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MAIN GAME Murder Game III: Welcome to Silent Hill

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    “Terror Within the Fog”

    You woke up.

    Has it been a few hours? Ugh. You remember traveling to Silent Hill—either by car, a multidimensional rift, or hell, maybe by foot—but that didn't matter. You stood up and found yourself standing in the middle of a horribly familiar fog-covered road. It was cracked, withering with disuse and decay, little brown weeds gnawing at what remained. You felt... strange. As if the fog itself swallowed you, draining your very essence—cannibalizing whatever supernatural or magical abilities you once had—or perhaps, weapons you once possessed.

    That's too bad.

    You looked forward, body shivering from the cold damp fog. It was unwelcoming. You crossed your arms over your chest squinting deep into the gray abyss:

    Everything was so blurry. You could see shadowy silhouettes dance in the mist. As if laughing, on the verge of giggling like an impish little child, because it knew you didn't know what you had done. A spine-tingling sliver ran down your spine. You really didn't know what you had done. God, what if... what if this was all a trick! What if-


    You unconsciously dismissed what you saw.

    You blindly roamed an old freeway overpass, adjacent to a vast forest to your right—the trees buffeted against the cold climate, the fog slithering between it's green leaves as a shabby Observation Deck, probably built in the early 20th Century, lay dormant in the distance: It contained a dirt pathway leading into the [Forest], a small lakeside [restroom], sprawled with graffiti and red brick, it appeared someone or something entered recently, judging by freshly muddied-up footsteps. You also swore you could see a [cemetary] deep within the Forest. There's a Silent Hill directory hung on a wooden billboard, a red 'YOU ARE HERE' sign marking your current location:
    Wait. What was that? You heard footsteps, perhaps a dozen or so, tap against the cement. You flipped around, coming face-to-face with 41 lost souls. Many are warm familiar faces, most are not.

    You have four decisions:

    A.) Introduce yourself: It's a smart idea to acquaint yourselves with old and new faces. This Silent Hill “invitation” wasn't an accident. Hell, you could be going through the ringer all over again.

    B.) Examine the RESTROOM: It's mid-sized, dinky and dirty. The walls are rusted as if they hadn't been used in decades. A few bathroom stall doors are missing, and graffiti, mostly penis drawings and a black 'I'll suk ur dik 4 $1. call me @ 342-246-1235' is evident on the third stall. You could hear a soft feminine hum inside. Do you dare explore it?

    C.) Explore the FOREST: The Forest contains a vast network of trees, wildlife, and an ever present fog that haunts the grounds. It's nearby Silent Hill, so don't stray too far off! There's a lone cabin in the woods and a natural cave rumored to lead into an underground labyrinth of tunnels and possibly... GASP!... lost treasure. But that's all just folklore, right?

    D.) Wander the CEMETERY: The cemetery is a small graveyard located toward the North of Toluca Lake. It is surrounded by many trees and covered in fog. There's an unlocked Mausoleum at the edge of the cemetery. Do you explore what's inside?
    Cast List
    @Rin Okumura as Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist)
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Elsa (Frozen)
    @JayJay as Ellie and Joel (The Last of Us)
    @Verite as Shirou Emiya (The Type Moon)
    @Archmage Jeremiah as Sylvanas Windrunner (World of Warcraft)
    @Xibilation as Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
    @Dallas as John Wick (Self-titled film)
    @york as Sophie (Cry of Fear)
    @C92cool as Sebastian Castellanos (The Evil Within)
    @DapperDogman as Francis York Morgan (Deadly Premonition)
    @MrDubWubs as Yang Xiao Long (RWBY)
    @Zadok shadows as Aiden Pearce (WatchDogs)

    @Caramon Zero as Siegfried Schtauffen (Soul Caliber)
    @The Last Outlaw as Lee Everett (The Walking Dead)
    @justice hunt as Morgan Jones (The Walking Dead)
    @Salsacookies as Torque (The Suffering)
    @Reaper Jack as Kiritsugu Emiya (Type-Moon)
    @Atomyk as Claire Redfield (Resident Evil)
    @Ziogen as Ryougi Shiki (Kara no Kyoukai)
    @Cres as Solaire (Dark Souls)

