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    Thunder echoed through the skies, yet none could be seen. For all in the Kingdom, the sky would change color as all life was being suck out of it, the air briefly carried with energy, despair and chaos. The sky turned red with mix of black and grey before a golden beam spread through the clouds in every direction. A portal between worlds had been opened and through that fell the once mighty Planeswalker, Nicol Bolas. "UUUUUUGIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!!" His roar and scream was long and loud, carried with hate, wrath and a desire for revenge far more powerful/greater than the desire to control all and everything. Bright green flames cripted from his chest where the ancient dragon had striked and Nicol dashed one hand to grasp that final spark of life and energy, his claws closing around nothing but a last memory of smoke. He had been so close, he had achieved his full potencial, gathered all five colors of mana and vital energy that driften across the worlds in every realm known and unknown. He had released the Eldrazi and planned to control the beast known as Ulamog and finally achieve full control of every realm. But Sarkhan had changed the past and thus, Ugin was alive once more. The Eldrazi had been defeated during his quest for the remaining two mana colors, green and white... strengh and holiness. He thought he had won! In that peak between Realms and Dimensions Ugin had striked him down, but not alone! Sorin, Nahiri, Jace, Chandra and Nyssa had ll merged their power into Ugin and thus, not only exiled him but also weakened and stole his powers. As quickly as the portal opened, the portal closed and Bolas cursed them all before the sight of the six forever disappear. Like a projectile and without protection, the now defeated dragon crashed with everything against the ground, breaking trees and opening a large crater in the hole that would send shockwaves across the land. Him, Nicol Bolas, had been outcast. Despite the impact, the evil dragon growled as he stood up, breathign heavily and quickly stood up, despite the fall, turning around and releasing his wrath and fury against the ground under him. Claws and fist striked it down, his wings shivering and trembling as his tail whiped the rock. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!" Breathing heavily, Bolas finally calmed down as he punched the ground one last time, his scales only covered in dust and sand. Ugin had striked him down with all he got to drain him from his powers but, since long in his battles during time Bolas had already lost part of his powers/mana once. Since then he had took measures in case something similar was to happen and though at the moment merely a fraction of his power was lying inside him, he could still reach into the energy coming from the blue, black and red mana. The ethereal flames that burned from his chest upon his arrival had long begone, closing the seal to prevent him not only to gather the remaining two energy forces again, but also preventing him -at least for the time being- to escape this plane/dimension. Looking around he used some of the remaining blue mana he had lost a trail of light neon and deep dark mist wrapped around him to transform him into a human. The golden 'jewel' between his horns during dragon form changed and shrinked as a perfect golden and crystalized oval gem stood in his right hand, feeling his body with a warm sensation. The man weared a greyish tone of golden armor composed by greaves, gauntles, arm and should protections and what could be seen as a simple golden chainmail tunic under a rusty golden chestplate. His eyes took a while until a predominant golden color dethrone the ice blue eyes and the strong black hair got its tips covered with golden locks. Running his left hand through something he had never felt before, Bolas sighed as a staff formed to hold the oval gem and the once long scarf he didn't even bothered lace around the neck had turned into a dust colored cape. Pulling the hood up as a beacon of light shined his golden eyes, the defeated PLaneswalker started his way towards the long road ahead. He would get his revenge! Ugin and the other heores had defeated him together... now it was time for him to get a fair fight and gather some allies in this new and strange world.


    (Personal Note: As the 'Dungeon Master' shall play as Bolas himself. However this does not mean it will overpowered -since he was kinda nerfed after his battle- nor that winning is 100% sure. Interactions does not require to be with him, obviously. For now, he will only be wandering off and either be approached or approach someone. Any questions feel free to PM)

    1: No godmoding allowed (always evading, insta-kills, always hitting, unbeatable);
    2: Every hit you willingly take will have consequences (
    if you for example get a wound in one arm, don't play as nothing happened);
    3: Respect the other people OOC. Anything happening IC can be accepted as how the character is;
    4: PLease, post a character bio/info before jumping into the roleplay;
    5: Have fun :D (MOST IMPORTANT RULE)

    For ANY questions PM me

    Like in the game you have to spend mana -similar to your stamina/energy- in order to use magical arts such as sorcery spells, instants, summon creatures, enchantments... etc -just like in the game-

    Each character has starting start of 20 mana Crystals -for those who play MTG I mean your lands-.

