wine.”

    “That’s not fair, I was gonna pay that back.”

    “I’m sure that’s the least of what you done.”

    The preacher paused in his honest accusations to take a another swig, giving Cassidy time to attempt to turn it around, his volume picking up as he went along, “Well, what about you?! You broke a man’s arm, made him make a bunny sound, you bleedin’ hypocrite!”

    Donny had gotten what the wife-beater deserved in that bar fight, whether or not it made Jesse a hypocrite for enjoying the act or the one-sided brawl with the man’s drunken friends. He didn’t feel guilty for that at all, and nothing Cassidy said would change that, because he had done what was right in that situation.

    “Whatever is I’ve done, at least I don’t call myself honest, you Goddamn loser!”

    He didn’t feel guilty because he had done what a good guy would have done in that situation.


    Both pulled back at that, taking a breath to calm themselves down. Neither wanted this to become a fight, not between friends who were simply passing the time drinking together.

    “Loser is… all right.”

    Look, I’m just sayin’, boring’s not the worst thing a person can be, Cassidy.”

    The Irishman exhaled, a poof of smoke floating up from his lips as he countered, “I think you’re wrong. I think boring’s the worst, ha.” The two chuckled together in a weak manner, trying to laugh off the remaining momentary anger. After a moment though, it was back to business as Cassidy asked another question, “I’ve been wonderin’ who taught you to fight like that. Was that your dad?”

    A tear opened in Jesse’s heart at that, though the numbing alcohol kept it from registering in his expression, To fight?” Memories of his years growing up under his grandmother came to mind. Years of being beaten by Jody, by the man who had taught him to fight to survive, the man who had shot his father in front of him for trying to escape that clan of psychopaths.

    “No, that was someone else.”

    “Oh, there’s a tale there to be told, I think.”

    His father had taught him many things in their short time together. How to be a good man, how to be a father and husband, and how to hate to communism were all things that he had taught. How to fight like a vicious, trained animal? No, his dad could never teach something like that. Only another beast that needed to be put down like a mutt could teach something like that.

    Only Jody could have taught him to fight to maim and kill like that.

    Cassidy didn’t need to know that though, “Why are we always talking about me?” Now that he thought about it, the man really hadn’t ever told much about himself. A bar fight, a night in jail, and a few days working around the church, and Jesse still hadn’t heard much more than the guy’s name and the fact that he was a drifter. “What’s your story, Cassidy?”

    “Oh, it’s pretty typical, really. I’m a 119-year old vampire from Dublin City,” As deadpan as possible, Cassidy delivered that line that sounded like absolute bullshit to Jesse, bullshit that made him chuckle as his friend said it as if it was the truth, “And I’m currently on the run from a group of vampire-hunting religious vigilantes who keep tracking me down somehow. What else?”

    Now all trace of seriousness disappeared as the so-called vampire began to spout meaningless garbage, “I’m a right-handed Sagittarius. I love Chinese food. I’ve never seen the Pacific Ocean, and I think “The big Lebowski’s” overrated.”

    “Vampire, huh?” The preacher clicked his tongue as the sentence rolled off it, “Sounds like fun.”

    “Can be, sometimes.”

    The silence between seemed to echo as they both fell quiet for a few seconds, unsure of what to say. Deciding there was nothing better to do as Jesse had the now almost empty whiskey bottle, Cassidy pulled a vial of… the preacher couldn’t right make it out, but it seemed like it was something fit for drinking if his friend swallowing some of it was a positive sign, “Whatcha got there?”


    “Let me see that,” His hand was held out in a demanding position, wanting the vial handed over to him. Sadly, the vampire seemed to instead only want to cork the vial.

    “No, I shan’t. It’s too potent for ya. Leave it out.”

    “Give it.”

    Again, Cassidy waggled his finger though now to dissuade Jesse, “After a sip of this, you're not going to feel like one of the "good guys," all right? So just-“

    “Give me that!” The preacher wasn’t having any of his friend’s nonsense now, lunging forward to grab the vial.

    “All right, all right, don’t spill it, don’t spill it!”

    The tussle ended with both men on their feet, staring each other down, with Jesse as the victor. Cassidy could only sigh as the reverend turned and walked a few feet away with his prize, uncorking the container and sniffing at it. The odor of the mixture caused him to scrunch up in disgust before he managed to shake it off as the vampire explained what exactly he had in his hand.

    “That’s a combination of rubbing alcohol, coffee-machine descaler, and a bit of shite I found dripping out the back of the air-conditioning unit.”

    And without a hint of concern for the ‘ingredients’, the preacher pushed the vile mixture to his lips and tilted his head back to take the plunge. The brew was definitely the ripest, most foul tasting drink he’d ever experienced, and it staggered him the instant he swallowed. Already, he could feel the liquid working on his stomach, churning the contents up as it prepared to drop him unconscious. He had only enough time for one last comment to Cassidy.

    “I liked “The Big Lebowski”.”

    His vision became a swirl as he tilted backwards and dropped like a sack of stones onto the church floor, out cold to the world. If only he had known the sort of faith-testing nightmare that mixture was about to cause him...


