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    1. Iwaku rules still apply here. We are in Iwaku, after all.

    2. Again, you do not have to know the prior canon of the Murder Series, Umineko, Corpse Party, and Touhou Project to understand everything. All are welcomed to participate.

    3. There will be a limit on both duos and OCs. 10 duos and 10 OCs only. However, I might extend the limits if there is a high demand for either one or both.

    4. The GM (myself) and the co-GMs (@Bomb & @The Silver Paladin) will be working tons here. Be sure to tag any one of us depending on the location of each round.

    5. Character powers will vary throughout the event. Early on, all character powers are nullified, and as the event progresses, character powers will be slowly coming back. Near the end, everyone will be at full power. This is to prevent any colossal feats being done in the simple settings in the very beginning. The same goes towards godmodding and metagaming, as those both are not allowed in any form. However, OOC voting is allowed due to the nature of the hidden traitor and the Maestro.

    6. With this being a big event, it's understandable if you can't keep track due to IRL or anything else that comes your way. The required minimum to keep up with an event like this is to find a group of people to be your posting partners, use the tagging system frequently, post at least once each round, and also vote at least once each round. That way, I can tell you still want in, and also telling me that I shouldn't kill off your character due to inactivity.

    7. All special roles, besides the Survivor/Guest role, will have PMs to discuss the behind-the-scenes actions, such as the Maestro choosing the round's traitor, the traitor choosing who to kill for the found, and the detectives investigating someone to find either the round traitor or the Maestro. To keep the essence of a "mystery" in this event, you MUST keep your roles a secret.

    8. Reserves during the sign-ups are first come first serve. There will be 40 open character slots, but of course, I will extend the slots if there is high demand. After the third round's mid-round update, I will close the sign-ups for any new participants.



    "The Key"

    Her house no longer resonates
    Her late-evening footsteps.
    The rusty wooden door still creaks,
    But she does not enter.

    Regardless of what you did as soon as you accepted the letter's request, everything had gone black... and now this was your new surroundings... wherever this may be.

    A vast and open space. A simple room with the impression that it could house many within. That impression to be completed as there were many gathered here in this very room. It made you wonder on how you got here... because really, all you remembered was planning to accept that letter. This couldn't be a dream... it felt too real to be one. As absurd as the situation seemed, you felt a tinge of reality that came from this unknown location.

    No matter what you did to the windows or doors that would lead into the outside world... they ceased to open. You could still see the light of day pouring in to this plaid room... at least there was some life into this new location. Not even your powers or abilities you may have could prove to be useful here. In fact, they were somehow nullified completely. Was this the work of the Golden Witch? It wasn't certain, but it meant that you were just as vulnerable as any normal person now. Your personal belongings (if you happened to bring them) were also out of the picture, possibly taken away by the Golden Witch as well.

    Next to you, you take in the fact that an envelope was set beside you, wherever you may wake. Clearly it was similarly alike or the very same envelope that contained the invitation from the "Golden Witch Beatrice." Unlike the many times you were sent another one if you had tried to dispose of it before, the envelope gave off an eerie presence, and while you could check and see that it still had the same message inside... something clawed at you to keep it with you at all times.

    Now that you took this time to take in everything around you, there were several options that you could take to pass the time, since many of the options to move out of the room and figure out things right away were not available to you:

    There was a small bookcase over at the corner of the room. It didn't seem that plentiful with the narrow selection of literature, but it didn't hurt to check it out either. The background information could possibly prove to be useful at some point.

    A peculiar child who wore an oversized lion costume seemed to be enjoying himself by jumping on one of the beds, not noticing the batch of guests awakening rather abruptly from the unknown transition. Did he have anything to share about this place?

    A rustling came from the single closet at the far end of the room. Curiosity may bring out whatever was stuck in that room, so that was also a place of interest.

    Lastly, there seemed to be someone that just woke up, presumably lost like the rest of you. While it was clear that she knew or seemed to know what was up here, the girl didn't make the move of approaching any of you at all. Guess you could try to talk to her, if she would give any attention at this rate.

    Oh, you could just converse with the others that were around too. It could be the case that they should wait and hope that they would be let out... but who knows how long that would take?

    After all, the Golden Witch invited them all to her Game.