    @Gladis as Ushiromya Battler (Umineko no Naku Koro ni)
    @Tonedeaf as Kamina (Gurren Lagann)
    @MattieLee as GaMzEe MaKaRa & tAVROS NITRAM (MS Paint Adventures)
    @Nephele as Alice (Disney's Alice in Wonderland)
    @The Gil as Grant Ward (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
    @LadySquee as Prince Simba (The Lion King)
    @Yonrochi as Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)
    @.CandidFox. as Red (Everafter)
    @Raven as Raven A. Roth (Teen Titans)
    @T•Cαяηινσяσυѕ•O as Juuzou Suzuya (Tokyo Ghoul)

    @HollowBird as Ib (Self-titled series)
    @Frostbite as Ara Haan (Elsword)
    @Lunar-Eclipse as Kanaya Maryam (Homestuck)
    @Powerless_ as Feferi Peixes (MS Paint Adventures)
    @FoolHardyRhyme as Gabriel (Supernatural)
    @Ryu Keiko as T-Dog (The Walking Dead)
    @Hiroshi as Sonozaki Shion (Higurashi)
    @SirDerpingtonIV as The RED Spy (Team Fortress 2)

    Welcome to Silent Hill.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter One
    MAIN GAME - Murder Game III: Welcome to Silent Hill

    Chapter Two
    MAIN GAME - Murder Game III: Welcome to Silent Hill

    Chapter Three
    MAIN GAME - Murder Game III: Welcome to Silent Hill

    Chapter Four
    MAIN GAME - Murder Game III: Welcome to Silent Hill

    Chapter Five
    MAIN GAME - Murder Game III: Welcome to Silent Hill

    Chapter Six
    MAIN GAME - Murder Game III: Welcome to Silent Hill

    Chapter Seven
    MAIN GAME - Murder Game III: Welcome to Silent Hill

    Final Chapter
    MAIN GAME - Murder Game III: Welcome to Silent Hill

    MAIN GAME - Murder Game III: Welcome to Silent Hill
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  2. "Shut up. I don't believe you."

    "I'm tellin' ya, it's true. It was on TV every mornin'."

    Ellie frowned with a smile, her fingers around the straps of her backpack as she walked watched Joel tie his shoes. "Seriously? And people watched it?"

    "Millions. They even made a couple movies 'bout it."

    The fourteen year old girl shook her head in disbelief. "A British dude in a suit that travels through time in a blue fucking box. God... Your world was kinda fucked up, Joel."

    Joel gave a little chuckle. "Well I suppose things are quite a bit simpler now, ain't they?"

    A silence followed. Not the kind of silence that's sudden and awkward, this one was actually soothing. The two had time to make final preparations before leaving. Stocking up on ammo, clothes, food and other supplies, they continued to be silent.

    Five minutes passed before Ellie spoke up again. "So what is this Silent Hill place anyway? Sounds pretty creepy, why are we going?"

    Joel sighed and reached into his pocket, handing over a small note to Ellie. She took her time to read it and handed it back to Joel after a little bit. "Jeez. Doesn't make it sound any less creepy. Who could be waiting for you?"

    "I dunno, kiddo. Let's go find out."


    "Joel! JOEL! Wake the fuck up!" Ellie gave a quick kick to the unconscious Joel's side. He groaned and rolled to his back. Opening his eyes slowly, the man lifted his head and looked around.

    "I swear I just saw someone Joel, I swear to God it was this creepy little girl, and I think I even heard her whisper something to me! She was like 'Ellieeeee... Ellllllliiieeeeeee...'. It was so fuc-"

    "Sh." Joel interrupted her while getting up and looking around. "We ain't the only ones here, Ellie. There's an entire damn town and their mothers with us."

    Though the two of them both had millions of questions, they decided to check out the map of the area, and the possible locations for them to explore.

    "Looks like this 'ere is Silent Hill. We made it."

    "Yeah... Whoop dee fucking doo... But where's our guns? And our backpacks?"

    "Shh..." Joel shushed her again, staring at the map. "There's only one thing we can do now. Let's go check out that cabin over there." He pointed at the small house between the trees.

    Ellie shivered. "Fuck... This is gonna suck." She complained while hurrying after Joel, who was already making his way into the forest.

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  3. [Note: To all of you who aren't familiar with Murder: The Ties That Bind, Elsa was killed because of The Crossed virus Ellie injected into her. A clone of her was resurrected, which is this Elsa. She still has all the memories of her life as the real Elsa, and can even remember when she died before. Just so any new members aren't confused by anything I write here.]

