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  1. Hello. Usually I have some fancy set-up with BBcode and stuff but for the moment I'm just pitching an idea, so here goes.


    The story follows a group of interconnected teenagers (none younger than 15, none older than 19) as the world around them is slowly destroyed by the merging of universes. Different timelines (some incredibly different from our own, some very similar) each live in their own universe, running alongside our own, but for unforeseen and unknown reasons, they've begun to merge together, ours with it, creating one very broken and very disturbed timeline. The signs began slowly--missing people, crazy weather, extinct animals reappearing--and grew bigger with time. However this story starts at the very beginning of the madness.


    Each character fits a different preset archetype/background (one character is missing a sibling, one is receiving memories that aren't their own, another is having dreams about the future and the past, a fourth is seeing doppelgangers of themselves around town, etc.) and so the number of players are limited to that number. Players may have more than that one character and are expected to also play NPCs. Example: You will be playing your character's family, friends, and acquaintances when those characters come into play.

    I will play some plot-specific characters, one archetype character, and will post GM events. Other players will also be allowed to play plot-specific characters eventually and will be expected to contribute to the plot and story.


    Groups are disabled so we can't use that (though I still have an old group I'm pretty sure I could spruce up and change if we so desired), but forums should be fine.

    The roleplay will be done in loose chapters as to mark the changes in the universe. Each chapter will be on a different thread, so that a ToC/index can be maintained on the OOC/Sign-ups thread. Within each chapter, the story progression will be broken up into day/night cycles (though we may skip some for timeskips) with intermittent GM events. GM events may only apply to certain characters, or to all, and are designed to keep the characters moving along.

    This roleplay will be heavily based on character interaction. There shouldn't be many moments when characters are alone and players are posting filler. Collaborative posts are encouraged, but only take a collab to PM when you meet the following criteria:

    - Small, 1-3 line replies are expected
    - Frequent replies are expected
    - The collaboration will be lengthy

    If the interaction between characters does not meet that criteria it should be kept in the IC to maintain activity. When a PM collab reaches about 1-1.5k words, it should be posted to the IC with some sort of marking on the post that it's a collaborative post (so others don't try to respond). You can continue the collab, but make sure to post updates to keep the IC active.

    Otherwise, posting expectations are a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs per post. Quality over quantity. I will only expect one post per week. Two weeks without a post will warrant a warning. Two warnings and you will be kicked from the roleplay. If something comes up, please contact me, I will understand.


    This will be a small group of about six-seven players max. Characters will have to be designed with the idea in mind that every character is going to interact closely and must have relations. They can hate each other. They can date each other. Since the characters are teenagers (and essentially trying to save the world) there will be drama, angst, failure (lots of failure), etc.. But sexual relations are to be kept in PMs and only within Iwaku's age restrictions.

    I do expect the players that join to be able to cooperate with each other, keep in touch via OOC, plan and propose ideas, and be active. I don't mind if you can't post until the end of the week as long as you still contribute to the OOC and plotting.

    Expect a combination of science fiction, fantasy, modern, and mystery elements.


    - Small group of players writing teenaged characters
    - There are infinite universes colliding together into one (thus slowly destroying the world and timeline)
    - Intermediate/Adept
    - Collaborative environment
    - Chapter based format

    If you're interested, let me know! I'm looking for about 3 players before I post an OOC/sign-ups.
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  2. Interested.
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  3. Cool, thanks! If you have any questions, let me know.

    By the way: somewhat off topic but I'm curious. Where'd you pick your name from?
  4. Interested. Quit having good ideas!
  5. You first. :P
  6. None yet, but I imagine I inevitably will.

    Leif? It's a name I've liked for a long time. I originally "made" my own version, Laef for a character once - back before I knew it was an actual name. ^^
  7. I'll be happy to answer any as they come.

    That's pretty cool actually. I love the name. Reminds me of a book series I read as kid--hence why I asked XD
  8. Which book series?
  9. Deltora Quest. It's a children's book series, but it had a surprisingly good plot considering. The main character is named Lief (though as a child I always thought they should have spelled it Leif. Made more sense).
  10. Still looking for one more interested player before I post the OOC/Sign-ups!
  11. Interested.
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  12. Cool! If you have any questions, just ask.

    I'll post the OOC/sign ups in a bit.
  13. Three 8D
    • Will our (first) characters be from the same timeline, AKA our timeline?
    • Cats or guinea pigs?
    • Red apples or green apples?
  14. Yes.

    Cats. 100% Cats

    Ngl Green apples. Pink ladies are good though.
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  15. Damn it, Jay. Eating green apples is like chewing on sand. And here I almost thought you were a total baller..

    Anyway, super-excited for the RP! Been looking for something like this for a while; too lazy to make my own ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
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  16. Glad to hear it!

    And, depends on the green apple :P
  17. I'm interested is there a slot still open?
  18. There are slots open! Check out the sign-ups (link in the post above).
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