    OOC Note: Be sure to tag me throughout this half of the Prologue if you're going to do any of the bolded and underlined events! This half of the Prologue is set to last until sometime tomorrow, while the first round of the game will take place sometime Monday. It gives me some ease while people can have a window of time with the Prologue stage. ^w^

    ~Cast List~
    @Gummi Bunnies as Ange Ushiromiya (Umineko No Naku Koro Ni)
    @Bomb as Plutia (Hyperdimension Neptunia) & Teemo (League of Legends)
    @TheSpringwoodSlasher as Jason Voorhees (Friday The 13th) & Herbert West (Re-Animator)
    @DapperDogman as Sakamaki Izayoi (Problem Children Are Coming From Another World Aren't They?)
    @C.T. as Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Fate/Zero)
    @Atomyk as Kyle Hyde (Hotel Dusk/Last Window)
    @BarrenThin as HK-47 (Star Wars)
    @The Tactician as Morgan Tact (Fire Emblem/Murder Series)
    @Crimson Spartan as Henry & Chrom (Fire Emblem)
    @CCC Kouhai as Aya Drevis (Mad Father)
    @Mighty Roman as Shazam (DC Comics)
    @The Silver Paladin as Leah Cain (Diablo) & Io Nitta (Devil Survivor 2)
    @coralprime as Guillo (Baten Kaitos Origins)
    @Verite as Enrico Pucci (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as Gordon Freeman (Half Life)
    @Melon as Hermaeus Mora (The Elder Scrolls)
    @Hospes as Deedee/Teresa Agnes (The Kill Order)
    @Ozzie Chanter as Ashley "Ash" J. Williams (Evil Dead/Murder Series) & Veronica Sawyer (Heathers)
    @york as Crono (Crono Trigger)
    @Jeremi as Undyne (Undertale) & Zombina (Monster Musume)
    @Cromartie Sarkissian as Majin/Fat Buu (Dragon Ball Z)
    @Kaykay as Yuki Yuna (Yuki Yana Is A Hero) & Yuki Terumi/Hazama (BlazBlue)
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Ilona (Murder Series/OC)
    @Gen. Gwazi Senpai as Gilgamesh & Iskander (Fate/Zero)
    @FireDrake150 as Sorey & Mikleo (Tales of Zestiria)
    @Shattered♦Secrets™ as Heather Gray (OC)
    @Forrest as Mark (The Kill Order)
    @Krieg as General Grievous (Star Wars)
    @Archmage Jeremiah as Mettaton (Undertale)
    @Unagi as Edward Kenway (Assassin's Creed)
    @Salsacookies as Yellow Guy (Don't Hug Me I'm Scared)
    @Mari as Sarah Connor (Terminator Genisys)
    @Wedge Antilles as Jamie Madrox (X-Men)
    @Lizzy as Lucina (Fire Emblem)​
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  2. Prologue: Ain't No Rest For Property Of W.I.C.K.E.D

    Deedee was lost, alone, and afraid.

    It had been less than a week since she had been dropped off at WICKED's doorstep by Mark, Trina, and Alec.. And the child of barely five years missed them with all of her little heart. She wasn't stupid - she knew that they had all become infected with the Flare. That they were going to go insane and die.. Just like she'd seen happen to her parents, with her very own burning blue eyes.

    Now that her only friends were gone, and she was finally alone with herself... The girl was bawling. Large tears rolled down her cheeks, silent sobs wracking her tiny body. She had managed to at least keep herself slightly composed in the presence of the only friends she had, if only for their sakes. But, now, she had nothing to hold her together. It could be said that she was back to square one. No better off than the day she watched her parents meet their demise.

    But, honestly, she was worse off.

    When her parents died and her village left her behind to die, she had nothing. She only knew bad treatment, shunning, bullying, and.. Pain. Pain like none other. But when Trina and the others came along and rescued her.. She had something. She had friends again. People she cared about, that actually cared about her, too. She had security within her grasp.. Only to have it ripped away once again.

    The girl curled up in a tiny, pitiful ball on her sorry excuse for a bed in her sorry excuse for a room, tears still pouring down her face. She wanted nothing more than a hug, in that moment, or even just a hand to hold. What she wanted the most, though, was Trina. Trina, Mark, Alec, her mom and dad... And Ricky.

