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Note: I like a touch of darkness in most of my Roleplays
Hello Everyone~!

Welcome to my request page! (OOC)

I am a 20-year-old college art student. I have classes every day except for Fridays, however I'm usually in working on a project. However~! Since it's near Christmas break, I won't be in class for the next month or so (starting on the 18th of December). I enjoy all types of Roleplays including Libertine (of course) which I can really get into. I enjoy Roleplaying and have been doing it for a few years now. I can write up to a page or so in Microsoft Word. When I write my Roleplay posts, I like to edit them or at least skim over the text to make sure everything is concise and understandable. I am not nit-picky about grammar, but I try to keep my diction flowing and an overall pleasant experience for my partner to read. I love all types of Libertine Roleplays, anything from teary-eyed romance to downright naughty smut~!
  • A dedicated Roleplayer who knows decent grammar and is willing to put time into their posts.
  • Male or Female characters.
  • Libertine-style Roleplays with relative character development and a structured plot.
  • A long-term Roleplay partner (but definitely not asking for commitment right away~!)
  • A Roleplayer who posts a minimum of 3 times every 2 weeks.
  • A one-on-one Roleplay in either PMs or a thread. (Note: I do enjoy thread RPs simply because it feels more 'official' and because I like to make my RP look pretty~!)

I will list below some examples of pairings I would like to do, however, if you seem to be someone who would enjoy Roleplaying with me, we can come up with our own plot together~!

  • BDSM
  • Abuse
  • Pseudo-Rape (Dominating situation, may not be for it at first, may fight it, ends up loving it)
  • Violence
  • Drug Use
  • Mild Gore (Though not sexually, please!)
  • Sex

  • God Modding (Taking control of my character in your writing, as in you writing my character's actions or reactions)
  • Sexual Gore
  • Actual incest (step-relative sex accepted)
  • Scatological realism
  • Rape (although rape can be a part of a character's past)
  • Pedophelia (Will not play characters younger than 16)
If I think of anything else, I'll add this to the list.
But really, if you don't want to make me mad or offended...

• P A I R I N G S •
M A L E x F E M A L E

(The § beside the character means that is the character I wish to play. If there is no symbol it means I don't mind which~!)
  • Friends with Benefits
    Students or Coworkers~!
  • Drug Dealer (M) X Buyer (F) §
  • Teacher (M) X Student (F) §
  • Bounty Hunger X Target
  • Step Father X Step Daughter § (Ya' girl's got a 'hidden' daddy kink~)
  • Step Brother X Step Sister
  • Captor (M) X Captive (F) §
  • Prince X Peasant
  • Cop X Convict
  • Cop X Investigator
  • Prison Guard (M) X Prisoner (F) §
  • Doctor (M) X Mental Patient (F) §
  • Doctor (M) X Test Subject (F) §
  • Stripper (F) § X Client
  • Vampire X Werewolf
  • Angel X Demon

F E M A L E x F E M A L E

(The § beside the character means that is the character I wish to play. If there is no symbol it means I don't mind which~!)
  • Friends with Benefits (Students or Coworkers~!)
  • Drug Dealer X Buyer
  • Teacher X Student §
  • Step Mother X Step Daughter§ (... I gotta mommy kink, too~)
  • Step Sister X Step Sister
  • Doctor X Mental Patient §
  • Angel X Demon
  • Vampire X Werewolf
  • Stripper§ X Client
  • Cop X Investigator

AAAAAAND... A Short list of fandoms~
  • Harry Potter
  • Samurai Champloo
  • Elfen Lied
  • Skyrim
  • Game of Thrones

This list is sure to grow, and like I said, these are just a few examples of what I enjoy doing, or want to get into! If you'd like to pitch an idea to me drop a comment or a DM! Just so you know, I can reply to your DM's on a regular basis as I have my phone with me constantly during the day and get a little e-mail notification if I get a DM. I'll be happy to see whose interested~ <3

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