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  1. Prologue: The Lost Constellations

    Gravity Falls, Oregon.

    It wasn't the biggest town around, let alone the most popular. The people were weird, as was the town - but the weirdest of all were the secrets the town, itself, held within. Vampires, multibears, gnomes that stood on top of each other to look like zombies that sought to make a little girl their queen, and... Little Gideon. That creep practically had his own category. And that was saying something, considering he was just some child.

    A very disturbed child, albeit.

    The point was, weird might as well have been normal in the little backwater town. And, to one half of the second generation of Pines twins, it was. Going out and seeking oddities and mysteries was, well, basically the story of the whole portion of summer they'd stayed there so far. Out of the pair, though, it was Dipper that was more into it. And wherever her five-minute-younger brother went, Mabel would follow. They did everything together, after all. Even the life-risking, rule-breaking, insane and petrifying things.


    So, naturally, Mabel was alarmed when she awoke to no bro-bro lying in the bed next to hers. "...Bro-bro?" she inquired, tiredly looking around their shared room. When she noted he wasn't there, she rushed down the stairs, searching all over the place. When she found nothing, she immediately called to her great uncle. "...Grunkle Stan, have you seen Dipper this morning?" The brunette could've sword the man's eyes briefly narrowed slightly. But before the old man could so much as move his lips to speak, Mabel realized there was still a place she hadn't checked.

    "Thanks, Grunkle Stan!" she chimed, rushing to the kitchen and, after entering a certain code in a certain vending machine, down into a hidden lab she'd only known of since a mere few days before. "Hey, wait! I didn't even answer ye--" she'd heard the man call after her. But it was too late - she was already rushing down. Sighing, and with a slightly sad look on his face, Stanley only shook his head and took a sip from his drink before climbing to his feet.

    Meanwhile, Mabel had reached her destination: but she didn't see her brother there. Only the same two figures she'd come to be... relatively used to the presence of, stood around, discussing things the girl didn't understand. Or care about, at that. She just wanted to know where her twin was. "..Uh, hey, Grunkle Ford..? Have you seen Dipper?" the girl spoke in a much quieter tone of voice than usual, awkwardly rubbing her neck as she did so.

    Her great uncle Ford stood closest, chin cupped into one of his six-fingered hands as he talked in that tone of voice usually accompanied with some big confusing words. He'd been talking like that a lot more since the arrival of their mysterious female guest.


    "... Actually, I feel a stronger hypothesis is that you were drawn to the high concentration of the improbable surrounding Gravity Falls. Perhaps that is the clear reason we are unable to clearly define the portal's destination-- our universe, specifically the small town of Gravity Falls, is keeping you here! You are an anomaly yourself, Lalonde."

    The woman Ford spoke to, their mystery guest, had arrived a few weeks ago out of the weird portal locked up in the secret basement of the Mystery Shack. She'd come out wide-eyed and panicked, two emotions Mabel would come to learn was strangely abnormal for the older woman to normally exhibit. Uusally, she was calm and serene, giving off a motherly air to the Pines twins.

    Well, at least when she was sober.

    Though she had become settled in the weeks since working with Ford, Ms. Lalonde's physical appearance had worsened every day. Now, even with her blonde hair brushed over her eyes and her pink scarf covering the majority of her face, Mabel could tell the woman looked as pale as a ghost.


    "Interesting idea, dear, but not one that helps us for the moment. While it is truly peculiar this portal in particular would interfere with my own, the how and why does not truly concern me. I simply wish to get back to my intended destination, and now we are close enough that I can't waste time on idle chatter."

    Ford looked momentarily disappointed with Ms. Lalonde brushing him off. He crossed his arms and shook his head before positioning himself at a panel made up of a bunch of flashy buttons and levers. "Perhaps I'm not looking forward to your departure, Lalonde. But, I understand. Hopefully we will see each other again."

    Ms. Lalonde didn't respond for a moment, her eyes transfixed on the massive portal before her. It wasn't clear she even heard Ford, until she said, "If it works this time, say goodbye to the children for me."

    Come on....

    Hardly even registering the talk of Lalonde leaving between all of the words that Mabel would likely call something like 'complexicated', the child only really noticed the fact that she wasn't noticed. Figures. Of course, out of all the people Dipper was most likely to be with, here was the guy - and he was too caught up with the latest odd arrival to Gravity Falls to pay attention to her.


    "...Guess not," she muttered with a soft sigh. Mabel could only shake her head and turn to leave, dragging her feet as she did so. Which, note to herself, made climbing the stairs more than a little difficult. Looked like she'd have to take her search somewhere else.

    It didn't take long for the girl to start out the door of the shack, but what she hadn't been expecting was the sudden surge of movement from beneath her and the surge of light that came with it, quite literally throwing her off her feet and out the door she had only just pulled open.




    To say Stanford and Lalonde's attempt with their portal had been a success would be a massive lie, based on the mass of new figures littered around the Mystery Shack's interior alone. Yes, it appeared that the machine had backfired somehow - rather than sending Lalonde home as it should have, it appeared to have pulled new people in, acting as some sort of multiversal beacon.

    Fascinating, perhaps, but also massively problematic.

    One thing that was notable about the shack to all of those now within it's extremities was the plethora of junk strewn all about. Namely in the gift shop, really. Who could even call most of this stuff merchandise, let alone put such ridiculously large price tags on them? But, then again, that was hardly the concern at the moment.

    For whether or not the group liked- or even realized -it, they were in Gravity Falls, now.


    "...Yeah, Soos? We can talk when you get to work, man."

    Plenty of people were around to interact with, most of them seeming to have been drawn there unceremoniously. Maybe some of them had an idea of what was going on. Of course, then there was the wide-eyed redhead staring at the lot of new arrivals with an unamused expression who had just got off the phone, or the flickering light that could still faintly be made out seemingly coming from behind some sort of vending machine. There was always the simple option of trying to explore the place a bit, too.


    @C.T. as Hank Pym[Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes]
    @DapperDogman as Sans[Undertale AU] and Fox[You're Next]
    @T.O.M. as Ougi Oshino and Kanbaru Suruga[Monogatari]
    @Crow as Gran and Djeeta[Granblue Fantasy]
    @Verite as Koyomi Araragi and Shinobu Oshino[Monogatari]
    @Kaykay as Karen Araragi[Monogatari]
    @PRINCE⚫JUSTIN⚫PERFECTION™ as Maleficent[Maleficent]
    @Mighty Roman as Thor Odinson[Marvel]
    @The Tactician as Samurai Jack[Samurai Jack]
    @IntrusivePenDesperateSword as Clarence Irawn[Fallen London]
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as Alex Mercer[Prototype]
    @Bomb as Meteo[L]
    @CookieMonster as River Tam[Firefly] and Jessica Jones[Jessica Jones]
    @Jeremi as Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk[Marvel Comics] and Rainbow Mika[Street Fighter]
    @Atomyk as Pearl[Steven Universe]
    @Gummi Bunnies as Hideo Kawamura and Will.CO21 "Wiruko"[Sentou Jousai Masurawo]
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Lorekeeper Zinnia and Aster the Whismur[Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire]
    @Melon as Hanzō Urushihara AKA Lucifer[Hataraku Maou-sama!]
    @Crimson Spartan as Lon'qu[Fire Emblem Awakening/Murder Games] and Inigo[Fire Emblem Awakening]
    @york as Max Caulfield[Life is Strange]
    @Schnee Corp Lawyer as Jack Joyce[Quantum Break]
    @Krieg as Lena "Tracer" Oxton[Overwatch]
    @LuckycoolHawk9 as Lincoln Campbell[Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D] and Thomas "Tommy" Merlyn[Arrow]
    @Lissamel as RGB[The Property of Hate]
    @The Silver Paladin as Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester[Supernatural]
    @ResistingTheEnlightened as Duke Togo[Golgo 13] and Michaelangelo "Spike" Scarlatti[Flashpoint]
    @Ringmaster as Roman Torchwick[RWBY]
    @TheColourlessRainbow as Edward Elric[Fullmetal Alchemist]
    @Cromartie Sarkissian as James 'Bucky' Barnes[MCU]
    @Gwazi Magnum as Gilgamesh[Fate Series]
    @Yang Lee as LeShawna[Total Drama]
    @Raven as Uncle Chan and Jade Chan[Jackie Chan Adventures]
    @Takumi as Michiko Malandro and Hana "Hatchin" Morenos[Michiko and Hatchin]
    @Josh M as Enzo Amore and Colin "Big Cass" Cassady[WWE Kafabe]
    @Yun Lee as Aran Ryan[Punch-Out!!!]
    @Mr.Scales ⚖ as Frank Castle[Daredevil/MCU]
    @Nater Taters as Kirby[Kirby Franchise]

    Co-Written by the lovely @Atomyk
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  2. -Hideo Kawamura & Wiruko Prologue-
    "The Loser and The Virus"


    "Excuse me? ... you want me to join in what?"