    Thinking of him made her heart drop. Nothing hurt worse than knowing that one of her very own brothers wanted her dead. A chill ran down her spine, making her entire body feel cold.

    Cold. Wasn't that a joke when you lived in a world that had been ravaged by sun flares?

    Snivelling slightly, the child forced herself to uncurl her body and get to her feet. With puffy and red eyes, she trudged over to get herself a tissue, before blowing her nose, disposing of the tissue, and sanitizing her hands. It was more or less all the room she'd been stuffed in in the facility allowed for.. Not that she cared.

    Her few days with the facility had been rather dull. She had yet to be told much of anything, aside from the simple facts that she was immune, that she would be helping WICKED, and that her new name would be Teresa Agnes. It wasn't much at all, and she hadn't been provided with any sort of distractions; which left her alone with nothing but her thoughts and memories.

    And time to think those over only broke her more.

    The child's blue eyes slowly drifted over to where a certain odd letter sat on the floor, and she briefly hesitated. She had received the thing upon her arrival here, but the problem was, between the sun flares hitting at age three(destroying almost all paper and electronics), and the hectic occurrences that followed? Nobody had ever had the chance to teach her to read. She knew she'd likely be learning, here, but she couldn't just sit around and wait all that time. The possibility of having someone else read it to her was within reach, but Deedee neglected it. There were too many risks. What if the letter was bad, or they just refused to read it? What if they took it? Or worse, took it without reading it to her?

    No way was she about to risk that.

    Quietly, the small child hesitantly moved towards the letter, as though there was some odd force at work compelling her towards it. Despite not knowing how to read, the girl wanted to at least give it a shot.. That couldn't hurt, right? But, much to her surprise, the moment that her tiny, fragile little fingers wrapped around the paper....

    ...Everything changed.

    It was like her entire bare room shifted, fading away rapidly into nothing but empty, abyssal blackness. Deedee's stunning eyes widened in alarm, and she managed to hold back from screaming or crying out in shock like she had when she was tortured by her village, or when the 'boogeyman'(as Trina had called him) tried to kill her on the Berg. Instead, she just watched helplessly as everything faded away, before her consciousness was lost with it.


    When Deedee finally awoke again, she immediately felt horror and fear wash over every last inch of her tiny body. She quickly- albeit, weakly, considering she was still heavily bruised and covered with lacerations and other signs of torture all over -tried to clamber to her feet, only to fall back on her butt. Her eyes were so wide that they could be compared to those of a deer caught in headlights, and she was frozen up in fear. Unlike everyone else here, the child had had absolutely no idea whatsoever why she was here, or that this was some sort of game. She'd just had an unlucky grab at a card, and then it all turned to... this. Whatever 'this' was.

    The child of no more than five immediately felt tears beginning to form in her eyes, and she didn't have it in her to even *try* to fight them. All she could do was sit there on the ground, the tears now beginning to glide down her flushed cheeks in silence. Why did this keep happening to her? She'd already lost all of her family and friends to insanity, death, and her world to disaster... Why did she keep getting caught up in horrible, crazy occurrences?


    She didn't know, but even so - the child reasoned that she had to keep pushing on. Even if Trina and Mark and Alec were gone.. They would have wanted her to keep being strong and brave for them, right? Even though she was telling herself this, though, she found herself unable to stop the silent waterworks as she remained there curled up on the ground.

    ...Yup. Looked like the poor kid that, for those that had encountered her before, looked identical to Teresa Agnes- just... much, much younger -needed a hug.

    @Literally anyone​
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  3. [​IMG]

    Waking from the sudden sleep she had found herself in, Morgan looked about the room. It felt like a small dormitory of some sort, given the bed and the sitting area, and as she took in the new surroundings, the young woman noticed that there was at least one other occupant within the room with her, a little girl.

    "Hey, you okay there...?" She carefully approached the girl, a small smile curling up as she attempted to comfort the girl, "Do you need a hug, little one? I have a feeling that envelope took you away from your family or somethin'...?"

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  4. Plutia / Teemo Prologue


    "Ugh... Neppy, where did you go?~~" a girl was was napping on one of the beds, looking around for this "Neppy."


