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MAIN GAME Murder Game II: The Watchful Eyes

Discussion in 'STORY ARCHIVES' started by SuperChocoMilk, Sep 6, 2014.

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    "Little Green Bag"

    The Colossi began to position themselves around Gotham, destroying the bridges and then standing around the city, guards against the world. Valus on one corner, Gaius on another, Barba on the other side, and finally, Argus stood on the end. They surrounded the town, just waiting for someone to dare come and rest them. Just to see what would happen.

    "Looking back, on the track, for a little green bag..."

    Avion flew ahead, searching for any sign of danger, now putting his eye on a masked figure with a black cape. The giant bird began pursuit.

    "Gotta find, just the kind, for losing my mind!"


    The figure did a quick dodge as Avion swooped down and nearly destroyed him with its beak, instead gripping onto a building.

    "Outta sight, in the night, outta sight in the day..."

    Batman was then stopped, as Avion flew above him, a fist flew into his face. "Hello, Batman." Bane stepped over him, grabbing him by the neck. He had been following him.

    "Looking back, on the track, gonna do it my way!"

    Avion flew away, now looking upon the other eleven colossi heading away from Gotham, causing more and more destruction.

    "Outta sight, in the night, outta sight in the day..."

    Cenobia jumped on to a cop, ripping a piece of flesh out from him, then spitting it out onto the pavement.

    "Looking back, on the track, gonna do it my way!"

    "Look back!"

    Bane's troops ran through Gotham city, shooting down police officers, as you begin to run away. You're pretty fucked, man.

    "Looking for some happiness but there is only loneliness to find..."

    That's when one of Batman's previous tanks come piling down the street, blasting Little Green Bag from the speakers, and a missile comes flying from its cannon. You're nearly destroyed by the explosion when suddenly you feel yourself getting pulled off to the side.

    "Jump to the left, turn to the right!"

    You look at your savior, seeing a man with a mustache and glasses. "Commissioner Jim Gordon, bud. You nearly got yourself blown to bits, good thing I saved you."


    Another one of Batman's tanks come rolling down the street, and you and the good Commissioner run into a nearby building, which appears to be the town hall. You look outside to see the group of men beginning to shoot at you, as groups of the fuckers begin blasting missiles towards you. Yep, you're pretty fucked.

    "Lookin' upstairs, lookin' behind!"
  2. Katarina

    As her dagger pierced the flesh of the shivering sack of meat in front of her, Katarina grinned.
    Demacia had some brave warriors, but most of them were the same as the one before her... and all the dead ones behind her.
    When she pulled the blade out of the soldier's neck, blood came oozing out and the poor man fell lifelessly to his knees.
    With a quick push of her foot against the corpse's chest, it hit the ground just after Katarina took a step away from it.

    "Too easy..."

    Not a heartbeat later did she see an unnaturally bright reflection in the armor of one of her victims... it was approaching.
    Katarina vanished, only to reappear again once the huge ball of light had passed her and exploded (E!).
    She quickly turned and drew two daggers from the belt around her thigh, throwing them at the blonde Demacian witch.
    Lux threw out her wand which shone brightly, making Katarina's daggers disappear before it came back to the girl like a boomerang (W!).


    "The Lady of Luminosity..." Katarina grinned with a mocking tone.

    "Always a pleasure." Luxanna gave a bow.

    "I suggest you run..."

    No more words needed to be wasted on this girl.
    Katarina wouldn't take this from a Demacian Crownguard.
    She started running toward the blonde with big leaps, pulling two daggers again.
    Suddenly, she stood completely still, unable to take another step.
    Ropes made of pure light were wrapped around her ankles (Q!).
    She could do nothing but watch as Lux started floating in the air and curling up into a ball.
    After a second, the girl screamed and threw her arms and legs wide open as a huge beam of light shot toward Katarina (R!).


    Kat realized the mistake she had made rushing at this witch, just as she was blinded by the light.
    And then she opened her eyes in Gotham.