    24-year-old Hideo Kawamura had no idea what to expect. Hell. It's only been a few minutes that he's met this... somehow self-aware computer virus. If his short-term memory was good today, Hideo was speaking with this Will.CO21 virus... or under her nickname, Wiruko.


    "Hold up, Master~ Wiruko will go and search up the information for you!"


    "H-Hey, you don't have to call me Master. My name's Hideo! Besides, we've only met for a few minutes no-"

    Hideo tried to convince this virus otherwise that his name was Hideo and that being called Master was not okay. However, Wiruko had already pulled up this information on this thing she wanted to sign up with him. Web pages of the event began to be projected throughout his apartment room as holograms...


    "Wiruko wants to join this event, Master! Wiruko wants to be a part of the Seimahai tournament! It'll be lots of fun and action, Wiruko promises that!"

    Wiruko seemed quite excited for the event, and yet, Hideo knew what the tournament was... sorta. He saw fliers all over the town on this event, and he wasn't sure what to make it. It was some sort of supernatural tournament... that the requirement for entry had to be a set of partners. One person being human... and the other being non-human.


    "If you were thinking about that tournament, then it's clear that we fit the requirements! Wiruko is a virus, that is also nonhuman, and Master is 100% human! It works, and thus, Wiruko wants in!"

    Standing there and staring at the virus, Hideo had no idea what he was getting himself in. Either he dies, gets kicked out of the tournament in the first round and gets to go home, or just stay at home with this virus pestering him to no end. Wow, the choices were quite diverse. Thinking it over, Hideo plopped onto the floor, startling Wiruko as if he had suddenly fainted out of nowhere.


    "Ah! Master! Is Master okay? Did Wiruko go too fast with bringing out the good news?!"

    Wiruko began to panic, smacking Hideo's head several times with her somehow swift karate chops...


    "Calm down... Wiruko. I just need to rest, especially after all that I've gone through today."

    Well, meeting Wiruko and failing his suicide attempts twice today was troublesome enough. Wiruko stopped her karate chops and nodded. For once she understood what he was saying here.


    "Okay then, Master, Wiruko will go and rest too. Putting Wiruko's laptop in sleep mode, so don't bother Wiruko's rest too."

    With that, Wiruko's physical form zapped back into the laptop, which closed itself shut. Guess it was resting time after all.


    Groggily getting up after his long nap, Hideo's eyes shot open to realize that he wasn't in his apartment anymore. ... what the fuck? Why the hell was he in some shack?!


    "Wait... Wiruko..."

    Hideo came to this conclusion that Wiruko had brought them here, knowing that she was itching to get to the Seimahai tournament. Taking a glance to see that there was a whole bunch of people that looked way off from normal to be normal people, Hideo went on with this conclusion, and immediately looked for his laptop. There, he saw his laptop not too far away from him, but also saw Wiruko's physical form resting as well.


    "Wiruko! Wake the hell up! You have some explaining to do!"

    Shaking the sentient virus awake, Hideo saw that Wiruko appeared to be confused as well.


    "Huh? Is there something wrong, Master? Why are we in the middle of some weird place? Wiruko is confused..."


    "... so you're saying that you weren't the cause of us being in a random shack with a bunch of people we don't even know."


    "Wiruko doesn't know... Someone must've kidnapped us when we were sleeping. Don't worry Master, Wiruko is going to do a quick map search to see where we are, and then we can go back to your home!"

    With that, Wiruko began to fiddle around with Hideo's laptop, which relieved Hideo. So maybe having Wiruko around wasn't a bad idea, seeing that she was actually trying to see if she can get themselves out of this.


    "Oh no! Connection error! Connection error! Wiruko has no internet connection to search up our location! This is terrible!"

    Hideo felt like facepalming. He should've known that they wouldn't have any internet signal to go and properly search up their location, but maybe if they found their way out of this mess, they could find some internet hotspot and solve the problem. While it wasn't a big deal to Hideo, Wiruko found it otherwise.


    "This is a tragedy! How can Wiruko live without the internet! Without it, Wiruko can't claim any other pieces of yummy data for herself through the power of internet downloads!"

    Sighing, Hideo decided that asking these people if they were part of the Seimahai tournament was possible. If they were... well, sucks to be Hideo and Wiruko, because they aren't even ready for this.


    "... Well, this might be the wrong timing for this... but I believe me and... lots of people here shouldn't be here... right?"

    Hideo supposed that he could start finding some answers by going to ask this girl that was handling the phone. Well, he only hoped that his people skills were good enough.

    @Hospes @Ppl​
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  3. ((This is only part of my full prologue which I will get up later.))

    Sam and Dean Winchester: The Hunters


    "Alright, Sammy, what do we got?" Dean said, his hand on the wheel. He turned to his brother who was looking ahead.

    "Ah, Gravity Falls, Oregon. It's a strange town. We've got a lot of activity here." His brother said staring at a book.

    "Any particular signs? Omens?" Dean asked.

    "Uh, yeah. There's actually quite a lot. A mystery shack, a demon named "Bill Cipher appeared, all sorts of strange stuff. It's too numerous to name it all."

    "A demon named Bill Cipher? Well, we'll just send him back to hell, then. Town should be all normal." Dean said, making a clicking sound with his mouth.

    "I don't think it's going to be quite tha- DEAN! LOOK OUT!" Sam shouted. A figure stood in the road. Dean swerved the Impala so that he wouldn't hit the person. As they swerved, a bright light shown. They crashed into a tree.

    Sam and Dean woke up in the Mystery Shack. They had no idea where they were, or what the hell had happened. They nodded towards each other. The brothers immediately reached into their pockets, and held up two badges.


    "FBI, Agents Miller, McCarthy. You mind telling us where the hell we are?" Dean said to anyone in the room.

    @Hospes @Anyone @shitpost before Driver's Ed @Wheee!
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  4. [​IMG]

    I was finally able to bring everything to an end. I thank you for that. I think I'll spend some time now trying to find out if it's also possible to forge a new beginning for something once lost. Until we meet again.


    Her red eyes scanned over the words she had written on a slip of paper before handing it over to her beloved companion. It was time to depart from Sky Pillar after Hoenn's champion had mastered Lord Rayquaza and had utilized his power to save the world from the meteorite. But now that her duty as a Lorekeeper was complete and the world was safe... what would she do next?

    "Here, Aster, take this to *Ruby. It'll be more than enough to say goodbye... for now."
    "Mum!" Aster the whismur cried, gently taking taking the note from her owner before scurrying off.

    The ex-lorekeeper stood in the shadows as she watched Aster deliver her note to Ruby, Hoenn's champion, before flipping her tattered cloak over her shoulders and departing from the pillar. Once the little pokémon had finished delivering Zinnia's letter to Ruby, she made haste to follow after her owner.

    With her task complete, and feeling truly lost in the world, Zinnia rode on the back of her dragon companion Salamance and had it carry her to the only place she knew to go with her mission complete: to visit her grandmother at Meteor Falls.


    A sound woman of wisdom, Zinnia's grandmother told the young woman that it was finally time for her to lay aside the burden she had carried for so long and to find a new path for her life. She should rest now, and make peace with everything that had happened in her past. It was what her people, the Draconids, would have wanted. It was what Aster would have wanted. It was what her grandmother wanted. But...

    ...was it what Zinnia wanted?

    The uneasy dark-haired female hadn't the slightest clue as to what she wanted for her life. The only thing she had truly ever wanted was to be with Aster, but since that was an unattainable dream now Zinnia couldn't fathom what she should do next. But, thankfully Lord Rayquaza had blessed Zinnia; she wouldn't have to make a decision about what she would do next with her life.

    As the young, draconid woman would depart from from Meteor Falls she would hear a strange, unidentifiable noise behind her. She turned around, quickly crouched, and bent her knees to start her usual battle stance, reaching for a pokéball at her belt instinctually to be ready if she were to be faced with a threat.

    "Oh hohoho, don't be shy. C'mon out. Let's meet up face-to-face and--"

    Before she could even finish her statement, Zinnia beheld something quite unique. "Hm?" she mumbled, watching as a dazzling light appeared before her. The light was disorienting, causing her body to involuntarily sway from side to side. She mentally wondered, at first, if the light happened to be a flash attack from a wild pokémon, but found that her vision faded to black before she even had a chance to figure out what was going on. She had passed out.