    The preacher's head was splitting in absolute agony as he finally began to wake once again. It seemed his and Cassidy's drinking binge was going to haunt for the rest of the day in... If the constant, steady dripping of water on his forehead was anything to go by, it wasn't his church or Annsville. The church might been run-down in some ways, but it certainly didn't have a leaky roof and it wasn't often that the rains came to West Texas.

    "God help me..." He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he raised himself up from the ground before looking around and realizing where exactly he was. Goddammit, Emily's not gonna be too happy when I come back... They were clearly deep underwater, if the view through the glass was anything to go by, and that meant he had somehow ended up a good few hundred miles from Annsville... All while unconscious and somehow ending in his complete preacher outfit.

    However, before he could ask where exactly he along with all the strangers were, the dark-skinned woman dressed like a science-fiction scientist spoke up. Definitely not someone from Annsville. His hometown wasn't exactly on the forefront of innovation, and no one would have a name like the researcher.

    "Uh... Nice to meet ya, Miss Va... Vaswani. Name's preacher Jesse Custer," He held a hand out to the woman, wanting to get off to a good start with the closest thing to an expert they had, "If you don't mind, you wouldn't be able to point me in the direction, would ya?"

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  9. Oerba Dia Vanille • Prologue

    ~ ⚪️ ~

    'Now we live on, to greet a new dawn.'

    ~ ⚪️ ~


    here she was. Once again, Oerba Dia Vanille, former Pulsian l'Cie was in crystal stasis. Though this time, she was in crystal form because she had actually completed her designated Focus alongside her childhood friend and ally, Oerba Yun Fang. Together, the two women held hands even after transforming into Ragnarok and creating the crystal pillar which supported and held Cocoon upright, just above Gran Pulse. Although she was stuck in crystal form yet again, Vanille was relieved that she and Fang were able to prevent the two worlds from ever coming into contact when Cocoon fell after the group defeated Orphan.

    She felt happy.

    No one in the group became a Cie'th, both Cocoon and Gran Pulse were safe and free of the Sanctum fal'Cie control, and everyone else was freed from their own crystallized slumber.

    But strangely, Lightning was not among the group who were released from crystal stasis...

    They assumed that Lightning was with Vanille and Fang in the pillar. In actuality, she wasn't there. It was just Vanille and Fang. Serah swore she saw Lightning with them, moments before she received the birthday knife she got for Lightning from Hope. The pinkette had cried for many, many days and refused to accept that her sister was just... gone.

    It was discomforting knowing that Serah had been struck with pain and sorrow after losing Lightning.

    ...The woman had fought valiantly to complete her sister's wish - to save Cocoon - only to disappear off the face of the world without a word.

    Vanille wondered where the older Farron went. She worried about her. Lightning wouldn't leave her younger sister after everything that happened. After all, from what Vanille had witnessed back on the Pulse Vestige - before they all became l'Cie - Lightning loved Serah, and she was determined to protect her as she was the only family that she had remaining. Throughout their entire journey around Cocoon and Pulse, the ex-Guardian Corps Sergeant had changed from being cold and standoffish to showing compassion and trust towards others. Vanille had realized it when the others had rescued her and Sazh on the airship that was headed towards Eden.

    Vanille was surprised to see that Lightning had actually smiled.

    Being a l'Cie transformed Lightning into something - someone that no one had expected.

    In the end... Of all people... why was she gone?

    . . .

    Despite being in crystal sleep, Vanille had learned that after Cocoon almost crash-landed onto Pulse, much of the population of Cocoon had moved down to Pulse and decided to live there. She was aware of what had been happening all around her (and Fang). As days passed, she thought about what it would have been like if she and Fang were able live alongside the others. The redhead yearned to feel the wind blowing against her face. She wished to feel the sun's bright rays beaming down on her soft, smooth skin. She missed that familiar warmth.

    As they were in the pillar, all she'd done was dream. Sometimes, the dreams she experienced felt real. She dreamt that everyone was together after the event of Orphan's demise. The crystal pillar was still around, but no one needed to hold it up. They'd stayed in New Bodhum on Pulse - the new village that was established in replacement of Bodhum back on Cocoon. Not everyone would have stayed there though, and eventually some of them moved away to live in some other parts of Gran Pulse.

    Although they were apart in terms of living, they'd planned for get-togethers whenever they were able to.

    They lived peacefully. There was the occasional bickering from Snow and Lightning, Vanille would head off with Fang to Archylte Steppe to hunt for monsters like they used to many centuries before back home in Oerba - sometimes they would visit Oerba, and Serah and Vanille hung out at New Bodhum's beach and talked to one another like when they first met. There was much, much more, too.

    She missed the others and their antics. Being around them made her feel better when she felt down. They were her new family... as Fang had told her after they defeated her Eidolon, Hecatoncheir. She wished she could speak to them - to tell them that she and Fang were alright in the pillar, and that Lightning actually wasn't there, but somewhere else.

    But she couldn't.

    All she could do was continue with dreaming.

    All she could do was wait many more days, weeks, and months until she was released from her crystal slumber.

    Wait, wait, wait...

    For as long as she needed to.

    And before she knew it... she saw a bright, white light.

    . . .

    Blinking once, and a few times more, Vanille tried to adjust her eyes to the new environment around her. She rubbed at her arms after slowly getting up to stand. The young woman rubbed at her cold shoulders, shivering a bit.