    As soon as the light in her eyes faded away, she was pulled up by Jim.
    She was guided into the town hall with the others, still confused as to what happened.
    Someone was going to die for this.


    Raven Darkholme had been living in Gotham for a year now.
    She had gotten to know the city well enough to get around, but still hadn't made any real friends.
    How could she?
    All these people would hate her and be afraid of her, if they knew what she was.
    A mutant. Disguising herself as one of the humans.

    She could get used to this body, not only because she had to, but she liked it.
    The size, the shape, the hair... it all just felt comfortable.


    Gotham wasn't a very friendly city.
    It was known for its crime and of course also for the Batman.
    Although Raven had never seen, let alone spoken to the notorious 'hero', she believed in the stories anyway.
    Especially now that insane bald guy with the mask had blown a couple things up...
    She watched it all, as Bane shot the brave young man and summoned the Colossi.

    And now she was walking along with his troops.
    The only way she truly felt safe in this situation, was to disguise herself as one of them.
    Raven, also known as Mystique, would only have to wait for the right time to escape, it should be easy.

    Not long after, she saw a man with a mustache leading people in the town hall.
    Being careful not to be noticed by the others, she made her way there as well.
    She stopped in an alley first, changing back into her normal original human form, and then stepped into the building.
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  3. [​IMG]

    "Why do you even bother we are all going to die." She said with despair and Depressed. She looked around "Just fall into despair" she said still having her Mushrooms on her head. "You sound just all fall of despair and die.... Die from despair is the best way to die" Despair looked at all the humans from where she sat on the roof. not like she was going to jump anytime soon. "Humans Are stupid they should have died.... My plan almost worked you all could have been happy in heaven or hell.... even better in despair...." she looked at what was gong on then said shortly after

    "..... I want a cookie now"
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  4. *I walked around in Mission Control. In the middle of the room, there was a large holographic globe, which showed any sign of extraterrestrial sightings for us, XCOM, to check. I scanned many of the communications operators monitors, only to spot someone playing Civilization 5 on their computer. I let him off with a warning, these computers were not meant to be used for gaming. They are used for gathering intelligence for our ground troops during missions. While I was walking around, my earpiece crackled, and a voice could be heard. "This is Big Sky, we have reached the drop point. Waiting for permission to deploy." I knew that voice, that was Big Sky. He was our pilot who picks up, and drops off our XCOM soldiers. I tapped the side of my headset, and said, "Roger that Big Sky, you have permission to deploy. Approach the crash sight of the UFO with extreme caution." I replied. It was just another say at the facility...*

    *Hours passed by, and we have yet to get a response from Strike-1. Strike-1 is our highest ranked squad, if only we had more of these guys...then we would have finished this war with the aliens by now. I continued to walk around in Mission Control, when all of a sudden I felt a small tremor. At first, I thought it was normal. After all, the XCOM facility is underground, so we are bound to have a few tremors eventually. That is, until I felt another one, but this time it was a bit larger. I approached the hologlobe, it seemed to be going off the fritz. "What the hell?" I said. I the heard a voice to my left, "Sir! We have multiple breaches in security, repeat, we have multiple breaches in security! Our sensors have been tripped!" It felt as though the entire facility was shaking... I could hear multiple explosions coming from both the hanger, and engineering. This can't be good. I tapped my headset once more, and said, "This is Central, security status red, repeat, security satu-" My sentence was cut short by someone hitting me on the back with what seemed to be a fire extinguisher. I fell to the ground, only to roll onto my back, and block another incoming blow from the man. I used every once of my strength to push the fire extinguisher back at him. I then placed a foot on his chest, and kicked him away. I got up, and pulled out my pistol. I pistol whipped the man, and pressed the gun barrel on the side of his head.*


    "What have you done? ANSWER ME!" *I yelled. Who knows how many of these guys are in the XCOM facility right now... While I kept the gun pressed against the side of his head, the same voice from earlier could be heard, he said, "Sir, more of our senors have been tripped in Delta-42, we have a breach!" I looked over at him, and then to a dark hallway to my left. How could we have a breach? Who in the hell could it be? There is no possible way the aliens have found our base...unless...it's EXHALT. Before I could even aim my pistol at the dark hallway, a large blast of light hit me. My vision then went black...*