    [ooc: @Cres Tagging ya, because ya know, to keep track of your waifu and all. ;) ]

    Queen Elsa of Arendelle


    Elsa's Prologue: Part 1 - The Past Four Years

    In the great Library of Arendelle, Elsa could recall having read a special book when she was younger. It full of wise sayings her parents liked to remind her of. She had read the book more times than she could count and had it nearly memorized. She often applied these quotes to situations in her life, and presently—four years after an event that had changed her life—a quote very pertinent came to mind.

    Time is like a rapid flowing river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that passed will never pass again.

    Elsa couldn’t believe it. Four years had passed since her journey out of Arendelle into the demented world she had ended up in by mistake. She had been attacked by horrid creatures called the crossed, met other survivors like herself, fell in love, ended up aiding in the death of her own sister, and even dying herself. All of those events had changed her life, and yet even after they ended so much more happened…

    When Elsa returned to Arendelle with Solaire, she immediately attended to a funeral for her sister and wrapped up some other matters that needed to be accomplished on the side. Telling Arendelle and Kristoph that their beloved Princess Anna was dead had to have been one of the worst things Elsa had ever suffered through in her life. (Well, besides being injected with the crossed virus and dying, of course.)

    But, thankfully, things were easier with Solaire at her side. When she wasn’t tending to her people she spent all her free time with him, showing him around the kingdom—even adventuring out of the kingdom on trips occasionally, talking for periods of time to learn more about him and where he was from, or even just sitting around doing nothing together. Sometimes they even practiced sparring with him. He was warm, jolly, and definitely the kind of cheerful ray of sunlight she needed to help her get over her sister’s death. Elsa grew to love him dearly.

    Things seemed to settle down for a time and Elsa’s life revolved around Solaire and Arendelle for most of the time being. Things even seemed to improve after a couple years. The kingdom was prospering. Hope even began returning to the people because of Elsa’s happiness. Eventually, she married her knight and the two were even expecting a child. The couple was happy about it, especially Solaire who talked about their baby,—which was to be a boy—with excitement every chance he could get. He was finally getting the son he always wanted. (*shot* XD)

    But, It’s funny how fleeting happiness can be. Once minute all can be right with the world, and the next minute not so much…

    It all started with explosions one night.

    Arendelle was suddenly attacked by a neighboring kingdom with a new weapon just like the guns Elsa had seen in the alternate universe where she had fought the crossed. Except this gun was a cannon. It was deadly, destructive, and they had hundreds of them. Apparently, word of Arendelle’s prosper had gotten around and they wanted money. A LOT of money. More than Arendelle had, in fact, so there was no way to stop the attacks other than to go to war.

    So they went to war, and it wasn’t pretty.

    For the next year, Arendelle struggled to fight off the forces of the neighboring kingdom as best they could. They lost many brave men who went to fight. Solaire even went into battle, insisting she stay behind because of being pregnant. She did what she could on the sidelines, of course, but still couldn’t stop herself from becoming so stressed she could barely breath every time Solaire left her to charge into danger. If she lost him… Elsa didn’t know what she would do…

    After the year had ended, both kingdoms were ravaged so bad and had lost so many men that they agreed to a peace treaty. The treaty came into effect instantly, but there was still much to be done. Arendelle was falling to ruin. And Elsa wasn’t really doing so well herself.

    She ended up going into labor a little earlier than normal because of all the stress she had been under. That wasn’t really the worst of their problems though. When she gave birth, the baby was stillborn, strangled to death inside her womb by his own cord. There was nothing they could do.
    Elsa was devastated over it. Solaire tried to be strong about it, but she knew it hurt him just as much, if not more. For that reason, it pained Elsa even more. She felt responsible for the death of her son. If she hadn’t been so wrapped up in the war, maybe something could have been done to save him before he was strangled to death inside her. She had let the baby down. She had let Solaire down. She had let her whole kingdom down.

    The queen became quiet and depressed, shutting herself away like she used to when she was a child. Solaire was able to get close to her on occasion, but at times she would even push him away, feeling too guilty to look at him. Why her? Why did this have to happen to her? She had already lost her sister. Why did she have to lose the baby she was going to have with the man she loved too? Why did life always do this to her? First it was her sad childhood, the loss of her parents, torture, her sister’s death, and now the death of her baby. She had no idea how she was going to make it, and yet, somehow she trudged on.

