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  1. ~Prologue~
    "The Waiting Room"

    Ah, the Fuse collection facility, such a wonderful place, wasn't it? Sure it's a bit covered in jungle, but hey, what would you expect from it being on an abandoned jungle island for the past 20 years?

    You arrived at the entrance: a narrow bridge that spanned a ravine below. For whatever reason, whether it be fate, coincidence, or mere random chance, you decided to partake in the Prophet's first ever tour. He was to show you the various parts of the facility, and afterward, bestow upon you enough Fuse, power, and riches to call yourself a deity.

    But first, you must take the tour.

    You are greeted at the entrance by several cultist soldiers who look very eager to see you. They escort you across the bridge and into the facility, bringing you into the Welcoming Room as if you were the President or something like that. Upon making your way into the Welcoming Room, the guards nod you off and make their way to the next tourist.


    The Welcoming Room looked astonishing... or at least, not what you would expect based on the looks from the outside, but, looks may be deceiving...

    You walk up the stairs, and you noticed some cat-person reading books just ahead of you, he stops his reading to look at you...


    "Welcome to the tour, I will be your tour guide for the wild ride in a factory, woo hoo. The Prophet is setting it up for you all, so please, be a bit patient. Also, we are waiting on the other tourists, so keep this in mind as well, thank you."

    He hands you a coded map, along with what the codes mean.


    There are several things you may do here, such as:

    Go back downstairs, and enjoy the endless amount of food at the buffet there!

    For those of you who are intelligent/Quiet, you may walk behind Librarian Cat to go to the Library.

    You may also continue to pester Librarian Cat if that's what you wish.

    Alternatively, if you are really good at hacking things (or just bored), you may go to a Terminal Room in the back ['LOCK' in code] and try to see what secrets it may unfold.

    Talking and just messing around in the Waiting Room is always acceptable!

    @york - Quote (Cavestory)
    @Verite - Touma Kamijou (Raildex)
    @Atomyk - Cole MacGrath (inFamous)
    @Siren - Trina (OC)
    @Mari - Hua Mulan (Mulan: Rise of a Warrior)
    @Wedge Antilles - Pietro Maximoff (X-Men, Days of Future's Past)
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT - Mr. Jane Doe (Team Fortress 2)
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty - Elizabeth Keen (The Blacklist)
    @CCC Kouhai - Sheimi Moriyama (Ao no Exorcist)
    @The Pimp Tactician - Naoki Kashima (Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne)
    @Gummi Bunnies - Patchouli Knowledge (Touhou Project)
    @Ziogen - Nanami Yasuri (Katanagatari)
    @Raven - Rose Wilson (Teen Titans Young Justice)
    @A Wild Sav - Gaz Membrane (Invader Zim)
    @MrDubWubs - King Satan (The Devil is a part timer)
    @BarrenThin - Raymond Reddington (The Blacklist)
    @Thuro Pendragon - River Tam (Firefly)
    @Mirage - Ika Musume (Shinryaku! Ika Musume)
    @Yiyæl - Garnet (Steven Universe)
    @Librarian Cat - Himself (Books and Dragons)
    @Emperor of Gallifrey - C-3PO (Star Wars)
    @Solar✹Golden - James Noble (OC)
    @TheColourlessRainbow - Jeffrey Sprit (OC)
    @DapperDogman - Natalia (Team Fortress 2)
    @Jenny - Ellie (The Last of Us)
    @Krieg - Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)
    @Xibilation - Johnny Cade (The Outsiders)
    @Poetic_Justic3 - Mathew Micheal Murdock "Matt" (Marvel Comics/Movies)
    @Josh M - Ellis (Left 4 Dead 2)
    @Nate Dawg - Springtrap (Five Night's at Freddy's 3)
    @MagicEternal - Yuki Cross (Vampire Night)
    @CrimsonLaurana - Luke fon Fabre (Tales of the Abyss)
    @Jeremi - The Stalk (Saga)
    @FireDrake150 - Hope Estheim (Final Fantasy XIII)

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  2. Hua Mulan always sought to do what she thought was for the best. From her earliest day as a child, fighting off bullies who took advantage of her friends. Then, by impersonating a male child for her father, so that she would enlist in the dynasty's army instead of him. She was discovered by her childhood friend, but they kept her identity and gender secret, even as she rose in the ranks to become a sub commander of the army. She led her army valiantly against the Rouran invaders. Still she was not to reveal what she was, a woman, for fear of capital punishment.

    So, she found another means by which she could secure a victory. The power of a deity. The means by which she could promote peace in her land, eliminate hunger and hardship, and take care of her ailing father.

    She realized, here, she could let her hair down, not be afraid to show she was a woman. And yet, try for the same things so many men were trying in vain, losing their lives, causing grief in their families for. She was fighting her nation's war, on another level, what seemed like a very different existence.