    "Huh??? Did she leave?" the girl said, sounding tired still. Well there are a shitton of people here. Maybe Plutia can find something out.


    "Umm... hey everrrryyyyyonnneee..."


    Meanwhile a certain yordle was also found confused, not knowing how he got there.

    "Umm... hi?"


    "Heyyyyyyyyyy~~ You're a fuzzy guy~~ you remind me of... Gnarly~"

    "Wait, you know Gnar? theregoesmyfametheyremembergnarmorethenmenowthatimnotthecutestintheleagueanymorewhatamigoingtodoaboutthissituation I KNOW! Hey, what's your name? My name is Teemo, and I'm the cutest yordle in the League!" Teemo asked Plutia.

    "Oh, my name is... Plutia~"


    "But are you really the cutest? I think Gnarly is cuter then you~~"



    Anyways they're free to talk, y'all.

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  5. Two lives, and both involve demons. Lots and lots of demons.

    Io say in her room. She was messing with her Demon Summoning App. She wanted to see if she could make any contracts with any demons that she hadn't made a contract with yet. She saw one.


    Io quickly tapped it. She wanted to make a contract with it. To help her friends, and save the world. Io waited a minute, and suddenly a flash occurred.

    Leah was the Niece of Deckard Cain, and the daughter of Adria. She didn't believe in demons. Well, until she became the embodiment of Diablo. She terrorized both heaven and Sanctuary, until the Nephilim, a Crusader of the Zakarum Faith, helped defeat her. She was technically dead, but her soul wasn't. She wandered.

    Finally, she appeared in Io's room. She didn't know where she was, or why the girl looking at her was dressed so strangely, or what she was holding. Leah held the Book of Cain at her side.

    "Who... Are you..?" Leah asked. "Please, tell me where I am."

    Io looked at her. "Are you Diablo? You look human to me."

    Leah looked at Io. "I was Diablo. I was defeated, thank the gods." She said.

    Io nodded. "Well, I've made a contract with you, but I don't know if it still stands."

    "It's fine." Leah said. "I can stay. You'll be like Uncle Deckard. I'll help you."

    Leah held a note in her hands. An invitation of some sort. "Did you receive one of these?"

    Io held another one up.

    "Well... I guess we should go." Leah said. "Wouldn't hurt to check, since I have nowhere else to go."

    They woke up in a strange room. Leah didn't have the Book of Cain, or her magic, and Io didn't have her magic or her cellphone.

    Leah groaned in pain. "Where in the Burning Hells are we?" She groaned.

    She looked around the room. It was a motley cast of people.

    "Well, Io. Looks like we may have to help each other..." Leah said getting up.

    ((Here's my shitty Prologue. Yay!))

  6. Even as Morgan approached, the tears freely flowing down Deedee's face didn't cease. In fact, if anything, they might have gotten worse. She shrunk up a little, still seeming absolutely terrified - something that didn't change, even as Morgan asked her if she was alright. The child simply remained completely silent, just staring up at the woman through teary eyes. This continued for a long while, before the little five-year-old nodded slowly in answer to the question of whether she was alright or not. Of course, it was a blatant lie. No, she was not 'okay' at all. But she wouldn't say that. Mark and Trina would've wanted her to be strong like that, right? To not complain or wallow in sorrow?

    So, if that meant lying, she'd do it.

    However, Morgan's next words only served to make matters worse. The tears immediately intensified to the point where Deedee could hardly see through them, and yet the child didn't try to wipe them away. With all the bruises, lacerations, and other injuries littering her entire tiny body from the abuse she'd taken, she very well knew that it'd probably only hurt. In silence, the little girl slowly shook her head 'no', sniffling slightly. After all, it was true: The envelope hadn't taken her away from her parents. It couldn't take her away from her parents that she had seen go insane and die, or her brothers that had abandoned her.

    But the odd part of it was that she wasn't speaking. It was entirely possible that she was mute, or just too terrified and upset to speak.

    @The Tactician @Anybody~​
  7. [​IMG]

    Seeing as Deedee didn't seem to wish to speak or simply couldn't, Morgan decided to forgo words as well with her. She wrapped her arms around the little girl and gently pulled her close, choosing to let her cry as long as she needed. Poor thing, all alone here... Just like her in a way... The tactician-in-training mused sadly though keeping those thoughts to herself.