    A few months passed, marking the four year anniversary of when the events with the crossed had went down. Things were… slowly improving. Arendelle was currently like a injured dog licking its wounds and trying to lay low to recover. Elsa and Solaire grieved for the loss of their baby and tried to stay strong. Though the pain of loss would linger, at least they still had each other.

    And yet, Elsa felt unsettled. She stood in front of window inside her castle, gripping a note that had arrived just that morning. It was the strangest note she had ever read in her life.

    Hey Elsie~ I just wanted to let you know that everything is going great. Thanks for sending your son to come visit me! He’s so cute and getting bigger every day. I can’t wait to see you and hope that you have a safe trip here! -Anna

    Elsa’s stomach turned uncomfortably. It was some sick joke, it had to be. Anna was long dead and so was her baby. But something bothered her… nobody called her Elsie except for Anna. Heck, nobody even knew Anna called Elsa that. It was always a nickname Anna had given her in private when not another living soul was around. What was going on?

    To make matters worse, there was a location specified in the note that made her even more uncomfortable. She had never heard of it, and yet, something about it bothered her.

    Silent Hill.

    God, all this stress was really getting to her. Elsa felt sick to her stomach because of it. Or, at least, Elsa hoped she was sick to her stomach and it wasn’t some new mourning sickness kicking in. She shivered at the thought. The queen was most certainly not ready to be pregnant again. If she was pregnant again and failed to protect a second baby she was sure that she’d mentally lose it.
    But despite the stress, Elsa knew what she had to do. Whether this note was a prank or not, she wanted to know who had sent it, why, and how they knew that nickname Anna had used to call Elsa when they were kids.

    Elsa stepped back from the window and went off to look for Solaire and show him the note. The two of them would surely get to the bottom of this even if it meant going to this “Silent Hill” place themselves.

    Elsa's Prologue: Part 2 - Arrival to Silent Hill

    It was unnaturally quiet as Elsa finally arrived in Silent Hill. That wasn't the only thing unnatural either. Her body felt heavier than normal, and she felt... cold. The ice queen shivered, probably the first time she ever had from the cold in her entire life. This meant one thing: her powers didn't work here. It was unsettling knowing she wouldn't have her magic to fall back on in case she needed to protect herself, but thankfully she was a bit more versed in combat because of some training she had taken up with her husband not too long ago.

    "So, this is what it feels like to suffer from cold. It's so strange. I've never felt this way before," she told Solaire. The fact that she was indeed cold made Elsa much more grateful that she didn't come dressed in her regular attire. No, she wasn't wearing her thin, non-threatening queen's gown like usual. Elsa had learned her lesson. It easily tore, caught on things as she walked, and was an easy advantage for an enemy to use if they wanted to grab her fabric and use it against her. So this time around Elsa was wearing armor. The two of them had brought weapons too, but they had mysteriously vanished... She would have to make due with the resources around for the time being.

    They traveled along, hearing strange sounds and seeing strange things in the mist until eventually arriving in front of the wooden directory billboard. Elsa looked at it, feeling her stomach turn uncomfortably once more. She was still feeling sick. Maybe it would be best to run off to the restroom quickly, but she wasn't sure. She continued looking at the sign for a moment, thinking over the options.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Kiritsugu stood at the fore of the freeway, mere metres from the small shack. Trench Coat billowing in the wind, the cloth licking at the fog that surrounded him. A small, ember light could be seen glowing softly through the cool, muggy air, the butt of a cigarette, tipped downwards from his mouth.

    "I guess I should have quit this habit by now..."

    With that, he dropped the cigarette to the floor and idly stepped on it with his heel, extinguishing the burning paper easily, leaving no more glow and no trail of slight smoke from the used tobacco. He raised his head skyward, hands placed in the pockets of the trench coat, eyes cast towards the grey skies above. He was tall for a man of Asian descent, standing at 5'10 and of an average shape, however that belied the musculature beneath, he was very strong, a result of a decade of working in the way he did. His chin bore more stubble than what he had previous to the 4th Holy Grail War, and a few slight scars that patterned his body were also mementos of that same conflict.