    At each post during a battle, a player can use his mana crystals to cast its spells and summon its allies, always regaining one mana crystal at the start of each turn/post.

    Starting - 20 Mana Crystals
    My turn 1: summon a minion that shall engage in combat immediatly -no summoner sickness- (-5 = 15)
    Start of turn 2 (+1 = 16)
    My turn 2 block the oponent' spell with one of my magics and cast another minion (-2 -4 = 10)
    Start of turn 3 (+1 = 11)
    During my turn 3 my minion and th eone of my opponent also fight (11 = 11)
    Start of turn 4 (+1 = 12)
    My turn 4 cast a spell to control his minion after defeating (-4 = 8)
    Start of turn 5 (+1 = 9)
    And so on.

    Once a character is out of mana or does not have enough to use his spells the combat proceed with the normal RP combat style. Each character shall have strengh/thoughness -power/life- from 0 to 10.
    If you have power 4 and are fighting a creature or another character with higher strengh, you will have to rp as he/she was stronger. You may block the attacks but you can't act as if you could block everything without staggering or something -in order to be a fair fight-
    For characters that do not know the game don't worry, I can help you by stating PMing you a list of creatures, spells and artifacts that can assist you in your battles -whoever they might or not happen-

    Nicol Bolas is a PLaneswalker and the rule to playing Paneswalkers shall be the same in order to be fair. In order for me -Bolas- to use my planeswalker powers I have to spend 8 mana crystals (in the example above would mean if I was to use my abilites on turn 5 I would be down to 1 mana) which sets my thoughness/life to '5'.


    As a planeswalker I can use one of my abilities immediatly -only one per turn-
    Assuming this new scenario my turn 6 I would start with 2 mana crystal and 8life. To be fair, each Planeswalker can only get as powerful as their ultimate and their power is risen by '1' each time they use a skill.

    For Planeswalkers with 5 or more lnicial life their power will be that life minus 1. If a Planeswalker has 5 life at the start his/her power is 4; If a Planeswalker has 4 life at the start his/her power remains the same as his/her life.

    With this said Bolas would be a 6/8 in turn 6 and combat with other creatures would be using the usual fighting RP system.

    Any doubts PM me.
    (More coming soon...)

    Due the high steady MP given there shall be 4 important rules about how this can be used during the course of a PVP battle.
    1: Spells limit-No more than 2 spells allowed per turn (At each player's 1st turn -1st post in a PVP combat situation- each player is allowed to only cast one spell if they decide to do so. After turn 2 only 2 spells allowed per turn);
    2: Casting big creatures or non-creature spells that cost more than 5 MP can only happen either after turn 5 or if the player got 9MP or less at a certain moment
    (if a player casts a spell that brings his/her MP down to 9, even if at the start of the next turn it gets it back to 10MP is already allowed to cast 5 or more MP spells);
    3: To make it easier, each player shall do (
    or if needed be given) a list with 10-15 non creature spells that he is allowed to use during battle. Each spell may only be casted once every 3-5 turns (still do decide),
    4: About casting/summoning creatures to aid in battle, each player shall have a max number of 4 creatures that cost 5 or more (
    spells that then create copies of said creature(s) are allowed).
    (More coming soon...)

    You can either make your charatcer a Planeswalker or a normal creature/being of this world Bolas has been exiled to.

    Just state the details and which mana colors you use :)
    (More coming soon...)

    IC THREAD: Multiverse's Tales: Chp 1 |

    Once players post their bio intro and get my approval, feel free to join.