    *I awoke in what seemed to be an apartment complex, at least I think. I was then greeted by a man with a mustache and glasses. He called himself Commissioner Gordon... I had no idea who this guy was, but he seemed to know what was going on here. I followed him to a town hall, I had no idea what was going on here, or even where I was. Or even who in the hell these people are! I kept my head down, trying to dodge incoming fire from what seemed to be mercenaries of some kind.*
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  5. Gourry ran into the building with the man, glancing about to see if any more of those guys in funny outfits were about the place; they must have all been sorcerers or something; they all held black staff-things that spewed other things at him! He'd seen a few people go down to them; and it looked kinda rough; they were like, what was it Lina used all the time? Oh right fireballs; they were like fireballs only smaller and faster. Gourry didn't like that; he wasn't all for chivalry like Amelia was; but these guys were just playing plain dirty.

    Wait; where in the Hells was Lina? He tried to remember; causing him to generate a rather pained look on his face; no use. He thought that he was with her, but she wasn't here now...

    "Oh great now I'm gonna have to go find her again..."

    She was always doing this, running off without telling him first; he didn't mind really, this was Lina after all, but he hoped she cared enough to tell him if she was going to just disappear like that. Oh well; no use worrying about it; she could take care of herself; he'd just have to find a huge crater; chances are Lina had been there if there was a huge crater; Gourry sighed at the thought; she was so much damn trouble sometimes.

    Gourry stood there like that; with one hand on his right hip and the other placed up against his chin, his brows furrowed. He looked up.

    "Woah!" he exclaimed.

    There were several others in here with him; all crazily dressed and some crazily...undressed. Wait there were things here that weren't human too!? Gourry scratched his head; he really did not know what to make of any of it; but he decided that these strange creatures might be Mazoku; they looked weird enough; he had to be careful and not let his guard down.
  6. The only reason Deadpool was in Gotham was to meet Bruce Wane, and his trip went from boring to kickass in like ten seconds. "Holy crap dude this is so awesome, explosions and death!" a chunk of Deadpools abdomen ripped out, sending guts and blood everywhere behind him, as a rocket tore though him. "Now I just got this suit dry cleaned so I could meet Batman." He pulled out two Mac-10s, spraying into the group of guys. "I....JUST.....WANTED.....TO....BE....PRETTY!!!for the dark night, if you know what I mean..." he ran up the stairs his body healing but blood all over his waist. Deadpool jumped through a window to another building. Deadpool made his way through the building finding a way around to the ally, and looked at his side, "Well first day in Chicago and I almost get split in half. Glad I didn't go to see Superman." He laughed and ran down hoping to find an ally or a babe, a babe would be nice he thought maybe that Mississippi Queen Rouge man she could kiss. He shruged sticking to the back path avoiding the tanks and those giant stone freaks.
  7. aqua_avatar_by_rockinthisworld-d3duylq.jpg
    Master Aqua
    Lost Keyblade wielder

    Soft waves rolled in along the shore where the weary keyblade master sat. She could feel the gentle ocean breeze blow through her short blue hair and the rough grain of sand beneath her fingertips. The young woman could smell the salty ocean water before her with such strength that she could nearly taste it in her mouth. She had sat on these shores in the Realm of Darkness for so long that she felt as if she had always been there, and that this dark ocean was the only thing she had ever known or ever seen.

    But this place wasn't her only home. The young woman, Aqua, had a real home out there and friends she longed to return to. The only problem was, she didn't know how. She had been trapped there for days, months, and maybe even years. She never aged, slept, or ate. She was like a doll frozen in time on a shelf. Little did she know, however, that her time of being in a standstill was about to come to an end.