    He had felt his magic ebb away already, not that it truly mattered here anymore, without the use of Saber's Avalon, he was unable to perform his only truly useful magecraft anyway, as it was, he would still be able to detect the use of mana and prana, but as past experience of what had happened during the War showed him, that would be of little use here either. He recognised the situation. Las Vegas and beyond all over again...if it's for Iri and Ilya, I'll do it. I'll bring them back to Shirou, and we can live together, like times past.

    The dull drop of steps on concrete draw his attention away from his thoughts, turning his head to the side and looking behind only with his eyes, he saw the remainder of the group. His face gave nothing away, and his voice was neutral as he spoke softly.

    "Yes. Definitely Las Vegas all over again."
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  5. Claire - Intro

    The growl of the motorcycle echoed far throughout the countryside. Lone, desolate, and devoid of life; Claire felt like she had traveled to some strange untouched piece of the world. A feeling in her gut told her it was all wrong, and she'd intended to stop to gather her bearings as soon as she could. However, as no stop presented itself on this lonely stretch of road, Claire continued as best she could.

    It helped that she was at the helm of a trusty Harley Davidson. An FX Shovlehead, probably from around 1978, she believed. She absolutely loved the stunning red color on the tank. She felt at ease on the bike, her connection to it harkening back to the days when she and Chris were younger. Not everything her brother tried to get her into stuck (There was that awful plane phase he had gone through-- Though Claire supposed she couldn't call it a phase when he went ahead and made a career out of it), but she'd taken a strong liking to the feeling of being on a motorcycle. It was a like a symbiotic relationship of man and machine-- Er, woman and machine.

    This particular motorcycle was a bit different from her old one; She'd had to abandon the poor thing back in Raccoon City. No doubt it had been destroyed along with the city. She'd mourned its loss largely because it had been the bike Chris had bought for her. Not only had she suffered the loss of her one and only brother-- The man who had practically raised her after their parents died-- but she had also been forced to sever the one tie she'd had with him. This new bike was a beauty and all, but it would never have that same significance.

    On the outskirts of Silent Hill, Claire had found herself amidst a heavy fog, causing her to feel slightly less at ease with her choice of vehicle. Motorcycles were her passion, but not so great in awful weather like this. All thoughts of stopping fled from her mind as Claire became desperate to reach her destination. Thankfully, the fog broke before she could crash and kill herself. Just beyond this point laid Silent Hill, looking about as unwelcoming as the surrounding countryside.

    Stopping next to what appeared to be a bed and breakfast, the motorcycle's growls turned to a low rumble. I'm finally here, Claire thought to herself as she removed her helmet and stepped off the bike. She shut the motorcycle off and found herself drenched in complete silence.

    "Fitting name," she mumbled. Silent Hill was not a name she'd ever heard before. Judging by her welcome, it seemed no one else had heard of it either. Now that she was here, she didn't have much idea what she was actually supposed to be doing. Her brother's messages had only vaguely indicated where she should go, not what she should do once she got there.

    She began to move toward the building, but a strange fuzzy feeling at the back of her head stopped her in her tracks. Claire brought one hand to her face and found her legs starting to give out. Alarmed, she cried out and tried to run into the bed and breakfast, but she found that her body couldn't move at all. Despite every alarm bell inside her body going off, Claire found herself drifting toward the ground and soon falling fast asleep...


    She awoke in a daze, her body instantly yelling at her about how sore it was. She groaned and moved to sit up, hoping she hadn't ended up tied up by some maniac. Thankfully, her limbs were free to move, but once Claire's hands drifted across the coarse pavement, she realized she'd been sleeping in a parking lot of all places. She found her focus then and quickly got to her feet, shaken to find that she was far-- Very far-- from alone. Countless people crowded around her. Some were even walking in from the free way. Disturbed, Claire grabbed for her gun, but let out a shaky breath once she found it was missing. She was defenseless amidst a sea of unfamiliar strangers. "Oh god," she whispered.
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  6. Morgan walked down through the empty streets. His black mask on his face with a hood on, with a brown coat and black cargo pants. He had a lantern in his left hand. The lights flickered through the street and he was shocked.He stopped in his tracks and had a weird suspicion. A fog came from hte distance of the large road. He moved arms around to try to see further through the smoke. His eyes narrowed as he thought he saw a small building. He stopped in his tracks, he was... confused or shocked, he couldn't tell. He kept walking, looking at abandound cars and cars crashed and flipped over. He lifted his mask from his face, trying to get a better look. He kept pushing his arms through the fog until he got to the parking lot. Surprisingly the fog started to... blur away or vanish. Morgan bit his bottom lip. He wasn't sure about this place. He couldn't remember how he got here. Still depressed of his son and wife's death. He walked to an old gas station. He moved his head in a surprising look. His mouth slightly open. He hadn't seen a building anywhere on the road yet, and had a strange and bad feeling about this place. He walked up the door giving three small knocks. He was about to walk in but stopped himself. He had a bad feeling about this place.
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  7. Sebastian Castellanos.jpg