    She wondered if there would be fighting involved. She was among her nation's best people at fighting and the theory of military tactics, it was what caused her to be promoted in the army, after all. She wasn't afraid to fight, but, looking at some of the others assembled, it seemed like they were from a different time, from what seemed like the future.

    She analyzed the options presented to her, presented to all those who decided to come here to the Welcoming Room. She then decided it was wise to improve on her weakness as compared to the rest of them. The chain is only as strong as it's weakest link, she learned from her father many years ago.

    She walked behind the Cat to go to the library.

    @Librarian Cat
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  3. Hope Estheim glances around. Sure, this may not be Gran Pulse, which, after his first visit to the massive planet that thinks the his Homeland, Cocoon, is a 'Floating nest of vipers'. Hope holds the wrist of the arm with the yellow armband tightly. He is here to determine the safety and security of this facility, and any dangers it may pose to either of the worlds. Hope, while not a viper, is very cautious with his brand, as it is something that causes massive panic at home. "OH MY GOD! IT'S A l'CIE!!! RUN" and "l'CCIE SCUM!" among all of the other insults he has to live with whenever anyone sees his brand. Nervously looking around at the other visitors, he ties his wristband on tighter, to the point where the shape of the brand and its arrows and almost-arrows almost shows through the thin fabric. Looking at the jungle, he lets go of his wrist, continuing on. upon the cat's introductions, Hope decides to head for the server room. Upon arrival in the room, he holds out a gloved hand to the machine, as he does the floating shop terminals all over both Cocoon and Gran Pulse, but gets no reaction. confused, he tries to figure out how the terminal works, but decides to give up. Heading by Librarian Cat into the Library as well, he picks out a few books and starts glancing through them. Hope could care less about Deity status and riches, and all he wants is to protect those he cares for. Whispering to himself, quietly enough that only creatures with superior hearing would be able to pick up on it, he starts scanning through a book. "My Focus was to Become Ragnarok and Destroy Cocoon, but why? All of the innocent lives that would be lost? and what of Vanille, Fang, Lighting, and Sazh?" He clenches the fist not clutching a book when he thinks of Snow Villiers, the man he blams for his mothers death, and decides his name isn't even worth mentinoning. Opening a book, he notices a diagram of the lifecycle of a l'Cie, and Drops the book, taking a few steps back. looking around, he stows the book back on a shelf, hoping no one noticed.


    Fal'Cie makes Human a l'Cie,
    l'Cie Fulfills Focus and turns into Crystal, OR
    l'Cie Fails Focus and Turns into a Cie'th Monster.
    Crystalized l'Cie Returns to l'Cie Status and has to go through a new focus again with the same two outcomes.

    Hoping no one else saw the diagram, he failed to make the book inconspicuous, so anyone passing by would be able to find the same page as the cycle. Not only that, but it has information on l'Cie brands. 'Pulse l'Cie' brands will tend to grow arrows as time or emotional stress increases, and once enough arrows have grown, the eye in the center starts to open. after the eye opens totally, the l'Cie becomes a Cie'th Slave.'

    A rather grim fate for the l'Cie, tis for sure. Carefully, he peaks at his brands progress thus far.


    2 arrows, and the eye is starting to crack open. he is a little less then halfway out of time. Letting out a sigh, he hides it again, and heads over to Mulan, figuring he will at least make some attempts at making friends. "Hello ma'am. I's Hope Estheim, and, before you ask, yes, my name IS Hope." He extends the arm with the wristband on it, smiling, though weakly.

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  4. [​IMG]

    River gently touched the shuttle down. The shuttle had been a parting gift from Mal and Inara, a last preparation for her journey across the stars. A little tinkering by the doc, (a lot actually, and it was still quite unsafe) and the shuttle had been turned into a semi-capable interstellar vessel. She slowed her body and mind through the much longer than normal travel times do to her extremely inefficient engine. The ability to create water by traveling through space had been one of her greatest comforts and another one of the old inventors gifts. But the less said about the toiletries the better.
    She had been training for this for over half of her short life she realized. She'd been trained however unwillingly on her end by the Alliance. Wash had taught her how to fly like a professional (well... whatever Wash was actually. The man, while an excellent pilot, was far too unconventional to be called a professional). And Emma, Emma had focused her other abilities. Taught her limits and how to push beyond them.

    As she stepped out of the back of the shuttle she saw many others coming from their respective methods of transportation. She reached out to them, to graze their minds. However it was like there was a cloud in the air between them. She could push past it. But parts of their minds were still hidden from her view. Perhaps that was by design. A hidden measure to make sure that these games were not ended prematurely. Well whatever the reason she didn't need the ability. Control of her psychic abilities were only one of the things that had been taught to her by Ms. Frost.