    Finally, after a few moments, she looked down at the young girl with a smile, "Hey... You want to stay with me for now...? You seem like you could use a friend, little one..."
  8. [​IMG]

    "Hiiiii~~ What's wrong? Why are you crying?" Plutia asked Deedee.

    @Hospes @The Tactician
  9. HK-47 watched the Jedi quietly as they went about their business. The two were talking to each other rather openly. Of course, they had no reason to believe that they were in any danger. That part was perhaps what thrilled the droid the most; holding the lives of these stupid meatbags in his hands, completely without their knowing. Waiting to strike the blow that ends their stupid lives. Finally.

    The scope of his rifle followed them closely, his various computers that affected such things correcting as needed. When he shot, he wouldn't miss. Granted, this one wasn't his target, but this method was unpredictable with full Jedi even at this distance.

    That, and killing the Padawan first just to hurt the Jedi sounded fun.

    So the Togrutan Padawan that couldn't have been older than fifteen was his first mark. His finger slowly squeezed the trigger. Miles away through his scope, he saw the blast tear through the Padawan, her body suddenly hitting the floor with a gaping hole in her chest. His scope turned to the Jedi as his face contorted in shock and horror. He didn't revel in that quite then, instead saving the image and putting a shot in the man's head while he was too shocked to defend himself. The people around scattered in terror.

    HK, himself, just pulled up the image and happily left. Oh, how he loved this job! With almost a skip in his step, he made his way back to his current master. A rather disgusting Hutt. This was the part of his job he almost always hated; his master. The one he was forced to do the bidding of, which usually, granted, entailed killing meatbags, but it was still demeaning to have to work under one. The Hutt just waved him off dismissively, which HK was grateful for. This one in particular was rather insufferable.

    He sat back in the little closet he 'lived' in, and read over the bizarre invitation he'd received. Well... it would be a welcome change, if nothing else. Perhaps he'd accept! Apparently, that thought was all it took to get him sent on his way. The world faded to black.

    Slowly, he whirred to life in the room, looking about in confusion. He felt revulsion, suddenly being surrounded by so many meatbags. Made him wish he was still in the closet.

    "Confused Query: Where am I? And who are all of you meatbags?" He saw the little girl crying and made a sound similar to shuddering. "Commentary: How repugnant."

    @The Tactician
    @Gummi Bunnies
    @The Silver Paladin
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  10. [​IMG]

    "I think she's crying because she was taken from her special people..."

    "Coming from an inhuman mechanical creature without a soul... That's pretty ironic for you to say, Mister Robot..."

    @Gummi Bunnies @The Silver Paladin @Hospes @BarrenThin @The Silver Paladin

  11. The dark-haired girl didn't resist in the slightest, secretly glad for the embrace... Though, she seemed to tense a bit when it happened, and internally cringed. She wasn't used to gentle touch from anyone but Trina(and occasionally Mark, though she vividly recalled the boy yanking her around harshly in their last moments together), and even if she were, her entire body still ached extremely. Her wounds were still fresh and tender, and they hurt to touch. Even then, though, having a hug was a little worth it. Once she got over her tensity and fear that she'd be hurt again by this person like she had been by just about everyone she knew.

    In all honesty, though, Deedee didn't like the brief silence. In fact, it was terrifying. It was too much like the silence of the basement in which she and Trina had been relentlessly and mercilessly tortured in... And it was absolutely mortifying. So, even though she wasn't eager to talk, herself, she was glad when Morgan spoke up again. Tears still glistening in those stunning deep blue eyes, the child gave another small nod. She didn't know the woman, or what to think of her, but having someone there who wasn't hurting her was nice.

    But the little girl couldn't help but wonder... Would this woman end up being just like the others? Maybe this was some facade, to make her feel comfortable.. And then the woman would go insane and hurt her, too. The thought was terrifying.

    Plutia's question only made Deedee glance at her, the tears never slowing. But, the girl still didn't speak, simply watched the older girl with fear and sadness clouding her eyes that showed as clearly as the tears.