    Detective Sebastian Castellanos had driven himself to Silent Hill in search of his wife, Myra, who passed away several years ago. He worked her case in hopes of finding her, but he never did. Now, upon receiving a letter in her hand-writing, he heads off towards Silent Hill. Somewhere along the way though he lost his path. At one moment he was driving along in his car, the next he found himself starring down towards Silent Hill. "What the hell." he thought to himself and quickly searched for his belongings.

    The trench coat his wife had given him was gone and so was his trusty revolver. The only things he had on him was: a flashlight, cuffs, journal, pencil, and his flask. Shaking the flask, Sebastian took a sip from it in hopes of calming his nerves down a bit. Things didn't go that smoothly though because he saw several others appearing before him from the fog. They all seemed foreign in some way and not from around here, just like he was. Sebastian ignored them for the moment for he saw a sign and read it, indicating that he had indeed reached Silent Hill.

    "Oh Myra, I will find you..." He said to himself and then turned towards the rest of the people. Holding up his badge, Sebastian spoke to all of them. "I'm detective Sebastian Castellanos, is there anyone here who knows what the hell is going on?"
  8. You could hear an assortment of wildlife echo throughout the vast expanse of Silent Hill's Forest. A few birds here and there, a lone deer trotting aimlessly into the fog, and... strange ambient noise. It sounded like static: A warped, screeching noise, as if a liquid, shuddering gear was trying to be pulled off a wall. It was coming from [The Cabin]. Weird. Very weird. Do you still consider entering the Cabin?

    A bright red aura illuminated brightly within...

    It pulsated softly.
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  9. Ellie had kept careful eyes around them all the way up to the cabin. She wouldn't admit to herself she was afraid, but she didn't like the situation at all. Joel however was leading the way, walking a couple steps ahead of Ellie. He examined the cabin from a short distance.

    "... WOAH! Did you see that? There's a fucking light! A moving light! I'm not going in there, fuck that!"

    "Ellie..." Joel kept his eyes fixed on the cabin, and the mysterious light coming from within.

    "No way! Creepy forest and creepy cabins and creepy sounds and cr-"

    "Ellie! We're goin' in there. We'll be fine." He assured her while stepping to the door and opening it to look inside.

    Ellie groaned and followed, keeping a safe distance. "... So? Is it safe...?"
  10. Flashback

    It had been a normal day in the city of Macon, Georgia, The birds were chirping, the sky was a beautiful blue and Lee Everett and his younger brother Calvin were sitting in Lee's beat-up Ford pick-up. Cal had always joked saying that only white guys drove trucks and Lee was just some Oreo. That particular day, was somber though. Neither man said anything as Lee drove silently down a deserted dirt road a little outside of town. The road became bumpy, but that didn't stop the brothers.

    The truck eventually came to a stop and both men got out. What stood before them was a lone wooden cross and the unsettled earth that was a trademark of a freshly dug grave. At the base of the cross was a picture of a little girl, maybe 6 or 7 at the very latest. Cal made his over to the grave and fell to his knees, weeping silently. Lee walked over and sat down next to his brother, putting a comforting arm around his shoulder. "It wasn't your fault Cal." He said looking his brother in the eyes. Cal remained silent. "Sometimes, things happen and there is not a damn thing we can do to stop it. I just want to let you know, if you ever want anyone to talk to, I'll be there." Lee said with a small smile.