    Welcome to the Multiverse and have fun

    Here is the OOC Thread.
    For those who didn't read all, the IC Thread is in here: Multiverse's Tales: Chp 1 |
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  2. I'd be all up for a normal MTG RP, but I don't think a game-like RP with turns or mana or anything would work. I'd get bored very quickly of only making one or two actions per post. Additionally, with 20 starting MP and no summoning sickness, there's nothing to stop me from just "playing" four Master of the Feasts and attacking for 20 damage in one turn. With no drawing, they have no disadvantage to them either, just a 3 cost 5/5 flying.
  3. There's always nothing preventing me from using something called Darkness (aka black flog), Ilusionist' Gambit, reply with the blue wizard with flash which my spells have flash as well and summon 3 Gatekeepers of Malakir kicked so you sacrifice or even to bloxk; or play a mind control and activate it and stuff like that.

    The point it would be to be fun and the 20 starting mana is to actually not have endless fights where you cast tons of powerful spells and whatsoever. You either use magic or your skills.

    Still this is an idea open to theme and don't mind having MTG RP either. Was only a battle mechanic I thoguht would be fair if people play fair.
  4. Yeah, with this mechanic it's just a shouting match between who can get the fastest creatures - it reflects the MTG metagame far too much, a metagame which is second only to Yugioh in terms of how boring it is. Though I could easily hold my own in a meta and have done so several times at FNM, and have many promos to show for it, it's still a boring game like that so I only play casual where I can make random deck themes that still have a fair chance of winning. My point is that such a mechanic would mean an RP in the setting would be completely not-fun to play because in addition to dealing with the normal shouting competitions that combat RPs bring, you also have to deal with slow posting from using a turn based system.
  5. Thus why I was thinking giving a limited number of spells/such of each color. Either way is just a short option to help with the fighting system -altough it doesn't ctually require people to be shouting- You could see the monsters as NPC's and the spells as the magics one would perform. The mana crystals only as a controlling stuff.

    It can be like the meta-game but it's possible to make a rule of no more than 2 spells per turn and of course we wouldnt be summoning eldrazi or overpowered creatures since it would be a new world. Fine, we could get something like a hellkite dragon, maybe an akroma, hydra, artifact glolens. Same way there is a rule for the planeswalkers power/life you could only cast 5 or more costed mana creatures after you took your mana crystals to 9 or lower or aftr turn 5 as well. Which changes also how the emtagaming would be done.

    Yet again, I believe you are assuming people would come here and be like: ("You are a fool to think you can beat me!" He knelt down, punching the ground as a Doran-like treefolk emerged.) Like any strategy you start with smaller creations so the other runs out of options and you can always fight yourself without using magic or such. If your opponent summons a spider you rp as if you were on a normal fight, you don't need to summon creatures when you can cast magic.

    Still, fighting mechanic aside (which I think it is something that would happen in the start of a rp) what about the rest? And feel free to give me more opinions about how to work about the combat mechanics. I made it so people who actually know the games/powers won't come here as an Eldrazi or Iona or Avancyn.
  6. By shouting match, I mean the thing that combat oriented RPs usually devolve to - players shouting at one another in the OOC about who's being OP and who's powergaming and who's playing godmode and who's reporting who and who the GM should remove.

    Also, yes this would make it easier to control meta, but are we having it where MP recovers to full at the end of a battle? Cos having turns outside of combat too would just be boring. Which means that I could win every fight just by obliterating them with a couple of giant demons turn 1 then have full MP again for the next fight.

    Additionally, though this is my problem and not yours, I don't enjoy combat sequences that start off weak and slowly build up. I like to absolutely slaughter the weaker player in a crushing first attack. If they get through that, then they'll probably win, but most don't get through that. This is reflected in my favoured magic decks as well actually, (and yugioh, but I stopped playing that due to the meta). They bring out hordes of monstrous beasts in the first few turns, stuff like Demon of Death's Gate, Master of the Feast and Necropolis Regent, and completely crush them with swarms of flying titans. If they get through that, I have no way to respond unless I happen to draw a reanimation card. My battles are designed to invoke as much fear as possible into the weaker player. I don't mind if the weaker player is me, as long as I get absolutely crushed. One of the reasons I hate the MTG meta is because it's just wimply little low cost ally rush decks with no massive beasts that are fun to play and fun to play against. So yeah in short, I would totally come here and be like ("You are a fool to think you can beat me!" He knelt down, punching the ground as a Doran-like treefolk emerged), except I don't like green besides Hydras, and I prefer to play 4th-wall breaking females so it'd be more like ("Kneel before my glory!" She held up her staff, which began to glow with an ominous black light. As if climbing out of reality itself, a great beast with 7 eyes and a CMC of 15 presented itself before the world.)