    But, when she saw HK... The girl's eyes widened, and she subconsciously scooted even closer to Morgan. The girl had grown up in a world that had been totally ravaged... Even simple technology for her world, like the Bergs, were frightening and foreign to her... Let alone a robot.

    @The Tactician @Bomb @BarrenThin
  12. Prologue: Lights. Camera. Violence!

    “Ohhhhhh Napstablooooook!~”

    The robot’s smooth voice rang out through the humble abode, falling upon timid ears. The ghost in question came floating to her call straight away, floating silently through his glitter-lit home, his headphones resting around his ethereal neck.

    “Y-…Yes, Mettaton…?” he responded in a whisper, cautiously standing back as various name-brand articles of clothing came flying out the door Mettaton called him to. His response caused a fit of giggling to erupt from the room.

    “Weeeeeell, since you’ve become my DJ, you’ve grown tremendously in popularity!”

    "I-I wouldn’t say t-tremendously-"

    “So, I was talking it over with Alphys one day, and she got this genius idea!”


    “Blook Tunes t-shirts! Eh? Eh?!~" the eccentric automaton jumped out with his arms outstretched. The sight brought a rare smile to Napstablook’s pale face.

    “Wow…M-Mettaton, that’s-“

    “Incredible?! I know, right?!~ With these, you’ll become an icon! A star, just like me! We’ll take the surface by storm!~” she exclaimed, acting like her regular, larger-than-life self, wrapping an arm tightly around her ghastly friend.

    “That’s very kind of you-“

    Interrupted yet again, Napstablook’s eyes shot towards the door, hearing hasty knocks on his door, and a voice shouting at them from the other side.

    “Mettaton! Sans said this was important! Open the door!”

    Upon hearing his name be called, Mettaton quickly sprang to the door, releasing Napstablook as he quietly retreated to his desktop. The robot swung the door open, instantly recognizing the goofy voice, and throwing herself at him.
    “Papyrus!~ What brings you down here, hm?~”

    The lanky skeleton man quickly raised his hand, a decorated envelope clutched inside it. “A letter came for you through the barrier. Toriel told Sans to find you, but he was too busy being a lazy-bones (as usual).”

    Mettaton extended his hand towards it, and swiped it away from him, and released Papyrus with a quick “Thank you darling.~” She quickly opened the letter up, skimming through it, and beaming at the mention of some sort of game, and how to enter in said game. With a delighted giggle, he shut the door on Papyrus, the skeleton too busy going on about puzzles to notice, and quickly ran to the couch. She sat down, whipping out a pen and writing up a quick confirmation


    After being flooded with a stream of binary, Mettaton sparked out of every single crease, before short-circuiting, and collapsing on the couch, oil spilling from his neck and streaming onto the letter.



    The jittering mess of bolts finally sprung to life with a gasp, her eyes lighting up soon after. Like the others in the room, his first thought was to look about the room, curiously eyeing up its rather quaint furnishings. But, that wasn't what was important, right? What was important was: how could a robot black out? The robot clutched her head in concentration just pondering it...which lead her to an odd discovery. Upon regaining control, he finally noticed all the oil spilling out of him, and flipped. She fell right off the bed she woke up on in shock with a shrill scream. "I'm spilling! There's oil absolutely everywhere! Someone help me!~" the automaton hollered thereafter. Even in an emergency, he couldn't put aside the drama.


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  13. [​IMG]

    "Don't worry, little one, if the robot tries to hurt you, I'll stop him..." Morgan cooed as she enjoyed the hug of the adorable little girl. However, her reassurance wasn't just empty words, as she had brought along some small throwing knifes in case she needed to defend herself. A slice here and a cut there, and oops, Mister Robot's hydraulic fluids are all gone~

  14. HK was curious as to how Morgan had any idea what he was.

    "Apology: I'm sorry, meatbag. I just find the function of tear ducts... disturbing."

    "Annoyed Statement: You are fine. Get up." He, with or without permission, went to lift Mettaton.

    @The Tactician
    @Archmage Jeremiah
  15. [​IMG]

    "I see... then all we have to go is get back rightttttttttt?" It was kinda clear to Plutia they have all been brought here unknowingly.

    "But how are we going to do that? There's no way out of here as far as I can see..." Teemo said.