    That was the last Lee had seen from Cal right before he put a gun to his mouth and pulled the trigger. The ordeal shook Lee, this was his brother, the same guy he had ran and played and wrestled with all the time when they were children. Lee gave a somber look as he slowly walked across the overpass, the fog blinding.He eventually stopped at the sign and studied it with ease, after all, he was once a college professor at Georgia. He was about to make a move for the forest when he heard foot falls behind him. He turned and saw a huge mass of strangers staring back at him.

    "Um, Hello" He said to the strangers.
  11. The Spy watched, seeing others he recognized. This was Las Vegas all over again, he thought to himself. Reflexively, he reached into his holster for his revolver, his eyes darting around for any of the Crossed. However, he found none of them. Confused, he examined himself, realizing he had lost all of his gear. He sighed to himself, muttering a few curse words, as he gave up the effort, examining his surroundings, noting the cemetary, forest, and rest room. He breathed in, tasting the musky air. He could almost.... taste the fog on the wind, that suffocating fog, blocking all vision, and all hope.

    The invitation was fresh on his mind, and he wondered whatever made him accept, and come to this empty, dreadful town. He could almost feel something alike to the town itself, trying to grab him with it's dark claws, and hold him here forever, until the sun died and the world ended. He knew, that he had not come here of hope, to see his fallen friend again, like the invitation had teased him with. He had come, to find who ever had sent the invitation, and kill them, for messing with him like that. Whoever they were, they knew about him. Too much. He had packed up all of his killing... utensils, and began his journey to this "Silent Hill".

    Now that he had arrived, he couldn't remember what exactly had elapsed since he actually arrived. But ,he was missing all of his supplies and weapons, everything he needed here. He hoped the town had some sort of food, somewhere inside, but this was unlikely, judging by the ruined state he had seen so far. The Crossed Event must have destroyed this place. He knelt down, examining the strange tracks leading to the restroom. They certainly didn't look human, and inhuman was the last thing he needed right now. He sighed to himself, and got up, walking amongst the crowd, looking for Solaire. If he recognized so many people here, Solaire must be here too. He knew that the one thing he certainly needed right now, was his sun-powered, ever jolly friend.
  12. [​IMG]
    York sighed gently to himself as he reached into his pocket "Should have known, Zack..."
    He buries a hand into his other pocket and takes out a small box of cigarettes, pulling one, an already singed tip, from the box and placing it in his mouth, he lights it up and takes a drag, knocking the ash free before re-inserting it into the box "A trap"

    Taking a look around he notes a large group of people, shaking his head he mutters "I'm sure this group of ragtag misfits were also dragged here by some means..." he looks down and sighs "I need a coffee..." he groans to himself, his cravings kicking in, he didn't feel anything...supernatural was involved however, he...couldn't feel anything supernatural since he entered the fog... "I don't like this one bit, Zack"
  13. //ooc: @Cres Just tagging you one more time so you know where I run off to. Tag me back later and I'll find it.

    Elsa rubbed the back of her head, still studying the sign. She frowned after a moment, not pleased that there wasn't more on there. She wanted more directions, and some clue as to where she could find "Anna," or the person claiming to be her, at least. She stepped back from the sign, glancing between it and Solaire. "I'm gonna run to the restroom; I'll be right back."

    She stepped back and headed toward the direction of the sign, moving so quick she didn't pay much attention to where she was going. She brushed someone who had been smoking a cigarette, slowly stopping when she realized. "Sorry," she mumbled, almost not looking back at him and continuing to walk. But for some reason, she was driven to look back. Her eyes looked at the man in surprise. "Hey, I know you. We've met before, haven't we?" she asked him.

    @Reaper Jack
  14. At first no one responded to Sebastian's call for answers, but then he noticed a well dressed man smoking a cigarette. Sebastian knew a cop when he saw one and was glad that he wasn't alone. "Detective Sebastian Castellanos." Sebastian said as he raised his badge to the man. "It's good to see someone else from law enforcement here. If I had to say anything this place reeks about as bad as my last several cases." He added and then had a brief flashback to his days at the hospital.
  15. The Cabin was large. It contained an upper-floor, an elegant wooden staircase, and six bedrooms—three at the bottom, three on top. A deer head hung lifelessly like a trophy, it's beady black eyes looking at Ellie and Joel. The Cabin was dark. Too dark. The only source of light radiating outside, however, you COULD see a small [green flashlight] on the kitchen counter. It was barely visible, but hey, it was something, right? Do you pick it up? Y/N?