    When she awoke, Zinnia found herself to be lying on the ground, looking up at swaying branches in the sky. She watched the sight without question for a moment or two before slowly sitting up. She yawned and stretched her arms before a smile spread across her lips.


    "Ah! What a beautiful spot for a nap! The only thing that could make it better is spending time with my... Aster?" She finally began to look around, curious as to where her little pokémon companion had gone off to. The last thing she remembered was... falling into a sleep outside of Meteor Falls. So, where had Aster gone?

    "Aster, sweetie, now where has my spoiled little girl gone off to?" she called out, hearing a shuffling sound arise from bushes nearby.



    Aster jumped out of the bushes and rushed over to Zinnia, hopping into her lap.

    "Ohhhh my little darling, there you are! I was wondering where you had gone off to." Zinnia paused, her red eyes questioningly scanning the area. "Hmm, now just where have we ended up?" she thought aloud, unsure as to where they were and how they had gotten there.

    As she scanned, Zinnia quickly realized she wasn't alone. A rather large, confused-looking group of people happened to be around her. She wanted to laugh at how awkward some of them looked! For now, however, she decided to refrain from teasing anyone. Listening to and interacting with them was likely her best bet for now if she wanted to learn more about her situation. Maybe one of them knew what was going on.

    "Would anyone be kind enough to offer me an explanation as to where I am? This place doesn't look like Meteor Falls..." But it's very interesting, nevertheless! Zinnia thought to herself, truthfully not worried at all about her situation. Little did she know that she had come across a "Falls" location, but it wasn't Meteor... no, it was Gravity, Gravity Falls.


    *note: Ruby is the name I gave my PC on my Pokemon Omega Ruby game.
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  5. [​IMG]

    "...Yeah, pretty much," the redhead answered, setting her phone down on the counter she was stationed behind. "Don't worry, though, man. Crazy stuff like this happens all the tim--"



    Well crud. Wendy wasn't sure what to make of the alleged FBI agents now demanding where they were. She knew Stan wasn't exactly fond of authorities. Regardless, what was she supposed to do? Not answer? "...Welcome to Gravity Falls."

    @Gummi Bunnies @The Silver Paladin
  6. Hope


    Meteo Prologue
    ~ Latent ~


    A utopia of uneven buildings, discolored skies, and where the spirits of the deceased resides.

    It is also where the gods ruled the Earth.



    Meteo was walking in the twists and turns of the paths that don't seem to stay the same.

    "Mom? Dad? Bro?"

    Meteo wandered around, in search of his family, after witnessing what happened before on Earth.

    Precipitation at the Entrance.

    "Where are you mom?! Dad?!" Meteo shouted in between buildings.

    Meanwhile another person from another path was observing Meteo.


    He looked similar to Meteo, if it wasn't for a differently colored Meteo.

    "Meteo." He called out.

    Meteo turned around and found Meteor, walking towards him.

    "Why are you here? You have to listen to me. Viz is dangerous. Let me take him."

    Meteor... you cannot control me.

    "But I need Viz. He is helping me find my parents..." Meteo responded.

    "Please listen! He is the Majestic Phoenix! The Precipitation that fell upon your home! Allow me to control him!"

    "You lie!"

    Truth or not, ignore this guy.

    Meteor was taken aback by Meteo's response. For Meteo to have complete trust for Viz over Meteor... Meteo has fallen faster than Meteor thought. Meteor turned around... and walked away.

    "When it comes to it... I will stop you, no matter what." Meteor whispered to himself, and disappeared through the endless maze of stairs.


    "I can't find them...."

    It has been days. When has Meteo last drank water? It wasn't noticeable, being in Heaven.

    He had to find his family...

    He has nothing left.

    Not even a home.

    It is finally time I am-

    All of a sudden, there was some strange light suddenly enveloping Meteo... who was carrying the power of Viz still... and he was gone.


    Lost Again

    Meteo woke up to a group of people, and in front of some strange device. He instinctively reached out for his sword, thinking they were enemies, only to find out it was missing.

    Where am I?

    Was this another part of Heaven? Some secret place?

    Viz, where is this?




    There is no response. It's as if Viz had vanished from Meteo's body.

    Now Meteo had no one to depend on.

    The loss of his family... the loss of his home... and now the loss of someone who was his last support.

    Meteo collapsed, crying on the ground.

    @anybody looking for interaction​
  7. Kirby (Prologue)
    It had been an a normal day in Dream Land, a kingdom of strange creatures and even stranger events. The sun was out, it was warm, and the commoners were going about their daily lives. Life in Dream Land may have not been the easiest, especially with the threat of The Dark Matter always invading, but it was worth the risk to live in such a fantastical world, especially knowing that The Star Warrior would save the day, should the need arise.

    The Star Warrior, also known as Kirby, was a simple creature. Round, pink, and squishy, many would wonder how a being such as this could save a kingdom. What Kirby lacked in appearance, he made up for in sheer fearlessness. Kirby was never scared to fight in order to protect the land he called home, even if it meant working with Meta Knight or King Dedede, two of Kirby's biggest rivals. Kirby still had a grudge against Dedede after the King of Dream Land launched Kirby with a well placed mallet hit to Kirby's backside.​


    Kirby awoke and noticed something was wrong, very wrong. He didn't recognize this building at all. Kirby looked around some more as he stood to his feet. He noticed that there were some strange new creatures wondering around as well. They seemed to be talking among them selves.

    Kirby groaned loudly as he remembered something terrible. He hadn't eaten since....he couldn't actually remember, but now it was becoming apparent that he needed some nutrition, it wasn't his fault, it's just the way he was. Deciding to see what the others were talking about, Kirby walked over and joined the others who were awake.

    "Hi!" He said, hoping he could get someone's attention

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  8. [BCOLOR=#00ff00]A Long Way from the Ring[/BCOLOR]
    Aran Ryan Prologue
    "And another!" Blam! "Hahahaha!!"

    The punching bag showed no sign of wear, but the picture on it, of a young man with dark features and short stature, had ripped, right at the nose. The man responsible put his hands on his hips, the boxing gloves making him look extra arrogant as he tossed his head back and laughed, before suddenly jolting forward, his body moving left and right so swiftly that it almost looked like a mad dance. "What's the matter, Mac? Getting torn up already?! Why, we ain't even started yet!!"

    This was just Aran Ryan's way of getting ready for a big match, beating the daylights out of the picture of his upcoming opponent. And this opponent was some American named Little Mac, who had managed to take on both the Major and Minor circuits with little difficulty. Aran was actually looking forward to the match-in the final bout for the Major Circuit, Mac had knocked the toupee off that Spanish bastard Son Flamenco, something Aran had always wanted to do. But Mac didn't go one step further, as Aran would've done, and eat the toupee in an affectionate salute to Ozzy Osborne. Obviously the kid was a little less fun than Aran would like.

    Eh, no matter. Aran had a special trick up his sleeve-well, glove, actually. Both of them. Aran slipped his gloves off, and found his lucky charms-two horseshoes from his home of bonny Ireland. He wiped a nostalgic tear from his eye, remembering how he had gotten them. Ah yes...the horse whinnying loudly, old Farmer McNamara chasing after him and using swears Aran never heard of (but used often now), a well placed headbutt on a gas lamp that set McNamara's barn on be eight again.

    Aran slipped the horseshoes into his gloves, smiling proudly as he banged his fists together. His body shook slightly from the tremor of metal on metal, and he laughed darkly, giving a nod of satisfaction. He slowly turned around, grinning madly at the picture. "Oh, Maaaaaac~! I got something you ain't never seen before! Hope you're ready-but you won't be!" Hahahahahahahaha!!!"

    With that, Aran stepped back, leaning on the ropes of the Ring to get his attack going. With a loud cry, he started running for the punching bag, foaming at the mouth ever so slightly as he poised to strike. His fist never landed, however, as he was engulfed in a blinding white light, everything going black shortly after.
    "Uugh..." Aran opened his eyes, his vision blurry and his ears ringing. He brought a hand to his head, feeling a pounding. He was in pain, and it wasn't even the good kind. The Irishman Sat up, blinking to try and get a better idea of his surroundings, when he found himself face to face with a crotch. "What the?!" If there was one thing Aran knew, getting a face full of another man's junk was a wake-up call, and suddenly Aran was alert, scrambling backwards to get some personal space. Now the place he was in was in focus-some sort of shop, full of weird shit that he had only dreamed of. And there were a lot of folks around too, either awake or not. And-hey, wait a minute! His gloves!