    What's more, the people here aren't the kind that would just spam everything and obliterate. The people on Iwaku are some of the best in the roleplaying world for balancing. They know that it's boring for everyone if they always win everything, and honestly I can't foresee much fighting at all. I would be willing to bet that 95% of the fighting that does take place will be PVE and at least 2-on-2.

    On a side note and only because you're the first person with knowledge of MTG I've spoken to today, I shall boast to you about this awesome coincidence: On the first day of the Born of the Gods set, I went to the local card shop and bought the white/red intro deck. In the first booster, I got an unimportant rare card (that cat dude who summons more cats whenever he does something) and in the second booster, I got Kiora the Crashing Wave, that set's Kiora planeswalker. Today, I bought the white/red battle for zendikar intro deck. I opened the first booster and got an unimportant rare (also white, surprisingly). In the second, I got Kiora, Master of the Depths, the second of the Kiora planeswalkers :D
  7. I have to go now so shall reply you again tomorrow. I do get your point and here, at least in Portugal where I play/played liek this nothing like that happened. By turns I meant post. You don't post 5 times before the other reply. Of course if you are going into simultanious fights (let's say either 1vs1vs1 or after beating one you fight other), your MP will be the same as the one you ended your previous fight like your mana during MMROPG games inside a Dungeon. You don't exactly go to the other Boss with your MP/Health bar fully full since it recovers gradually (Imagine like playing League of Legend or Heroes of the Storm and not make the recall -a bit tired so maybe a bad example).

    As for obliterate one with the first attack that could be seen godmodding unless said attack would be impossible for him to not prevent himself from surviving. At least when/how I RP, no hit is an insta-kill. He can pierce throug my abdomen and I can wound the nerve of one arm so he can't use it. With NPC's (let's say minions) that would be fine but other players they can always block or evade the worst and go for a massive attack as well. That is what would trigger the shouting you mentioned in my perspective. This is for RP for the fun and killing one with the first hit would be an insta-kill which is against the rules to RP in this plot.

    Same way you can either play as a Planeswalker (eithe rone that already exists or create a new one) you can also play like the 'minions'. Aurelia is awesome and an angel with her abilities would be fantastic, allowing you to attack twice with same intensity/devasting blow. Like you said, I prefer RP fights where you take your time, even if in the end the winner got only one or two wounds vs ten, it was fun and both got properly spar and try to best themselves like if it was real. Nobody wins with 'just one punch'. As for that you could summon a hydra if you were using green mana. The other even if didn't replied to the hydra could engage combat against it as if the hydra was a NPC you control and also fight against you or cast a massive spell to obliterate/exile it (Let's say Hero's Downfall or Path to Exile). If he wanted, he could be go Hercules style and start a RP fight against the Hydra where your character could lean back and watch or summon more to try crushing him. I think the options are almost endless and it all depends in how you use your MP/RP fighting style. You can be out of MP in 3 turns while the other has plenty for 6. The MP works for the 'magic area', or at least is what I tried to explain witht he battle rules.

    I'm still knew to Iwaku but I can vow people here surely are amazing/great. Still, like you mentioned, in order to prevent that always winning thus why I made the battle rule like this (which still needs works) so people that actually know the game don't get super excited and think they can turn 1 win and not have their spells countered or the other player beating their creatures in the old fashion way. It's a fighting mechanic I wanted to try to see if it will actually work since depends of whoever will play to have said sense of not spamming. As for the battles, imagine an Ajani meets a Llnowar Elf (Legendary Creature) They can talk, go in adventures, find others, maybe look for artifacts (Didn't mentioned before but was thinking in allowing each to choose an artifact from a lsit of 10 -no Chromatic Lantern allowed for OBVIOUS reasons) or explore, among other things. When facing 'the evil' guys, they are not forced to engage combat immediatly.