    Ugh... what's worse is that same damned noise regurgitated itself over and over again: It lead into a narrow hallway, to the right, into the Cabin's bathroom. You could hear a soft cry, possibly a woman, directed at the hallway. Are you 100% positive you REALLY want to head into the restroom? Y/N?
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  16. Ellie refused to take a single step into the room. There were situations with flesh-eating dead people she could handle, but this one was too creepy.

    "Nope. I'm staying outside." She said, and so she did. Turning her back to the door, she kept watch over the general area, looking to see if anyone approached.

    "Aight... I won't be long." Joel said while kneeling down to pick up the flashlight. "This'll come in handy for sure..." He mumbled to himself, flipping it on and shining a light into the darkness.
    Then suddenly, he heard soft cries of a woman nearby. Being as silent as he could, he carefully started walking toward where the cries were coming from.
    "Hello...? Who's there? I can help you, just calm down and tell me where you are."

    He kept tracing the sounds all the way to the bathroom and opened the door.

    // I promised myself I wouldn't do this...

    Meanwhile, Ellie stayed outside, sitting down against the wall of the cabin with a sigh.
    She thought about all the people that were with them when they woke up.
    She recognized none of them.
  17. Kiritsugu's coat flicked out to brush against a woman as she hurried past, his eyes followed her movement as she slowed, seemingly hesitant, the bright whites and blues she wore drawing his perception to her, even though they did not glint, as they would have done in sunlight. He didn't catch her mumbling, but his attention did not leave her, she began to walk away, then stopped again, turning about to gaze at his solemn features and speaking to him in a surprised tone.

    It was her, one of the first to be killed before, but brought back through some unspeakable means. No matter, Kiritsugu did not care for the minor details of it all, simply choosing to respond in his usual, neutral, but somehow quietly authoritative tone.

    "We have. I am Kiritsugu Emiya, as you know, Elsa. That we know each other means we are both the same individuals who experienced the Crossed incident, or so I would assume. We have some tough times ahead of us again I believe."
  18. "Eh? .... Some of these people look familiar."

    Rin okumura looked around. Seeing familiar faces, Maybe-so faces, and faces he doesn't know. He aimlessly walked around, not having the merger to walk up to anyone. His head hurt, he felt angry, sad, happy all the same time........ He kept going up to people, yet opening his mouth to say something but quickly closing his mouth and walking away.

    He cocked his head, thinking hard about this place.. "Silent.... Hill......?" He said slowly, remembering Yukio. He remembered clearly, Yukio was around here, waiting. Waiting for rin. But this place felt odd........ Even though he thought he could protect himself perfectly fine he needed A partner. He was a social guy too.

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  19. York looks up to see a man, dressed in a rather 'Police style' attire "Detective Francis York Morgan, but you can call me York" he says, showing his own badge and smiling a little "It's good to see I'm not the only one here to investigate this 'Silent Hill' place...unless you're not here to try and figure it out?"

    He looked over at the others, he could see a man in a suit of armour, a few people in outfits that didn't look modern at all, he wasn't sure if they were on their way to a party, or a battle, it looked like it could be either way
    "Something tells me they're not here to try and figure out this place's secrets"
  20. "Kali, Kali, Kali... what am I doing here?" Gabriel the Arc Angel murmured to himself as he glanced around the new surroundings and shifted a little uncomfortably. He'd seen a lot of strange places in his life, and I mean a lot, but this one took the cake. He felt odd. There was a strange pressure in the air, and it hung heavily in his chest. He reached inside his jacket to grasp the handle of his angel blade, just to feel safe. It wasn't there. He pulled his jacket open and stared at the empty space in disbelief before giving a small shrug. He didn't want to be here anymore, and he didn't have to. He snapped his fingers, expecting to vanish, and reapear in a much nicer place, but nothing happened. He frowned as he touched his throat, where his grace lay. He relized in that blood curdling moment, he was mortal here.
    Looking around quickly, he searched for another person now. "Gotta find a patsy..." He wasn't going to go this alone. He could fight sure, but without a weapon, or his powers he was as good as mincemeat. He searched his pockets one last time, and pulled out a small lolipop, the one time he wasn't happy to see it. He unwrapped it and popped it in his mouth as he began walking.
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