    Aran got to his feet, looking around wildly for his precious gloves and horseshoes. "Hey! Which one of you sods took my gloves?!"

    @Anyone tbh
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  9. Collab between me, @T.O.M. and @Kaykay! Couldn't have done it without 'em! And done without any shame whatsoever!

    - - -

    Juuryokumonogatari - Prologue [​IMG]

    絶望。恨み。 憎しみ。 臆病。

    Despair. Resentment. Hatred. Cowardice.
    Four Emotions of Murder.

    死。 破壊。 混沌。 裏切り。

    Death. Destruction. Chaos. Loss.
    Four Characteristics of Murder.

    裏切り。 疑い。 神秘。 壊す。

    Betrayal. Doubt. Mystery. Breakdown.
    Four Results of Murder.

    希望。 愛。 許し。 強。

    Hope. Love. Forgiveness. Strength.
    Four Enemies of Murder.

    殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。 殺人。 ゲーム。

    M U R D E R

    G A M E


    November 27.

    Hardly a time to visit the Kita-Shirahebi Shrine. There was hardly any reason for any reasonably normal person to come to a shrine this time of year, aside from down-on-their-luck people living on a prayer, praying on their life, wishing for some miracle to happen. It was hardly close to Tanabata. It was hardly Thanksgiving, let alone Christmas. But then again, the Araragi were hardly normal people. For many, many reasons. Hardly a shortage of them if one said so.

    Case in point. (open)

    It was a good thing that no one knew about the secret techniques in which the Araragi family bonded.


    That word was almost spelled something else by complete accident. It's amazing how different a sentence can be if you remove one consonant, like the letter "D."


    Sorry, I bit my tongue.


    It had all started when a certain dastardly vampire formerly known as Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade, today Shinobu Oshino, had appeared before the eyes of her master (and simultaneous familiar), Koyomi Araragi. Lately, she had been spending more time sleeping within Araragi's shadow (quite literally for those of you tuning in now, unfamiliar to her mannerisms), so whatever she had to say was hardly something to scoff away.

    Hey, hey, master.

    Something is strange.

    That being said, Koyomi simply had to investigate, so he had begun to move before his mind had even realized it. Perhaps he was a little too hasty, as before he would be able to get out, a certain younger sister had appeared before him, wondering why he was in such a rush on an ordinary Sunday afternoon.




    Karen-chan Araragi, the ever inquisitive younger sister that she was, had ended up tagging along with her older brother before he knew it. In fact, it had happened so fast that by the time he had reached the shrine, he realized that he couldn't even really recall how it happened. She had just asked him where he was going, and considering how unfamiliar she comparatively was with oddities, the responsible older brother couldn't very well mystify her with the truth, so he had to just coolly make up some fib and then be on his way.

    Except he couldn't lie to her. There was no lie that Karen Araragi, one of the town's famous Fire Sisters of justice, was unable to see past. So after a few awkward moments of useless fibbing, Karen had ended up tagging along before he knew it. If she couldn't extract the truth from him, then she would simply accompany him to ensure that he wasn't doing anything suspicious! If we were to dwell on this, however, we would be here all day, but let it be known that Koyomi tried uselessly to get her to get away, and could only hope that the strange presence that Shinobu had sensed at the shrine was simply nothing.

    It really couldn't be helped.


    Snow came surprisingly early this year, though perhaps it wasn't all that bad. This year had always been somewhat cold. One could even perhaps speculate that it was the cause of an oddity undetected by all, but if anything, that was likely nothing more than just a bad joke.

    As Shinobu lay dormant within her master's shadow, undetected by Karen, Koyomi couldn't exactly tell what the vampire was thinking at the moment, assuming she was even conscious. If nothing else though, he could already hear the condescending "Kakaka" laughter in his head, which caused him to lose morale.

    Still, he may as well see if he could try dissuading Karen one more time... After all, he would hardly be able to live with himself if his adorable little sister were to get hurt because he wasn't cautious enough. Karate master or not, she was still someone that had to be protected, no matter how much she insisted she'd be doing the protecting.


    "Hey, Karen-chan... I appreciate the concern, but don't you think you have better things to do? Your boyfriend must be feeling neglected that his lover has been spending more time with her dashing older brother, after all."


    In retrospect, he really didn't know why he added that last part.

    It wasn't like Karen always just followed her brother around. As the half of the Fire Sisters that took physical action, Karen Araragi had a habit of running around the city, acting as justice. Her brother didn't exactly seem to approve of it much, but it wasn't like he really actively stopped them or anything.

    Thus, she'd followed him. What did her brother have to do on a Sunday afternoon? Or rather, more importantly, what did she have to do? In the end though, the answer was the same.


    At least, that was usually the answer for the former inquiry. So where was he planning to go on this plain afternoon? What misadventures had her brother planned? She had to find out, to satisfy her curiosity. Fortunately, he was a bit of a push over as seemed to be the usual these days, and she ended up tagging along. The walk wasn't exactly short, but she was the kind of girl who'd go out for a run, and accidentally do a marathon, so it wasn't much.

    And still, her "responsible and reliable" older brother tried to dissuade her one more time.



    She didn't, really, or she would've gone ahead and been doing that already.

    "Nope!" she shook her head adamantly. "Besides, Nii-chan, you should be thanking your super cool sister for coming all the way out here, don't you think?"

    She'd more or less forced him to let her come along, but company was company, right? After a short pause to look around the place they'd just arrived at, she spoke up again.

    "So? What are we here for, Nii-chan?"

    Though, then her sharp senses picked up on someone approaching from behind. Actually, it probably didn't really require sharp senses. These were stone steps after all, and whoever it was wasn't exactly trying to hide their steps.


    Pat pat.

    Pat pat.

    The sound of Kanbaru's shoes smacking against the pavement rang out through to anybody in earshot. She had just gotten done practicing with some of her friends from school and decided she'd use what time there was left in the day to meet up with Araragi-Senpai and his adorable little sister.

    Most folks gave Kanbaru a second glance over as they saw her running full speed without so much as a care in the world. But why should she be worried? She was going to be with her friends and she couldn't think of anything going wrong with that!


    Besides, it was often when she was running that she ran into interesting things. Which to be fair was just Araragi most of the time but he usually had something interesting to say and it was always fun to tease him!~

    But today seemed like it'd be different for one reason or another. She couldn't exactly place the reason as to why she felt that way. Just call it a hunch.


    Tracking down the Araragi siblings to the temple, she raced up the steps with the wind blowing through her hair. As she reached the last step, she'd leap up into the air with her intent to soar right over Koyomi's head and skid across the ground on the soles of her shoes.

    Once she had done so, she'd turn towards Karen with a playful smirk.

    "Greetings Karen-chan, Araragi-Senpai!"


    Ah, yes.

    That eager voice. That active skidding. Those tight spats. That could be none other than Suruga Kanbaru, his oh so earnest junior.

    Under normal circumstances, perhaps Araragi would have been rather happy to see Kanbaru show up. After all, she was a good friend. Well, when she wasn't busy hitting on the girls that he cared for, whether on accident or not, or letting her desires getting the beating of her and resulting in her beating him to a bloody pulp with the strength of a berserk gorilla. And that was hardly any exaggeration.

    That'd be nice, wouldn't it? If he could so easily exaggerate things these days.


    But alas, this was not ordinary circumstances. It was trouble enough that Karen was tagging along and the responsible big brother himself had still yet to come up with a satisfactory answer, but now with Kanbaru? If one of them was going to stay, both of them were staying. Now that the spat-girl was here, Koyomi may as well be hanging out with two conjoined twins.

    Personally, he didn't know what was worse; telling the truth and being mocked for trying too hard to be a hero shouldering everything by himself, as well as risking the safety of Karen and Kanbaru, or lying and having that be on his conscience, or continuing to keep them stuck in mystery.



    Actually, if they did get hurt facing whatever mystery oddity might be lurking around, then if Koyomi were to take the third option, then he could totally say that he had told them so and that it was entirely their fault, not his, as he had said...

    Oh, wait. No he didn't.

    Even then, he still would have felt bad, knowing the good person that he was. Sometimes he wished that he could unleash the bad side within him! ... Not that he really even actually had a "bad side" though.

    Molesting little girls on the street aside anyway.

    But Hachikuji and Ononoki-chan were just so cute that it couldn't be helped. Besides, he let the latter of the two rub her bare foot in his face one time, so it was a fair trade, right?

    After all, it wasn't like he touched them with any malicious intent. He would never mean harm to any of them!