    She carried an ornate dagger at her side. Another gift from Inara. Something the older woman had received as a gift in her former profession but had never found a use for herself. On the other side of her hip she carried a firearm. It was a weapon that Jayne had given her. The old mercenary had pretended to do so reluctantly, but she could see in his mind that he cared about what happened to her. Maybe not to the same degree that he did Kaylee, but it was still there. It was actually the same firearm that she had picked up and nearly been kicked off the ship for years before. However there was no hidden symbolism hidden in his mind. It was simply his least favorite gun.

    She looked at the others then looked at her surroundings. People were going to die today. Maybe even her. But she was here for a reason. And she wasn't going to leave until she completed it.
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  5. Nanami Yasuri

    Wow, wow. Hey, look at all of this crazy stuff. Well, she could tell what most of it was made up at a glance, though. Honestly, it bothered her more than the jungle outside. While a bit rougher, the isolated wilderness was much like her own deserted island. Ah well. Learning new things! Lots of new things. That was the purpose here, right?

    A tiny woman, in both stature and girth. Still, she wasn't out of place. She could spy one other like her, one that actually was a child and didn't just have the size of one. Well, if her eyes didn't deceive her. ... That never happened, did it? Ah, but she was here for new things, new things~ Being deceived would be good. Or would it be bad~?

    Already, there was excitement just from looking at the people around her. One of those stationed here was a cat person... Odd. But if it was like those rather nice guards outside, she had no need to worry. There were certainly... more normal looking people. As normal as humanoids could look. Though some of the said humanoids not seem so human... Ah, was that a machine that moved on its own? Hmm, it seemed much different from the Biyorigo Shikizaki forged. Ah, well, in these circumstances Nanami shouldn't be surprised if she met Shikizaki himself.

    And then there was herself. A small woman in traditional Japanese dress, with long dark green hair and odd eyes that were centered on an unsettling neutral face. Simply standing back and watching those who moved along. Well, she did have the manners to wave in greeting if her eyes met with those of someone else.

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  6. "Hua Mulan", she said towards Hope as they walked to the library following the cat.


    "I am going to the library to try my best to gain knowledge that many of you probably already know, but I do not. Why do you go this way?"

  7. Hope smiles a little more relaxed again, once again holding his concealed brand. "Pleased to meat you Miss Mulan. I am headed to the library as well. I think I am the youngest one here, but I am trying to find out if theres a danger to my homelands here, and if there is, to stop it. It's a bad stroke of luck someone like me got given a Focus like tha.....err, volunteered to do this." He smiles, Hoping she didn't pick up on his save.


    "Seeking Power at the End of the World"

    Cole was alive, but he was so very alone. His return to life had been brief so far, but the lone Conduit had no idea what to do with himself in the vast open alive world that had been laid out before him. He thought of Zeke, mainly, his best friend presumably still alive. He'd thought also briefly of his family, but he found he still didn't like thinking about them. Even with a new lease on life, he found he cared even less about them now than he did before. He was sure they felt the same. Truthfully, he wasn't sure why he felt so alone-- it wasn't like things were much different before he'd died. Even throughout college, it had really only been him, Zeke, and--

    Power was not something Cole really cared about. Obtaining more had only been about learning to better restrain himself, or to protect his loved ones against those that threatened them. First Kessler, then the Beast. Now, with the possibility offered to him, power suddenly meant so much more. It meant the possible revival of an entire species or a possible new age for every human being. Cole felt lonely, he realized, because he was the last of his kind. It was fine when he thought he was one of a few, but to know thousands of Conduits had once been alive... If he could somehow bring all Conduits back to life, to stave off the plague and unify Conduit and non-Conduit kind, Cole couldn't help but feel it would be something truly amazing.

    He hadn't had time to see his friend before being offered this opportunity, so Cole figured their reunion would just have to wait.

    Sorry, Z.

    Electricity crackled in his wake as the 23-year-old Conduit made his way across the bridge. His every sense was firing off as he neared the facility-- Cole knew a heavy number of electrical sources would be located within, but the amount greeting him was staggering. He'd never go hungry here, certainly, but that thought alone made him feel off. It wasn't in his nature to draw more than was needed, but he knew the temptation here would be great.

    Cole just hoped this Tour offered enough suitable distractions for his twitchy fingers.

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  9. River walked forward towards the crackling electric man. She pushed her way into his mind and quietly picked out his name. Cole. Still... best to keep her abilities to herself for the meantime.

    "Hello." She simply.

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  10. Then

    *Ring ring ring*



    "Stalk here."

    The Stalk would be on a layover on a quaint little planet she had found on one of her past missions as a freelancer. Her phone would have started to ring, no doubt another job on the horizon. The conversation didn't seem to sit really well with her.



    "Are you fucking kidding me? That's not even possible."

    She got quiet again as the person on the other side would explain.