    This place... it didn't look like Gran Pulse. And it sure as hell didn't look like Cocoon either.

    She then saw the name of the area, or someplace around the area.

    So... she was around a place called Fontaine's Station? Interesting name.


    If Vanille wasn't in crystal form anymore... that meant that Fang wasn't in crystal form either... Right?


    She looked around. There were people around her, but there was no one that she recognized.

    She grew worried.

    Where was Fang?
    Why was she there?
    Was this supposed to be another Focus of sorts?

    "...I hope Fang's alright."


    Vanille had to be strong if she were to ever return home.

    So, she put a smile on her face.

    'Just... keep smiling. You'll be fine...'


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  10. Phantom/Samael Prologue

    Boys strive to become men

    But what does a man strive to be? The answer might surprise you. Some men like Winslow Leach only want what they create to be used by the right people. But these men don't often get what they want because life's a cruel, cruel mistress. Winslow's music was created solely by him. When he received the offer to have it be bought by Swan of Death Records fame, Winslow's heart almost skipped a beat! The Swan wanting his music? Well, who would he have play it? Surely someone worthy of the song's caliber.

    The Juicy Fruits, a band that Winslow absolutely despised. Their cheery and energetic pop songs didn't appeal to the would be composer whatsoever. This song was supposed to carry deep messages within it! Re-telling the story of Faust of all things! To have that handed off to a cheesy pop band would have made a joke out of everything he had worked so hard to achieve! So, one would imagine the rational response would have been to speak to Swan, correct?

    Well, you'd be half-right. Winslow did attempt that. By way of dressing in drag to sneak into Swan's harem of women. Only to be brutally beaten by his hired guards and accused of selling heroin. The false charges left Winslow in Sing Sing Prison with razor sharp metal teeth replacing his natural ones. He might have just become a mindless drone and that would have been the end of our story.

    But as fate would have it, it wasn't done destroying Winslow's life just yet. Hearing a guard listening to the Juicy Fruits playing his music, Winslow snapped. Murdering a guard in cold blood,Winslow escaped from the prison and set out with nothing but revenge in his mind. The Juicy Fruits would pay, Swan's right hand man-Philbin would pay, and most of all Swan would pay!

    Despite all of his efforts, Winslow seemed destined to be nothing more than the universe's eternal play thing. With a bullet in his leg and his face burnt/blind in his left eye due to an incident with a record press, Winslow is assumed dead. Or so people like Swan would have you believe. After all who cared about who used a dead man's music in any way they wanted? Specially a composer who dealt with drugs(false accusation of course but who cares about facts?)

    Winslow would return however. But Winslow Leach was gone. There was only The Phantom!

    Now, he haunts the paradise when it suits him. Though for the moment, he's found himself between a rock and a hard place. Swan will let Winslow's lover-Phoenix be the one to sing his song. So long as Winslow keeps to himself and writes more songs. Hence where our story takes us today. With Winslow hard at work on his keyboard. His voice certainly wasn't what it used to be due to the fact he needed a vocoder to even speak beyond hisses.


    But no matter how well Winslow hit the keys or how proud he was of his writingability. His voice would never be the same. Just another thing Swan had taken from him. The impish little man had given Winslow the ability to communicate but not in a way that his singing didn't sound like anything but grating to most people's ears. Winslow tried not to accept this as reality. But eventually smashing his hands down on the keys,Winslow knocked away the bottles of pills he'd been taking to keep himself up at night.

    What was the point? He had tried warning Phoenix against working with Swan. Only for her to reject him due to how monstrous he had become and she soon found her in bed with Swan, his sworn nemesis! It was enough and not even death could liberate Winslow. Not as long as he still had his contract with Swan. What could he do to try and alleviate the pain..?

    Looking around the room, Winslow stepped back from the keyboard and got on his knees. The floors were a bit dusty but nothing he couldn't just wipe off if it ever really became a problem. But cleanliness wasn't the issue here. Clasping his hands together, Winslow closed his eyes before opening them once more.

    "...Hello? To whoever's listening, I'm sorry I haven't done this before. I just, uh, never really found the words for it. But I come to you today with a simple request. I-I need your help. Swan, he's...he's taken everything from me. My music, the pinnacle of everything I've worked for! He's even taken my face!" Winslow briefly considered what he was doing. Was he really praying to God in hopes that he'd somehow smite Swan? Was he going crazy?

    "If you're as almighty as people say you are then you can help me! Make Swan pay, make him pay for everything that he's done to meeeeeeeee! Please, please! If you can help me bring down, Swan...Then I'll do whatever you need of me. Anything!"

    Having said all he could find the stomach to say, Winslow's hands fell to his side. If there really was someone up there listening, he could only hope they'd take pity on him...


    "Hm, how should I put it...? 'God's dead, better luck next time!' Mm...that's kinda boring. 'I thought humans could just eat swans.' That kinda makes me sound really stupid. ...Ah! Sooorry! God's retired, but I can take your message if you want! Yeah, that's good."

    A young-looking girl suddenly appeared in the room. No fanfare, no warning, no prior hints as to her existence. She was just there. The angel of deception and death, Samael. Sitting atop his keyboard, the angel seemed to have not bothered to think of her words before arriving and running her mouth.