    THAT'S GREAT! My first booster (after stopping for a while) Was Born of the Gods as well (If I'm not mistaken) and got Karametra. Since then I rarely buy boosters. Might had bought 15-17 more. Each 3 I buy I got something. Rakshaka, Liliana Heratic Healer, Ugin, Sarhkam (from Khans) and msot recently Sulken Hollow (that island/swamp rare land from BFZ).

    I have to get going now so shall reply to you tomorrow. Thanks for the help and please, give me more advises you see fit and feel free to help^^
    PS: (Forgot to type and since gtg not gonna look the right spot to place this. Of course defeat doesn't mean your character will die. Like in the rules, you allow the hits and where, all based about the common sense of no spamming/godmodding.)
  8. Truth be said (a personal note before going to bed) the reason I made this is why I always loved MTG. So a MTG rp would be fun. The fighting rules I made was t try prevent OP creatures/planeswalker that easy win. We all know Nicol Bolas or Ugin is awesome and can wipe everyone's arse. That doesn't mean an Ajani, a Chandra, a Glissa, a Vraska... other can beat them. The objective of the MP is merely for players to actually think like a strategist and try debate which is the ebst approach (altough it involves some multi-rping since you play as your character and your own NPC's).

    Again, any advise to improve the rp would be fantastic.
  9. This makes sense, and I understood your example, though in the MMOs I play, your HP and MP recover REALLY quickly because the bosses take a long time to kill and even the minions have the HP of a boss, so if they didn't restore very quickly you'd be screwed.

    Obviously they'd be able to block. That's why I said multiple times that "If they did survive it" then I'd lose from using it, because it'd mean they'd be able to strike back with a couple of little faeries and finish me off. Those demons take a huge toll on your HP. 6 HP for each Death's Gate... Not to mention the tutors.

    The rules you made have a fatal flaw though - They remove three key aspects of MTG: the need to build up lands, the need to obey drawing rules, and the need to obey the summoning sickness rule. There's nothing to stop someone from playing 4 Spark and 4 Lightning strike in their first turn for 12 MP, leaving them with still 8 MP, and leaving their opponent down 20 life for a first turn win. All three of these rules exist to prevent such first turn wins from being able to occur. Thus, every player will be left in the dust behind someone who opts for a fast cardset. In terms of RP, this scenario would be something like having 8 high power electric spells cast at you at the same time and attempting to dodge all of them. If you try to counter, you suddenly find that you're somehow on 4 MP because Negate costs 2 and you've just used it 8 times. You say that "no one can win in one hit", which is usually true for RPs, but this current ruling makes a one-hit-win an absolute possibility.

    Also, this ruleset also vastly limits the use of decks that aren't win in the first turn with Spark decks, because you summon 2 hydras and suddenly you're completely out of MP, while your opponent has dealt with both of them and still has 16 MP to show for it - more than enough to respond with 2 demons of their own. In order for a rule-based MTG RP to work, you would need to preserve the land system, where you gain 1 land per turn, which prevents instant win decks and gives slower decks a chance. Which brings me onto my next point:

    The Turn-based roleplaying. I've never been a fan of this because it's just so painfully slow and dull. The average person might get to check the forum twice a day. That's 2 turns per day. An average MTG game lasts at least 10 turns, so that's 5 days just to complete a single fight. On top of that, posts will be limited to little more than "Steve waves his hands dramatically, and summons a great dragon before him, which launches a fireball at John". There's pretty much nothing else to put in a post. This kind of short post and lack of ability to describe anything is why I generally don't do PVP at all, and stick to PVE in RPs where I can describe how Steve fought that horde of wolves with his complex tactics all in one post instead of spreading it out over 10 of them.