    She continued to watch the waves roll in, gasping in surprise when her master's keyblade appeared at her side. She picked it up and tilted her head as she examined it, wondering why it had come to her. Aqua was in no danger as far as she knew. Perhaps it had come to show her something?

    The woman stood. "What do you want me to do?" Aqua asked the weapon, eyes widening when a beam of light shot out from the tip of the keyblade. The light shot directly into the dark ocean, as if beckoning her to go forward and enter into the I ocean. Going into the dark ocean, however, normally meant certain death. But she trusted this weapon which had belonged to her beloved departed master. She knew it wouldn't guide her into danger for no reason.

    "All right, I'll go where you want," she said, walking toward the ocean before diving in with little to no hesitance.

    She swam after the beam of light, surprised when it lead to a portal of some kind. Was it freedom? A portal to lead her out of this dark realm once and for all? The young master certainly hoped so.

    Putting all her faith into her master and his weapon, she bravely swam into the portal.

    A flash of light blinded her eyes when she entered the portal. Within the moment it took her to blink, Aqua was suddenly no longer under the ocean in the realm of darkness. She found herself in the streets of some city she didn't recognize, and a bloody battle underway. A smile overtook her face despite the sight before her. She was free of her prison. Now she could finally go look for her friends as soon as she figured out how to leave this world. She couldn't sense the lanes between for some reason (her method of traveling between worlds) and knew she couldn't use them to travel anyhow because she didn't have her armor to protect her from the darkness. Deciding to go with the flow like she usually did, she followed the commissioner to the town hall, keeping a grip on her keyblade in case they were attacked.
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  8. Death the Kid

    It all started on a typical day for the self proclaimed perfect boy, Death the Kid. He had finished counting all the pieces of breakfast cereal in his bowel for the morning to make sure they were an even number. (And threw out the misshapen ones of corse) He ate his cereal, making sure that he put exactly eight pieces on his spoon each time he took a bite.

    After breakfast, he went to get dressed. He changed clothes five times until he made sure they were perfectly positioned on his body, but then had to change his clothes again because five was an uneven number. Afterwards, he combed his hair, nearly fainting once or twice when he pulled a hair or two from his head. Lastly, he strutted to the bedroom of his weapon partners for school, Liz and Patty, and knocked on their door seven times. When he raised his hand to knock for the eighth time, Liz swung the door open and found herself socked in the jaw by him, being knocked onto the floor.

    "Liz!" Kid cried. "Get up and close the door again. I need to knock on the door one more time to make it an even number."

    Liz cursed Kid out loudly and stood back up, irritated that her friend only cared about the fact he had not knocked on the door an even number of times and wasn't upset at all he had punched her in the face. Her sister, Patty, giggled in the background.

    Kid waved his hands and stepped back from the angry blonde. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]"I'm sorry-- I--"[/BCOLOR]

    "Yeah, you are sorry!" Liz cried, stomping up to Kid and gripping him by his shirt collar. "Time for school. I don't want to late on the first day of our senior year."

    "B-But Liz, I need to knock on the door one more time! I need symmetry! I knocked an uneven number of times! Something like this could ruin my life forever! I can't start my first day of school this way!"

    Ignoring him, Liz dragged Kid out the door of the manor in which they lived, a giggling Patty following behind them. By the time they were out of the manor and had begun to walk along the sidewalk, Kid had forgotten what he was throwing a fit about in the first place and moved onto the next thing on his mind. "Don't forget, Liz, Patty, that we have to be exactly eight minutes late. It's a nice even number, and I've decided that's what I want to do this year."

    Liz grunted. "I told you already, I'm not going to be late on our first day of school. If you want to be late, fine. Patty and I are going on ahead without you."

    He folded his arms. "Fine, be that way. I'll just stick to the symmetry all on my own then."

    He watched the sisters leave him and sighed as he began to walk along slowly. Eventually, however, as he walked along he noticed a strange glowing portal behind a building. "Odd," he said to himself. As a reaper, it was his job to investigate strange things, so he decided to do so. He had close to eight minutes to kill anyhow.