    -A few hours prior-

    She had fused with Setsuna, Yaldaboath, the false God. The clash between the being surpassing God and the being to become God had been overwhelmingly in the former's favor. Samael herself stepped in only to save the latter, suffering fatal wounds in the process, much like the one she'd "saved." Only one option, then, was left to her. To heal his injuries, she killed herself. That was the fusion between the false God and a fallen angel's clone.

    That should have been the end of her existence, leaving nothing but her memories in Setsuna and whatever the new future would remember of her. Though, really, the latter didn't matter much to her. She'd done what she wanted to do and saved the only person she cared about, the only person as fake as she was.

    That was all that should've happened.

    Yet, just like her previous death, she woke up again, her memories still intact. The only difference this time was that this was not Tokyo Babel. It was one of many worlds, instead. Her first thought was to simply head back to Tokyo Babel, but actually that place was no longer intact. That left the fallen angel with just about nothing to do.

    "I could try visiting Hell, but I don't think I want to check out my grave so soon after popping out of it. Let's see, is there anything fun or interesting around here? I think I might die again if nobody's here..."

    Concealing her presence, Samael took off into the world, in search of-

    "Oh, guess this world's still intact."

    Finding people didn't seem to be a problem as she flew about. It seemed this was a relatively normal world, so finding things to do shouldn't be difficult. Things besides fighting, at least. The problem was she was rather in the mood to fight. The surest way to ascertain the fact she was alive. Humans posed no threat to her, so "fighting" them could not serve that purpose.

    "Maybe I'm lucky, and this world has really advanced technology or something. Or an angel or demon is waiting around here. Ahh, this is boring. Where would Setsuna be right now, anyway? Heaven? Still in Hell? Hmm..."

    She pondered the question, but thinking wasn't her strong suit, and the question was practically impossible for her to answer with her current knowledge anyway. Anything she came up with would amount to nothing more than a random, baseless guess.

    Just as she gave up on that train of thought and was about to figure out what she should do, a curious thing reached her ears. Whoever was speaking, she was completely out of earshot so it would've been strange that it had reached her. Yet as the nature of the words became clear, Samael's surprise faded. A prayer to God, the God that had been killed. Well aware there was nobody to answer this prayer, a small playful smirk crossed her face.

    A fallen angel to answer a prayer? That sounded like a pretty bad joke.

    So she went.

    -Current Time-

    "It's funny actually. Even the angels have given up on praying, yet here you are, asking the Lord himself to help some mortal with a funny voice. But, it's your lucky day! I'm here~!"

    Samael hopped off the keyboard and latched her gaze onto the man in the mask. A light gaze that showed slight interest towards the situation, yet apathy towards the man himself.

    "I can answer your prayer! ...If I feel like it."

    Winslow waited and he waited. Yet it seemed like his prayers would go unanswered. What had he done wrong? Had he not been earnest enough? He had admitted that Swan had taken pretty much everything he held dear. What more could God have wanted from him? Reaching towards his mask, Winslow prepared to remove it. Maybe if he didn't hide himself behind this mask when addressing God, maybe then he'd listen.

    But even as his messy brown hair was revealed as he pulled off the helmet, Winslow still got nothing. He had assumed that perhaps he hadn't been honest enough and that's why his prayer went unanswered. But even the removal of his mask didn't seem to help any. Letting the mask drop to the floor, Winslow let out a ragged gasp.

    "Well, I guess that's it. Even God won't answer my prayers. Is my life going to be subject to be the universe's plaything until the end of time?"Winslow's fingers clawed the side of his mask as tears began to well up in his one good eye. "It...doesn't...make...any..sense!"


    But suddenly there was a voice within his room! It didn't belong to Swan or heaven forbid, Phoenix. So who could it have been? Quickly placing his mask back on to hide his disfigurements, Winslow turned to face the newcomer. He wasn't exactly delighted with the being he saw sitting near his keyboard.

    She didn't look any older than twelve at the very least. Yet, she was apparently the one who had heard him and been sent down to deal with his problems?

    Rising up to his feet, Winslow made his way over to the girl as he glanced down at her. With the strange voice due to the vocoder and his mask, Winslow certainly didn't seem like your garden variety human.

    "Tch..I won't question how you got in here. What I will question is what you have to say. You tell me that God's retired. That this omnipotent being has decided to simply given up and you come in his place?!" Winslow shook his head and pressed a hand against the wall as he glanced over his shoulder at the angel. "If I wasn't convinced that my life was seen as a joke, then I certainly am now. The forces that be expect a little girl to help me with my problems? This isn't a joke anymore. This is torture!"

    As Samael jumped off the keyboard and turned her attention towards him, Winslow's hands balled up into fists and he smashed one of them into a nearby speaker Swan had set up to better help Winslow compose his music. Sparks flew from the ruptured speaker and normally Winslow would have been electrocuted by such an act. But due to his contract with Swan, the composer pulled his fist back without looking any worse for wear.

    It was then that Samael's words finally seemed to click with the phantom.

    "...Correct me if I've heard you wrong. But 'if you feel like it?' You must have heard what I said or you wouldn't have come! Yet here you are, coming through my door. Sitting at my keyboard and yet you have the gall to tell me you'l help if you feel like it. I don't know what's going on up there." Winslow went on while pointing up at the sky to signify what he meant. "It's beyond someone like me. But what kind of angel are you if you'll only help if you feel like it? That doesn't seem very angel-like to me..."

