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Event Premise: Get ready to deck the halls, hotel goers! Starting December 1st and lasting until Christmas, the Multiverse hotel will be having a once in a lifetime Christmas event taking place within one of our hotel's very own Grand Ballrooms. All are welcome to join us for a free dinner, entertainment, dancing, mistletoe, games, and more!

Some of our festive events will be including, but not limited to, a white elephant gift exchange, ice skating contest, and holiday scavenger hunt. So, if you're looking to enjoy special holiday fun we hope to see you this year at our celebration!

OOC: To anyone who is interested in participating in this event, please post in the sign-up thread letting me know so that I can add your username to the list of participants and can begin tagging you once the event begins. Everyone is more than welcome to use as many fandom characters as they would like for this event. If you let me know who you're playing, I'll add them to the cast list, but this is only optional.

Also, if anyone is interested in contributing to this Christmas event by running their own event for others to partake in you are most welcome to! Just PM me so that we can discuss the event in question.
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