    "Maybe we can nap while we wait... heyyyyyyyyyy don't be mean to her...." Plutia said in response to HK.

    @The Tactician @BarrenThin @Hospes
  16. Leah and Io just sat watching everything unfold.

    "And I thought Uncle Deckard was crazy." Leah said scratching her head.
  17. Mark sat up quietly, peacefully, rubbing his eyes and letting loose a loud, if gentle, yawn. 'Nother day after the end of the world. How long had it been? A year? Maybe a little more? Didn't matter to him, he had his friends. He had this group of people, this group of saints, who cared about him, took care of him, took care of each other. An entire bustling village, if only a few crude huts, was still mighty rare these days! How lucky he was.......shaking these thoughts free, Mark turned to the side, his mouth opening and uttering some of the few words that gave him hope these days.

    "Morning, Trina!"

    He turned, and......what? Where was.....he wasn't in his hut. He wasn't with Trina, or Darnell, or Lana or Alec? He was in a room, not a hut, a proper room, full of....who the hell were these people?

    "Hey, uh....who're all of y-NNG!"

    Mark interrupted himself, his hands reflexively going up to touch his temples. Something was wrong.

    His head hurt.

    Taking a moment to think, these three words ran about in his head for a moment. And that's when the past few days hit him like a freight train.

    Everyone was dead. Everyone was dead. Every single person he'd ever cared about and loved and relied on was dead and gone and buried and mangled and twisted. Painful memories rose up and drilled into his skull and set his brain on fire with awful static and the clicking of a thousand little insects like some awful swarm.

    He should be dead too. He should've died in that building, he should've died with her, him in her arms, her in his, crushed under a hundred tons of metal and rock, but he wasn't. Now she was gone. They all were, and he was alone, no matter where he was.
  18. Mettaton gladly accepted the help, practically throwing himself into the droid's arms with a flourish of his hair. "Thank you oh so much, darling! You wouldn't happen to have anything that would help with this awful accident, would you?~" Mettaton exclaimed rather cheerily, more or less in the knowledge that she wouldn't be the only robot here. She leaned her head away, allowing her oil-spill to take centre stage, the thick black fluid drizzling down his forehead and neck.

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  19. Yuki Yuna and Yuki Terumi/Hazama Prologue


    Hazama was a little annoyed. More than a little, really. No powers, dragged somewhere without his knowledge, what kind of magic was this? Whoever did this was on the wrong end of his rage, and would suffer dearly for it. But in an unfamiliar area, first came making lackeys friends. No need to do the work himself unless he had to, after all. He looked around for someone who seemed easy enough to use.

    "Where am I? How did I get here?"

    Yuki Yuna just yelled into the air, rather confused as to why or how she ended up here. If she tried to transform into a hero, she'd realize pretty quickly it wasn't working. But she had no reason to try now, so she hadn't really realized it. Aside from maybe the fact her fairy wasn't flying around. So she just kind of wandered around confused.

    "Why hello there, are you lost, child?" A stupid little child like this probably wouldn't be of much help, but it was a start.

    "Hm?" The girl turned around to see the green-haired man. "Yeah, I guess so. I don't know how I ended up here. Not that it's the first time I guess... Oh, and I'm Yuna Yuki! What's your name?"

    "Oh, goodness. How unfortunate. You can just call me Hazama."

    "Nice to meet you, Hazama! Do you know where we are?"

    "Unfortunately, I'd have to say no to that. But perhaps if you ask around, you could find out? Oh, and do please come back to me with the information if you do find out, that'd be oh so helpful."

    "Alright! You can count on me!" Yuna replied cheerfully, giving Hazama a thumbs-up before running off to talk to people and gather information.

    " should I conduct my own investigation? Can't count on a dumb brat like that to get anything done..."

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  20. Once again, no verbal response came from Deedee, who was still staring at HK with fearful and uneasy eyes. Ro.. bot...? Huh. She didn't recall ever hearing that word. Sure, she'd heard of Bergs and Flat Trans and workpads from Mark and company, but never these 'robots'. Was that what that odd-looking talking object was? She didn't know, but she hardly cared. It didn't matter. Not in her terrified and sad mind right now. So, she just nodded against Morgan in silence, unsure what to do other than continue to cry.

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