Multiversal Fantasy RP (Carroll-inspired)

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  1. it's not a crossover why does everyone think that

    Okay, so it's an idea that I've been picking at for some time, but I do like it enough to post it here despite a long period of inactivity. Yeah, because that's the perfect time to get it noticed.

    This concept takes the "multiverse theory" and runs with it. To summarise, there are uncountable, innumerable amounts of realities all taking place, not necessarily all at once, but not one at a time either. On occasion, an entity will be birthed in a reality that threatens to upset the balance it has maintained so far. Perhaps it is an animal that should not exist. Perhaps it is a magical artifact that suddenly appears in a world where science and reason rules the day. Perhaps it is simply an individual so powerful that they disrupt the fragile, complicated system that the universe is built upon.

    Either way, this entity is quickly done away with in order to preserve these universes. Where does it go, you ask? Why, to an omnilocked infinite space outside of realities, of course. Where else?

    That said, the amount of realities that have come to be is, as mentioned, beyond countless. As such, this space has not only become pulled out of a chaotic void and become tangible, but has outright become a sort of "core universe" in itself. This reality has become populated and filled with diverse, bizarre things and environments that would seem utterly ridiculous, if not insane, to anyone unable to hop between realities. As such, this land of wonders was creatively named "Wonderland".

    Yes. That Wonderland.

    The very same, in fact, though not as we know it. As its population is cherry-picked as the most powerful and disruptive beings in the entire multiverse, while it is exactly as twisted, it is also far less peaceful and far more chaotic. As such, there needs to be a single, undefiable law to govern this amalgamated creation. Specifically, since it's Wonderland, they gamble. Said gambles (which are probably going to end up named "Tea Parties") were coined by a Mad Hatter using their immense magical power, and need only have one rule in common: there must always be an absolute wager placed on the game that cannot be denied once it is concluded.

    I'm aware that this is something that could very easily go up in flames, but I'm developing safety measures. The point is, this is gnawing at me and I really want to do something with it. What say thee?
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  2. Crossover RPs seem to be the gig.

    Unless this is just 'Multiverse' and not 'Crossover'.
  3. Very interesting way of explaining Wonderland.
  4. Thinking about it, what I have in mind is really just an excuse to throw dozens of otherwise mutually exclusive things in the same setting. Though I expect it wouldn't end up as a crossover since even if something came from a universe detailed in a book or movie, the entity would get kidnapped by Wonderland before they could play a major role in events. For instance, a prodigal wizard would have been removed from the world of Battlestar Galactica long before they went head-to-head with a Cylon.

    That said, I'd very much encourage original worlds and characters. I suppose the thread title is a bit misleading in that sense. My bad. XD