    Samael's expression didn't change in the slightest as he went on a rampage of sorts. Well, that was certainly an overreaction. She didn't feel like she'd actually done anything worthy of such a reaction yet, but that was fine. Good, actually. Too many hot-tempered people got annoying, but just one made it kind of funny to watch.

    "Hm? You should probably take that mask off if you're having trouble hearing me. But yeah, if I feel like it. I live true to myself and do what I want to do. So? What do you think an angel should be like?"

    Samael gave him an inquiring look, remaining otherwise motionless.


    The look Winslow gave her in return was an incredulous one. What kind of sick joke was this? For the first time in his life he had prayed to a higher power. How had he been recompensed for his good deed? By being gifted with a child who seemed like she'd solve his problems. If the mood struck her. Otherwise, she seemed content to sit around as if there weren't a care in the world.

    Which he supposed could have been true enough for her. What concerns did an angel have? He doubted they had to worry about losing any of the things that he had. So they didn't really have much common ground to really settle upon.

    Relaxing himself as best as he could, Winslow took a seat at his keyboard and clasped his hands together. Looking over at Samael, he began to speak.
    "What do I think an angel should act like? I suppose I always pictured them as do-gooders who'd fulfill the wishes of anyone who had the heart to pray to them. You've shown that much at least. You showed up, heard what I had to say, and are willing to do it."

    Winslow paused as he sighed. "But only if it suits you. That's where the image shatters for me..."

    Winslow supposed he wouldn't get anywhere quick if he kept on snapping. Whoever may have be responsible for Samael being here meant they had indeed listened to what he said. He supposed he'd just have to work with what he got.


    "Sorry, you only get 3 out of 10 points for that answer! Try again next time!"

    Samael's expression changed to a wide smile as she happily told him he was off the mark. She planned to continue on, mess with him a little more without actually explaining anything. It alleviated her boredom somewhat after all.

    Yet as she was about to, she felt the familiar sensation of changing worlds. Only this time, it wasn't of her own will. She was being forcibly moved.

    "Wh-what?? Hey, what's going o-"

    Samael couldn't finish her sentence before her consciousness swiftly faded.

    And Samael woke up again. Underwater, for some reason. Well, that was fine. There were suddenly a lot more interesting-looking people, after all. With no particular purpose in mind, the fallen angel just checked out the art style herself, not that she particularly knew about nor appreciated art.

    "What're you going to do after figuring out the art style anyway?"

    She asked a simple question, seeming not to mind the fact she was dragged to a place she did not recognize against her will.

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  11. There didn't seem to be anything special about the radio, well, perhaps the fact that it seemed to be in working order in a place like this could be considered peculiar.

    @Sir Nick of Ni @Raven

    Symmetra would give the Southern preacher a look over before she handed out her hand to him for a shake. "Symmetra will do just fine." She replied with her Indian accent and with a courteous smile before continuing. "I am afraid that I am as much in the dark as you are." That bothered her greatly. Symmetra always strove to have order in her life, being transported to a place like this clearly put cracks in her plan.

    "We are underwater that much is certain, and the architecture would imply Art Deco which was popular during the 1920s up until World War II before interest started waning, that is about the only thing I have surmised for now."

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  12. How much is that doggie in the window...?

    Carol awoke to the sounds of music, a soft tune that danced on the edge of her consciousness. It brought her into reality, carrying her from half-remembered nightmares to a world that was cold and damp. And real. The music was authentic, something the anchored Carol as she blinked away her bleary view of the ceiling above. She lay there for a moment, mind blank as the song overtook her. Something about it reminded her of a time long ago, when her daddy's vinyls would echo throughout the old home.

    Maybe you'll think of me when you are all alone...

    It wasn't until she heard the stirring of someone nearby that Carol broke out of her stupor, sitting up quickly and whipping her head around to catch the individual. Her pulse quickened at the sight of not just one, but dozens of people scattered on the ground like fallen leaves. A surprised gasp escaped her, and Carol pushed herself up into a standing position. She turned slowly, taking in the unbelievable sight.


    She didn't recognize any of them. Not a one.

    Carol absentmindedly touched at her waist, feeling for the familiar bulge of a pistol concealed beneath her clothing. It was there, as expected, as well as the knife tucked in her boot. With weapons, Carol had strength-- real strength that her body didn't provide. She need not feel vulnerable here, but she still did need to cautiously assess the situation.

    Backing up and putting some distance between her and the individual closest to her, Carol stole a few glances at the architecture surrounding them. She winced at the neon lighting and looked up to see an operational board like one would see in an airport or train station. That seemed a big clue toward where they were, but Carol found herself drawn to the stairwell where a hazy blue light drifted down from above, feeling as if that was what she needed to see.

    She moved cautiously, visibly walking on shaky legs. She was only half-pretending. Her hands moved to hug herself and she rubbed at her arms to stave off the chill she felt run up her spine. She tried to mentally prepare for whatever awaited her, but it became clear no amount of preparedness would ready her when she laid eyes upon the awe-inspiring sight.

    An ocean.