    Motto: Be nice to little girls.

    Well. Anyway.

    Koyomi would come to in no time, giving Kanbaru a small wave as she'd appear before the two of them so suddenly. Like a scheming villain, Koyomi had to change his plan quickly, adapting to the situation.


    "Yo, Kanbaru. I just felt like taking a walk to the shrine. Nothing conspicuous about that."



    Wait, she hasn't even asked about that yet. He just made it more conspicuous for himself!

    "A-Anyway... Like I told you, Karen-chan, I'm not here for any particular reason, so there's no real reason that you should be tagging along. I'm sure that keeping at this must be boring for a Fire Sister. Speaking of which, I wonder what Tsukihi-chan is up to. You don't suppose she's up to anything weird, do you?" He asked, attempting to divert the topic that he himself had accidentally brought up as he'd discreetly begin moving up the stairs leading to the shrine, hoping to leave them behind.

    Though... Compared to Karen and Kanbaru, even with the lingering, dormant vampiric strength within him, he had to wonder if he'd even be able to outrun them.

    Karen had been right on it seemed. Somehow, Kanbaru had ended up in the same place as the two siblings. Not that Karen would complain. After all, to her she was someone to be looked up to. An upperclassman who'd excelled in sports. The way others might think of her if they didn't know her other side. Of those who knew about Suruga Kanbaru's true nature, Karen was not among them.


    "Oh, Kanbaru-sensei! What're you doing here?" Karen waved as she asked.

    Any chance of Karen getting bored and walking off completely disappeared with the appearance of her idol on the scene. The Araragi's last "bonding" experience was over her trying to get to meet Kanbaru, even. Fate itself seemed to be bent on keeping her around for this specific day.

    Of course, it would've helped if she were a little brighter. Not in terms of personality, but sometimes she didn't think things out too well. Thus, her brother's conspicuous statement managed to pass her up completely.

    Oh well, it was how it was.

    She shook her head in response to her brother's statement.

    "I admit I was just following you because I was bored, but now Kanbaru-sensei's here, Nii-chan! I've got absolutely no reason to go anywhere else now!"

    Declaring that excitedly, a pensive look crossed her face briefly as she considered what their youngest sister was doing. Tsukihi, the youngest of the three siblings, was what one would call an indoors person. Seemingly the exact opposite of Karen herself. In all likelihood, she was still sitting at home, watching TV or something. In the end, Karen didn't think all that long, unfortunately for her scheming brother.

    "I don't think so. Tsukihi-chan likes to stay indoors, after all. She's probably just watching TV or something, don't you thi- ...Nii-chan!" she shouted after him once she finally noticed her brother going on ahead without her. She quickly began to jump up the steps after him, taking two or more at a time in her pursuit.


    "Ah, just doing some sight-seeing then, Araragi-Senpai? Not up to anything mischievous? I have to say I find that quite hard to believe. Even more so given what happens when the two of us end up running into each other. Often ends up being some strange things."

    Not that Kanbaru particularly thought Koyomi coming across her in the nude in her bedroom was anything to be worried about. Or the revelation that she was a lesbian. In both cases Koyomi did indeed freak out. But Kanbaru remained as she had been, as calm and full of energy as ever.

    She hadn't been able to look her grandmother in the eyes lately after that once incident however. When her grandmother came across her in the nude. Kanbaru never felt so shamed in her entire life up to that point. But that was enough thinking about the negative! She was here with friends! Slinking behind Karen, Kanbaru rested her head on the younger girl's shoulder while smiling at her.

    "Hello Karen-Chan.~ I just got done hanging out with my other friends and decided to see what Araragi Senpai was up to! Which ended up leading me here as chance would have it! It's just a treat that you ended up tagging along as well!"

    Kanbaru had made a certain promise to Koyomi in regards to her relationship with Karen. But that still wouldn't stop her from having a little bit of fun here and here.~

    Before she could go any further, Araragi-Senpai and now Karen were running off leaving Kanbaru behind with a blank look on her face.


    Breaking out into a mad dash, she raced after the two siblings with a crazed look in her eyes.



    Angry Karen.


    Crap. Time to make a break for it.

    Well, this was bad. It had looked like Koyomi had dug himself an even deeper hole than the one that he had already been standing in, but there was no stopping it now. Expert tactician the young man was not, but the plan he had crafted in under two seconds in his head seemed like the only plausible one at the moment, if only because... He couldn't think of any other.

    That plan, of course, involved him running around the entire shrine, frantically searching around and hoping that there was no actual oddity there, whilst Karen and Kanbaru chased him around. He could worry about the ending, the most likely scenario being the two of them catch him, pin him down, punish him, maybe make him lick...



    Never mind.


    Back to the main story.

    When it seemed that the jig was up, Koyomi ran like holy hell, navigating his way up the stairs of the shrine like a certain roadrunner, with his little sister and his junior hot on his trail, it seemed. The headstart that he had tried to build up as much as possible proved to be a surprisingly better help than expected, though considering how much slower he naturally was than Karen and Kanbaru, he wondered for how much longer he could actually keep this plot up.

    Again, maybe he should have put more thought into his intended plan, but a young man can only come up with so much when given so little time.


    But alas, it seemed that when you were in a rush, the way up the shrine was far shorter than it felt when walking, as Koyomi could already see himself reaching the top. Perhaps he'd be able to put more distance between the two of them once he got on more even ground, so he hoped to dear lord that they wouldn't be able to catch up to him before he could get off the stairs.


    Karen was pretty excited to see her Kanbaru-sensei here, and probably would've been fine standing around talking to her for the moment. Usually, at least. This time, there was something else she had to take care of.

    It seemed Koyomi Araragi had just now truly attempted to just leave his cute little sister in the dust!



    He'd made quite the lead for himself by taking off while she and Kanbaru were just talking their heads off, but that wouldn't stop one of the Fire Sisters! Karen had broken into a full sprint after her brother, slowly but surely closing the gap between them. Kanbaru seemed on her own tail as well, so everything was all well and good.

    But just closing the gap wasn't good enough. She had to catch up to and, since she was already running anyway, pass him up! With a loud cry to raise her spirits, Karen used every last bit of energy to shrink the gap. The sound of her foot steps grew more and more rapid, almost blurring into the kind of constant sound a drill would make. Though in the end, that turned out to be a little bit unnecessary.

    As she approached the top of the stairs, she'd almost caught up to her older brother. She was about ready to make one huge leap to simply pass him up when she finally noticed that something appeared to have caught his attention.

    But she'd already jumped!

    So to not crash into her brother, Karen pressed off of his shoulder and hopped off to the side, landing in a handstand as she stared in the direction he seemed to be.

    "Is something there? Someone? What is it, Nii-chan?"

    "You won't get away, Araragi Senpai!!~"

    The nerve of Araragi to just dash off and leave the two of them behind! Not that Kanbaru necessarily would have minded the time spent with Karen but knowing Senpai's siblings like she did, Karen wouldn't have been one to simply stand idly by while her big brother went off to do whatever he was doing!

    Which left Kanbaru behind by herself, completely defeating the purpose of why she had stalked-er followed the two of them out here! Which is why Kanbaru was in hot pursuit and as she reached the top of the stairs, she had momentum that wasn't going anywhere but straight ahead. Which left Koyomi as the unfortunate roadblock as Kanbaru jumped up and kicked her feet out to have something to rest her feet on/stop herself.



    While Kanbaru likely hadn't meant for it to have come across this way, the end result of her maneuver ended up having her the soles of her feet slam directly into Koyomi's back/neck area. Which ended up looking more like something out of a violent fighting game than a nice way to stop herself.

    Accidentally propelling her friend forward, Kanbaru skidded across the ground before coming to a deadstop as she glanced around, proud of herself. That had been a pretty nice run all things considered. The only problem was what exactly had he run away for in the first place?



    Ow. Ow. Ow. That hurt. That really hurt.

    While Karen's maneuver wasn't so bad, Kanbaru was unfortunately not as gentle and considerate of Koyomi's well-being. It was amazing how alike the two girls could be, yet at the same time, how different. Opposites attracted, yet birds of a feather flocked together.

    They were the perfect kind of different and similar that seemed to perfectly complement her, which was, admittedly, a reason why Koyomi did his best to refrain from having Karen and Kanbaru meet often, as, if they became close enough friends, then they would probably end up plotting to rule over him like monsters over a lowly peasant. Women truly could be scary. Senjougahara. Hanekawa. Sodachi. Shinobu. And of course, Karen and Kanbaru. And maybe even Tsukihi for good measure. And he couldn't even begin to list the others in his life.

