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    You feel yourself drafting through space, unable to move. Something is wrong. You can feel it, but can't see it. You try to open your eyes, but they refuse to open. Then you start to heard voice muttering things, but they are too muffled to make out. You try speaking, but no words come through. Finally, you try moving to no avail. You give up yet something is pushing you. You can't tell what though as you try once again. You begin to move, you begin to see, and you can speak, but the world you were in. What happened? You find yourself in front of a temple and you walk towards it, but as you walk, you feel yourself begin to fall. And then mist covers you vision and you can barely make out other shapes. Some very human-like, other like monsters. They are all falling as well.

    Prepare for the Multiverse.

    The idea has been floating in my head for a while and I've looked through the forums trying to find a Multiverse Rp, but failed to do so. And so I've decided to attempt to create one. For those who do not know what a Multiverse Rp is, it is a role-play where the players chose characters, pre-made or original, and play them. Sometimes, there are modifications though, but I intend to allow the player creative control. Though, there will be restrictions in place to prevent god-modding, Mary Sues, and such.

    As for the story, your character(s) find themselves on a world vastly different than their own. It seemingly stretches on forever and has only a few signs of life, but those are just ruins. Your characters have to figure out what is going on and who, or what, is responsible for this. Also, you are free to explore the planet as you like and can even describe the landscape around you. As for getting off the planet...good luck.

    Now, who would be interested in such an Rp? And if so, do you think you can help us develop this?
  2. I'm actually interested in a crossover RP, and I posted something earlier today similar to this.
  3. Thanks for the Interest Jay! I've checked out your and it looks fairly interesting.
  4. Bump... anyone?
  5. So, no one is interested?? Besides Jay that is.

    I guess I can just go ahead and make the RP then!
  6. *coughs to get attention* Would non-human characters be allowed? By the way, I'm quite a fan of your role playing style, Archwar. It's actually rather fun to read your posts in Astaeron and see the conflicting personalities of Tomus and Mjia. So, thumbs up there. But back to this rp, I'd be interested! Even if I'm not allowed to have a non-human.
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  7. Yeah, thanks! Though, the relationship between Mjia and Tomus is a bit generic. As for your question, non-humans are allowed no matter how bizarre(though I don't want to see offensive characters). However, in order to make things fair to people who are playing regular humans there has to be a weakness to characters who have powers and this applies towards non-humans as well unless they're mundane.
  8. Awesome!! Make sure to let me know when you get this rp up and running! I'm really looking forward to seeing where everyone goes with it! Especially since you're pretty much allowing everyone the freedom to create their own environment. That sounds like it'll be a lot of fun.
  9. I might actually put in zones. Still, I'll allow people to make up their own 'mini-zones' like a wasteland in the middle of a lush jungle.
  10. Sounds pretty awesome. I've got a couple rough character ideas fleshed out already! I'm really looking forward to this rp!
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