    The vastness of the ocean was laid before Carol, a sight she didn't believe possible. Her mind wracked itself for an explanation, but she could barely reach a conclusion. An electronic image? But then, how was electricity reaching an underwater facility? Or, maybe it was a city? The lights were working, after all. The more questions Carol asked herself, the further she felt from understanding.

    A part of her wanted to reject it and believe this was an extension of her dreams, but she knew this was real, somehow. She just needed to feel it. Carol stepped forward and placed her hands delicately against the glass, feeling the cool smooth surface against her fingertips. Carol's jaw dropped slightly in awe, and she stared dumbly into the ocean water, feeling as if had been dropped into a whole new world entirely.


    She swallowed roughly, turning around and pushing her back up against the wall of glass. She felt lost, adrift in the sea that surrounded her. How was she supposed to adapt to all of this? Deal with it? It was... "Hm." Carol let out a frustrated noise, pushing off from the wall and making her way back to the stairs. She paused at the top, looking down at all the people once again. Some would be like her, placed into a situation they could barely begin to understand. If she kept her wits about her, she would identify them soon enough.

    The first step was to reach some kind of understanding. The second was to survive.

    Carol reached the bottom of the stairs and found her eye drawn to a boy interacting with a radio nearby. No doubt she could make use of it. She approached the boy and the people near him, giving the group a nervous smile. She avoided their gaze slightly, looking nervous as she pointed to the radio on the bench. "Is that working?" she asked, sounding almost timid, "mind if I see it?" Carol didn't want to come off as impulsive, but she was ready to claim the radio if the boy let her.

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  13. "Alright, Symmetra, Jesse will do then," The reverend returned the polite smile as they shared a firm handshake. It was looking like it would take more than just asking questions of each other to figure out how to get home from here, so it would be good to know they were on good terms as everyone began searching around. "Art Deco, huh... Definitely not somethin' you'd see in West Texas, and it seems old enough to be around that..."

    Seeing the others crowding around the radio, Jesse sighed as he began to make his way over, "Best we wrangle everyone together before moving on, doctor." Best none of them got separated from the group while they explored. If someone got trapped or lost, it would be here to find them again in the flooding underwater... City? Guess that would be the thing to call it.

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  14. Spider-Gwen: Prologue - Does Whatever a Spider Can!


    "... And that's all I can really say from what Spider-UK told me!"

    Of all the strange things that was out there in the multiverse that Gwen Stacy, also known as The Amazing Spider-Woman (well, she hadn't reached the title of Amazing yet... or Spectacular, or Sensational), thought that Spider-Ham, or Peter Porker for his real name, was one of the more bizarre creations of whatever deity was out there, be it the freaking... uh, One Above All or the Beyonder or other great gods that she wasn't supposed to know about just yet.

    Thwap. Thwap.

    As the two spider-heroes web-slinged throughout the uncharacteristically quiet New York City, Gwen tried to think over what Porker had just relayed to her, though to be pretty damn honest, she was lost.

    "I see, I see... Except there's one problem; I don't see," Gwen grumbled, "Like... So you're telling me people from different dimensions get dragged into a place like... Hunger Games style, and are systematically killed off on top of the murders that the people will be compelled to do? That's the part where you started to lose me."

    "Well, I'd prefer Battle Royale, but I suppose that'd be a little inaccurate too."

    "What's Battle Royale?"

    "... What do you even do in your free time?" Spider-Ham could only reply, pursing his piggy lips in mild frustration underneath his mask.

    "Whatever! What's this thing called again?"

    "Murder Games. And I'm gonna stop you right there before you compare it to Hunger Games again," Spider-Ham said, "Unfortunately, we don't really know the nitty gritty of it, and I do mean gritty," he continued, "It's hard to get details since they sorta just pop up wherever, and the multiverse is a big place, y'know. From what we can assume, the people there are taken into the place against their own will like they're mysteriously teleported and--"



    "G-Gwen? Where'd you go?"


    "... Oh, bacon."


    Gwen fell for quite some time. Everything happened so quickly that she didn't realize what had happened before it was too late. She was swinging through the city with Peter, and then... everything went black, and then when her vision returned, she was falling through the air without any surface to shoot a web at, and then...


    Gwen landed harmlessly (though not entirely painlessly) into a pile of nearby garbage bags that broke her fall somewhat. The splitting headache she got was really bad, so bad that she felt compelled to take off her mask for a bit, thinking that no one else was around, or rather, not thinking at all, as the teenaged girl gripped her temple in a somewhat counter-productive attempt to ease her headache.

    "Ough... I need to get Janet to invent an automatic web shooter on my back that deploys web parachutes in case of emergencies..." She groaned, the act of even talking becoming painful as well.

    Still, she couldn't waste all her time writhing in pain. With that said, Gwen would force herself up from the trash, stumbling to her feet and taking a few steps forward.



    "Either that or maybe a cool Spider-Woman armor... if I even had the money to pay Janet for tech like that."

    And then, as it would turn out, she was not alone. There were quite a few strange faces around, many she hoped weren't actually as strange as Peter Porker, but it looked like some multiversal tear had appeared and gotten her into this mess. Normally, she'd panic in this kind of event where her face was exposed to everyone else, buuuut if this was a different dimension, then no one should recognize her... Right?

    ... Well, best not take any chances.