    Maybe he could use some more male figures in his life so that he could reaffirm his masculinity. The only other ones around were his father, who was always busy at work with his mother, and a certain conman named Deishuu Kaiki who, for the sake of Koyomi's (relatively) good mood would not be remembered any more than his name and the fact that he was gone. In any case, he--


    All this time, his body had been crashing across the ground like a limp rag doll, and his body barely registered it, as though time had slowed down and in that slowed down time, Koyomi had idly thought about the trivial aspects of his life. Such was life itself. To wonder about the littlest things during the more concerning events.

    As Araragi was sent flying across the floor, he'd eventually roll across the floor before coming to a stop as well. Only he'd notice that he had a shadow hovering over him, a rather tiny shadow. If he were to glance up, he'd see a certain face staring down at him.


    "Hello... Araragi Senpai."

    In any case, Koyomi would be shaken back to his senses when he would hear a familiar voice.



    Aha. A voice that belonged to Ougi-chan.

    Ougi Oshino.

    Oshino Ougi.

    Self-proclaimed niece of Meme Oshino. A person who was likely not a person at all. Possibly an oddity. Who knew? It wasn't like Koyomi ever had the motivation to ask, as if he did, the answer that would likely meet him in response would have been something akin to a condescendingly and coyly avoidant answer which just barely left enough room for Koyomi to make his own judgments for himself, but right now, he wasn't exactly in the mood for it.

    Aside from the aforementioned coy answers, Ougi Oshino had a particularly strange habit of showing up at the most inconvenient, and sometimes the most convenient, of times. Frankly, it was creepy.

    "Y-Yo... Fancy meeting you here, Ougi-chan."


    Sometimes, it could be downright scary. Again, the female figure was something that Koyomi feared, but endeared. Like a horror movie.



    Some could say it was outright terrifying.

    Either way, right now, Koyomi believed that this was leaning towards the former of the two "inconvenient" and "convenient" choices. Why was she here right now, of all times? Of all times, when he was with Karen and Kanbaru? Did she also sense the possible oddity in the area, like Shinobu had? If so, that was good. And bad. More bad than good.

    Getting up to his feet in a rather surprisingly resilient manner, as though the crash that he had sustained did not result in any injuries at all, Koyomi didn't answer Karen's inquiry as to what made him stop, as it perhaps seemed self-explanatory by now, but he didn't exactly want to introduce Ougi to her. The less she knew about oddities, the better, and the less Kanbaru knew about this situation about oddities, the better, as Karen would likely believe that her normally intelligent and handsome big brother had hit his head a little too hard on the ground, and Kanbaru would be a little too zealous to help in getting rid of the oddity.

    Damn his altruism that knew no bounds.


    "Oi, Ougi. Actually, if you're here, does that mean that you were drawn here by the..."

    Koyomi looked back at Karen, then at Ougi.

    "The... ah..."

    Koyomi looked back at Kanbaru, then at Ougi.

    "The strange occurrence?" He asked, his voice a little more hushed so that Karen and Kanbaru would hopefully not hear that.

    "Oiya, what might you be talking about?" That was likely her answer, Koyomi thought to himself, anticipating Ougi's response to, once again, be some sort of coy reply that would force him to make himself look even more suspicious in front of Karen and Kanbaru.


    However, before Ougi would be able to actually answer, a strange sound would be heard by everyone in the area. Like a vacuum cleaner suddenly being turned on, or perhaps more accurately, a window of a flying airplane being opened, a mighty wind could be heard and felt by everyone atop the shrine's summit.

    If everyone would look to the side, they would see quite a peculiar sight.


    A strange darkness.

    A darkness like a black hole that sucked up everything in its wake. A strange sort of black hole made up of different kanji-resembling objects that seemed to be getting bigger and bigger as time passed, and seemed to be getting closer to them all!


    Aha. Something like that, Ougi.



    Oh, crap! Something exactly like that!

    As though a switch had been flipped inside of him, letting adrenaline suddenly enter his systems, Koyomi's body would begin to move before his mind could think any more thoughts. Through sheer force of will, like an old American cartoon, he would suddenly grab Ougi's sitting form and huddle her small body into one arm, as though holding an oversized baby, whilst pushing Kanbaru and Karen forward in front of him with the intention of giving them a good running start.



    Yelling in a panic, now holding Ougi in both of his arms, Koyomi began to run. But alas, as he had gone through the effort of making sure his two female associates were in front of him, that meant that he and Ougi were the closest to the black hole.

    The black hole that expanded faster than he could run. And thus, he was the first.

    The first to be sucked into the darkness.

    He realized this when his body suddenly felt a little lighter, and his footsteps felt softer, as though... His entire body was being lifted off the ground by the darkness's sheer force of power! Try as he might to resist, before he knew it, Koyomi's entire body would be sucked into the darkness like a wormhole, along with Ougi of course, the young man letting out a (almost morbidly humorous) scream as he and Ougi would proceed to disappear into the darkness, swallowing the two of them up.

    Even so, it did not stop, the darkness continuing to expand toward Karen and Kanbaru, before sucking them in as well. And with that, after the two girls were swallowed up, the black hole would disappear as abruptly as it had appeared, leaving no trace of anyone ever being at the shrine at all.

    - - -


    The inside of Koyomi Araragi's shadow was comfortable. Comfy enough that the familiar, Shinobu Oshino, spent the majority of her time sleeping inside of it, like one of those Pocket Monsters did in that show in those Pokeballs or something or another. Some could say that Araragi's shadow was comparable to that kind of "Pokeball," but Shinobu rarely commented on it.

    Far be it from her to actually give the child a compliment.

    Like many a creature of the world, she was quite vulnerable and unassuming when asleep. That was why that when Karen, Kanbaru, Ougi, and Koyomi himself had ended up crashing through the Mystery Shack, she had ended up falling out of Araragi's shadow like a person falling through a window in a crashing car, the vampire had been in for a rude awakening (and subsequent suppression of consciousness), colliding into the floor like a ragdoll and then hitting her head on a nearby counter.




    Letting out a high-pitched yelp, suitable for that of a little girl like her, Shinobu had went from "awakened from sleep" for the two seconds she collided along the ground to "knocked back out" instantly upon hitting the counter edge, it seemed. With that, her small body made an equally small thud noise as it hit the ground again.


    As for Koyomi... He fared significantly better. Fortunately, his landing was much smoother than Shinobu's, only suffering a small moment of sliding on his ass against the ground, before stopping. Good thing he was wearing long pants. Or... Did it work that way? Either way, rubbing his head, Koyomi would stand up with a sigh, looking around and having the first thing on his mind being the well-being of Karen, Kanbaru, and Ougi.


    "Nnh... It hurts. It stings. Ow," the young man murmured to himself, before focusing his attention on the others who had come with him, "Oi, you all okay? Some wild ride, eh? Where are we anyway?"




    His expression shifted a bit when, as he scanned the area, he would finally notice Shinobu's unconscious form on the ground. Without putting any thought into what he was doing, forgetting for the moment that Shinobu didn't know any of the other women in his life, Koyomi approached his familiar, gently shaking her by the shoulder in a vain attempt to wake her up.

    "Oi... Shinobu, are you alright?" He whispered softly. There was no worry that Shinobu was dead, as she was immortal, but even so... There had to be a way to wake her up, right?

    ... Koyomi was about to reach for her skirt, but then remembered where he was.


    Not now. Not in front of everyone.

    Nobody must ever know that you're a lolicon!
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  10. When a nearby girl spoke of their location, Zinna found herself surprised.


    "Gravity Falls, you say? Where in the great name of Rayquaza is that? It doesn't sound like any place I've heard of in Hoenn, Kalos, or anywhere else in the world. And I've been everywhere..."

    "Murrr," Aster nodded, agreeing with his mother.



    Zinnia also took notice of the crying man, nudging him with her foot. "You there, stand tall! Your tears won't save you. Being a crybaby won't help you one little bit," she advised.



    When the pink creature joined the group, Zinna was even more shocked. "A pokémon who speaks the human tongue! Never before have I seen such a thing!"

    Aster shook his head. "Mur Mur Murrrr."

    "Hm? Aster, what do you mean this creature isn't a pokémon!? My sweet girl, I hope your vision hasn't been affected by that weird flash of light from before," she commented, shooting a worried glance to Aster.