    Get the fuck out of here.


    You'll pay me how much?"

    Suddenly her tone took a more sugary disposition.


    "When do I start?"


    The Stalk would have let out a low whistle when she walked up the steps. Whatever these Fuse guys were they were loaded. She inspected the map they had been given before pocketing it in her dress. Looking around she'd notice some of the other tourists. Nothing she couldn't handle if any of them decided to get rowdy, she thought to herself. Finding herself a nice spot by the stairs she'd just chill and look to see if any other tourists would catch her eye.

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  11. "Well then, let us hope we accomplish what we intend in this library, where this... cat, is leading us." Already, Mulan was feeling this was a very weird place, a weird situation. But, she wanted so much to accomplish what she could, and in this case, so far, the risk was non existent compared to the potential benefit. So, she continued to walk along with Hope.
  12. "Yeah, I hope so." Hope Looks at her, and and the cat person, before looking back forward, still hiding the mark on his arm. "Hey, have any of you heard of l'Cie?" He asks, voice sounding troubled. Hope wound be too young to know that being so open about something like that would be a very bad idea in the wrong circumstance, but theres a good chance no one here knows a thing about it.

  13. [​IMG]
    After everything that happened, Luke never believed he could forgive himself and just really wanted to get away from everything that happened in such a short time. It seemed his power reacted with his wish and he appeared outside the Fuse facility in a golden shimmery glow. When he opened his eyes, he didn't know where he was or what he was doing here. He then decided to make the best of his situation and find out anything he could about anything and everything. He wandered in the front door and heard the anthromorphic cat's announcement. He decided it would be best if he followed Librarian Cat to the library so he could find out everything he could about this place. The map he collected from Librarian would help as well.
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  14. Prologue: Pietro Maximoff, a.k.a. "Quicksilver"

    Pietro Maximoff arrived at the Welcoming Room, and upon receiving word of what was available,


    he sped off to the terminal room to see what secrets it might hold.

    @Librarian Cat
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  15. "So this is the Collective's Facility. How... Quaint," a young man stood near the back of the tour group, shirtless and standing ram-rod in his pride. Tribalistic tattoos covered the length of his unyielding form, an unearthly glow of power emitting from the edges of the dark lines. As he took in the frivolous and overly extravagant entrance of the facility, he couldn't help but snort at the image the Collective put on, "If they seek to intimidate us, then they have failed with one member of the tour already. Such a facetious display, so full with false splendor and boasts. Absolutely repugnant." If he had his way, he would burn the affront to merit and true strength once he had what he desired.

    None of the other tour members necessarily caught his poisonous yellow eyes. None too weak, none too strong, all relatively average in ability and form. Except for one, a child with aquatic blue hair. He caught the odd motion of her locks, the strange shapes they took. She wasn't a human, not fully at least. No human could do such a thing with their bodies. It could interesting to see what she can do with that hair. Then again, I thought the same of the Manikins and they proved a disappointment.

    Without a single word to others, Naoki Kashima, King of Yosuga, made his way deeper into the facility. The war for ultimate power was underway, the battle to claim supremacy over all others. Battles are won with greater preparations, with understanding or even defeating your enemy before the clash even begins. These are my preparations. With a tad bit of caution to avoid being seen for more than a few moments by the guards or his fellow tourists, Naoki headed into the Terminal Room, ready to either work or fight with any others who entered into the room with him.

    @Wedge Antilles @Mirage @Librarian Cat
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  16. @Wedge Antilles @Librarian Cat


    Trina looked around, nodding, she spotted a blur or a guy and decided to follow in that direction to the Terminal Room, she was used to hacking technology and didn't see the point in wasting time and hanging around with niceties and she wasn't hungry for food.

    She got to the Terminal Room and spotted the blur from earlier, "Hey", she shouted.
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  17. "I have not heard of such a thing", Mulan responded, and she was starting to feel worried. So many things she would need to learn, so much difference to overcome, she was not confident she could adequately be up to the level of the others here.

    She wanted to get to the library soon, to begin the process, and strengthen what was becoming a great weakness.
  18. [​IMG]

    Already trying to hack into the system, Pietro heard someone shout at him. He turned around, and saw an attractive female, wearing a revealing outfit, certainly by his standards. She was, in fact, very attractive the longer he looked at her. He sped away from the computer and stood next to her.


    "Hi. Who might you be?"
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  19. Trina looked at the cute boy suddenly next to her, "You-you're fast", she smirked, "That could come in useful here", she replied.
    She glanced at the computer, "Get anything yet", she thought of blowing it up, see what reaction she'd get but decided against it.
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  20. Pietro rephrased his question but said it much slower. "Whaaaattt's yoooouuuurrrrr naaaaaaamme?" Then he looked back at the computer. "I'll break into the system. Eventually." He smiled at her again.
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