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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen are apparently different at multitasking and here's a game to test that theory!

    My first time I got a score of 42

    So let's see if women really can multitask better!
  2. I managed to get a 59. Couldn't get passed that.
  3. I got 66...but i think this game has more to do with hand eye coordination than multitasking.
  4. 69. *giggles immaturely*
  5. 48.

    FUCK ME!
  6. 87. HELLS YEAH!

    The fourth game is what really tripped me up.
  7. .......

    Well I got 20.

    Fucking games. D:< HOW THE HELL.
  8. I got 43. Maybe I'll try it again when I've had some sleep.
  9. 46. How is this possible. I'm the perfect multitasker, I can have sex and think about what's on TV next.
  10. I played it again and got 82. HAH!
  11. After some sleep and a warm up round of 84, I have achieved 92.

    Though it is in no small part due to the fact that I managed to get the first game perfectly balanced.
  12. 55.

    I can run with that.
  13. 21, I'm not playing again, though I can tell a run or two would help my score. Doesn't seem like multi-tasking though, just gaming salute.
  14. wow, Dananachan, don't you multitask alot? xDD

    I tried more than ten times. Lowest was 52. Highest was 93~

    YAY! I think you get better the more you play because you know what to expect. The first time I was like o_________O WHAT IS THIS I DONT EVEN??~?~?!?!?