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multiverse ltrp

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by malmshodes, Dec 9, 2014.

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  1. I love this idea, but it hasn't gotten an interest in the one on one interest check so I'm trying it out on here.
    Multiverse idea

    I love cross over ideas, and I think I have the perfect idea do to one that won't feel like random colors thrown onto a canvas(though technically that's what it is.) See, our characters , were normal people living in this world. That's right, we're here, existing as normal individuals, going through the motions of everyday life. Then, one day, we discover, together or apart, we can jump, and when we do, we end up in another role that was previously only thought to exist in fiction be it the star wars universe, the world of the Dresden files, the pokemon planet, or whatever have you. By "Whatever have you" I mean, whatever have you. There's no reason we couldn't end up in the past of our own world, or an alternate universe from any fandom preferred, or something completely original. Nothing is off limits. We could go to a dimension were characters from yuyu hakusho, bleach, and digimon all exist like its the most natural thing in the world. The only limit, and yes I'm aware of how quickly I turned into a hypocrite with this, will be our characters won't be able to jump for a while, because I'd like for us to have the chance to play around in the worlds and not just skip out when things seem too hard. AT least, that'll be the case at the beginning, and maybe some time later on, we'll be able to go at will.

    Abilities, we all love them and everyone wants them! Personally, I'd prefer if our characters started developing something after they make their first jump so they'll be able to defend themselves in whatever new world they find themselves in. I'd just rather it not be anything overly strong so there's room to expand. Growth is one of the main things I want to focus on, this rp, because I think it'll be so cool if our characters took on more and more traits, abilities, and items from the different worlds they visited. The skills gained would be gradual so hopefully this rp will go for a while.

    Arcs, okay. This is a notion I'd love to see, but its kind of dependent on the rest of the rping group, because it involves everyone. So, what if everyone involved was in charge of an planning out, and possibly executing an arc? We'd all get a shot at putting our characters in the spotlight, sort of. I think it would be fun, but that would be a group decision.

    Also, we wouldn't be the only jumpers. Perhaps some of the enemies later on will be jumpers that have acquired abilities through their own travels.

    Sorry, if this seems kind of rushed. That's cuz it is. I've got to go to work :(
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.