    @Nater Taters
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    "A Dream Of Armageddon"


    In every story, there is always the bad guy. The sadistic villain, remorseless in his actions, wielding barbaric intentions that involve world domination. They utilize whatever resources they can to achieve victory, and are not above slaying their own allies if it pushes them along the path of power and destruction. It is this power that makes these villains come alive, awakening the festering plague within their hearts and unleashing a savage lust like none have ever witnessed before. You would think that, in the real world, there would never be these kind of people. There is still an element of humanity in every person, no sensible human being would ever sacrifice that much just to achieve power.

    Well, what happens when that person isn't a human being? In that case, you get a woman named Elizabeth Greene, hunted by a man named Alex Mercer.

    This entire situation was the last thing Alex wanted to happen. He has spent last week searching for answers about what happened to him. His sister, Dana Mercer, helped him gather information up until now, where she just so happens to be kidnapped and stored somewhere in this massive hive complex. It was no surprise that he had come to this point, after garnering himself so much attention from...well, just about everybody. It's hard for him to be subtle when each and every step causes the very ground beneath him to tremble. Every movement he makes, he feels like he is going to turn around and have to fight somebody again. Any hope he had for a a sensible month had drifted away, but I suppose that is just what happens when you suddenly come back to life after being riddled with bullets.

    The metal catwalk shuddered as the prototype landed upon it, exposing himself to the dim light of the inner complex. He stood within a massive room that was once a storage area for a warehouse, but now it has become the demented heart of the Core Hive, where Elizabeth Greene commands her hordes of infected civilians, spawned from the Blacklight pandemic that infested New York City like a cancerous tumor. Alex could sense the Hive-Mind here, he knew Greene was here; and he wasn't going to pass up the opportunity. Alex looked around the infested room, trying to sense Greene before she can get the jump on him. He quickly turned around to the sound of footsteps ringing across the catwalk across from his. A distinctly feminine figure strode across the catwalk, the scent of plague and infestation following behind her as she entered the scene.


    "Where is she?" Alex uttered.

    "She is with us, now." the figure responded, smiling to Alex like a mother smiles to her son.

    Alex responded with a scowl, "What the hell are you?" he asked.

    "The reason."

    "FOR WHAT?!" he suddenly roared, drawing something from behind his back. A small syringe, filled with some kind of luminescent purple liquid.

    "Everything.." the figure suddenly hissed, leaning forward. Alex did not have a second thought, his leg muscles contorting with biomass as he leapt into the air towards his prey, whom promptly did the same with the same exact power. The two prototypes collided in the air, the female grabbing hold of both of Alex's arms and holding on as they spun through the air like some kind of elegant ballet couple. Swinging her long legs up, she slammed her heeled feet against Mercers gut, kicking off of him and soaring upward in a display of inhuman agility. Alex could not compete with her leg strength, as he was sent crashing into the cold concrete floor of the warehouse. His spine cracked and shattered, but Mercer did not even utter a single grunt of pain; his biomass re-contorting and regenerating in a matter of seconds. The figure stood upon the catwalk, looking down upon her combatant with a hateful glare, the mother scowling at her child for being a bad boy. Before Alex could get back on his feet, the enemy suddenly pounced from the catwalk with the speed of a predator, her body slamming against his as they drag across the concrete. Staring at each other face-to-face, Elizabeth Greene stared down at Alex Mercer, smiling as she prepared to consume him.

    She did not have time to react as Alex impaled her throat with the syringe. Her eyes suddenly widened with blind shock, blood oozing from her open mouth as the serum entered her body. "You HURT me.." Greene responded in a pain-staked hiss as she got off of Mercer, screeching in pain and clawing at her neck. The serum had a violent reaction with the contagious cells in her body, she felt like her very form was being melted away. Alex stared with little remorse, watching the effects of Raglands work burn away the witch. Biomass began to drip from Greenes body, but soon the biomass began to bubble and contort.


    Rising up from the fleshy, red mass, the beast reveals itself. A monstrosity that is beyond description, a hunter born from the very genes of MOTHER herself. Elizabeth watched, clutching her festering neck wound and smiling at Alex as her own bodyguard took shape. Alex did not have time to react as the Supreme Hunter rushed forward and clutched Alex by the throat with its strong, meaty claws. It let out a bloodcurdling roar, violently smashing the prototype against the concrete wall of the hive. Bones snapped and shattered, muscles were torn apart as Alex suffered the continued onslaught of the Supreme Hunter.

    And Greene could only just stare, "You will join us soon, and the truth will be seen."

    Alex looked past the Supreme Hunter, his eyes locking with that of Elizabeth Greene. "I'm not finished yet, Greene."

    "You will be. You will be gone, and you will not come back."

    Alex didn't know what she mean't by this, but hell, it probably didn't matter. Greene was cryptic, and Alex had no other desire in the world but to kill her, as soon as he found Dana. That felt like his only purpose, the only thing stopping him from abandoning it all. Wherever he was going, he didn't have time to put up with it. Alex approached the Supreme Hunter, clenching his fist as a virulent red glow filled his eyes, his body shifting and mutating its mass out of pure rage and unadulterated, bestial anger. Not unlike that of a monster, preparing to slaughter the village.

    "WHERE IS SHE?!"

    "WHERE IS SHE?!"

    Alex repeated the phrase.

    "WHERE IS SHE?!"

    Alex didn't have time to get another word out.​
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  12. Kirby scratched his head, looking confused, what was a....whatever she said. Kirby took a step forward towards the female. Maybe it would be best if he introduced himself first

    "Kir-Kirby." He said quietly, pointing to himself
  13. Amongst the group of wanderers and strangers, the samurai known as Jack may have stood out as a sore thumb compared to them given his dress. A simple, white kimono, a few subtle stitches showing its wear, hugged his form as he pushed himself from the cramped floor of the mysterious shack he found himself in. His eyes peered around and took in the other inhabitants, noting the assorted randomness of their dress and appearance, before shaking off the strangeness of it. He had already become desensitized to many of the strange beings of the future, and there was a more pressing manner on his mind.

    Where was his sword?

    He remembered another clash with Aki's mercenaries before his disappearance to this place. For the most part, it had been a simple affair to strike them down, his blade never uttering a whisper as it cut through flesh and wind. However, a sorcerer, a common sight amongst the various bands of outlaws after him, had one final trick, one obviously in part taught by the demon lord he served. With a dying breath, the man had opened a portal beneath Jack's feet, plunging him and his sword into this unknown place.

    Yet somehow, the warrior and blade had been separated in the confusion of that moment. Jack knew he needed to discover his blade once again, the feeling of being without it proving almost painful to his mind.

    "Excuse me, but would any of you happen to have discovered a blade? If you have, it belongs to my family and I."

    His polite tone and neutral expression revealed nothing of the man's preparation to deal with any thief of his weapon that his sight fell upon. Unarmed as he was, he was prepared to take back his weapon.

    @Gummi Bunnies @Hospes @Verite @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @CrunchyCHEEZIT

  14. "Murr, murr murr," Aster told Zinnia, explaining to her that the pink individual was telling them his name.

    Zinnia raised an eyebrow, skeptical. "Are you sure his nickname isn't just Kirby and he's actually a Jigglypuff?" she questioned, frowning when Aster shook her head. "Very well, my sweetheart, I'd never question your brilliant judgement!" She turned to Kirby and smiled brightly. "Greetings, Kirby the non-pokémon! Tell me, what do you know of this Gravity Falls I have had the pleasure of waking up in?" she asked.

    @Nater Taters

    "I have no blade," Zinnia stated to a nearby fellow. "All I have are my five poké--" The draconid woman glanced to her belt, gasping as she realized all of her possessions were gone. "My pokéballs... my... pokémon! They're gone!" She narrowed her eyes.

    But why? Who would want to take them from me? This is... odd.

    @The Tactician

  15. [​IMG]


    Although the landing might have gone off relatively without a hitch for some, Kanbaru Suruga wasn't as fortunate. Crashing straight onto her head as she was dropped into this strange new world along with everybody else. As a rush of pain coursed through her body, Kanbaru shakily staggered up to her feet. Although given how hard she had hit her head, it was easier said than done. Everything seemed like a blur. So many people, so many of them hard to make out with this newly gained headache.

    What had gone wrong??? The last thing Kanbaru could remember was sending Araragi Senpai flying, running into Ougi-chan and then something strange happened. Which she totally knew would happen! It's why she stalked-uh coincidentally-happened to come across the two siblings as they made their way to the temple! Something new and exciting was always happening with this family.

    But she wouldn't get any answers with her head clouded up like this! Stamping a foot down to straighten herself out, Kanbaru shook her head from side to side. Like a dog would after it had just taken a bath. Stopping once she started to make herself dizzy, Kanbaru blinked.