    The young man walked toward the portal, his gold eyes gazing into it for a moment, before he felt a powerful wind begin to suck in him inside it. "What the--" He cursed and tried to run from it, but the strange portal sucked him inside and he blacked out. When he awoke, he was in the middle of the street of some town he didn't recognize and some kind of battle was occurring.

    Kid cursed loudly. "Oh no! I'm--" he glanced at the sun in the sky to try and guess what time of day it was, and realized it was far past the time he should have been in class. Big tears welled up in his eyes. "Noooooooooo! My perfect attendance record... RUINED!" He sobbed and fell to his hands and knees. "I'm garbage. My life is over." The dark haired reaper ignored the chaos around him and the fact that he could have been killed by some of the ongoing fighting in this strange new location. His perfect attendance record was far more important!
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  9. Gourry saw a young woman enter the building with the moustachioed man behind him. She looked friendly enough...but then, so did Amelia...oh what the heck he needed to find out and see if this woman had seen Lina. He walked over to her and extended a hand; he spoke.

    "Hello miss; I'm Gourry; you uh...don't mind if I ask you a few questions do you? Because I have no idea what the hell is happening here."

    He was quite forthright; but then subtlety wasn't his strong point.
  10. "You can ask questions if you want, but I'm afraid you've picked the wrong one to ask questions," Aqua replied when a man spoke to her. "I have no clue as to what's going on myself. I came here seeking answers. My name is Aqua. It's nice to meet you Gourry," she said to him. "Do you come from this... land?" She wondered if she was the only outsider here at the moment, or if there were others around as well.

    @Reaper Jack
  11. Gourry blinked in rapid succession a few times, slightly confused.

    "Huh? Oh I'm not from here. It's ok if you don't know anything but; have a seen a young woman about? She's kinda short; has long ginger hair, has a really short fuse, dressed like a sorceress and has a chest like a washboard; seen her?"

    Gourry went through quite elaborate hand motions while describing Lina; using his hands to demonstrate her height, hair length and lack of assets. Boy if she caught him talking like this about her she'd kick his ass for sure; but she did have a flat chest; he didn't want to know if people had seen a Lina with actual cleavage; that wouldn't be Lina.
  12. // Doing a bit of a TL;DR :3 Both of my characters are available for the peoples who wantses to roleplayses

    After being dragged into the town hall, Katarina looked around and listened.
    She heard gunshots and chaos outside... was there a war going on?

    "And no one invited me..." she mumbled to herself.

    Kat looked around at the other people in the building with her.
    It would be best to remain unnoticed for now.
    She could see about maybe trusting some strong people here later.

    Meanwhile, Raven (or Mystique) had changed into her human form before entering the town hall.
    There were many more people than she expected here.
    Humans always made her feel awkward when they were around her, especially if there were a lot, like this.
    She decided to just concentrate on keeping her appearance 'normal', and not draw attention to herself.
  13. @Reaper Jack

    Aqua thought about Gourry's words for a moment before shaking her head. "I'm afraid I haven't seen anyone like that. I'm sorry. I hope you find who you're looking for." Aqua paused for a moment to think. Since he had asked her some questions, maybe she could offer him some as well. "Could I ask you some questions too? Have you seen a man with brown hair named Terra who has a weapon like mine?" She held up her keyblade to show him. "Or a boy with blond hair named Ventus who also has a weapon like this?" Aqua carried a sword shaped like a key, the one that used to belong to her master.
  14. "So you haven't seen her? And here I thought I described her perfectly."

    Gourry looked downcast but picked himself up again before answering the woman's questions. He gave her weapon a long, hard lookover as well; he couldn't remember seeing anything like that; but knowing him, he probably forgot. No even he wouldn't forget that weapon; it looked completely crazy; like a giant key; he wondered if she bludgeoned people over the head with it; He couldn't see how it was efficient at all.