    With that, Gwen would put her mask back on, despite the headache that still bothered her quite exponentially. Still, she had no worries. After all, this wouldn't be the first time something like this had happened, between the fight against Morlun, or the Secret War, or... Ugh, if only she had never become a superhero.

    "Anyway, where's my dimension hopping doo-hickey..." Gwen mumbled, attempting to search her suit for the mentioned device, only for her to realize...

    ... Uh-oh.

    "Oh no."

    Oh no.

    "Oh no no no no no no no you've got to be kidding me!"

    It looked like the Amazing Spider-Woman made a not so amazing blunder. She probably dropped it somewhere during the fall, and as much as she didn't like to intrude on other people's business and whatever pleasant conversations they were having...

    "H-Hey! So... Uh, has anyone seen a weird device? Has a big red button that you shouldn't press?! A-Anyone?!" Gwen called out in vain, little would she realize.


    Underneath her mask, Gwen pouted deeply.


    "I'm gonna die here, aren't I?"

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  15. || Soldier: 76 ||

    Hm. Where did this all begin...?

    Well, the mind of an old man isn't exactly expansive. Not enough room to cram an entire origin story inside one thought, that would just be boring for everybody.

    But, some context would be nice. It all began in the Tomb of Kings....



    The world would finally re-materialize around him, as the bright, white flash would dissipate. The smell of water and fish loomed on the air, as the old soldier in blue and white would cough and hack, his eyes readjusting and his mind still trying to process everything that had just happened. The mission in Saudi Arabia took a turn for the absolute worst, and Soldier: 76?

    Oh, he was mad. Very, very mad.

    "Son of a..." The soldier growled as he looked up, his vision finally adjusting as he stared out at a ruined complex, and old radio crackling some unknown tunes as he got a bearing of his surroundings. But, even now, he couldn't think straight, his mind currently a swirling, putrid stew of anger, confusion and tiredness.

    "I knew he'd be waiting around the corner, trying to find me wounded. I'd do the same, hell, that's what we were trained to do. I almost..." 76 continued grumbling, talking to no one in particular as he seemed to rant about some unknown figure. But, inside, he knew exactly what he was talking about. Reyes was always looking for the crippled, that how he was trained. Whether its because he likes seeing the weak die, or just because its easier on him, Soldier: 76 knew that was how he played.

    So how did he fall into that trap? He could have gotten McC--

    76's anger would suddenly shift into immediate worry, as the old soldier would spin around and look over the pile of unconscious people, trying to find the hat. The old, brown hat with the golden badge stapled to the front. Singling it out, Soldier: 76 would sprint over and shake the body next to it.

    "Hey, hey, cowboy. Wake up." 76 grumbled, giving McCree a couple shoves as he scanned his surroundings once more.

    He and Jesse got lucky, but the question is; just the where the hell did they get taken to?


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  16. Did this child think this was all some big joke? That the tragedies he had spoken of were nothing more than a punchline? Or maybe she was just in on the joke like everybody else who had turned Winslow's life into what it was now. Ever since his music had been stolen, he'd been nothing but one big joke that everyone kept telling. But Winslow had it up to here. If the powers that be weren't going to get him the revenge he sought. Then he'd have to tell this girl to get out of his hair if all she wanted to do was sit around and taunt him. He had enough of that with Swan. But Winslow wouldn't be able to vocalize this opinion for he suddenly felt himself growing faint. Was it his wound acting up? No, it couldn't have been. If it were then he'd be dead and that meant that Swan would have been too.

    But Winslow could only hope to be so lucky. For as he awoke, he'd clutch at either side of his head and groaned. What had happened? He hadn't died. That much he was sure of. But everything seemed different, so run-down, so decrepit. This wasn't Swan's studio that's for sure. Glancing down at his vocoder to see if it'd been damaged, Winslow let out a raspy hiss. Some of the inner workings seemed to have been jostled in the move. Which meant that the audio would have been a bit off. But beggars couldn't be choosers. At least not until he figured out where he was.

    Letting out a series of coughs to try and clear up his throat, Winslow glanced around at what appeared to be a room filled to the brim with nothing but strangers-and the mischevious little angel who had apparently accompanied him here.

    "...Who are all you people? Where am I..?"
    As it turned out, Winslow didn't exactly need to wait long before he got a response. They were somehow underwater!? How had this happened?! He was just about to scold Samael for her behavior when everything had gone white! Now, he was leagues under the sea and trapped with people he didn't know and didn't care about. This was an outrage! Life just didn't seem to get tired of pulling around Winslow Leach. Well, Winslow was tired of life.



    Letting all of his frustration in one simple yell, Winslow placed a gloved hand to the forehead of his mask while staying near Samael. The girl didn't seem to particularly care about the fact that she'd been pulled here. Well, he supposed it made sense. She was an angel wasn't she? She was probably used to seeing all sorts of places. But being here only meant that she wasn't back at Swan's studios and making him pay for everything that he'd done. Instead, the two of them were down here. In the ocean. With other people that Winslow couldn't have cared for if he tried.

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  17. "I agree, we should stand a united front." She'd look over Jesse's shoulder at the rest of the group. "Though I am rather certain some of them do not share our views." The outburst by the Phantom had Symmetra wrinkle her nose in disgust. "But it can not be helped. We must try to get order among us so that we can form out a plan."

