Multiverse's Tales: Chp 1

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Thunder echoed through the skies, yet none could be seen. For all in the Kingdom, the sky would change color as all life was being suck out of it, the air briefly carried with energy, despair and chaos. The sky turned red with mix of black and grey before a goldem beam spread through the clouds in every direction. A portal between worlds had been opened and through that fell the once mighty Planeswalker, Nicol Bolas. "UUUUUUGIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!!" His roar and scream was long and loud, carried with hate, wrath and a desire for revenge far more powerful/greater than the desire to control all and everything. Bright green flames cripted from his chest where the ancient dragon had striked and Nicol dashed one hand to grasp that final spark of life and energy, his claws closing around nothing but a last memory of smoke. He had been so close, he had achieved his full potencial, gathered all five colors of mana and vital energy that driften across the worlds in every realm known and unknown. He had released the Eldrazi and planned to control the beast known as Ulamog and finally achieve full control of every realm. But Sarkhan had changed the past and thus, Ugin was alive once more.

The Eldrazi had been defeated during his quest for the remaining two mana colors, green and white... strengh and holiness. He thought he had won! In that peak between Realms and Dimensions Ugin had striked him down, but not alone! Sorin, Nahiri, Jace, Chandra and Nyssa had ll merged their power into Ugin and thus, not only exiled him but also weakened and stole his powers. As quickly as the portal opened, the portal closed and Bolas cursed them all before the sight of the six forever disappear. Like a projectile and without protection, the now defeated dragon crashed with everything against the ground, breaking trees and opening a large crater in the hole that would send shockwaves across the land.

Him, Nicol Bolas, had been outcast. Despite the impact, the evil dragon growled as he stood up, breathign heavily and quickly stood up, despite the fall, turning around and releasing his wrath and fury against the ground under him. Claws and fist striked it down, his wings shivering and trembling as his tail whiped the rock.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!" Breathing heavily, Bolas finally calmed down as he punched the ground one last time, his scales only covered in dust and sand. Ugin had striked him down with all he got to drain him from his powers but, since long in his battles during time Bolas had already lost part of his powers/mana once. Since then he had took measures in case something similar was to happen and though at the moment merely a fraction of his power was lying inside him, he could still reach into the energy coming from the blue, black and red mana. The ethereal flames that burned from his chest upon his arrival had long begone, closing the seal to prevent him not only to gather the remaining two energy forces again, but also preventing him -at least for the time being- to escape this plane/dimension. Looking around he used some of the remaining blue mana he had lost a trail of light neon and deep dark mist wrapped around him to transform him into a human.

The golden 'jewel' between his horns during dragon form changed and shrinked as a perfect golden and crystalized oval gem stood in his right hand, feeling his body with a warm sensation. The man weared a greyish tone of golden armor composed by greaves, gauntles, arm and should protections and what could be seen as a simple golden chainmail tunic under a rusty golden chestplate. His eyes took a while until a predominant golden color dethrone the ice blue eyes and the strong black hair got its tips covered with golden locks. Running his left hand through something he had never felt before, Bolas sighed as a staff formed to hold the oval gem and the once long scarf he didn't even bothered lace around the neck had turned into a dust colored cape.

Pulling the hood up as a beacon of light shined his golden eyes, the defeated PLaneswalker started his way towards the long road ahead. He would get his revenge! Ugina nd the other heores had defeated him together... now it was time for him to get a fair fight and gather some allies in this new and strange world.
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