    Making RPs based on card games is always difficult, because you've got to find a way to play the game in the RP without it getting boring. If only there were a free online MTG simulator where decks could be made and pitted against each other like exists for Yugioh. Then suddenly, boom game wrapped up in 20 minutes and everyone can move on with the RP. With MTG it's a little different though because there's a whole ton of lore around the universe that doesn't actually mention dueling with monsters at all. It would be entirely possible to have an MTG RP in which the closest to monster dueling is a couple of times when a certain character decides to summon an underling. Most of the time, it'd be the players themselves using their own magical skills. For example, Chandra is described as being a highly competent arsonist, but nowhere in her story does it mention her armies of firey beasts, only her skill with throwing lightning bolts at people.

    Weird how this Battle for Zendikar block's best cards are all lands though. The mythics and rares are all very mediocre, except maybe for the occasional card. Well, at least the abundance of fantastic lands makes up for how disappointing Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 was. I pay something like $10 for access to every Theros block card for deck creation only to find that there are only 50 or 60 Theros cards actually in the damn game, and NONE of them are good. No gods at all, and no enchantment creatures. Apparently that's too hard to program -_-
  10. For the three problems you presented, and since the rules are still being made, I shall add that max of spells allowed will be two. One thing, for instance is to summon a Mogis Goblin, A MArsh Fields Fairy or a Blittersoom, something that gives weakling minions that grow in strengh the longer they stay. Another is several powerful minions. That rules are how combat would go -in terms of MP/energy7stamina used-.

    I shall make some alterarions on the rules and then would you like you to give your opinion. That was the combat mechanic rule, per say. In the new rules I will ad after this comment I hope it 'fix' the problem in hands you are rightfully questioning. Hopefully the new rules shall solve the 'decking and landing' problem you mentioned.

    About the PVP dilema you presented, like I think I said but might not had explained my self well, it will be more than summoning the beast and the beast attacks. The player would control the beast -NPC style- and in case of dragon that let's suppose it doesn't talk it may or not just lunch foward. "The dragon would roar at Steve, trying to refuse to obey due his pride before the command took full effect. Turning at John the red dragon would spread his wings and crouch like a cougar ready to strike down his prey, lunging into the air and flying around him, studying his new enemy before suddenly dive and exhale a breathe of fire." True, events like the ones you mentioned can happen but I'm also guessing people here would have a decent roleplay skill/post lenght to not stick with basic stuff and go for some details too. They can describe what type of dragon is, any particular weakness, etc. And as for dragons go, it could be a Dromoka, a Vorosh, a patient Ojutai who would calmly observe the situation and cut the retreat with a wall of ice before focus his attention on John.

    True, MTG has a far more and amazing lore. Thus why I wanted to do something like this. I could screw in the battle mechanics and have Bolas being just Bolas and the RP would stick to actions he would normally do like normal. BUt in case of a PVP RP scene -which I'm not sure if I mentioned but it's what the fighting rules will be for because there's no need for that when fighting NPC's- the rules were to limit the player in terms of 'cards in the sleeve' to use and prevent someone for summon a freaking goblin army on the spot with rabblemastar and enchant one or two with trample. As for the not dueling monsters, that is what this would mainly be focused upon due the intro plot I gave. Bolas will exiled to a new world, it's wounded and does not know anything about this place so at first there shall be interaction and adventures -PVE-.

    Please tell me what you think of the new rules and if they will fix any problem.

    As for Battle for Zendikar, it's the curse of the full art xD Altough the synergy is fantastic. My PréRelease was an ally deck and got the look of having March of the Thomb, RUinous Path and a bunch of allies, 2 Healers -the 1/2 whenever him or another ally enters the battle field each oponent loses 1 life and I win 1- and even a ZUlaport Cutthroat which helped me spalsh green for eldrazi and do the same lose/gain life effect. Even if the lands are amazing, there are also awesome and powerful creatures. UNdergrowth Champion, Janna, Allies, the Ingest/Processor Eldrazi's combo and that Sire of Staganation is just... if you can destroy lands or something... nobody plays only with 5-6 lands or it's risking a spell per turn. XD
  11. Hmm, those rules will probably work as far as being fair goes, but we won't know for sure until the RP begins and someone decides to initiate a PVP battle.
  12. Indeed. That shall remain to be seen.
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