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  18. Owlman - Prologue; In the Arms of the Abyss
    @A Tiny Fool @Arcadium @Archmage Jeremiah @Atomyk @BarrenThin @Bomb @Chris Lang @Crimson Spartan @Cromartie Sarkissian @Crow @C.T. @DapperDogman @DBZ7 @Ellya @Forrest @Gummi Bunnies @Gwazi Magnum @Hana @Josh M @Kaykay @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @Krieg @Lissamel @LuckycoolHawk9 @Mighty Roman @Minerva @Nater Taters @OrlandoBloomers @Raven @Ringmaster @Ryu Keiko @Schnee Corp Lawyer @ScreamingWillows @Sen @Sir Nick of Ni @T.O.M. @Takumi @The Tactician @Verite @Xx420BLAZEITxX @Yang Lee @Yata @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Yun Lee @Jeremi

    "There IS a difference between you and me..."

    "We both looked into the abyss; but when it looked back at us... You blinked."

    For the first time since he could remember... Owlman had found himself speechless, and defeated at the hands of his opposite; as he watched his very own bomb in front of him prepare to seal his fate on this desolate planet, where it's destruction would not harm anyone, but himself... A message suddenly popped up on the QED interface:


    QED System Alert:


    Yes No

    Owlman considered the prospect for a moment; maybe he could start over? Disarm the QED and return to Earth Prime? He still had a chance, but then... He suddenly realized, that once he made this choice, another version of him would undoubtably have already done the opposite. With that realization, he suddenly smiled, coming to a suddenl realization:


    "It doesn't matter." He said, almost smugly.

    Then, with that final statemenet, he stood there, almost defiantly staring down his own bomb as it began to detonate, destroying the planet... And him... Or so he thought...


    But would it really be so easy? Was fate truly going to let his defiance slide? Owlman had resigned himself to his own fate; death by the detonation of his personally designed QED, how ironic. As the full power of the explosion washed over his body, he felt a burning pain at first... Before it all suddenly disappeared, and his body felt completely numb; the blinding bright flash from the explosion suddenly fading from his vision, replaced by the sheer blackness of the abyss. Was this what death felt like?

    Suddenly, he felt himself lurching forwards, as if he were being pulled by some unseen force; was this some sort of twisted afterlife? Or was he merely being prepared to be judged for his past misdeeds... Or was this the very abyss that he had envisioned would await all, regardless of their choice in their death? In either case, he closed his eyes, embracing his face... Just like he had when his bomb had detonated, ending his life, or so he believed... Suddenly, he felt himself hit something, jolting to a sudden stop...


    He lay there, motionless, waiting for whatever was coming next in his afterlife... ... Though, despite his anticipations, nothing was happening, but he was noticing his senses slowly returning to him; a faint, classic sounding song playing in the background, and the faint sound of water dripping. Something was wrong with this afterlife... He flexed his arms, then his legs, slowly realizing he was able to move his body again, and with that... He suddenly opened his eyes, standing up abruptly.

    It became quickly apparant that he wasn't the only one here; there were countless others around, some up and talking already, others still unconscious... The short range radio nearby almost tempted him to go investigate, but it appeared that there was already a fair sized crowd around it, so he decided to look elsewhere for answers. From the little snippits of conversation he had heard as he began to explore, he could gather that everyone here, to his knowledge, had been taken against their will... Him included. Though, he couldn't complain about this little predicament; after all, he was alive, as far as he knew it.

    As he continued to look around the area, it became more and more obvious that the place they were being held in was in a state of disrepair... But, the bigger question is; where were they? He quickly ascended the steps to the glass window, and it was only then that he realized why things felt so damp... They were in some sort of underwater city.


    "Interesting..." Owlman said, muttering to himself.

    He looked out the giant underwater window, it appeared he was looking for landmarks, or at least anything of interest... Though, he was also beginning to wonder how a city like this came to be in such a state, and how they had arrived here in the first place...

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  19. Scott stared at the radio, reminding himself of what Stiles use to do in the jeep and he pressed the button on it." Anyone on the other end?" He asked, uncertain if he had even done it right.

    Scott was also taken aback when the old lady asked him if it worked and he wasn't quite certain about that himself." I don't know, I just tried to use it first," he said, looking at her. He wasn't ready to part with this strange device yet, especially not if it worked in the slightest either.

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  20. 이광수 - 프롤로그

    "아이고..." Kwangsoo woke up, being all cranky like, and when he opened his eyes, he thought he was still dreaming. He tried to get to a more comfy position, but when he realized that he wasn't sleeping on a mattress, but solid floor, he got up, widened his eyes, and was bewildered.


    "왜? 나는 어디?" Kwangsoo said to himself, and looked around him, realizing that many other people found themselves in the same situation.

    "무슨 일이야? 이 특별한 가요?" Kwangsoo looked around for a camera, a VJ, PD, or anyone else really, because he is very bewildered about this situation. He manages to find someone saying something interesting.
    "Under-whater? We down in sea?" Kwangsoo said with his best English. This was really concerning, but still, Kwangsoo noticed something off about the people here.

    "Excuse me? Who you?" Kwangsoo asked Symmetra, because her appearance wasn't really normal these days.

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