    "I haven't seen anyone with a weapon that looked like that; by the way, how does it work? It looks so unusual..."
  15. The monitors flashed before him, bright and beckoning and much too loud to his sensitive and highly trained hearing. He'd speak to father about those, later. An alert in the city, and from the size of the blip on radar-- it was big. And possibly very angry. Damian grunted softly and pushed away from the monitors, tutting in reference to the insanity of the man he called his father for thinking he could handle this all on his own. Bane meant business, and whatever had taken to the skies above was not something that could be handled with the measly gadgets of a man in uniform. He'd need strategy, he'd need help, and Damian was willing to offer it.


    His foresight paid off, and within moments Damian was scaling the rooftops above the city in search of the man responsible. Or, he was-- until the buildings shook beneath him and the bridges fell. He looked toward the source, and what he had seen on the monitors were nothing to compare to the actual size and truth of what, exactly, that was.

    It would be a long, long week.
  16. "O-Oh no! You described her just fine. It's just that I've never met anyone like that before. I'm so sorry." She glanced away from her keyblade and made it disappear before looking back to the man. "But hey, you're welcome to stick with me if you want. I'm looking for my own friends too. This weapon I'm holding is called a keyblade. It's a rare weapon that chooses it's masters. It's a sword, but shaped like a key basically. But it can do more than just an average sword," she explained.

    @Reaper Jack
  17. More than just an average sword...? Gourry didn't see how at all; it was a key. Key: unlocks things or makes feels-inducing anime. Wait, what was he thinking? He had no idea.

    "What can it do? Sorry but; it just seems like it'd only be good for hitting people over the head with to me; it does have a blade; right?"

    Gourry stood there; a questioning but surprisingly innocent expression across his features.

    *It was another normal day for Leona as she was doing her morning training, smashing through trees with shield and pulling herself forward with he s un embedded sword that can luckily work at whatever time. She was minding her own business when all of a sudden Zilean come out of the blue surprising the poor girl with a few hand gestures. After the gestures are finished, Leona finds her self flying through a matrix numbers. Confused by all this she starts to swing at the numbers yelling and screaming for help. After a while it becomes tiring and she passes out. She is awoken to the man pulling her away and i ready for combat. She looks at around at the group confused on alt all the new faces, but it seems her time her will be kept long. She is prepared to accept this and walks around waiting to meet a new friend*
  19. Garland was in an alleyway when everything went down. He leaned against the wall, hoping for a nice person to come along, so he could cut their purse. But instead, Bane's grunts saw him when he was in the cold dark alleyway. They started shooting their SMGs at him. They hit him in the shoulder as he ducks in a doorway, and his wound bleeds badly.

    He fires back with his M1911 he got when he left the army, and nails some shots on them, and he flees. He leaves a nice blood trail for a bit, until he rips off a sleave of his shirt, and applies it to the wound with force from his other hand. He ducks into the building, and sees a group of people. he stops in his tracks, still showing his gun, which glints in the dusty light of the warehouse. But he doesn't seem to want to shoot any of you... yet. His wound starts to bleed though his bandage, but he ignores the pain.
  20. [​IMG]
    The bunny like digimon was playing with Terriermon, a species of digimon that looked extremely similar to himself. They were in a flower garden playing hide and seek; Lopmon has just found his friend in a bush and now it was his turn to find a hiding place. 'Where should I go?!' He silently asked himself, squealing as he noticed the other has started counting. Deciding it was best to run than to be found right behind him. Spotting a hedge a little ways away from their original spot, he quickly tried to squeeze himself inside. After some fits of struggle, he managed to get in it. But after just a millisecond in, a white light engulfed him from the deeper side of the bush.

    Closing his eyes while screaming and flailing was his go to tactic once this happened. Waiting a few minutes before reopening his eyes to see what has happened to him. Getting up to his feet to get a better view. He was in the middle of a road, "W-Wha?" He squeaked upon realizing that he was no longer inside his warm and sweet garden, he squeaked in worry. Tears already forming in his eyes, and before long he started crying. He knew this wouldn't help the situation in any form whatsoever, but he couldn't help it. Running to the pavement to sit himself down and at least try and calm himself down.

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