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    "Many years ago..."

    The Boundary was born from the gods. The Boundary is-or was, the place outside of every universe and dimension. It was barren, pitch black, and no one knew of its existence. It was created to protect every dimension and every universe. No one acknowledged the hard work that the Boundary did. Even the gods who oversaw the dimensions and the universes and the worlds, all seemed to forget about her. For millions of years, the Boundary was left alone. It was fine, right? Even when they all stopped talking to her. It was her job to do this.

    But the Boundary could always hear the voices of the creatures and people she protected. While she prevented their worlds from collapsing, faint wisps of conversations would reach her ears. People spoke with their friends, their loved ones, and their companions. But not her. She was alone. Thus, envy stirred deep within the boundary, causing her to bloom a great green. Still, no one noticed. No one had cared about her loneliness, not even those who had created her in the first place. She had been neglected since her birth.
    "Thus, the World was born."

    The Boundary added the world to herself. She was tired of being alone. Thus, she created her own world and landscape in between the dimensions and universes that she protected. The gods had unknowingly given her some of their powers. But they had not feared her. What would she do? What could she do? Well, it turned out, all she needed was imagination in order to help herself out.

    However, even after she created a world, with villages and forests and mountains and everything one could imagine, she could not create what she had always needed.

    Living beings.

    She had not been gifted with that power. Thus, she became even lonelier knowing that all of her work had gone to waste. Until another idea made her giddy. She didn't need to be alone! All she had to do was open the gates to the worlds she had protected. And that's what she did. Unfortunately, she did not know the consequences because she had never been warned.

    Those who she brought into her world were not exactly pleased with just waking up there. And alongside good people and created, bad people and creatures arrived. Eventually, she could not handle the chaos anymore. It had taken a mind of its own. Too many had flooded into her world for her to keep track anymore. No one knew what was going on, where they were or why they were there. There was never any explanation. With the fading of the Boundary's conscious mind, the gods finally noticed the issues they had caused. But it would be impossible to mend it all without her. Their arrogance had caused ultimate chaos in the world they had oh-so-carefully created.

    "And that's how we started."

    Eventually, people began to group together as more flooded into the area. Many took up different occupations in order to help themselves and others until a solution and way out was reached. Within one of five towns in the World, a Guild was created, which would offer quests and requests. A form of currency was quickly created, but bartering is still mostly used while the currency is integrated. Yet, the World's current state is still heavily unstable. Mysteries, enemies and secrets lurk around every corner.
    "Join us in the World. And maybe you'll just figure out how to get back home."


    The Rundown

    This is a multiverse RP, where I'll allow characters from anime, manga, comic books, and video games.

    In this RP, there will be quests to take, as well as dungeons to explore.

    The plot will also be heavily driven by the roleplayers.

    Have your character team up with several others in order to achieve a common goal!
  2. I would like to be in this. When I get home ill show you my list of possible characters, maybe you can help me pick one?

    Iron Man
    Alphonse Elric
    Jean Grey
    Samus Aran
    Any of the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
    Goliath (Gargoyles)
    Himura Kenshin
    Silver Surfer (waaaaaaaaay powered down)
    Qui-Gon Jinn
    My Summoner character from Final Fantasy XI
    Asuna Yuki
    Maka Albarn/Soul Evans

    Again, just need opinions. I mean i wanna play them all lol!
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  3. I could bring my Keiichi and Belldandy from Ah My Goddess to one more game I think.
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  4. @Camleen
    I mean, I'd love to see Renamon, as she's one of my favorite characters. But at the end of the day, the choice is yours.

    Hello! Thanks for your interest!

    I'll wait on maybe one more person, then I'll put up the OOC topics.
  5. Definitely interested! Already have a few ideas in mind for characters I would use :)
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