    Yup! Things were much clearer now! But wait, what about Karen and Araragi Senpai!? Oh, and Ougi-chan!

    "Araragi Senpai?! Karen-chaaaaaaan?! Are you okay?!"

    Well, she spotted Araragi Senpai at least. He seemed to be doing pretty okay. That was good because if he had gotten hurt then whoever brought them here would be indirectly responsible for his pain! She'd find them and beat them up! But what about Karen-chan?! She always looked after her older brother and followed his lead like going after him when he tried to ditch them back at the temple but that didn't mean she'd make it out unscathed out of..Whatever had brought them here. But before Kanbaru could find Koyomi's adorable younger sister, she caught a glance at who was laying near Koyomi.

    "...It can't be."


    But why here? Why did she have to be here? Was this a way of apologizing for dropping her on her head? If so then Kanbaru might have been a bit more gentle when she came across whoever was responsible for this! But the person Kanbaru was eyeing seemed to be unconscious! That simply wouldn't do! Not while she was still up and about. She'd deal with her first and then find Karen-Chan! Spreading her feet apart, Kanbaru rushed towards Araragi Senpai. But it wasn't him that she was after. With her arms outstretched, she gently cradled the prone figure into her arms and held her close.

    Skidding to a stop, Kanbaru did a little spin of joy?

    "Sooooo cute! Sooooo adorable! Ahhhhh!! I can't believe something as adorable as you got caught up in this mess! It'll be okay! It'll all be okay now that I'm here! Mhm!"


    Oh if only Shinobu were awake but alas. The cuddling would have gone on for as long as Kanbaru could have kept her arms around the vampire. But it wasn't just Shinobu that Kanbaru was worried about. Pulling her face away from the diminutive vampire's own face, the teen glanced around for any sign of the younger Araragi sibling! If Karen-chan needed help than her senpai would do whatever she could!


    Ougi on the other hand was less energetic. Landing with the grace of a feather blowing in the wind, they smiled. They certainly hadn't been expecting something of that nature to occur when all they wished was to simply meet Araragi Senpai at the top of the temple.

    But perhaps their was a reason they'd all been gathered here along with other faces that Ougi did not care to recognize or even attempt to. Before they could muse any further, Kanbaru's voice broke the relative silence around the entity.

    "Ougi-chan! How is it that you aren't hurt?!"


    "Mhm.~ Interesting question, Kanbaru-chan. I suppose I was just lucky and you were unlucky. Simple, yes?"

    "..Oh yeah, I guess so."

    @Verite @Kaykay @Hospes

  16. Kirby wasn't sure what to say to this female, he was never one to speak a whole lot, even back home. Still, he clearly had no idea about Gravity Falls, was that the name of some kingdom? The pink puffball had never heard of such a place

    All Kirby could do was shrug and give Zinnia a confused look, hoping she got the message.
  17. [​IMG]

    Strange. Unexpected.

    Yet perhaps not completely surprising.

    That was what Koyomi had thought when Kanbaru would suddenly begin cuddling Shinobu upon first glance, seemingly unaware that Koyomi was familiar with her. Actually, hell, the fact that she was unaware of Shinobu's relationship to him meant that as far as she was concerned, she was just some random little girl lying in the middle of nowhere, which made it even weirder for her to cuddle her.

    When Ougi would appear, diverting Kanbaru's attention, Koyomi would take this chance to "steal" Shinobu from her, snaking her small body out of the Rainy Devil's grasp by dragging her by the leg away. It was like a bad anime with too much exposition and fanservice for its own good rather than focusing on believable physics.


    Still, while he tried to keep a low profile, trying to stuff Shinobu back into his shadow (not that that was possible without her consent, most likely), making him look like some sort of lunatic as, from an outsider's point of view it looked like he was softly hitting her head against the wooden floor over and over again, Koyomi could only think for the moment of how miraculous it was that Ougi came out unscathed. She really was like a damned witch, wasn't she?

    Before long, however, a foreign voice would stop Koyomi in his tracks.



    Suddenly, out of nowhere, an unfamiliar man would pose a question about an unfamiliar sword, asking everyone nearby. Though Koyomi, at the moment, had his back turned to the man, the teen did take note of the man's oddly polite and reserved tone. He wasn't used to that. Hearing a guy talk in such a calm, almost completely benign, voice.


    Then again, he wasn't used to hearing guys speak, period.


    Standing up and turning his head to face Jack, but his back still facing him, the young man would briefly freeze in surprise as he would take in the older man's features. A... samurai kimono? A tied up haircut? And even talking about a lost sword. What was he, a samurai? Well, he was probably some overeccentric cosplayer, possibly suffering from chuunibyou or something of the sorts, but Koyomi decided to play along, if only for the darkness from earlier that had sucked them all into this strange realm, full of different creatures like the pink ball and other people, some talking of strange terminology he didn't recognize, others he was sure was not from around, as some looked more... American than others.


    It was like he was in an entirely different world. Some sort of twilight zone, even.

    Briefly looking around for the sword that the man claimed to have lost, it would seem that wherever it was, assuming it even existed, Koyomi wouldn't be able to find it with a quick scan.

    "Ah... No, I haven't. Sorry," he replied to Jack.


    Before remembering that he was still holding a certain little girl up by her legs, the girl's unconscious body swaying a little in the air.

    So much for subtlety.

    @The Tactician @T.O.M. @Kaykay
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  18. [​IMG]

    "... uh huh."

    Hideo was just going to leave it at that, leaving the whole "finding out what was going on" task to the guys that happened to walk in and ask a similar question to the girl. Though, maybe he could get to know the others, if this was going to be a long term stay until everything was resolved.

    Though as everyone else happened to have people to talk to, that left this guy who happened to ask for his blade. Whelp, Hideo was not the weapons expert here...


    "I can't really help you with that... missing blade problem. But since I practically have nothing else to do here, maybe I'll keep an eye out for it..."

    That was pretty much all that Hideo had to say for now, his tired eyes giving that "I don't even know what I'm doing here for" type of look. Right as he finished his sentence, Wiruko happened to come by, carrying the laptop that Hideo picked up not too long ago.


    "Wiruko's super frustrated right now. Stupid laptop won't work with Wiruko, which is weird since Wiruko is the best virus around. How about Master goes and hold the laptop for her while she goes and vents out about the loss of the internet..."



    Hideo just took hold of the laptop that contained Wiruko's core files, and watched as the sentient virus ran off to bother someone else. Well, hopefully this wasn't a bad first impression...

    @The Tactician @Hospes
    Out of nowhere, Wiruko threw herself onto Meteo, which seemed out of nowhere. The virus seemed to go after this boy since he was crying too, and thus she assumed that they were upset about the same things.



    Wiruko was experiencing some truly troublesome times for viruses like herself.

  19. Still crying, Meteo tried to get up, trying to get himself together... but it was no longer possible for him to help himself.

    "Who are you?"
    "Ahh!" Just as soon as Meteo tried to get up, he was brought back down by some kind of girl?

    "Who are you, Wiruko?" Meteo said, catching on her name.

    @Gummi Bunnies @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
  20. ...Wow. Even for general Gravity Falls strangeness, this was a bit much. Wendy Corduroy was aware of this, at this point. So rather than interjecting, she more or less watched with eyes wide open, her eyebrows raised as she glanced the group over. Yeah, so... This would be fun. If they didn't all know where they were, though, she had to wonder just how they'd all gotten here. Maybe it had something to do with the 'other Stan' and the 'portal' Soos had been raving to her about for days.

    Her brief bout of dumbfounded silence was sliced through when she took notice of Kirby, though. Glancing both ways and then kneeling down for a moment, the teen spoke to the pink blob.


    "...Woah. Back up, man. You should be careful, or else Stan might try to get you to be one of his attractions," she whispered with a serious expression. After doing so, she righted herself again, a less serious expression returning to her features. Returning her attention to Zinnia, the redhead offered a shrug. "Look, I dunno what this Rayquaza thing is or where Kalo-whatever is, but you've stepped into the..." Stepping up one foot onto a bar stool, Wendy continued. "...USA! USA! USA!"

    Haha, joke chanting for the win.

    Casually returning her foot to the floor, Wendy gave Zinnia a smile, finally stopping to provide a serious answer. "...Not really surprised you haven't heard of this place. It's not the most popular place," she explained. That was before people seemed to start noticing their possessions were missing. Holding her hands up as though in defense, she replied quite simply: "Hey, don't look at me. I haven't got anything to do with it."

    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @Nater Taters @The Tactician @Yun Lee @Everyone​
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